50+ prayers for faith and trust in god 

We must express ourselves to the Lord more often with a devoted heart and let Him know through our prayers that we trust Him, and we adore him for his eternal benevolence and protection towards us.

Praying can make us feel closer and keep us connected to His Divine Being.

Prayers for Faith in God’s Sovereignty

-O Merciful God, I will always have great faith in You because your Holy Word guides us to believe that our faith in you will protect us, and we shall get over every difficulty only if we can have faith in you and trust your good intentions for our welfare.

-Precious Great Creator, I choose to have faith in you because I have been lucky enough to experience your divine powers and how you can magically transform us as human beings. Nothing will be impossible for you, you are ever-powerful, and you will sustain us forever with your graceful existence.

-Holy Father, my faith in you has always guided me whenever I have been distraught. When there has been no way ahead, you have come to me yourself and paved the proper way for me. I have never faced problems when I have trodden on the path shown by you.

-Beloved Holy Almighty, I trust you because I know that only you possess the power to infuse life into everything that is worn out. You help us breathe new air that energizes every vein in our body with new hope and vigor. Thank you for always looking after my welfare.

-Great Loving master, I can never stop praising your Holy Name because you have always been so kind and faithful to all your blessed children. According to your promise of protecting the one who keeps faith in you, you have always looked out for us, and we are immensely thankful.

-O Faithful God, no matter what happens, you are the one constant presence in our lives. Even though circumstances differ, we have always found you by our side, and this makes me all the more eager to put all my trust in your Holy Spirit and believe your Way forever.

-Lord Jehovah, you hold all the power in this mighty Universe eternally. Nothing can ever rise to defeat you, and your power is constantly supplying us with motivation to achieve great things and prosper in life as long as our faith in you is sustained, and we trust your purpose.

-O Great Father, I have endless faith in you, and so I pray to you today to allow me to experience your divine intervention. We are merely human beings strengthened by your enlightenment and courage, and we seek you in our hearts and minds in every aspect of our life.

-Precious Dear Protector, I have been foolish to focus more on the criticisms and demotivation that came my way. What I forgot was that when I have you by my side, nothing can discourage me from working for greater causes, and I will always end up with success and prosperity.

-Loving Lord, my faith in your Holy Spirit has kept me away from chaos. I always have clarity of thought, and my mind and heart are never distracted or misguided. Whatever I do, I do in your Holy name, which assures that everything will eventually work out to be fine.

-Kind Sweet Almighty, many people around me, who have a great lack of faith, have constantly urged me to become a non-believer. Nut, I am thankful to have heard your voice in my soul, which has always protected me from evil and guided me to believe everything that is just.

-Savior Beloved, my faith in your holy Being has delivered me from fear. I constantly believe in my heart that when you are there to walk the way of life along with me, I have nothing to be afraid of, and I will not give up without a proper fight.

-Dear Good God, your Holy commandments have always asked us to have faith. I have always felt your divine presence in my soul, asking me to trust you as I go about my life, and I have been blessed for my trust in you. Thank you for your mercy, Lord.

-Almighty Blessed Master, as I go through the Holy Scriptures, I find that you promise us to love and support our causes only if we can have unquestionable faith in you. Faith can move mountains, and I believe it very much. I promise to keep my word throughout my life.

-O Great Master, I have trained my mind and heart to believe in you, no matter what happens. Even during my sufferings and sadness, I shall never lose faith in you because I know that these tough times are a test of how patient and faithful we are to you.

-Father Beloved, I have always been grateful to have received your unconditional love and support. I have always found you in my soul whenever I have sought you. You have proven that you are worthy of receiving our endless faith in every way, and we are so grateful to you.

-Kind Loving God, I have always believed you to be the ultimate Lord of our lives and this mighty Universe. You are indeed the sovereign Being of all souls, and no power can surpass your graceful majesty and courage. So, we must always be faithful and humble before Your Holiness.

-Heavenly Beloved Almighty, you are the Creator; you have created this Earth and the blissful heaven by your hands. Bless my faith so that I never doubt your majesty and always believe in my heart that your powers are massive and reliable. Take away my doubts and protect my faith.

-O Great Being, I have no regret or problem in submitting myself humbly to you because I know that I am making the correct choice by giving myself into your righteous hands and bowing down before you. You will deliver me from every evil thing and give me salvation.

-O Merciful Almighty, thank you for being my source of strength and determination in the toughest moments of my vulnerability and despair, thank you for always reaffirming my strong faith in your Holy Spirit by allowing me to experience your magical work of hand in every aspect of my life.

-Kind Master, I have never been afraid of being in despair because you will never forsake me. My trust in you and my constant search to find you in my soul will keep me away from evil and lead me to your pure truth. Thank you for never letting me down.

-O Eternal Savior, my faith in you is impenetrable because my life stands apart as a perfect testimony of what can happen if someone is blessed with your grace and goodness in their soul. Thank you for molding me in your Holy image and keeping me close to you forever.

-Heavenly Father, my faith in you has helped me evolve as a person. I have become mature, and the decisions I make now are guided by your wisdom and my faith in you. Thank you for all the improvements I have made within myself in this path of my life.

-O Blessed God, I pray to you to keep my faith in your Holy Spirit steady and unwavering forever so that even the toughest battles I have to face can be easy for me, and I shall have the courage and wisdom to walk this path of my life bravely.

-Faithful Father, my deepest fears have led me to trust you. Every time my mind has been clouded by indecision, you have rescued me and guided me through the correct way. Thank you for telling me that it is okay to be afraid and that you are always there for us.

-Beloved Good Lord, the troubles of my past and the worry of my future torment my heart. I find myself at a loss, and I don’t know what to do or say. In these moments of hopelessness, who else can I trust but you? Please help me with your grace.

-Precious Almighty, I call upon my eternal faith now that I am being threatened by my enemies. I ask you to help me get through this difficult time, standing all along by me as a strong shield against all negative forces. I need you now more than I ever have.

-Loving Holy Father, thank you for never breaking my trust. Thank you for being the same forever and not changing a bit, making it easier for me to approach you with an open heart and express myself openly to you. Thank you for returning the favor of strong faith.

-O Great Divine Spirit, you have always rewarded my faith by never withdrawing your holy compassion from my soul. I am so grateful to you for your grace, and I can only pray with a true heart to tell you how grateful I am to have you in my life.

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