51 Prayers To Stop Violence

The world we live in is imperfect, just like we are. Violence and injustice are an inevitable part of our lives, and only our Lord can help us turn away from them by placing His endless compassion and kindness in our hearts. We just need to pray to him, honestly.

Prayers To Stop Violence

Prayers For Protection

-Good Lord, I feel overwhelmed and terrified by the violence and treachery I find myself around. It seems like the evil powers are constantly working to bring us down, and we believe that only you can help us now. Please take us into your divine arms of protection and love.

-Merciful Master, you have kept your promises of blessing us with your protection. You have kept us in your perfect haven, and you have never let any evil or unjust way creep into our lives. We trust you to take care of us when lured by the forces of violence.

Prayers Against Violence

-Beloved Father, no power in this world can be forceful enough to stand against your mighty Holy Spirit. Nobody stands a chance to establish their power as long as you reign there with all your superiority. So, in your Holy Name, I pray against every form of violence I encounter.

-O Great God, you yield endless might, and you are the most courageous of all. My faith in your strength has always helped me survive even the toughest battles of my life, and now, I trust you to sustain me through every violent power that threatens to break me apart.

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Prayers For Joy And Care

-Blessed Savior, being surrounded by so much unnecessary violence and hatred, I now seek refuge in your Holy Spirit. I ask you to take me into your shelter so that I can rejoice in joy, knowing that I am being protected and taken care of at all times by you. 

Prayers To Overwhelmed

-Almighty Master, I am overwhelmed to witness the craftiness and cunning with which violence closes in around me. I do not feel secure, and so, I ask you to come and rescue me. Protect me from all sorts of dangers that may befall me as I try to get going.

Prayers For Your Divine Grace

-Gracious Almighty, I trust you more than anybody else in this world. I place my heartfelt trust in you because I know that only you can shelter me from the attack of the evil powers. Only you have the divine grace to empower me to fight against all adverse situations.

Prayers To Stop Violence

Prayers For Divine Wisdom

-Kind Holy Lord, I ask you to bless me with your divine wisdom and distinction so that I can easily identify the plots of the enemy, trying to promote hatred and violence within our hearts and souls. Bless me with the assurance that I am never alone in this battle.

-Lord Jehovah, I pray to you to give me your divine strength and wisdom so that I can also shield other people around me from becoming victims of violence. Let me help people who have probably faced oppression in their lives and want to get back on their feet now.

-O Heavenly Lord, my heart goes out to those people who practice acts of violence without thinking about its harmful repercussions for themselves and other people. They do not understand that they are becoming sinners, but I believe that you can bring them back into the right way in life.

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Prayers Of Your Presence

-Father Beloved, I pray to you to always keep me aware of your majestic presence in my soul so that I can always stand firmly against violence, knowing that you will provide me with the courage and endurance I need to win this battle. I praise your Holy Name forever.

-Great God, I want you to be with me, especially in those moments when I feel overpowered by the power of violence. Rejuvenate my worn-out soul and supply me with renewed vigor so that I can stand firm on my ground, irrespective of whatever the circumstances turn out to be.

Prayers For Forgive

-O Merciful Master, I ask you to forgive the people out there who just want to use violence as an instrument to harm others, physically or mentally. Bless them with your divine mercy and compassion so that they can realize their mistakes and choose compassion over hatred in their life.

-Good Gracious God, I pray to you to forgive those people who choose violence to bring inconvenience and misery into the life of other people. Bless them with your divine mercy and show them the right way they must lead in their lives, opting out of violence and hatred forever.

Blessed Us Against Violence

-Dear Great Lord, I pray to you to bless us with immense respect and adoration for mankind, just like we respect and adore you, Holy Spirit. Let us consider our fellow brothers and sisters a part of your magnificent Being and treat them accordingly with kindness and not choose violence.

-Blessed Holy Savior, I pray to you to be merciful towards your blessed children and always surround them with your guardian angels so that we can always have the assurance that we are being protected against all evil powers who want to harm us by using their violence against us.

Prayers To Stop Violence

Prayers For Kindness

-Lord Jehovah, as we step out into this world to do our duties, we know in our hearts that we are being watched over by your Holy Spirit at all times. Allow us to spread the word of your kindness so that we can stop the spreading of this violence.

-Heavenly Almighty, we believe in you so much because only you are powerful enough to save us from the hands of the wicked. Bless us so that we can work to fulfill your Cause and share happiness and joy with people around us instead of spreading the word of violence.

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Prayers For Guidance

-Loving Lord, I pray that your watchful Spirit guides me every day so that I can always make my decisions wisely, making sure that I don’t promote or endure any form of violence or oppression through my words and actions. Bless every word I speak or every step I take.

-Savior Almighty, I pray to you to teach me the discernment between what’s good and what’s evil. Allow me to wisely discern between the forces of kindness and violence. Bless me with your divine courage so that I can always refrain from promoting violence, even if I have to suffer.

Prayers Of Divine Light Of Truth

-Holy Good God, I ask for your divine distinction so that I can see everything around me in your perspective, thus ensuring that I never give in to my enemies trying to pull me into violent or unjust ways. Always let me see everything in your divine light of truth.

-O Father Beloved, I believe that violence can never have any good direction for us, and therefore, I ask you to keep me away from all forms of oppression. Let me remember that frauding or cheating is also a way to spread violence and that I must refrain from them.

-Kind Sweet Deity, I want you to be compassionate enough and open the eyes of the people who spread violence for no apparent reason. Let them understand the unnecessary trouble and harm they cause to people around them and how inconvenient it is to act violently or selfishly toward others.

Prayers For Your Assurance

-Heavenly Creator, wherever I go, I find the dark shadow of violence looking behind me, waiting for the perfect moment to attack me. I feel afraid, and there is no peace in my heart and soul. I pray to you to assure me that you will always keep me safe.

-Father Beloved, amid all this violence, I pray to you to always keep me alert against any evil power that may be a threat. Bless me with the presence of mind needed to fight against violent forces and stand on firm ground without being led into the path of unrighteousness.

-Kind Holy Spirit, there is nothing more I ask of than to have your godly discretion within me so that I can detect the presence of violence around me and take immediate action. Teach me to handle these issues efficiently and not let them impact my life in any way.

-Blessed Almighty, violence is preferable to those who would rather choose hatred over compassion and who want to speak or act recklessly without considering or validating the opinions and feelings of other people around them. Bless me so that I can keep myself away from developing such a negative mindset.

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Blessing Prayers

-Kind Holy Protector, I ask you to shield your blessed children from the difficult circumstances that arise out of violence. I ask you to bless us with your divine intervention by hindering the execution of the treacherous plans made by the evil powers so that they can successfully incorporate violence.

-Gracious Almighty, you promise to lead the way for those who submit humbly before your Holy Spirit. We believe that we can never win against the overpowering influence of violence if you do not help us with your might. So, we pray to you to bless us with your mercy.

Prayers To Stop Violence

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