50 Prayers Before Meeting To Achievement

At the workplace, feeling anxious before you go to a meeting is very normal. You must be careful regarding how you interact with the seniors and remember to prove your capability as an employee before stepping in. Praying to God to look after you would also be helpful.

Opening Prayers For A Meeting To Get Success

-Dear God, thank you for allowing me to be a part of this meeting. I hope to learn plenty of new things, and I pray to you to make sure that I contribute meaningfully to the discussions. Help me to be an integral part of the communication through the meeting.

-O Father, it makes me feel so happy to be a part of this meeting with these extremely talented people who are very good at what they do. I hope to learn from them and, if possible, lend my helping hand to someone if they need me to do so.

-Loving Lord, before I go into this meeting, I want to pray to you to look after every participant in the meeting. Help us to create effortless communication and let us be able to share stuff related to the topic that will bring benefit and better growth to everyone.

-Dear God, I ask you to be present with us throughout this meeting. Guide everything we say/do and make sure our words and actions do nothing but bring success to us and glory to your Holy Name. Let us all remember that we work according to your rules.

-Almighty Lord, it is very obvious that through the course of this meeting, challenging moments and conflict situations will arise. I want to pray to you to help us be calm during these moments and not decide something while our minds are heated. Be with us at every step.

-O Dear Father, whenever we find ourselves facing a conflict or suffering from indecision, help us to remember that we are working as a team and everybody must work to find out a solution for the cause. Let your Holy wisdom guide us through this process. Bless us, Great Lord.

-Heavenly Father, you have always guided us to be respectful to others. I pray to you today that you help me remember this while I am attending the meeting. I must never get angry or upset with any of my colleagues, and I must treat them with kindness and respect.

-Beloved Father, I pray for your Holy Grace to be with us within the walls of this cubicle when the meeting is being held. When you are present, the ambiance will be one of cooperation and brotherhood. With your guidance and care, we would be able to think better too,

-Father, I want this meeting to be a source of knowledge and inspiration so that I can be more aware of the task and I can develop myself to be a better employee. Let all of us be able to be in a single spirit, united by your divine presence.

-Dear Good God, as we have gathered together, we seek your presence. We pray to you to fill this workspace with your sheer glory that will be motivating for us to work with more enthusiasm and dedication. We trust you with our objectives in this task, Father.

-O Loving Lord, when your Holy Spirit becomes a part of our soul while we are engaged in this meeting, we will be kept away from the spirit of conflict and division, and we will always be able to reach a perfect conclusion unanimously. Bless us with your wisdom, God.

-Kind Good God, I call upon your peace within ourselves when we deal with each other or the clients at the meeting. We want to settle for an agreement regarding a discussion as effortlessly as possible, and it is only possible if you bless us with your knowledge gracefully.

-O Dear Father, as we start our discussions in the meeting, I pray to you to keep us all bound in love so that we remember to validate each other and our opinions in every aspect of the meeting. Our agenda can only be successful when every participant contributes properly.

-Almighty Lord, while discussing such important matters, a difference of opinion is a very natural thing, and it cannot be avoided. All we ask is for you to help us think clearly and arrive at a conclusion only when we have analyzed the situation properly and not in a hurry,

-O Blessed Father, we pray to you today that when we leave this place after finishing our meeting, our hearts must be filled with joy and satisfaction for having been able to work with all our capability and energy. Help us to bask in the content of being good employees.

-Heavenly Father, you have always protected us from all uncertainties and indecisions in life, and you have been a bright shining source of light in times of darkness. So, I pray that if I start feeling nervous during the meeting, you must save and guide me properly.

-Loving Lord, as I sit here as a part of this meeting, I consider myself lucky to have been blessed with so much grace from your Holy Spirit. You have considered me worthy of this task, and so I can contribute my share of opinions for the task at hand.

-Dear Good God, before we start our meeting, we want to be completely assured that we are surrounded by your love. Your unconditional compassion has kept us going through the toughest phases of our lives, and without your Mighty presence, this meeting and our chosen targets can never be fruitful.

-Good Father, everything happened because of you and for you. So, as we begin our meeting, we pray that every word spoken or heavy work done must be worthy enough to bring unending glory to your Holy Spirit that has been so helpful to us at all times at work.

-Almighty Lord, we want you to remind us at every moment during this meeting that we are all rocking for the same purpose and that our combined efforts will make this task more fruitful than we would have imagined normally. Let us work on that for better results to come.

-Heavenly Blessed Father, every member of this meeting has a different upbringing, comes from a different background, and has a unique thought process. But, we must be able to think together and act like we are one mind. Adapting to changes is the key to a peaceful and effective meeting.

-Dear Gracious God, we want our opinions and solutions during this meeting to be effective and productive for the task at hand. Our work must not be just to impress the bosses, but also to complete a project prosperously and bring glory to ourselves and your Holy Spirit as well.

-O Loving God, you are the Creator, and you are always aware of everything. I believe that you already know what’s going to happen through this meeting, and I call upon your power to ensure that only good things come our way. Let all our plans and strategies be successful.

-Father Beloved, what strikes me most during this meeting is that our seniors are always eager to hear from us, and they give us the scope to discuss everything from different perspectives so that we can make better-informed decisions. Thank you for helping us by providing us with good seniors.

-Faithful Lord, we want you to look over us throughout this meeting and ensure that we do not end up discussing stuff that is useless or stray away from the topic at hand. Productivity must be our goal, and we mustn’t engage in meaningless conversations that are of no help.

-O Heavenly Good God, I trust all my colleagues, and I want to validate their opinions. But, I would also like to pray to you for them so that no evil thoughts creep into their mind and disturb the peaceful ambiance created within this workspace by us during the meeting.

-Lord, we pray to you to eradicate all negative powers that may be around us during the meeting. Keep away all those pessimistic thoughts that attempt to distract us from our true purposes, and do not let the meeting be a success. Let us focus on the positive elements only.

-Good God, teach us to be patient while attending this meeting. Let us be attentive to every minute detail discussed because we never know what may be of help later on. We must learn to follow the words of our seniors, who know the tasks far better than we do.

-Kind Loving Father, I believe that you always stand by the righteous and honest one. So, I pray to you to bless us so that whatever we do during the meeting, we keep righteousness in our minds. Protect us from making the wrong decisions that may be harmful to us.

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