50+ Prayers to Transform Your Life and Remove Any Obstacle

It is very normal for us to face several obstacles in the course of life. When these difficult situations hit us head-on, we must submit ourselves to the hands of the Almighty Lord without any hesitation and trust Him to help us overcome these obstacles which may be creating problems.

Prayers To Overcome Obstacles

-O Heavenly Father, I call upon your magnificent and immeasurable grace now. You have eternally worked for the welfare of all your blessed children, and you have made sure that every obstacle in our path of life that can become a troubling and negative issue is overcome with efficient dexterity.- Amen

-Good Lord, I have always believed in the mighty powers of your Holy Spirit. I will always have faith in your divine and graceful prayers to help me overcome these obstacles in my life. As I find myself in this spiritual warfare, I seek your presence in my soul urgently.- Amen

pray to you to bless me with the eternal assurance

-O Father Beloved, I pray to you to bless me with the eternal assurance that I have your boundless power and grace working through me and so every obstacle I face in my life can be overcome very easily. Allow me to always rely on you in my distressing times.- Amen

-Faithful Blessed Master. I choose to believe that the obstacles I face in my life, that is, the things that stand in my way, are opportunities for me to perceive your endless power. When adversities arise, you will come to us with all your strength, and you will rescue us.- Amen

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Pray to you to keep me covered in your graceful power

-Good Creator, I pray to you to keep me covered in your graceful power forever so that I can always face every obstacle with a brave heart, knowing in my heart that you are looking after me, and I have always led a life guided by your Commandments of righteousness.- Amen

-Savior Beloved, overcoming these obstacles with efficiency is very important if I want to achieve success and prosperity in my life. So, I pray to you to help me eradicate them so that I can prosper and grow in this world of yours, thereby bringing you greater glory and recognition.- Amen

-O Blessed Master, allow me to accept every challenging obstacle, knowing that I am steadfast and righteous in my faith and that I have always abounded to serve the Holy purpose of your Spirit. No difficult situation is strong enough to bring down my strength and confidence against the obstacles.- Amen

Prayers to Transform Your Life and Remove Any Obstacle

-O Kind Father, you are the source of strength and truth in my life. You have showered me with endless compassion and mercy in every aspect of my life. So, no matter how insurmountable these obstacles appear to me, I shall fear nothing because you are there to protect me.- Amen

-Gracious Almighty, as I find myself face-to-face with these difficult obstacles, I ask you to bless me so that my victory over these evil powers is inevitable. I have been challenged to win the never-ending race of life, and I will need your divine strength and confidence to do so.- Amen

Bless me with the quality of endurance and patience

-Precious Holy Spirit, I ask you to make my life a testimony of the grace and compassion selflessly showered by you. Bless me with the quality of endurance and patience when I am facing tough obstacles in my life so that I am never agitated and can handle things efficiently.- Amen

guided us to be patient and wise

-Dear Great God, you have always guided us to be patient and wise in every difficult obstacle. You have promised to come and save us in our adversities only if we can have strong faith in you and develop the qualities of mental strength, determination, and contentment in our character.- Amen

-Lord Jehovah, in Your Holy Name, I give all praise and glory. When the fear of being brought down by these tough obstacles troubles my mind and heart, I choose to believe that I was created and nurtured by you, and therefore I shall be sustained by you as well.- Amen

-Merciful Almighty, I feel overwhelmed by the burden placed on my mind and heart by these troubling obstacles. They have been standing in my way for a long time now, and I just don’t know how to get past them. Please guide me well and help me overcome these barriers.- Amen

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Thank You Prayer

-Blessed Holy Savior, despite your sheer magnificence and endless strength, you have always been so considerate and loving towards your blessed children. You have treated them with love and care and kept them away from all possible dangers they may face. Thank you for being our sole Protector.- Amen

-Good Gracious God, thank you for being the greatest pillar of strength in my life forever. Thank you for always reassuring me that your majestic protection will always be there to sustain me from the difficult storms of my life, crossing every obstacle to attain a state of greater glory.- Amen

-Father Beloved, every time I find myself in trouble and agony, I turn towards the peace and calm of your Holy Spirit. You have sheltered me in my times of discomfort, and I have always found solace in the presence of your magnificent Spirit. Thank you for your eternal mercy.– Amen

Nice Prayers To Transform Your Life And Remove Any Obstacle

-O Kind Sweet Deity, I have always been fortunate enough to be blessed with your graceful favors during every difficult phase of my life. Now that I am facing an obstacle that has no solution, I give it to you, and I ask you to help me deal with it.- Amen

To protect me from all troubles,

-Loving Lord, every time I see your divine hand at work, trying to protect me from all troubles, I am thrilled by your powerful and Efficient Way. You have always tried to incorporate your all-conquering Spirit within us, and it has empowered us to fight the battles of our lives.- Amen

Pray for your assistance

-Almighty Beloved, you have always given us the scope to rejoice in your glorious spirit of victory over evil powers. I pray for your assistance in overcoming these tough obstacles so that I can rejoice in greater joy. Allow my success as a good way to give you greater glory.- Amen

powers of your divine intervention help us overcome

-Almighty Master, thank you for being my solid rock in every difficulty. Thank you for always being so reliable and faithful to us. Thank you for allowing us to dump all our troubles on you and see the powers of your divine intervention help us overcome those situations with ease.- Amen

Thank you for giving us comfort in our distress.

-Holy Savior, I feel so relieved to realize that you are my Redeemer, and you are the ultimate Lord of reconciliation. No matter how complicated a situation I face, it can never be greater than the magnificence of your Holy Spirit. Thank you for giving us comfort in our distress.- Amen

Bless my faith

-Dear Good Lord, your unconditional affection and constant protection assure me that I will never be forsaken from your divine love, and you would let me go alone. Bless my faith so that I can embrace all obstacles bravely, understanding that they are a part of our lives as well.- Amen

-Father Beloved, going through the Scriptures, I find countless instances when your righteous and divine Holy Spirit has won over evil powers who have tried to bring you down. You are the ultimate winner in all battles and so I trust you to fight against the obstacles of my life.- Amen

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give my shortcomings into your hands

-Blessed Master, although I have faced a major setback, I do not fear. I give my shortcomings into your hands because I know that you have the power to turn every failure into success, every distress in comfort, and every pain into gory. So, I praise your Holy name forever.- Amen

Divine guidance and holy wisdom.

-Heavenly Almighty, your eternal graceful power has endured throughout every generation I know. You have always stood before us firmly against all obstacles, and you have helped us fight our battles in every way possible. Overcoming these giant obstacles would have been impossible without your divine guidance and holy wisdom.- Amen

To forgive me and take me back into your protection

-Dear Beloved Lord, I feel blessed to have been able to build the foundation of this life upon your Holy Spirit. You have always been so mindful of my welfare that you have given more than I have asked for, always showering your graceful privileges and constant protection upon me.- Amen

-Faithful Father, your divine abundance surpasses all our naive understanding. We are too inferior to even comprehend your endless powers and the majestic Spirit with which you reign over this world and our souls as well. So, while facing the most difficult obstacle of my life, I rely upon you.- Amen

-Father Beloved, if I have ever committed any sins or disrespected your Spirit through any of my thoughts and actions, I ask you to be merciful enough to forgive me and take me back into your protection. I cannot overcome the obstacles of my life, and I seek your help.- Amen

-Lord Jehovah, I am so relieved to know that I can always seek you when I need you, without the fear of being looked down upon because of my weaknesses or shortcomings. You will look after me irrespective of our approach, and you will always defend me against every obstacle.- Amen

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