50+ Uplifting Prayers To Stay On The Right Path

At certain crossroads in life, we may find ourselves lacking guidance on which way we must lead. Our choices are compromised, and we constantly suffer from indecision. In these times, praying to the Almighty Lord for guidance on the way can be very helpful as well as comforting for us.

Here are Uplifting Prayers To Stay On The Right Path

-Dear God, you have always promised to guide all your blessed children. You have always assured us that in every step of our lives, we will find you wherever we need you and that you will never forsake us. I pray to you to fulfill your promises and help us.

-Heavenly Father, I find myself at a point where I don’t think I am capable of deciding for myself. I feel like whatever I shall do or say will not be good for me, and so I trust you to guide me so that I can make the correct choices.

-Savior Beloved, I am not quite sure if this is the correct way to lead in life and if you are supporting me on this venture. Please come to me and give me your holy reassurance that I am doing the correct things and you are always there for me.

-O Great Lord, I constantly believe that if I want to follow the correct path, I must learn to seek your divine presence in my soul first. So, today I pray to you and ask you to come and reside in my heart so that I can always find you.

-Beloved Great Master, to rescue me from this state of confusion where I cannot decide if I am indeed walking the correct path, I pray to you to always let me believe in the power of truth and that our faith will sustain us from all chaos and bring order.

-Almighty Beloved God, allow me to see through the vision of truth so that I can realize that you are always there, watching over all our thoughts and actions. You will always warn us if we lead ourselves into the wrong path, and we need to have faith in you.

-Gracious Protector, I ask you to give me the gift of eternal faith so that I can watch your hand at every step in my life, knowing that you are working on choosing the path that is best for me, and with your guidance, I shall never have to worry.

-Dear Loving Lord, my heart seeks you whenever it wants peace because nothing in this Universe can comfort our hearts the way you can, and you are everything we need in our lives. Protect my faith that with a calm and peaceful heart, I can always make the right decisions.

-Father Beloved, I agree that certain choices regarding walking the correct path in life can be very tough, and it is not something that I can do by myself. So, I believe that only your guidance and support in every aspect of my life can save me from chaos now.

-Good God, in every uncertain moment of my life, you have kept your promise of being with me and helping me to choose wisely. I am very grateful to you for your assistance, and I find myself bound to you. Bless me so that I can fulfill my responsibilities dutifully.

-O Eternal Protector, I am nothing without you. Please guide my way so that I can lead this blessed life according to your rules. Look over me so that I never do anything that may be unpleasant or unjust in your eyes. Allow me to walk the path of truth.

-Precious Holy Being, I pray to you to look after my heart and make sure nothing can ever compromise with my faith in you and the eternal compassionate love and respect I have for you. Let me always walk in your just Spirit with strength and rigidity in my soul.

-Blessed Almighty, allow me to see your Holy Will and teach me how I can follow it to fulfill the purple of my life, knowing that you are standing behind my back and you will hold me in every difficult phase of my life and never let me fall apart.

-Holy Father, I pray to you for the gift of faith that remains unwavering in every circumstance of our lives. Allow me to always believe that whatever is happening is your Will and that we are no one to control the incidents of our life. Protect my faithful heart, Lord.

-Heavenly Master, you have always been so considerate to us that you ask nothing more of us than to acknowledge your divine presence in our souls and express our gratitude to you. Please forgive us if we fail to do it more often and accept our apologies for our negligence.

-Precious Great Creator, all my life, I have been guided by your Holy power that has spoken very celery in my soul and told me which way to lead so that I can protect the truth and never be diverted from the true purpose of serving you through my work.

-Beloved Holy Spirit, you have always kept every promise you have made. You have promised to give us peace and contentment only if we can fix our minds and hearts on you and seek you in all our thoughts and actions. Your love will guide us towards the perfect way.

-Loving God, we are humans, and it is perfectly normal for us to make mistakes in the regular course of our lives. It may happen that the path we lead is not right for us, or it is difficult for us to tread upon. Give us the wisdom to understand.

-Blessed Almighty, I refuse to be threatened by the evil eye of fear and demotivation because I have your Holy Spirit working through my soul and constantly encouraging me to fear nothing and just go about doing my work and fulfilling responsibilities with truth and determination, fearing nothing at all.

-O Holy Father, every time I have tried to decide for myself and choose the path that I must lead in my life, I have failed miserably, and I have ended up in failure and misery. So, I submit myself to you, the one who holds all power and strength.

-Good God, I pray to your Holy Spirit to lift me in your eternal power of righteousness and courage so that I can be completely fearless and walk the path of my life with confidence and the trust that you will never let me do or say anything wrong/unjust.

-Kind Holy Being, I have always had unquestionable faith, and I will never break my trust that constantly comforts me that as long as I tread on the path of life with you by my side, I can be assured of my safety as I will be protected by you.

-O Great Lord, today I pray to you for the countless troubles opus who are all facing the same problem as I am. We all need guidance, and we all want to be directed by your Holy wisdom. Please come to us and show us the way we must go.

-Master Beloved, I have a friend who is very dear to me but is currently going through a crisis and is unable to decide if he/she is on the correct track in my life. I have advised them to open up to you because you will help them wisely.

-Precious Holy Protector, we are all in search of your mercy and compassion. We cannot walk even one step without your love and support, and so we pray to you earnestly, and we hope that all our prayers will be answered readily and you will always help and support us.

-O Mighty Creator, although my heart is in deep trouble and I don’t know which way to walk, I refuse to panic. I would rather choose to believe in you and seek you so that you can help me and comfort my worn-out soul. Thank you for always being there.

-O Holy Savior, you have always been a source of great comfort for me. I pray to you to take away all the stress and tension that has been creating a huge burden upon my heart and is not letting me be myself. Please purify my soul of its negativities.

-Lord Jehovah, I pray to you for nothing else than to help me tread the straight and just path

 and lead me to achieve salvation and be closer to you. I believe the true purpose of my life is to attain you in my soul and keep you there forever.

-Kind Sweet Father, I pray to you to bless me with wisdom and righteousness so that I can lead a life that makes me eligible to find solace in your comforting arms and receive your eternal compassion that will protect me from all dangers in every step of my life.

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