Prayers To Mother Mary | Litany Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

In our times of sorrow and restlessness, the universal Mother Mary shall come to our rescue. She will heal our wounds, and she will show us light and hope amid darkness in our lives. We must pray humbly to Her with all our heart and soul for strength and love.

litany of the blessed virgin mary : Prayers To Mother Mary

litany of the blessed virgin mary: Thank You Mary And Grateful To You

-Virgin Mary, you have always been so merciful to us. You have taken us into your compassionate shelter, and you have nurtured us with love and grace. As I pray to you today, I thank you with all my heart, and I ask you to guard my life forever.

-Savior Dear Mother, thank you for blessing us with the opportunity to submit to you humbly whenever fear or confusion strikes us. WIth you, there is no fear of judgment or rebuke. Thank you for letting us be ourselves before you and caring for us like nobody else ever can.

-O Merciful Mary, we have always been fortunate enough to witness your divine strength working in our lives. Your blissful grace has been cast upon us, and we have received your adoration and support whenever we need you. There are no words to express how grateful we are to you.

-Dear Virgin Mary, you have always taught us the value of righteousness and truth in life. Every evil power has been cast down through your mighty Spirit, and we have led a righteously happy life, where no malice can find its way. Thank you for being our guide in life.

-Great Mother Mary, I have always believed that without your love and guidance, we are simply helpless creatures. You are the one who gives us hope and motivation when we start doubting our capabilities. Thank you for always answering our prayers for help and being there when we needed you.

-Beloved Mother Mary, thank you for always remembering the promises you’ve made and blessing us with your endless mercy and love. Thank you for being with us in our times of despair and sadness and always reassuring us that we will never be forsaken by your godly love and motivation.

litany of the blessed virgin mary: Have Faith In You

-Precious Mother, everyone who has sought your conciliation has been aided. You have helped the weak and helpless, and you have filled their hearts with hope and strength, reminding them that through the power of your Spirit, nothing is impossible, and they must always have faith in themselves and you.

-Dear Virgin Mary, I come to you with a sorrowful heart. I submit humbly before you every single woe that keeps me awake at night. I pray for your mercy, and I ask you to touch my heart and soul with your compassion so that I can be healed completely.

Virgin Marry, bless us with the assurance that everything we want will be done through your Holy Word. You will proclaim our prosperity, and you will give us the salvation we seek so earnestly. Bless our faith and remind us that as long as you are there, we are blessed.

Litany Of The Blessed Virgin Mary: Forgive us

-Heavenly Mother, we are sinful. We have often neglected your glorious presence in our hearts, and we have treated you with disrespect and dishonor. Forgive us and show us that nothing in this world is greater than your grace, and we must always respect and honor you in our lives.

-Blessed Dear Mother, we pray to you to intervene on behalf of us so that your son, the Holy Lord, can forgive us for the sins we have committed and never forsake us. We pray to you so that He can give us everything we seek so earnestly in life.

Prayers To Mother Mary

Litany Of The Blessed Virgin Mary: Seek Your Attention

-Gracious Mary, you have promised to take care of us when all doors close for us. You promised to give us opportunities when we thought that everything was finished. As I find myself in great despair, I pray to you, and I seek your attention and mercy more than ever.

Litany Of The Blessed Virgin Mary: Grace And Gratitude

-Virgin Mother, you are the most graceful and loving Spirit of all. Nothing compares to the greatness of the compassion you have showered selflessly upon us, and we are thankful for everything. Hear and answer our earnest prayers of gratitude and respect to you, seeking your compassion and grace.

Litany Of The Blessed Virgin Mary: Blessed Of All Women

-Precious Mary, you are the most blessed of all women. The fruit of your womb is our Lord, who has filled our lives with great joy and hope. Thank you for giving Him to us so that we could have someone to seek when we are lacking motivation and hope.

Litany Of The Blessed Virgin Mary: Bless Me With Humility

-O Loving Mother, please look towards us through your divine merciful Spirit. Our lives are unto your blessed hands, and whenever we seek hope and love in our lives, we search for you. Bless me with the humility to trust you and always seek your divine compassion in our souls.

-Blessed Holy Mother, give us the humility to love you as well as the fear you. Remind us that the one who respects you and loves you will receive their salvation and will be kept in your compassionate care forever. Bless our hearts so that we can always revere your Spirit.

Litany Of The Blessed Virgin Mary: To Heal From Our Sins, Weakness

-Virgin Mary, as human beings, we are sinned and flawed. We can never hope to achieve salvation if you do not pray for us and shower us with your mercy and compassion. As we submit all our sins and weaknesses to you, we ask you to heal our shortcomings.

-O Loving Mother, your mercy and kindness are everything the world needs now. We pray to you to stand by the one who is hungry, homeless, or depressed. They need you to heal their wounds and treat them with the care and grace they truly deserve to get from you.

-Dear Loving Mother, you are the source of hope and joy for us. We have always been able to seek refuge in your secure fortress, and you have been a kind mother. I pray to you with a humble heart, and I ask you to deliver us all from sin.

Prayers To Mother Mary

Litany Of The Blessed Virgin Mary: Give Glorious Love Who Lives In The World

-Good Mother Mary, look at the world we are living in. Wherever we look, we find sadness, mourning, grief, and hate. We need your eternal compassion in our hearts and souls right now, and so we pray to you to be merciful towards us and give them your glorious love.

Litany Of The Blessed Virgin Mary: To Guide Us

-Kind Loving Mary, your loving Child made promises for mankind and always made sure that He worked for our welfare. Please pray for us so that we can be worthy of receiving that love and grace from Him. Teach us how we can always be grateful and respectful towards Him.

Litany Of The Blessed Virgin Mary: Bless Us With Love And Assurance

-Eternal Mother, bless all generations that come into this world and bless us with the love that assures us that we will continue to receive the greatness of your grace in every aspect of our lives. Allow us to validate and honor the compassion of your Spirit in our life.

-Kind Loving Mother Mary, whatever is good and pure comes from you and your blessed Child. Only you can cast away all darkness from my life and replace it with the burning light of your happiness and property. With a prayerful heart, I seek your goodly love in my soul.

Litany Of The Blessed Virgin Mary: Lead Us With Righteous And Happy Life

-Gracious Mary, we pray to you for worldly as well as spiritual prosperity. We ask you to look after our welfare and bless us with only the best things possible. Allow us to lead a righteous and happy life so that we can always praise and honor your Holy Spirit.

-Dear Mary, I want nothing more but to be kept wrapped in your divine comfort forever. I want you to lead me towards all good things in life. Take me to the Father and teach me to pray to Him earnestly so that He can eradicate all hopelessness and despair.

-Great Mother Mary, I prayed to you for the welfare of my family and loved ones. Impart your graceful blessings on all of us so that we can always be healthy and happy and connected in the good name of your Spirit forever. All glory be to your Holy Name.

Litany Of The Blessed Virgin Mary: Show Your Miracle

-O Holy Mother, all your children are hopeless and woeful right now. They need your maternal affection now more than ever. They want you to hold them strong, heal their sorrows and dry out their tears of sorrow. Please show them that your divine motherly compassion is constantly with them.

Litany Of The Blessed Virgin Mary: Peace To All Over The World

-O Blessed Virgin Mary, as I come before you today, I pray to you for peace all over the world. Bless all nations and all individuals through the Holy Spirit of your Son, the Lord. Give us His divine grace so that we can all stay united in His name.

Litany Of The Blessed Virgin Mary: Take Care Of Me

-Virgin Mary, we are nothing without your blessings. As I submit all my sorrow and weaknesses to you with a humble heart, I ask you to take care of me and bless my heart and soul with your divine compassion so that all my wounds can be healed soon.

Prayers To Mother Mary

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