50+ Uplifting Prayers To Stop War Across The World

Living in a world full of war and strife, our only rescue is the Almighty God. The brutality and conflicts of war can only be reversed through His mercy and strength, and therefore, we must turn to Him to bring a transformation and help us choose world peace over war.

Here are Uplifting Prayers To Stop War Across The World

-Faithful Father, no one is more aware of the situation we are facing now than you. Everyone across the globe is subject to the violence and oppression that comes along with war, and everyone is suffering. Please come to us through your mighty Spirit and help us overcome this situation.

-Good God, you have always taught us to incorporate the Spirit of peace and understanding into our lives. You have taught us to be kind and respectful towards each other, considering everyone to be our brothers and sisters. Therefore, bless us with the wisdom to understand the futility of war.

-Savior Beloved, several nations across the globe have indulged in a violent and frightening war, resulting in the pain and suffering of millions of people. They need your divine guidance and wisdom to understand that the correct approach to peaceful living is to evoke the spirit of brotherhood and kindness.

Uplifting Prayers To Stop War Across The World

-Dear Lord Jehovah, in a world that is created and nurtured by your divine love and kindness, no violence or brutality can express itself in any way. Forgive us, for we have strayed from your Holy Way and have chosen selfishness and brutality over unity and peace by favoring war.

-Holy Creator, I believe that as long we have faith in your divine powers, violence can never work itself out in the world. Your sovereign influence will help us understand the dangers of wars, and therefore, we ask you to let us feel your divine presence within ourselves more vividly.

-O Gracious Almighty, through you, the world would be saved from the disaster of war. Bless your children across the globe with the Spirit of your kindness and understanding so they can try refraining from war and never consider their selfish desires important over the welfare and benefit of all.

-Precious Holy Protector, our hearts are full of injustice and selfishness, and this is why we are letting ourselves be sucked into this unnecessary war. Individuals of every nation need to meet your divine face shine upon their hearts so that their lives can be replaced with kindness and understanding.

-Kind Loving Lord, help us remember that every person across the globe is one of your blessed children, and therefore, we are all united in your Holy Name. Involving ourselves in a war, leading to the death of our brothers and sisters, will take away your divine glory and peace. 

-Dear Great Master, the world needs to hear your divine voice speaking in their souls more clearly. They also need to understand the value of world peace through your Spirit and incorporate your values in their lives so that they can always choose unity and brotherhood over violence and war.

-Eternal Savior, bless the world with the grace of your divine peace so that no war can even take place. Make your Holy Will work out so that all our thoughts and actions are guided by you, and there shall be no room for any form of violence or oppression.

-Holy Father, my heart is full of remorse and sorrow when I realize that no war can lead to anything good but only the unnecessary shedding of blood and death of many people. We need to realize that if we can put our minds together, we can stop this from happening.

-Blessed Lord, I pray to you against the evil powers across the globe that spread the message of hatred and violence instead of love and kindness and try to provoke innocent people towards war. Bless us with your divine love and keep us safe from being influenced by our enemies.

-In-kind Deity, many people, to satisfy their desire for power and influence, try to evoke the spirit of revenge and war in others. I pray for your godly wisdom and understanding to be imparted upon all of your blessed children so that they can stay away from these evil powers.

-Lord Jehovah, I fail to understand how people can be so unjust and selfish as to kill other people so that they can fulfill their selfish desires. Lead these people into the Spirit of your glorious truth and kindness so that they can understand the mistake that they’ve been doing

-Gracious Good God, bless us with the wisdom to understand that this life is a great blessing that we have received through your Spirit, and we must learn to validate and respect it by evoking the spirit of kindness and brotherhood within ourselves and not letting anyone indulge in war.

Excellent Uplifting Prayers To Stop War Across The World

-Father Beloved, help us understand that there is no bigger virtue than the peace we can incorporate into our lives and how war is simply futile and disastrous for everyone. I pray to you for the family and loved ones of all people who have sacrificed their lives in wars.

-Dear Almighty Protector, I believe that people who choose violence and war over peace and understanding our selfish and murderers are far away from the Spirit of your Holy Way. They do not understand you, and they do not wish to see your divine image in their heart.

-Blessed Savior, bless those people with kindness and understanding, who rule the countries and are in control of everything that happens. Make them understand that they have the power and influence to stop wars from happening across the globe, and they must exert all their capabilities to spread world peace.

-Beloved Creator, we often forget the great sacrifice that you have made so that your blessed children across the world can live their lives with peace and understanding. We stray from the grace of your Commandments, and we forget to incorporate your message of kindness and love into our lives.

-Lord Jehovah, allow us to develop your divine perspective so that we can see everything in the light of your godly peace and wisdom. Allow us to be able to understand you in our lives better; that will also make us realize how war is nothing but destructive and pessimistic.

-Good Lord, I have nothing more to ask from you than to spread the message of kindness and understanding to every person who is about to go to war and kill other people. Make them understand that only peace can help us lead a righteous life guided in your Way.

-Loving Lord, allow us to lead our lives in a manner that helps us reflect your divine peace and understanding. Allow us to witness the magnificence of your peace and how you have the power to stop every disastrous war that mankind indulges itself in to meet their selfish needs.

-Heavenly Almighty, I understand that the disasters of war can evoke a sense of hopelessness and despair in our hearts but help us remember that as long as we have faith, we must never lose our hope and optimism because you have the power to fix everything and you will.

-Kind Sweet Deity, the world needs your divine intervention more than ever. Only one of your godly miracles can protect us from the disasters of this war and therefore bless us with your graceful favor. Protect the world that is standing on the brink of destruction resulting from this war.

-Faithful Father, allow us to believe in brotherhood and justice instead of violence and brutality. Fill our hearts with your divine peace and love so that we can put down our swords and guns and rather believe in the language of love and unity. All praise to your Holy Name.

-Dear Savior Beloved, allow us to see the world through your divine perspective and be able to realize that any war is simply horrific, and we must never knowingly get ourselves involved in any form of brutality. Make your divine and glorious peace rule over all lands across the globe.

-Precious Master, when you are there, nothing is impossible. Let us follow you and understand that it is our moral responsibility to make peace wherever we can instead of promoting war and violence. Spread your love to every corner of the globe and in the hearts of your blessed children.

Wonderful Uplifting Prayers To Stop War Across The World

-O Good God, conflicts are bound to arise between people and nationalities across the world, but I pray to you to bless us with the wisdom to understand that violence is never the answer and, therefore, we must always try to choose understanding and peaceful discussion over violence and war.

-Kind Loving Father, I pray to you to eradicate all pain and misery that has arisen as a consequence of war. Bless your children with the gift of your grace and understanding, and let them find solace in the comfort of your Holy Spirit when they are struck by despair.

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