50+ Uplifting Prayers To Let Go

Carrying the burden of our sorrows and regrets does no good to us. It just messes with our mental health and keeps us away from the things that truly matter in life. So, we must pray to the Lord to help us let go of these troubling thoughts and feelings.

Here are Uplifting Prayers To Let Go

-Lord Beloved, I have recently noticed that I have been foolish to carry the load of these unnecessary and disturbing thoughts that make it difficult to get through this life. I pray to you to bless me with the wisdom and capability I need to let go of these thoughts.

-O Faithful Father, I ask you to bless my mind so that I can let go of the things that have been dumped onto it and which are not even worth my attention. Help me to get rid of these harsh feelings that I have brought along for no reason.

-Loving Dear God, the burden in my heart is disturbing my mental peace, and it feels like my life is falling apart. In these moments of confusion and distress, I place myself into your hands and pray to you to help me let go of my past regrets and disappointments.

-Gracious Creator, I am desperate to seek you in my heart right now. I am very confused, and I do not know which way to go. Only your graceful guidance can help me now and allow me to walk the path of my life without the burden of unnecessary thoughts.

-Savior Beloved, as I submit myself before your Holy Spirit, I admit that I need you now in my life more than ever. I cannot get rid of the burden of my sorrows by myself, and I need your help in doing so. Please bless me with your eternal mercy.

-Dear Holy Almighty, I ask you to forgive me if I have ever tried to be ignorant of your divine presence or have tried to go about on my own without considering your opinions. Now that I find myself incapable of handling these burdens, I seek you to help me.

-O Great Father, I believe that you are the center of my life. I ask you to forgive me if I have ever tried to make decisions for myself. Please help me let go of this pride and ego that has kept me away from submitting myself to you humbly.

-Holy Deity, I find myself incapable of letting go. No matter how hard I try, I keep holding on to the little regrets, disappointments, and sorrows that make me stressed and depressed. With a humble heart, I come to you, seeking your help to eradicate all confusion from my life.

-Good God, I believe the act of letting go is not something that I can do myself. I do not find the courage and wisdom to do so, and so I confess openly that I need you. Your grace and compassion are the only things that can save me now.

-Precious Holy Protector, I believe that only when I can let go will I be faithful enough to submit my life into your hands. Teach me how I can abide in you without questioning your magnificent Holy Spirit. Bless me so that I can live in greater glory and truth.

-Father Beloved, I ask you to take control of my life so that you can help me let go of all the disappointments and sorrows that are tormenting me and keeping me away from becoming an ideal person in life. I trust you to make the best decision for me.

-Almighty Master, I feel so grateful to you for you’ve never given up on me. Even in my most vulnerable times, you have been there to help me. You have taught me the importance of letting go, and I ask you to help me follow your Holy Way in life.

-Gracious Almighty, I submit myself to you humbly, and I ask you to be merciful and compassionate to me. I will let go of all my past regrets and shortcomings of my past life only when you promise to bless me with the eternal presence in my heart and soul.

-O Lord Jehovah, how can I ever hope to progress in my life with the burden of worries and regrets filling my heart with darkness and despair? Please help me let go of these unnecessary burdens dumped on my heart and eradicate all these doubts and fears from my mind.

-Father Beloved, the burdens of the past and my inability to let go of my regrets and disappointments are hurting my soul constantly. There is an emptiness spreading through my heart, and the pain I feel is intolerable. I ask you to fill my soul with your eternal blissful peace.

-Precious Holy Protector, nobody knows better than you what is in my heart, and therefore, you are well aware of my thoughts. I pray to you to help me let go of those thoughts which cause nothing but pain and sorrow. Allow me to turn my heart towards you instead.

-Blessed Savior, I pray to you to help me capture every troubling thought and place it into your hands, trusting you to take care of them so that I can rest in comfort, not worrying about things I should not. Bless me so that I can fulfill your Holy Purpose.

-Kind Lord, bless my mind so that I can let go of unnecessary troubling thoughts and fill my heart with the thoughts and instructions as directed by the Scriptures so that there is positivity and hope in my life. Allow me to place my trust in you at all times.

-Almighty Good God, every time I find myself affected by the endless spiral of troubling thoughts of my regrets and disappointments, I pray to you to help me let go of them and focus instead on the magnificence of your Holy Spirit that takes us towards the light of optimism.

-Dear Holy Father, there are plenty of things in the Scriptures that speak of your divine grace and purity. So, when I find myself unable to let go of certain things, bless me so that I can focus on the goodness of your Spirit and consequently clear my distressed mind.

-Savior Beloved, I admit that the biggest mistake I have ever committed is leading my life on my own, without bothering to let go of things or submitting to you humbly. Today, I ask you to forgive me for everything, and I want you to take control of my life.

-Lord Jehovah, often I find things not going according to my plans. I find myself going against the flow, and everything seems to be so distorted. I ask you to help me understand the root cause of my problems and let go of the minor issues that make me distressed.

-Heavenly Almighty, I promise to let go of my petty, selfish ego and submit myself in your hands. I would want to follow your Holy Way in my life and not let anything lead me away from your divine care and compassion. Let your wishes be fulfilled throughout my life.

-Faithful Father, I ask you to bless my faith that you are constantly working for my welfare and that you will not let darkness or despair overpower us in life. Allow me to trust you, no matter what, and know in my heart that you’ll help me overcome my weaknesses.

-Gracious Almighty, I ask you to bless me with the gift of acceptance so that I can easily let go of the things that do not matter, accepting whatever comes my way with a warm embrace. Allow us to remain unaffected by both the positive and negative elements we encounter.

-Blessed Master, why do I need to worry about my life when you are there to look after me and provide me with all the necessities? Allow me to let go of the worries that torment me and trust you to help me make the best out of every situation.

-Dear Father, I pray to you to help me let go of my selfish desires and remember that the true purpose of my life is to serve others around me so that I can fulfill your Holy Cause in life. Let me evoke the spirit of your kindness and compassion.

-O Holy Lord, allow me to let go of my judgments, remembering that we are all equal, united in your Holy Name. Bless me so that I can stop thinking about the things I don’t need to and rather focus on the things that serve to bring you greater glory.

-Faithful Beloved Almighty, I come before your Holy Spirit, asking you to bless me with your divine strength and hope so that I can let go of my worries and disappointments. Guide me in your Holy way so that every day, I can look forward to life with great hope.

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