50+ prayer for asthma healing

People who are currently suffering from severe asthma often face trauma and depression due to their deteriorating health condition. In such distressing times, they should always humbly submit themselves to the Almighty Father and pray for their speedy recovery and good health. These uplifting prayers can be helpful.

prayer for asthma healing

-O Faithful Father, the medical reports suggest that I am suffering from chronic asthma. I know that my health is getting worse day by day, and this is tormenting my mind and heart. Please turn your merciful gaze towards me and help me overcome this disease as soon as possible.

-Good God, even after leading my life in your Holy Way, I have failed to avoid the severe health conditions that arise when someone suffers from asthma. It has become quite impossible to live without an inhaler, and it feels like my freedom has been taken away. Please help me.

-Savior Beloved, Your Word suggests that our faith in your Holy Spirit will sustain us through all the difficult times and help us overcome the wrath of all diseases. Now that I’ve been a patient of asthma for a long time, I need your mercy and love for quick recovery. 

Prayer For Asthma Healing

-Lord Jehovah, I have enough faith in the power of medicine to cure my asthma. But, I have greater faith in the glory of your divine presence in our lives. Faith is the greatest weapon against any physical or spiritual trouble. Please cure my illness and help me get better. 

-O Holy Creator, irrespective of the intensity of asthma I suffer from or the long time that it has been with me, I choose not to lose faith in your good plans for me. I stand firm in my faith, knowing that your godly love and mercy never forsake us. 

-Gracious Almighty, I have been blessed with the freedom and strength that allows me to do anything I want without having to worry about my physical or spiritual stability. Suffering from asthma has taken a toll on my body and mind, and so I pray to you for my freedom. 

-Precious Holy Protector, the Commandments promise us that with your grace and mercy, we shall be set free from all negative elements of life. Be it sickness, discomfort, or any other such thing; you will free us and help us lead our lives with your divine joy and peace forever.

-Kind Loving Lord, you have brought us up to be believers in your Holy Spirit. I truly believe that the foundation of strong faith can help us overcome all diseases and shortcomings, and therefore I trust you with all my heart to help me overcome the traumatic attack of asthma.

-Dear Great Master, it feels like this asthma I am suffering from is constantly trying to enslave me and take me away from your peace and understanding. Please come to me with your divine healing grace so that all plans of the evil forces can be canceled with your supremacy.

-Eternal Savior, I pray to you earnestly today because of my strong willingness and patience to bring a transformation in my health. I choose not to be brought down by this asthma, and I promise to remain strong and faithful until you rescue me from this physical trouble very soon. 

-Holy Father, it is only because of your endless mercy in our lives that we have experienced all the goodness that you have given us. Suffering from asthma is depriving me of all the divine joy and abundance in this world, and therefore I pray to you for my recovery.

Best Prayer For Asthma Healing

-Blessed Lord, I am so thankful to you for constantly looking after my welfare. Even when asthma had threatened me with a near-death experience, you have come to my rescue, and you have blessed me with a new life once again. All the good things are a blessing from you.

-Dear Kind Deity, I am slowly recovering from asthma, and it makes me realize how fortunate we are to have received your eternal mercy in every aspect of our life. It is only owing to your unconditional love and motivation that no disease or infirmity can ever bring us down.

-Lord Jehovah, forgive me if I have ever been negligent of your divine influence. As I suffer from terrible asthma, I place my troubles into your hands, and I trust you to help me find a cure to this physical disease that is disturbing my physical and mental stability constantly.

-O Father Beloved, I have fallen short of your glory, and this is why my health keeps deteriorating. Forgive me if any of my thoughts and actions have not aligned with your Will. Take away this asthma so that I can start living a healthy and peaceful life once again. 

-Almighty Protector, I pray to you to purge my body and soul of everything that is causing this asthma to attack me. Purify my body with your divine grace and cleanse me of all impurities so that I can remember that this life is a great blessing from your Spirit. 

-Blessed Savior, as this asthma keeps on deteriorating my physical health constantly, I feel that I need your divine intervention in my life urgently. I pray to you for the eradication of all negative elements that collapse my physical and mental health by making me bound to this physical illness. 

-Gracious Good God, no goal in life is unachievable through your eternal glory and power. You have promised to take care of our physical and spiritual wellness forever, and therefore, with your strength working through my body, I refuse to remain an asthma patient for the rest of my life. 

-Beloved Creator, by the stripes of your Spirit, we shall be healed of all illnesses. Even though I suffer immensely because of this asthma, I place my faith in your Word that promises us salvation and peace in every aspect of our lives. Shower me with your mercy and compassion. 

-O Lord Jehovah, I give my body and soul into your hands, and I trust you to get rid of all sickness that torments my health. With your mercy and love, I will surely overcome this asthma and enjoy the beauty of the world that I was sent into again. 

-Good God, the illness that comes with asthma has an evil undertone that can only be eradicated through the glory and power of your Holy Spirit. I pray to you today for my speedy recovery so that I can overcome all my physical shortcomings and give endless glory to you.

-Precious Master, thank you for being our strength and inspiration in the most difficult times. Even when I suffer because of asthma, I choose not to lose the hope and optimism you have blessed our hearts with. I have enough faith in your divine influence over our bodies and minds. 

-Loving Lord, forgive me if I have ever let the illness of asthma overcome the joy and positivity in my heart. Remind me that I should never lose hope, even in the darkest times of our lives. Please be with me as I fight this battle against this terrible asthma.

Amazing  Prayer For Asthma Healing

-Heavenly Almighty, I need your godly strength and patience to deal with this asthma. Protect me from being plunged into a pit of despair and depression that may arise as a consequence of this physical illness. Reassure me that as long as you are there, everything will eventually be okay.

-Sweet Deity, I pray to you against all evil projections that have caused this physical illness. This asthma is difficult to deal with, but I believe that with your strength and patience working through my body and mind, nothing is impossible, and I will soon achieve victory over my illness. 

-O Faithful Father, bless me with the strength and conviction to arise out of this asthma victoriously. Promise me that you will always be there to lead the way in my battle against physical shortcomings, and therefore, I will always be kept in the comfort of your divine, compassionate care.

-Savior Beloved, thank you for answering my prayers and helping me overcome this asthma so easily. I pray for your watchful gaze upon my health all the time so that I shall never indulge in any other activities that may make the physical illness return to my body once again. 

-Kind Loving Father, I pray to you today on behalf of every unfortunate person across the world who is suffering from asthma. I command speedy recovery for them, and I ask you to bless them with your godly grace and mercy so that they can overcome their disease very soon. 

-O Good God, I pray for your healing grace to touch my body so that I can be comforted with the knowledge that you are constantly working to cure my asthma and that you will work your godly miracles in my life, and I will soon recover from this illness. 

Great Prayer For Asthma Healing

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