50+ Prayers for Hardships

Life is not always a merry ride where every day is joyous, and we are always happy. Often, we encounter difficult phases in our lives that may become very tiresome for us to overcome.

In such times, we must pray to the Almighty Father to help us overcome these difficulties.

Prayers for Hardships

Prayer For divine presence

-O Loving Lord, we call upon your divine presence in our difficult times. Please give us the strength we need to go through this tough phase of our life. Bless us with the strong will that we need to bear the burden of these anxieties and sorrows that await us.

Pray to you to give me the patience

-Almighty Good God, I pray to you to give me the patience and determination that I need to overcome the hardships of my life. Bless us with the assurance that after these dark days, we will get to experience brighter times filled with the warmth and generosity of your love.

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Pray for your godly compassion

-Dear Father, I pray for your godly compassion in these difficult times, look over us and make sure that we do or say nothing that may complicate things, increasing the level of hardships we are facing right now. Bless us with your merciful Spirit so that your struggle becomes easier.

Pray to you to always keep us

-Savior Beloved, I pray to you to always keep us in our mindful watch. Bless us so that we can overcome these hardships very soon and tread the path of life with light and joyous hearts again. Bless our hearts and uplift our spirits, encouraging us toward a better tomorrow.

Pray for your graceful strength

-O Creator, your divine power has endured us through many difficult times. I pray for your graceful strength to be with us throughout generations so that we can be worthy of receiving your blessings. Let us know in our hearts that you are fighting our battles on behalf of us.

Prayers For Hardships

-Lord Jehovah, I call upon your giant strength to help me pass through every tough obstacle in our lives. I have always considered you to be the rock-solid foundation of my life, and so I place all my trust in you to defend me through every adverse situation I face.

Pray for your godly protection

-Blessed Almighty, I pray for your godly protection over me through every impending storm in my life. With your graceful compassion, I can work with more abundant power and confidence than my capabilities would allow me to. I pray for your eternal glory to be imparted in my life constantly.

-Heavenly Good Protector, you are my ultimate Redeemer. You have promised us that you would be a part of our challenges, and you would yourself deliver me from every difficult situation. I pray for that Spirit to work within me so that I can also be helpful to other people.

Pray to you to teach me how I can love others

-O Faithful Father, I pray to you to teach me how I can love others with the same graceful Spirit that you have shown us. Allow my life to be an instrument to serve your Holy Purpose in this world and lead my life in the light of your Commandments.

Best Prayers For Hardships

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Pray for a transformation in my life

-Kind Good Lord, I pray for a transformation in my life. I pray that I shall always have the mental ability to face every hardship in my life with great capability and unwavering courage. Bless my life so that I can reflect your mighty Spirit in all my difficult circumstances.

-Holy Deity, in the difficult times of my life, when I am weary of suffering through hardships, I give all glory and dominion to you, and I ask you to help me with all the authority you have over my life. Let your divine power and strength work through me.

Pray for your eternal peace

-Sweet God, when life gives us difficult situations to face, and the hardships make us feel weary and sad, we submit ourselves to you, and we pray for your eternal peace to reign in our hearts and souls. Thank you for being our most comfortable refuge in times of distress.

Divine compassion and give me the strength

-Loving Dear Father, the burden of my hardships is intolerable, and it is weighing me down. My hearts and mind are worn-out, and I don’t find a way out of this. Please take one into your divine compassion and give me the strength to feel your mercy in my difficulties.

always guided us to deal with every tough challenge

-Lord Beloved, the Scriptures have always guided us to deal with every tough challenge with a brave heart, reminding us that disappointments are very common in our lives and we must never be bothered by their intensities. Let us know that we will always have your divine guidance in everything.

Bless me with your divine grace

-Gracious Almighty, bless my hearts that I can accept every challenge with a warm embrace, going through every pain and distress patiently, believing in my heart that this too shall pass someday. Bless me with your divine grace and unquestionable faith that shall sustain me through every problem I face.

-Heavenly Creator, there are no limitations as to the extent to which people suffer in various ways. So many things trouble us and give us such a hard time. But, we also find solace in knowing that we have you with your mighty power to help us overcome evil powers.

Amazing Prayers For Hardships

-Good Father, your everlasting Holy Spirit has stood firm against every evil force in this world and revealed to us that the mantra is to never give up without a fight. Bless me so that I can incorporate your values and do as you have directed through your Holy Commandments.

Pray for your magnificent benevolence to protect me

-O Blessed Master, I pray for your magnificent benevolence to protect me from the red-eye of evil fear that may creep into my heart and destroy the self-confidence that I possess against all hardships of my life. Let me have faith in nothing else but your majestic Holy Spirit.

pray to you to come to me and rescue me

-Dear Beloved Lord, facing these hardships of life, I have recently been feeling very suffocated, and I cannot free myself from the strong grasp of negative power that has clasped around my mind and heart. I pray to you to come to me and rescue me from this troubling situation.

-Savior Almighty, through my prayer, I wish to worship your Holy Spirit with heartfelt gratitude because you have always been so supportive and loving towards me. At every hard phase of my life, in every adversity, I have found a true friend and guide in you to look after me.

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Thank you for blessing me

-Precious Holy Creator, I thank you for blessing me with the opportunity of calling upon you whenever I need you. Thank you for reassuring me I am one of your blessed children and that I have nothing to fear because you will be here to support me through every hardship.

-Good God, thank you for motivating me and uplifting my spirits by reassuring me that I am more than I think I am and that my capabilities are endless. Thank you for always keeping your promises of protecting my faith as long as I have a true and kind heart.

Pray to you to never leave me alone.

-Blessed Father, I believe that your divine wisdom can help me overcome these hardships that I think I cannot do anything about. I pray to you to never leave me alone or forsake me from your divine compassion. Consider me worthy of having your company till the end of it.

-Lord Beloved, I can never end up explaining how much your goodness and optimism mean to me. The endless grace I have received from your Holy Spirit has helped me survive the hardships of life, and I will always be grateful to you for showering your eternal mercy and compassion.

-Dear Good Almighty, who else do I approach during my difficult times? Only you know me through thick and thin, and you understand what’s best for m.e You have always been merciful enough to me to always hear out my earnest prayers and grant me what I wish for.

-Heavenly Father, I submit myself before you humble, praying with pure gratitude and compassion in my heart because I need you now, more than ever. You are the only Sovereign power that can help me overcome these difficult times, and I trust no one but you to solve my problems.

-Blessed Master, although I find myself in a very troublesome phase of my life, I refuse to give up or consider myself weak-hearted and worn-out. Your Holy Spirit has always been very considerate to me, and so I will trust you to take care of me this time as well.

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Pray for your miracles

-Gracious Dear Almighty, I pray for your miracles to happen in this difficult time of my life. I pray for your divine intervention, a breakthrough that will give me the solution to all my problems. Bless my thoughts and actions so that they can help me overcome these hardships efficiently.

-Good Father, with a pure and loving heart, I give all praise and glory to your Holy Spirit. My life would have been much more difficult if it wasn’t for your constant grace that has been showered upon me. Thank you for considering us worthy of receiving your eternal mercy.

Great Prayers For Hardships

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