50+ Uplifting Prayers To Walk Closely With God

The true purpose of our lives is to learn to know the Almighty Father better than we already do and to try to walk closer to his Holy Spirit. We must pray to Him to consider us worthy of understanding Him and reflecting His mercy and love in our hearts.

Here are Uplifting Prayers To Walk Closely With God

-Dear Almighty Protector, allow me to know you better, to understand your grace and compassion more surely, and to spend more time in solace with your Holy Spirit, trying to listen to your divine voice speaking so profoundly of the kindness and righteousness I must incorporate in my soul.

-Blessed Savior, remind me to focus on your Word so that I can learn to work closely with you. Allow my life to be a testament to my faith and compassion as a consequence of the divine grace that you have showered selflessly. Allow me to seek you more vividly.

-Good God, I pray to you to bless me with the ability to communicate with you more efficiently. Allow me to submit myself humbly to you, trying to feel your divine hand of comfort helping me overcome my sorrows and weaknesses and always leading me to walk closer with you.

-Beloved Creator, impart your sovereignty over my heart and teach me to lead my life in your Holy Way so that I can have the assurance that I am constantly walking closer to you, and therefore I have no fear of stumbling or failing in any aspect of my life.

-Lord Jehovah, allow me to learn more of you. Make your divine image in my heart and soul clearer so that I can always have the reassurance of being able to walk closer to you, filled with the compassion and kindness that your Holy Spirit has always showered upon me.

-Good Lord, fill me with the anticipation and joy to seek you in my heart and crave for your divine presence around me all the time. Allow me to grow the awareness and discernment to be able to understand your graceful favors in my life. All glory be to you.

-Precious Master, I have always tried to stand firm in my faith in your Holy Spirit so that I am never forsaken from your mercy and compassion. Consider me worthy of walking closer to you, and remind me that your kindness and love for us will never fade or end.

-Loving Lord, allow me to be able to place you first in all my endeavors and remember that you are the most loving entity in my life. I dedicate my entire life to you, and I ask you to bless me with a more efficient and loving fellowship with your Spirit.

-Heavenly Almighty, whenever I have faced a difficult situation in my life, I have realized how much I need you. I pray to you to let me walk closer to you, especially when I am facing my adversity, so that you can fill me with your godly strength and patience.

-Kind Sweet Deity, you are very well aware of the difficult situation that I am facing right now. I need one of your godly miracles to happen so that I can realize that I have always walked closer to you, and you have never forsaken me from your divine compassion.

-Faithful Father, I am so grateful to you for always keeping me in your considerate care and showering your graceful favors upon me. In every aspect of my life, I can find your divine intervention, and I feel so lucky to realize that I am one of your blessed children.

-Savior Beloved, I pray to you to bless my family and me so that we can all walk closer to you, united in your Name. Bless us with your divine love and unity so that we can remember to honor and respect each other, consequently praising your graceful presence forever.

-O Good God, I wish to walk closer to you so that you can guide me well and never let me stray from the comfort and compassion of your Holy Spirit. Look after me so that I can always follow the Holy Way that you have asked us to follow.

-Faithful Father, I am so thankful to you for you have always allowed me to be able to walk closer to you whenever I am struggling with my incapabilities and weaknesses. You have understood my hardships, and you have guided me so that I can overcome every problem very easily.

-Good God, your Word promises us that only if we can seek to walk closer to you will we receive all blessings, and you will continue to shower your graceful favors upon us. No matter how difficult a situation is, you will always help us get out of it efficiently.

-Savior Beloved, the most complicated and toughest situations of my life do not evoke any sense of fear or anxiety within me because I know that I am walking closely with you, and I can trust you with all my problems. Thank you for being my constant pillar of strength.

-Lord Jehovah, be it my materialistic or spiritual desires, you have been merciful enough to fulfill my wishes and grant me everything I need to lead a peaceful and abundant life. Allow us to walk closer to you, praise your Holy Name, and love you with all our hearts forever

-Holy Creator, you have helped me overcome my struggles and weaknesses, and you have let me rejoice in the glory and joy of your Holy Spirit. I have been lucky enough to walk closer to you, witness your divine presence in my life, and see your Holy Will work out.

-Gracious Almighty, I long to walk closer to you whenever I am in trouble. I have always tried to consider you my greatest priority, and you have blessed me with your abundant kindness and understanding that has helped me overcome every obstacle in my life. Thank you for everything.

-Precious Holy Protector, allow me to walk closer to you so that I can stay away from all sin and injustice that tries to take me away from the love of your Holy Spirit. Eradicate all negative thoughts and feelings from my mind and bathe me in your divine purity.

-Loving Lord, draw me closer to and let me walk the path of life, being more intimately connected with you. Allow my faith in you to help me overcome the temptations of the flesh and submit myself humbly to you so that you can give me the salvation I seek.

-Great Master, I always want to be near you. I want your divine strength and courage to work through me all the time so that I can be successful and honest in all my endeavors. Remind me to spend more time in the solace and warmth of your Holy Spirit.

-Eternal Savior, teach me to never compromise with my eagerness to seek you in my heart and soul. Remind me that no work is more important than understanding you better and that you’ll bless me with the wisdom and humility to be able to establish a better relationship with you.

-Holy Father, you have promised to reward the one who seeks you diligently. Blessed me with the patience and faith to be able to continue seeking your divine presence in my heart, no matter how difficult situations are. Teach me to stand firm in the eternal glory of my faith.

-Blessed Lord, I pray for the wisdom of your Holy Will to align with every decision and action that I undertake in my life. Allow me to be worthy of receiving your divine reassurance in everything I ever do or say, knowing that I am always walking closer to you.

-Dear Kind Deity, you are the greatest source of strength and inspiration in my life. Therefore, I wish to walk closer to you so that I can build myself with the divine knowledge and understanding that you give. Allow me to understand you so that I can understand myself better.

-Lord Jehovah, bless me so that I can continue to pursue you with diligence and perseverance. Allow me to make good use of every opportunity that you have given me, and that allows me to follow your Holy Word very rigorously. I thank you immensely for your constant divine presence.

-Father Beloved, I thank you for every person that you have blessed me with who helps me to walk closer to you. I pray to you to always be around me with such positive and kind people who take me towards the godly love and understanding of your Holy Spirit.

-Merciful Almighty, thank you for letting me walk closer to your Spirit when I had nobody to rely on. Thank you for always accepting me with a warm embrace on all my good and bad days alike. I will always be grateful to you for your eternal goodness and compassion.

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