20+ Reasons to Accept Pain If You Want Be Happy

You should accept pain if you want to be Happy. Everyone you see is in pursuit of happiness. People chase happiness; they do everything required to achieve happiness, but they fail most of the time.

People want to get rid of pain because they feel it is an obstacle in their path; they hardly realize that pain is important to feel pleasure.

Why Pain is Necessary If You Want to Be Happy

Pain allows you to recognize and understand the pleasure

Do you think that if you had been happy all the time, you would have felt happiness? No, you would not have. When you constantly feel happy, you don’t understand and identify it. 

This is why pain is important. Sometimes you do need to experience the other side of the spectrum to appreciate the end you want to achieve. Pain allows you to acknowledge happiness even more because it is then earned, not chased after.

Relief from pain enhances happiness.

Yes, pain is not at all pleasurable, but the relief you get from pain certainly is. When you are having a tough time or may be suffering from some illness or chronic pain, and when you finally get over that and feel relieved that you no more have to face that tough phase, that sure feels better than the happiness you get after chasing.

Pain is important because the relief it brings when it subsides gives you more pleasure than anything else.

Pain allows you to recognize your mistakes.

Every time you make a mistake or an error, the outcome is that you might have to suffer for that. Sometimes the mistake is quite huge, and you may have to take a lot of burden on your shoulder while accepting your mistake and trying to rectify it.

The pain you get after you have made a mistake enables you to understand where you stand in life and how you can rectify the mistake so that you don’t repeat it and go through the same pain again.

Pain shows you the real color of the people you trust

Many times, the reason behind your pain is a person whom you used to trust. That person might have backstabbed you, used you for something, never gave you what you were supposed to get in return, or made you fall into trouble.

Whatever the reason is, that person took advantage of you and hurt you badly. This pain has now enabled you to understand where you belong in that person’s life and how important it is to cut him/her off to get rid of toxicity.

Emotionally Ways To Be Stronger:

ways to be emotionally stronger

Pain makes you stronger.

The pain you endure while exercising or working out certainly makes you stronger, and that is the main motive behind that pain, to make you fitter, stronger, healthier, and appear way more attractive.

That is also a pain you need to tolerate. When you do so, day after day, the results you get are mind-boggling, making you happier. Who doesn’t want to appear more attractive?

When you endure that pain, it makes you happy when you notice your progress and outcome.

Pain is essential for your overall growth in life.

In every sphere of life, until and unless you fail or make mistakes, you will not learn, and pain doesn’t only mean physical aches and pains; it can also be physical and emotional burdens on your shoulder that you must overcome to succeed. 

You should not be afraid of failures; they are the stepping stones toward success. Your failures will pave the way for you to become a man/lady of gravity and bring ample happiness to your life. This is why pain is so important.

Pain is important to understand yourself. 

Every time you start a new journey or take up something new, you might face failures that will bring pain again, but this pain is the yardstick for truly understanding yourself.

You will be able to figure out where you stand in your life, what your flaws are, and the areas you need to improve.

Unless you encounter pain from making mistakes, you will not have the true knowledge of who you are and how you deal with hardships

Pain is important to win in life.

Suppose you are taking part in a sport. Unless you practice that well and that hard, you will not be able to win, and for that, you need to endure a lot of pain because, with heavy practice and effort, pain is going to be the biggest obstacle you need to overcome.

When you take up all the pain, never give up; you will notice how things get easy for you and the pleasure you receive when the outcome is as you wanted it to be.

How to understand yourself better

Pain helps you identify the ones who will stay.

Whenever you are in some illness and having to suffer pain, you will notice that there will be a few people who will always be by your side and help you out with your kinds of stuff because they love you and don’t want to see you struggling even more besides having painful days.

These are the people you can always count on. In comparison, even though they portray a lot of affection, there will be people who will not be there for you in such hard times.

Pain continuously asks you to better yourself.

The more you are suffering from pain due to failures and mistakes, the more life is asking you to better yourself.

There are still some areas you are lacking in and need more hard work to succeed. This is life’s way of making you realize that you need to strive harder.

Pain is not always something negative. If there had not been pain, people would not have valued the outcomes and happiness after the pain subsided.

Pain will guarantee you an independent life.

The more pain you take now, while you put in your efforts into something you dearly want, and all the hard work you are doing to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams will make you the person you want to be and live the life you want to live.

The more pain you go through while you chase your ambitions, the better the outcomes will be in the future, and you will be able to live an independent life on your terms.

Pain helps you in taking further risks.

There is a saying that the greater the risks, the greater the rewards. When you take a risk, and you get things all messed up, it is for sure you are going to have to face its consequences, and that will bring pain.

But once you get used to it, you will understand that all these pains are just temporary, and they are there to bring better days for you.

And once you realize this pain will not be lasting, you will have the courage to take up more risks.

ways to boost your morale

Pain helps to boost your morale.

The outcome you get after you go through a tough phase involving pain and suffering does feel like a blessing. In every tough situation, you must remember that every pain you are going through will bring you the happiest moments once this subsides.

Every time you think positively and optimistically that no matter how hard everything gets, you will overcome that and become the best version of yourself, and this is what the pain will do to you; your morale will get boosted.

Pain builds courage in you.

Every time you go through something painful, whether it is physical or emotional, you become stronger without even realizing it.

The next time something like this happens, you know what exactly you must do and how to overcome such a situation, and this also makes you fearless.

You are no longer afraid of this kind of pain that much because you have already gone through it once, which has built courage in you, allowing you to deal with the next pain in a much better way.

Pain makes you more confident.

All the tough phases you go through in life teach you only one thing: no pain is permanent, and the relief you get after that pain subsided has no match.

After going through failures and making mistakes that give you pain and unhappiness, you learn what is the right way of doing those things and don’t repeat the same errors.

So, the next time you do the same thing again, you become much more confident and do fear failures and pain.

Pain helps you to focus better.

Every time you go through something painful, you decide to find the root cause of that pain; what is that which has hurt you or has been hurting you. In other words, you brainstorm and finally discover the main reason for your pain.

You may have, or rather you will have a lot of other distractions which will try to divert your mind, but you still find out the root cause. When you implement this in other areas, you see that you have become more focused and attentive.

Pain makes you more productive.

Staying in line with the previous point, when you do become more attentive and focused, you try to implement that in the other sectors of your life. Maybe in your academics as well as in sports and in general also. 

All of these areas get impacted by your better focus, which used to be absent all this while, and it not only makes you better at them but also boosts your productivity which helps you in many ways.

ways to become more courageous in your life

Pain helps you to understand yourself. 

Every time you do something, and you mess up or even fail in your attempt, you have to undergo pain.

You try once again, and if again you fail, you might get emotionally drained, but if you positively look at this, then you will realize that every time you had to suffer pain, you could understand your flaws and mistakes.

Why is it useful? It allows you to know what are your backlogs and faults, where you mess up things, and later you can work to improve yourself.

Pain enables you to form better social bonds.

You are likely able to relate to someone because you both have endured the same physical pain or mental trauma, which allows you to understand each other much better.

In other words, pain upholds empathy which is essential to begin and carry forward a social connection.

When you have a bond with someone through pain, that even enhances your cooperation and helps you to understand each other better, and this is valid for people of every age group or qualification.

Pain gains your attention.

Pain enables you to understand what is going on at a particular moment. Whether you are suffering from a terrible headache, you feel sick, or you feel emotionally drained out, pain makes you pay attention to the present moment.

And even if you feel that that is not something great that pain helps you with, remember people try so hard to master this skill of being in the moment by practicing mindfulness exercises and meditation.

Pain allows you to reward yourself.

You will notice that something you crave tastes better when it is hard-earned.

Not that if someone buys it for you, it will taste bad or something, but buying something from your own earnings, after having worked hard, is satisfaction on another level. 

When you work hard or complete a task that will take you closer to your goal, you will notice that you will not feel guilty over splurging, and you will also appreciate that reward more.


From the above points, it can be concluded that pain is not something that has only negativity.

It also comes with many positive attributes, which can be found only when pain is taken positively.

Although pain is painful, the satisfaction and relief you get after the pain go away are better than anything else, and that will make you the happiest.

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