50+ Powerful Prayers To Save A Marriage

A troubled relationship with your spouse can take a toll on your mind and heart and make you feel disheartened.

You must put in all efforts to rebuild the relationship and also pray to the Almighty Lord to bless you both so that you can get back together again peacefully.

Powerful Prayers To Save A Marriage

Prayers For Keep With Us in Hard Time

-Father Beloved, we have been brought together in this marriage by your Holy Spirit, and you have blessed this union yourself, but despite that, we find ourselves at a difficult time now. We are struggling to be together, and we feel helpless. Please be with us in this tough time.- Amen

Prayers For Guidance

-O Dear God, you have always taught us that two is better than one, and we have tried to follow your Holy Word rigorously in our lives and this marriage. But, at this juncture, we find ourselves out of track from your guidance and not in tune with your commandments.- Amen

-Gracious Almighty, we call upon your Holy Spirit and ask you to rescue us from the troubling phase we find ourselves in. Bless our union once more this day so that the cords of love and respect we have for each other are never broken or weakened by bad influences.- Amen

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Prayers For Protect Us

-O Father, as I find my lovely relationship with my spouse being hampered, I remember the promise you had made upon our marriage. I pray to you to keep them and let your Holy Love prevail over the both of us, just like it always has. Please protect us, Lord.- Amen

-O Great Master, we choose not to lose faith in you. I promise not to be hopeless about this marriage, and I feel relieved in my heart to know that you are constantly working to fix things between my partner and me. We seek you now to protect our relationship.- Amen

Prayers For Forgiveness

-Kind Loving God, it hurts me to think that in recent times, my partner and I have often inflicted hurtful words and actions on each other. We have acted harshly and unjustly, not taking into account how the other person might feel about it. We ask you to forgive us.- Amen

-Heavenly Creator, we believe our marriage is in danger because we have been distracted by external influences in life, and we have ceased to follow their holy instructions that we must have followed as a married couple. We pray for forgiveness and ask you to show us the correct path.- Amen

Prayers To Save Marriage

Graceful Peace And Wisdom

-O Father, we pray that your graceful peace and wisdom reign over our relationship so that you can take control of our lives and guide us to do the correct things only. When you are there to look after us, we must never be afraid of being misled or lost.- Amen

-Heavenly Father, this marriage is about to fail because of the silly mistakes made by my spouse and me. Give us the wisdom to realize what went wrong and give us the courage to fox it. Throughout this battle, keep us united in the uplifted spirit of your Holy Love.- Amen

-Heavenly Almighty, we only want that your rich grace is a part of our relationship and fixes all problems. Please don’t drive us away from your Holy shelter where there is no fear or sadness. Unite us again in your Holy Spirit and allow us to understand each other better.

-Dear Blessed God, as I struggle to save this marriage, I pray to you to watch over me and build this relationship strongly again so that my spouse and I can grow together, learning from each other and the mistakes we have made earlier. Please Give us your wisdom, Lord.- Amen

-Heavenly God, please eradicate all hatred from our hearts and replace it with love and compassion for each other. Allow us to be more caring and considerate to each other and love each other with your Holy love in our souls. Please touch our relationship with your grace and comfort.- Amen

-O Father, we pray to you to bless our hearts that are full of anger and selfishness right now. But we believe that it will be magically transformed into happy and positive feelings once you come down to us with your Holy Spirit. We give all grace to you today.

-Father Beloved, this rough patch that we have hit in our marriage, we have often acted or dealt with the matter very inefficiently and unjustly. We pray to you to give us better judgment and the ability to look at things again with an altogether different perspective for better understanding.- Amen

-O Great Lord, I find our marriage being poisoned by negative elements. We are unable to forgive each other, and we have started to judge each other based on the pettiest of matters. This worsens the situation, and we have no other way than to submit ourselves humbly to you.

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To Guide Us

-Precious, Sweet God, I feel so hopeless as nothing seems to work for my spouse and me. Every decision we make bounces back at us, and every step taken appears to be a huge mistake. We believe our thought processes have deteriorated, and we ask you to guide us wisely.- Amen

-Dear Good Lord, why is it that we now get more happiness in solitude than in being with each other? We have started to avoid each other, and my spouse seems almost like a stranger to me now. Please help us get through this and unite us again in love.- Amen

-Dear Father, it breaks my heart to see that our relationship has degraded so badly that we cannot even tolerate each other’s presence any longer. Being with each other seems to be so irritating, and the communication is rude and irregular. Please help us to get through this rough phase.- Amen

-Kind God, I love my spouse, and I don’t want to lose the gift of this beautiful relationship I’ve had with him/her. I promise to do everything in my power to get things back to normal again. With your guidance and true love, we will be happy together again.- Amen

Prayers To Save Marriage

Prayers To Keep Strong

-O Lord Beloved, I pray to you today that you keep my partner and me strongly united through this period of hard struggle. Remind us constantly that if we want to restore this relationship and bring back the love that has vanished, we must work as a unit for it.- Amen

To Restore Connection

-Gracious Savior, this relationship was given to us by you as a blessing, and we have failed to give it the appreciation and honor it deserves. We have not validated each other enough, and consequently, the affection and understanding have been lost. Please restore the connection we had between us.

Prayers To Save Marriage

-O God, we have drifted apart from each other, and the connection is becoming weaker day by day. I believe that only you can save this relationship now. Your mighty power and pure grace can bring us back together and help us to revive the lost love in this marriage.- Amen

-Great Lord, I pray to you for reconciliation. I call upon your Holy Spirit to replace our grudgeful hearts with the affection and concern we had for each other. Remind us of this precious love we have found and nurtured and give us more reason to be with each other.- Amen

-Father Beloved, every time we start falling out in this marriage, we pray to you to remind us that you love us unconditionally despite the mistakes we make and the sins we commit. So, we must try to learn from that spirit and do the same in our marriage too.- Amen

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Blessed Us

-Almighty Father, bless our hearts so that we can be drawn to each other in love. Keep us wrapped in your loving shelter where our hearts will be healed, and no pain can touch us. Bless us so that we can start all over again with your spirit in us.- Amen

-Beloved Good God, we have always been a strong couple. As husband and wife, we have tried to support and care for each other and comfort each other in bad times. I fail to understand this crack in our relationship, and I ask you to rekindle the spirit of love.- Amen

Restore With Pure Love

-O Lord, life gives us tough circumstances so that we can learn to face hardships and develop ourselves as better human beings. I accept this situation as an opportunity to learn more about handling relationships, and I promise to get better at this and restore my marriage with pure love.- Amen

Prayers To Forgive

-Heavenly Almighty, nobody knows/understands me better than you do, and I always try to be honest to you. If I have ever done anything wrong that has affected my marriage, I ask you to forgive me and show me how I can fix it and make my marriage work.- Amen

-Good Father, it is true that I have been hurt by my spouse. He/She has been rude to me, and their behavior has offended me. Allow me to forgive him/her when they are genuinely apologetic for their mistakes and promise to put in efforts to fix things again.- Amen

Prayers To Save Marriage

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