20+ Reasons To Be Grateful For The COVID-19 Pandemic

Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for people all around the world. There have been various challenges brought about by it, from the loss of loved ones to the effects on the economy.

Nonetheless, despite all the commotion and ambiguity, there are also good reasons to be appreciative.

The pandemic has brought families together, prompted acts of kindness and generosity in communities, and highlighted the bravery and selflessness of healthcare professionals.

In this essay, we’ll look at a few causes for thanksgiving in these challenging times.

What Are We Grateful For COVID-19?

Since life is all about optimism, let us look at a few things that we must be grateful for during this crisis so that we have a different perspective on life.

The search for a cure is on

We are very grateful to the various talented researchers and scientists across the globe who are constantly working on finding a proper cure to combat the COVID-19 virus. 

The process of developing the vaccine is ongoing, and we can expect that when it is finally given out to the world, people can use it properly to avoid getting infected. As per reports, complete vaccination of every person is mandatory to save the world from this disastrous pandemic and its after-effects.

Benefits of getting vaccinated

The actual heroes-front-line workers

We have no idea of the struggle our front-line workers have been going through daily since the pandemic first appeared. Doctors, nurses, police officers, disaster control, pharmacists, etc. have been working day and night in difficult conditions to help us recover or keep us safe. 

We owe a lot to these people for being responsible workers. Many of them have had to stay away from their families for a long time due to work commitments. We salute them!

Good health

If you have been able to protect yourself from the ruthless effects of being attacked by the virus and are in good health, you must be grateful to that alone.

With so many people dying in hospitals and homes and with the absence of ample amenities, it is very difficult to fight the battle against COVID-19. So, when you wake up every day, thank God immensely for blessing you with good health and keeping you okay.

Technological advances

However you discuss the demerits of the technological tools, you have to accept that life in these times would have been impossible without its assistance. Children will not be able to attend online classes, grown-ups could not work from home, you could not buy groceries or medicines online, or pay the bills from home. 

Also, imagine life without the entertainment apps you have for watching movies and web series and listening to music. You would have been bored to death!

Uses of technology in education in the pandemic

Life is simple

The main way to avoid getting infected by the virus is to stay at home. This restriction comes with additional benefits. You are no longer part of the rat race where you wake up every day and run about like a machine. 

COVID has taught us why it is so important to slow down, take a break. It has provided ample time to spend with your family, do whatever you feel like, and rest adequately.

Learning empathy

Our busy life schedule has left us with little time to notice and understand the little details of everyday life. It has turned us into machines, we have stopped listening to what the heart wants. 

This consequently troubled our relationships and made us lonely even in the presence of people. We must be grateful that we could use this time to be with our loved ones and communicate with them, understand what they want, and feel deep inside.

Home is where the heart is

Our home is our happy place. No matter wherever you go, you are never going to find the endless peace and happiness that your home can give you. Our work life and social life made us spend most of our time outdoors, so we forgot to appreciate the space we live in, and how comforting it is to us. 

Now though, we have the scope of being grateful to be at home, a permanent safe shelter in these uncertain times.

Benefits of staying at home during the pandemic

Having access to food

Daily, newspapers and media channels report devastating news of how people have negligible access to food due to the pandemic. Many people are struggling so hard even to get the basic meals in a day. 

Therefore, if you are lucky enough to have healthy food every day and eat properly whatever you want, this is a huge thing to be grateful for. Always remember, many people are currently in a much worse condition than you.

Making new plans

True that you can’t go on a vacation or can’t apply for your dream job right now. But you can make plans for the future so that when you have to dit, you are well-prepared. 

While at home, search for places you can go on a trip, and note down every minute detail about travel, food, lodgings, and other expenses. You will be able to go on a more organized trip. Or, study and prepare yourself better for the job.

Hobbies to develop

The pandemic has left us with plenty of time. Instead of brooding over staying at home and getting depressed, you can use this time to do something you’ve always wanted to do. 

Find out what intrigues you and learn everything about it. For example, you could learn to play a sport or cook a new dish. While you work on these things would make you feel grateful that you can use your time and energy to do something constructive.

Hobbies to work on during the pandemic time

Friends who are always there

Since we are social animals, it is unimaginable that we can survive alone, especially in these difficult times. We all need to share our thoughts and feelings with our friends and interact with them to avoid getting bored and lonely. 

Maybe it would not be possible right now to meet your friends physically but you can always stay in touch with them through text messages and calls. Tell them openly how grateful you are to have them in your life.

Inspirational music and podcasts

If you have access to the Internet, use it wisely. There are plenty of inspirational podcasts and music available on the Web that you can listen to, to understand the importance of proper mental well-being during these times and to be constantly motivated. 

Many popular actors, singers, orators have published their work widely across the globe so that anybody can listen to them, whenever they want. Choose from a wide variety of topics that caters to your needs, and listen!


People have constantly underestimated the influence of good art in our lives. This pandemic has allowed us to understand and reevaluate what art, in all forms, does for us and how grateful we must be for it. 

Be it music, pictures, movies- art can be inspirational as well as informational. Most of us have spent many late hours at home, watching films on apps, listening to music, or scrolling through various interesting and attractive photos worldwide.

Forms of art to discover this pandemic

Being around positive people

If you are surrounded by negative people a lot, this can be a problem for your mental health. Especially during these difficult times, all you need is people who can motivate, inspire, and help you think positively. 

Try to be around rational people who understand the importance of maintaining social restrictions and they take all the precautions themselves. This way, you can learn good habits from them and then pass on the knowledge to other people to learn. 

Keeping a journal

We already know the benefits of maintaining a diary/journal regularly. This is all the more important during these isolated times. No matter how much you text or call your friends and relatives, you are still lacking the personal touch in communication. 

This may make you feel lonely at times. This is when a journal comes into use. Pen down your thoughts and what you feel daily. Note the things that you are grateful to have and look at them.

Mentors for mental well-being

During the lockdown, it is very important to take care of your physical as well as mental health. You cannot let stress or anxiety take a toll on you and you have to develop some practices to avoid them. 

Many psychologists and professional counselors post stuff regularly on what needs to be done to preserve good mental health. You can listen to them and apply the methods yourself. We are very grateful to them for being a constant support system.

Ways to improve mental well-being during the Covid-19 situation

Memes and funny videos

To rescue us from the regular mundane life and put a wide smile on our faces, we have access to funny memes and videos posted daily by content creators on various social networking platforms. 

They are so popular among the young generation because they are relatable to our lives, help us to crack a few jokes now and then, and laugh out loud. Unknowingly, this works wonders for our mental health and we are utterly grateful to the creators.

Freelance working

If you have technical gadgets like mobiles and laptops, and a good Internet connection, then you can now earn easily from your home if you don’t have a fixed job and you are financially weak. 

This will help you to utilize your time properly and not let you be idle. This way, you can earn good money and support yourself and your family too. Many business sectors have now opened their doors to young people working online for good money.

Social networking

The major benefit of social networking platforms is that they allow them to communicate with people worldwide. You can interact with your friends, and make new acquaintances. 

Also, you can follow your favorite movie stars and sports icons on these sites and be updated with what’s going on in their lives. Instead of keeping your thoughts and activities to yourself, you can share them with other people. We are extremely grateful to social networking for these opportunities.

Different types of social media


Yes. You must be all the more grateful to Nature for being a wonderful companion to you. Spare some time daily to appreciate the things provided to you by Nature and the marvels you get to experience every day. 

Don’t lock yourself up inside the house all the time and spend some time under the sun. It is good for your health and makes you feel rejuvenated and refreshed so that you can always start afresh.

Being privileged

The best way to be happy is to achieve satisfaction in life. Instead of pining for the things you don’t have, be grateful for what you have. If you are someone who can afford to buy food, clothes, and medicines, you have a house to live in, and you are surrounded by friends and family, consider yourself privileged and thank the universe for it. Many people can’t even think of being able to afford these little ways to be happy.

Parents on duty

The pandemic has led kids and young people to stay at home for a long time, which is unlike their regular life. Children are more used to life outside- going to school, playing on the grounds, and going out with parents. 

Since they are being deprived of this opportunity, it is a tougher job for parents to try to keep them indoors and look after their physical and mental well-being. Lots of credit to them for doing it so effortlessly.

Ways to keep children engaged at home

Rigorous following of rules

Recovering from the pandemic situation is a matter of joint effort. Every person across the globe has to do his/her bit to handle the situation. Therefore, express your gratitude to your family and neighbors for rigorously following the COVID regulations. 

The 3 W’s of safety- Wearing masks, watching the distance, and washing the hands frequently- must be followed by everyone. If the vaccination process kicks off and people continue to follow the restrictions, the world can recover more quickly.

Teachers for guidance and knowledge

Teachers and professors are the backbones of our education. All across the globe, innumerable teachers are hosting online classes and seminars to keep their students hooked up in their studies. Many are providing special classes for a better understanding of the students. 

We are deeply indebted to these warriors for working hard and keeping us educated and interested in studies. If it wasn’t for them, students would have gradually lost interest in studying, which would not have been acceptable.

Hope for a better future

Last, but not least, we have to keep faith in life and be determined that there is a better tomorrow. We are currently going through a tough phase, no doubt, but this is not the end. 

We have plenty of things to do in life; once the situation is controlled, we can resume doing everything again. The ultimate mindset is to be motivated and think positively that everything good is on the way and is about to happen soon.


To conclude, despite the devastating situation we are dealing with right now that exudes sheer terror and negativity only, there is a brighter side too.

You need to look out for the positive things. What you believe is what would happen to you. Therefore, all we can do is feel grateful for the things we have been blessed with.

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