50+ Uplifting Prayers To Stay Safe From Panicking

When in anxiety, it is very normal for us to start panicking. Lack of clarity can lead us to indecision, and it can trouble our minds and hearts deeply. In these times, we must try to find solace in our daily prayers to the Almighty Lord for guidance and peace.

Here are Uplifting Prayers To Stay Safe From Panicking

-Dear Great Lord, I bow down before you, and I submit all my panic and troubles to you humbly. I ask you to handle them on my behalf because I can never imagine dealing with these problems in such an effortless way with the strength and wisdom that you will.

-Precious Creator, I feel afraid as I see that my deepest fears and anxieties overpower me and threaten to crush me under their overwhelming burden. I pray to you, and I refuse to let go because I have your power working through me, and I am blessed by your love.

-Father Beloved, whenever my heart is troubled, and I find myself panicking, I remind myself of your magnificent grace in your eternal power. I ask myself to calm down and believe in your strength, always thinking to myself that my faith shall protect me from all troubles that await me.

-Blessed Almighty, I have no peace in my heart, and I am constantly tormented by my problems. I find no other way than to give myself completely into your hands and trust you to look after me and help me to come out of these problems. Please help me now.

-O Holy Savior, this battle I am fighting right now is difficult, and I can understand that it is very normal to panic. I feel helpless, and I find it as if I can never win this on my own. In these moments of indecision, I call upon your guidance.

-Beloved Master, I trust nobody more than I trust you. You are never wrong, and I believe that I will never fail if I follow your footsteps and walk the path you lead us into. Your wisdom is unquestionable, and with you helping us in every step, victory is definite.

-Gracious God, although I am in a state of panic, I still keep the faith, knowing that I have you. You have always been such a considerate Lord to all your blessed children, and you have suffered for our welfare. You have paid the price for carrying all our troubles.

-Holy Father Beloved, you are the ultimate source of strength and inspiration in my life. You have been my rock-solid support whenever I have needed you, and you have never forsaken me when I was in trouble. Thank you for always protecting me and keeping my mind and heart safe.

-Heavenly Protector, your Holy Word comes to my rescue when I am panicking. Your voice whispers through my soul and tells me that while I have your divine presence in my spirits, I have nothing to worry about, and I must fear nobody as you will shield me from danger.

-O Blessed Almighty, you have always been my stronghold. I have never had reasons not to trust your hide something from you. It gives me great satisfaction to realize that I can always be myself around you, and my panic does not count as my weakness in front of you.

-Good Loving Lord, I shall never cease to praise Your Holy Name and appreciate your goodness because you are worthy of being completed by your blessed children for whom your work relentlessly so that they can have a happy and peaceful life. I shall always call upon your Holy Spirit.

-Beloved Deity, I pray to you to come to me when I am panicking and give me the calm and wisdom to see beyond my anxieties and witness the reflection of truth and courage in your Holy Spirit. Lift my mind above all its restrictions and shortcoming towards complete fearlessness.

-Heavenly Father, I have often found fear gripping me so tightly that I feel suffocated and unable to move. I pray to you to free my heart and overcome the threats of fear to see your Holy path and lead it to reach salvation. Give me wisdom in every way.

-O Love God, the onset of panic is an indication from you to take things slowly and not rush into things without thinking ahead properly/ Bless me with the proper knowledge I need to solve my problems just like you would want me to and reach a state of peace.

-Savior Beloved, I often find myself inefficient at expressing what I feel. Due to this, the turmoils going on inside my heart often remain unexpressed to others. But, since you are the all-knowing Lord, I believe nothing escapes your great knowledge, and you know everything. Please help me through this.

-Heavenly Good Lord, every time my heart is agitated and upset, I find myself seeking you all the more because I have always believed in your eternal power, and I know that you can bring calm and peace to my troubled heart and quieten me with your words of compassion.

-Beloved Protector, there is no moment in my life when I have not trusted you. I have always been very careful to protect my faith because I know that only your divine intervention can stop me from panicking. I pray to you to be there for me at every step.

-Heavenly Beloved Almighty, I know I have made mistakes in different aspects of my life, but I also know that you are merciful enough to forgive me. Thank you for always restring me to sanity through the sacrifices you make to give us inner freedom and lead us to peace.

-Almighty Beloved Master, you are far greater than we can comprehend, and your Holy Spirit is massive and magnificent in all ways. Help us as we set upon the task of seeking you in our hearts and look up to you whenever we find our hearts in panic and loss.

-Precious Holy Creator, your Commandments have always made it clear to us that nothing in our power can stand up to compete with your superiority. Let us seek your purpose in our lives and in our hearts instead of working on what we intend to do or say by ourselves.

-O Loving Lord, I have often witnessed how the search for more has led us into chaos and taken away all the peace from our lives. It has given rise to nothing but panic and stress, and so I pray to you to take me away from these trivial things.

-Kind Great Father, I pray to you for your holy wisdom and knowledge that guides us to stay away from the things or activities that may lead us further into panic. Let us refrain from getting involved in matters that can put us on edge and create confusion and anxiety.

-Dear Gracious Father, I think you are already aware of the uncontrollable turbulence going on in my heart right now. It has led me to lose balance in my life, and everything seems to be chaotic. Please keep me from stumbling and give me clarity and strength in my mind.

-Savior Beloved, amid all this confusion and panic, it seems that I have lost the true purpose of my existence. I forget why I was sent into this Universe and what responsibilities I must dutifully fulfill. Please help me try to understand the purpose again and work for its fulfillment.

-Lord Jehovah, every time I have tried to stray from you and lead my life according to my rules, I have found myself at a dead end with nothing but panic and confusion in my soul. Let me go back to following your path and walking where you lead me.

-Great Holy Being, I am afraid to speak of my deep panic to anybody else because I fear that I will become more vulnerable and they may misuse my weaknesses. But, with you, I have nothing to fear, and I can trust your affectionate care to calm my troubled heart.

-Almighty Father, as I follow your Holy Word, I realize that the holy light that shines in our soul through your Holy Spirit delivers us from all panic and confusion. It shows us the way we must walk and the words we must speak. I pray before your Holy name.

-Good God, I am nothing but a servant of your Holy Spirit, and so I submit myself humbly before you, and I kneel to you in eager prayer, trusting that you will help me and you will never let me be drowned in the ocean of panic, anxiety, and despair.

-O Holy Spirit, I pray to you to allow me to be worthy enough to be bathed in your glorious peace and see everything in your light. Protect my faith so that I can always lead a happy and contented life with nothing but peace and comfort in my soul.

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