50+ Prayers For Sweet Dreams: The Blessing of Rest

After a long day of hard work and staying outside, we all want to come back to our house and have a good sleep at night. Before going to bed, we must pray to our Lord to look after us while we take rest and bless us with sweet dreams.

sweet dreams prayer For Better Sleep

-O Lord, we pray to you to bless us with good rest for the night. Please make sure that we can have a good sleep. Let us reflect on the good things that happened to us throughout the day so that we can go to bed with a happy heart.

-Dear Almighty, I go to bed knowing that you constantly love us, and you know what’s good for us and what’s not. Let us place our bodies upon our beds with the assurance that you are standing over our heads and watching us even when we are not awake.

-O Father Beloved, throughout the day, I have been lucky enough to receive your help and motivation in various aspects of my regular life. As I go to rest, I thank you for always being there to assist me and protect me from all sorts of danger that has come.

Prayers For Sweet Dreams The Blessing of Rest

-Great God, before I go to bed tonight, I thank you for always providing me with strength and enthusiasm and telling me that when I have faith in your Holy Spirit, no hard task can be unachievable. There is nothing called impossible, and faith will protect us in every aspect.

-O Holy Protector, as I go to bed, I ask you to guard my house and my family members. Let us sleep in peace knowing that your graceful protection is watching over us constantly, and we have nothing to fear. Thank you for being our greatest source of endless courage.

-Dear Father, we pray to you to keep us safe throughout the night. Let no negative forces be able to enter our dreams and disturb our peaceful rest. We want you to send your guardian angels over to us so that they can protect and keep us happy and peaceful.

-O Heavenly Beloved Master, as I go through your Holy Commandments, I find that you have promised to look after every blessed child at all times, no matter if it’s the day or night, or if they are asleep or awake. I thank you immensely for always keeping your promise.

-Blessed Father, when I close my eyes and drift into sleep, I find my heart is comforted by you. It makes me feel proud and honored to think that I am being constantly nurtured by your graceful love. You treat every single child especially, and you make them feel comfortable.

-O Holy Almighty, before I go to bed tonight, I realize that my heart is troubled for some reason. I fear that I will be tormented by bad dreams for the entire night, and I feel anxious. I pray to you to come to me and comfort me in distress.

-Dear Good God, before going to bed, I am loved and comforted by my loved ones- my father, mother, and my siblings. They wish me goodnight and pray for me so that I can have sweet dreams. I look at them as your messengers, and my heart flutters with gratitude.

-Savior Beloved, thank you for being our leader and guiding us on the correct path. Thank you for guarding us against all dangers and giving us the rest we deserve after a day of hard work. Bless us so that we can be grateful to receive this rest from you.

Good Prayers For Sweet Dreams The Blessing of Rest

-Loving Lord, for a good night’s sleep and sweet dreams, I pray to you to let me focus on the holy Commandments in the Scriptures. Following your Word makes me feel closer to you, and this gives grace and peace to my heart. Thank you for being such a lifesaver.

-Blessed Protector, thank you for constantly equipping me with your divine wisdom and intellect that has helped me to think and act with a fresh and brighter perspective. I have grown as an individual over the years, and I lead every new day with a renewed vigor and refreshed mind.

-Dear Holy Father, your Holy Word speaks of the importance of community and how the welfare of one depends on that of all. So, before I go to sleep, I pray to you for every other person who lives in this world. Bless them all with a good night’s sleep.

-Lord Beloved, I pray to you to also be present in my dreams so that I can be reassured that nothing and or unlucky can ever happen to me. Thank you for letting us always know that there is God’s plan for everything, and we just need to trust you.

-Kind God, we pray to you to bless our dreams with your divine energy so that we can wake up to a new morning with your purpose in our hearts and the strength and motivation in our minds and hearts to work hard so that we can fulfill that purpose.

-Precious Being, I am confident about tomorrow. I know that when I wake up tomorrow, there is hope and light, and you have filled my heart with the courage and honesty I need to move forward in life. Thank you for equipping my physical and spiritual self with your love.

-Lord Jehovah, as we finish our activities for the day and evening sets in, we pray to you to be present in our house so that an ambiance of peace and comfort is created all around us that makes us more aware of your divine presence and closer to you.

-Father Beloved, I want your constant security and guidance over my household even when it’s night. Let no physical or mental enemy be able to read into our lives in the darkness of the night and disturb the mental peace given by you that has given us bliss and comfort.

-O Heavenly Master, come to us so that we can awake in the morning with your Holy Spirit blooming in our souls. Let there be peace in our hearts and a broad smile on our faces that reminds us that our dreams have also been blessed by your graceful compassion.

Nice Prayers For Sweet Dreams The Blessing of Rest

-Good Kind Master, thank you for wiping away all our troubles and anxieties so that we can sleep peacefully at night. Nobody has ever been more concerned about our welfare, and you have always worked hard to keep us happy and safe. Thank you for always being so gracefully faithful.

-O Good God, we can never have peace in our sleep if our minds are filled with unnecessary worries and doubts. We pray to your mighty Holy Spirit to purify our minds and hearts so that we can only have consecutive thoughts that will help us for a better tomorrow.

-O Holy Spirit, our dreams will be sweet because they have been touched by your magnificent Being that has always given us all the good things in our life and never let any negativity touch me. Thank you for always guarding our souls against any form of hurt or sadness.

-Precious Great Lord, I have had a tough day today, but I never let it go without a fight. I am so glad that the day has ended, and I have been successful in my endeavors. Now, as I go to sleep, I wish that I have very good dreams.

-Gracious Protector, as I lie in bed, waiting for sleep to bring peace to my mind and heart, I think of your Holy Spirit. I meditate on your divine image, and it comforts my troubled heart. When I am asleep, I will still be thinking of you in my dreams.

-Father Beloved, even though the hardships of the day have led me into frustration and anxiety and I have had quite a devastating experience through the day, I call upon your mighty peace now and ask you to comfort my heart with your soothing divine presence in my blessed soul.

-Heavenly Great Deity, as I sleep, I also pray to you to look after my loved ones, near and far. Let me rest with the reassurance in my heart that my loved ones are safe and that your angels are also looking after their welfare through your watchful Holy Spirit.

-O Great Creator, I go to bed with much hope and motivation for tomorrow. I feel certain that you have created many possibilities for me in the future, and I must give proper rest to my body and mind before preparing to work so that I can achieve those goals.

Fine Prayers For Sweet Dreams The Blessing Of Rest

-Blessed Father, thank you for bringing me sweet dreams in which I can see your beautiful angels and other magnificent creations of your beautiful world that give me joy and urge me to live this life fully and enjoy every blessing that I have been lucky to receive every day.

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