Why Practice Gratitude Daily: 36+ Reasons To Be Happier

Practicing daily gratitude means taking time to notice and appreciate the good things in our lives, no matter how small they may be. It’s important for a few reasons:

Firstly, it makes us feel happier because it shifts our focus from problems to positive things. This can also reduce stress and make our minds healthier.

Secondly, it helps us build better relationships with others. Saying thank you to people shows we care and makes our friendships stronger.

Lastly, daily gratitude can boost our confidence and motivation by making us feel proud of our accomplishments, even the little ones.

In short, practicing gratitude every day is a simple way to feel happier, improve our relationships, and stay motivated in life.

How To practice gratitude every day?

You become a happier person

The more you practice being grateful to life and the things around you, the more positively it affects your well-being, also on a long-term basis. Spending five minutes every day working on a gratitude journal can increase your happiness and satisfaction massively, and you can enjoy the benefits throughout your life. 

It helps you to develop in all aspects of your life- be it or career, personality or relationships. It just keeps leveling up and acts as a positive loop.


You become more likable to others

Practicing gratitude is excellent for a better social interaction capital. This has also been proved through statistical methods that people who are generally more grateful for things have better chances of making new friends and interacting with people better. 

With gratitude, you turn into a nicer person who is more amiable and can be trusted with anything. Therefore, your friendships and other relationships are consequently improved and they last longer than usual. It also helps you to socialize more comfortably.

You become a healthier person

Practicing gratitude daily has several positive impacts on your health- both physical and mental. Gratitude can help us recover from spin faster than usual, it can get rid of symptoms that seem problematic and improve our overall health. 

People who feel more grateful towards life have been seen to face lesser risks of suffering from cancer, blood pressure issues, and lower energy levels. Therefore, practicing gratitude, bit by bit, every day will surely keep you more energized and physically fit.

You become more successful, careerwise

When you are a more grateful person, it also makes you a better achiever in the workplace. You become a good manager, you can tackle situations better and you are not afraid in the face of distress. 

You become a much more productive worker in comparison to others. It is important to remember that a healthy work environment will only be created when people are less criticizing and self-centered and they are more open to expressing gratitude towards each other.


You become an optimistic person

We all know the importance of positivity in life and the benefits of being an optimistic person.

Well, interestingly, optimism comes as an effect of practicing gratitude. The more you are grateful to live, the more you turn into a person with positive thoughts. 

Because, then, you are a less self-centered and envious person, and you are not tormented by what people have and you don’t. You learn to look more at the positive aspects of your life.

You develop a better personality

We have no idea how effective gratitude is in developing our personality and making us a better person altogether. Also, this can be a potential life-altering opportunity for you, if you know how to take advantage of the situation. 

Also, especially for men, there is no reason to think that being grateful and humble will turn them into a woman. No, being gentle could never go wrong. With gratitude, you will turn into a more humble person with higher self-esteem.

You become a less materialistic person

It is a general rule that materialistic people have lesser mental well-being and are more likely to suffer from complicated mental disorders. In the rush to want more in life, we gradually become less competent and ungrateful for the little things in life. 

Nothing can ever satisfy us; we just keep running after more and more. Consequently, more and more negative emotions are introduced into our thought process and we just end up being selfish and as a result lonely.


Ways to Practice Gratitude Daily

You believe more in spiritualism

The feeling of gratitude and spiritualism are deeply interconnected to each other. One is benefited by the other mutually. Almost all religions in the world speak of tolerance and gratitude, and when you study and understand spirituality, grateful behavior will come to you more naturally. 

Another visible benefit is that you will start recognizing and feeling a strong connection- spiritually as well as emotionally with other people, and hence your idea of interconnectedness and being grateful will be further enhanced.

You will become less selfish

Selfish people care only about themselves. The only thing that matters to you is their happiness and their well-being. But eventually, they tire themselves out and are left with no people to interact with. 

Practicing a little gratitude every day will help you to avoid this problem and make you a lot more caring for others. That way, you validate yourself as important and consider yourself as a priority but you also take into account other people’s opinions and emotions.

You will have elevated self-esteem

We face many problems in our regular life due to a lack of confidence and low self-esteem. What we forget is that in the end, all we have is ourselves, so if you need help, you have to do it. 

Practicing gratitude keeps you in a world where the social dynamic is much more supportive and doesn’t hurt the ego. A person suffering from low self-esteem usually views good virtues from a skeptical point of view and is less grateful.


You will sleep more peacefully

As already mentioned, gratitude has several positive effects on our health. One of these important aspects is sleep. We are familiar with the importance of adequate rest to lead a healthier lifestyle. 

Being grateful will help you to sleep better for a longer duration and you will take less time to fall asleep. If a person is suffering from insomnia, gratitude can cure it effectively. Thinking about things that you are grateful for before going to bed is very good.

You can avoid going to the doctor frequently

If you are suffering from a terrible illness, for example, cancer or AIDS, gratitude or optimism will not cure it, and that’s true. But it will help your physiological function to be stronger. 

The more positively you think about your health, the better it is. Our physical conditions are very much impacted by our thought processes. Many cases have shown that patients who can cope better with their terminal conditions and tough symptoms tend to show a faster rate of recovery.

You will live longer

Many research studies have positively confirmed that practicing gratitude can increase a person’s lifespan. This is because optimistic people will always practice positive thinking, and are grateful for what they have in life, and tend to live longer than people whose heads are clouded by negative thoughts. 

All these virtues are correlated with each other. This is primarily because grateful people are less anxious, and they have fewer things to worry about. This helps them to live long, fulfilling life.

How to live a longer life

You will have higher energy levels

Your vitality and strength are directly linked to your practice of being grateful. Gratitude brings about developed vigor-both physically and mentally.

It has been through statistical studies show that people who have high energy levels and those who have increased gratitude have similar personality traits- for example; they are both likely to be extroverted. 

You cannot possibly argue about which of them is the cause and which one is the effect once they both seem to be acting upon each other. 

You will be keen to exercise

A study in America reported that people who maintained gratitude journals were more likely to be physically active and work out to be healthier than others. The effects of gratitude on a person’s target to be active and lead a more energetic lifestyle is appalling. 

It is probably because our minds and bodies are interconnected. When you feel happy in your mind, your body responds to that state and urges you to exercise so that you feel better physically too.

You will bounce back more effortlessly

Ups and downs are a common part of our lives. No person experiences total happiness or total sadness at all times. All of us are discouraged and disheartened at some time in our life. 

During these times, negative virtues like depression and loneliness envelop us, and we keep falling into a pit. Gratitude will not protect you from these feelings, but it will help you to go through these situations more easily and bounce back to normal faster than others.

Ways to recover from failure

ways to practice gratitude in daily life

You will start feeling good, always

The majority of people disregard gratitude as a constructive and optimistic feeling which is unacceptable. We need to understand what gratitude is. It is a feeling of happiness and contentment that we need to identify is caused due to kindness and benevolence shown to us by other people. 

When you recognize that your family members, your friends and acquaintances, and the Divinity continuously have a strong influence on your life and opportunities, this makes you grateful, and you feel good.

You have happy memories to relive

Memories are not hard-bound in our minds; they change with time. You will remember someone or an incident just the way you want to.

Things in your mind may get better or worse, depending on your thought process. 

Therefore, practicing gratitude is an excellent way to remember the positive things and also see the unfavorable ones in an optimistic light. Therefore, your mind has fewer upsetting things to brood upon, and you ultimately turn into a happy and fulfilling person.

You are less envious of others

Always remember, a little bit of envy may be healthy for you to achieve better things in life. But you need to know the correct way to use envy. Because, by wrong methods, being jealous of what others have and you don’t can kill your mental peace and make you a terrible person. 

Too much of it will make you insecure about everything and materialistic. Gratitude will help you get rid of these feelings and teach you to appreciate others.

How to avoid being jealous

You will be less stressed

Anxiety and mental uneasiness often stand in the way of our proper relaxation. After a tough day at work, all you need to do is feel relaxed and not worry about stuff. You need to sleep peacefully and wake up to a fresh start. 

Practicing gratitude and developing positive emotions can be a remedy to this problem. Giving some time to this practice every day can help you to relax and take proper rest before you start working again.

You will be more friendly to others

Gratitude practice encourages better social interaction in people. This has been proven through scientific research. People who regularly maintain a gratitude journal are generally more friendly and will always be there to help others and provide support of any kind.

This is because, when you practice gratitude, you perceive kindness more closely, and you would want it to be reciprocated. You recognize what others do for you and vice versa. Also, being happy and enthusiastic is good for social behavior.

You will have a successful married life

The key to a healthy marriage is to keep up the passion between two people. Both people have to be appreciative and supportive of each other, and they have to avoid nagging the other person.

During interactions, the positive expression of feelings should always exceed the negative ones. 

It is always better to show support and encouragement rather than be disapproving and sarcastic. Incorporating gratitude practice into the marriage can be a ritual to increase the positivity between two people.

Ways to maintain a happy marriage

You will become more attractive

As we know, selfishness and the inability of one to express gratitude is considered with contempt all across the world. But, almost all religions and cultures regard gratitude to be an important part of their beliefs and practices. 

Being selfish doesn’t make you look good; being grateful does. When you are known as a grateful person, you are respected and prioritized by others. Also, gratitude is much different from being indebted and it would be correct to avoid the latter.

You will make more friends

One of the most effortless ways to make new friends or interact with them is to show an expression of gratitude. If you are not sure how to start a conversation, you can start by asking for some help, like ‘Can I get a pen?’, or ‘Can I copy your work?’, and then acknowledge the help and express your gratitude for it. 

This way, you can easily slip in and start a breezy, healthy conversation without appearing to try much.

It strengthens your friendships

Starting an effortless friendship is not enough. You need to know the ways to maintain it and make it stronger. Appreciate every little thing your friends do for you and acknowledge their help and support. 

This will always make them feel good because they will know you validate them and consider them important in your life. They will reciprocate similar behavior to you, and thus, everybody wins.

The more you practice gratitude and express it, the deeper your relationship becomes.

How to build a strong friendship

Daily Gratefulness Practice

You become an efficient problem solver

We have already mentioned that gratitude can be very helpful in the workspace. This is more applicable if you work as a manager or supervisor. Being an efficient manager takes a lot of confidence and skills.

Critiquing someone’s work is easy, but feeling grateful and complimenting someone is a harder task. 

These expressions can be very motivating to others and hence create a healthy workplace ambiance. Workers are more likely to be influenced by change when you appreciate them.

You connect more 

As we have already mentioned, practicing gratitude will develop your social interaction skills. In the workplace, this will help you get mentors to help you and your co-workers will be more than happy to work with you. 

When you are grateful, you are keener to help others and support them when they need you. This will pay off, and you will have better relationships with your bosses and colleagues. You can work in an environment that is supportive and healthy.

You will achieve your targets more efficiently

If you are set on achieving targets in your life, you must be grateful and determined and hardworking. People who maintain gratitude journals are more likely to work harder on achieving their targets and being more successful. 

The core reason behind this is that when people are more grateful to live and people in their lives, this works on their physical and mental vigor and helps them focus better. Thus, they are less lazy and unwilling.

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You make decisions more wisely

Decision-making can be a tiresome process, so we often impose responsibility on our subconscious mind. Therefore, no proper reasoning goes into making the decision. A gratitude practice can develop your decision-making power and help you think more wisely and properly use your brain’s analytical side. 

Therefore, you make better decisions for good reasons. This can be extremely helpful for you, even in the basic decisions you must make in everyday life.

You are more productive

Last but not least, gratitude has several positive effects on our productivity at home and work. The most important thing in being productive is to be able to focus more keenly and singularly on the matter at hand. 

Therefore, if you are mentally stressed or worried about other things, you will never be able to focus properly, and hence you will become unproductive. Your mind- consciously and subconscious- needs to stop spending valuable energy on negative emotions and thoughts.


Gratitude is not a miracle cure for all your life problems. But, you can never underestimate its power to act as a tool to increase your positive thinking, provide you with happiness and contentment so that you see life from a different perspective, and can work on living a healthy and prosperous life. Practicing gratitude daily can never go wrong.

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