Why Happiness Is a Choice: 10+ Reasons

Choosing happiness as a way of life may seem like a lofty goal, but it can lead to a more fulfilling and satisfying existence.

Happiness cannot be found outside of ourselves; rather, it is a state of mind that we cultivate within.

By focusing on the positive aspects of life, practicing gratitude, and developing a growth mindset, we can create a happier and more meaningful life for ourselves and those around us.

In this article, we will explore some of the reasons why choosing happiness is a worthwhile pursuit and offer some tips for how to cultivate it in your own life.

Choosing Happiness: Transforming Your Life Through Positive Thinking

Let us look at some of the reasons that you should consider while deciding to choose happiness to have a better life quality: 

Others love you

Many people in our lives matter to us- our parents, family members, and close friends. These are people for whom you would do anything to see them happy and they will do the same too. Therefore, this is one of the important reasons to consider being happy.  

Life can be very challenging to you, but you will always be that one person whose love for you is unconditional and who supports you in your good as well as bad times.

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Life is unpredictable

Always appreciate the blessing of life and know that it is highly unpredictable and there’s no way to know what will happen next. Tomorrow is uncertain. You may be promoted to a higher position or get a surprise gift, or somebody very close to you may pass away. 

So, live in the present- embrace the moment ‘now’. Appreciate the opportunity you have to enjoy life today and do it to the fullest- do whatever makes you feel happy.

You are aging

You are probably thinking how can this be a reason to be happy? But, it is. Old age comes with wrinkly skin and white hair, but it has its gifts. Many people probably do not get the chance to reach old age and die prematurely. 

The fact that you are becoming old means you have seen a lot of things in life and these experiences have only made you wiser and you are quite capable of making the correct decisions.

Living a longer life

If you want to live longer, there are a few factors that you need to consider seriously. Seeking and understanding the presence of a divine being in the universe,  the heredity you carry in your genes, and living a balanced lifestyle with zero stress. 

Give up any habit that can injure your health- smoking, drinking, or drug abuse. To live your life to the fullest, always be happy and content with what you have

Reading books

This is a personal favorite of many people. Books make us in a way we cannot even imagine.

Everything about life and everything in it can be found in the pages of the books. Also, rather than reading e-books, try reading a hard copy. 

Feel the essence when you open a new book and understand what you read. Stack your bookshelves and look at your books now and then. Even being in the presence of books will give you happiness.

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Being positive

An optimistic person is always happy. His quality of thought is advanced and he/she always manages to see the brighter side of life- even in difficult situations.

It is important to know that peace of mind comes from your ability to accept all situations equally and avoid the negativity that may bring you down. 

The key to being successful and content at the same time is to be optimistic. This is an effective approach to developing your mental health.

Improved productivity

Being happy makes you more productive and skilled at work. We hardly notice the impact of happiness on our mental health, which eventually supplies us with some extra energy to do our work. 

Since you are constantly positive and motivated, you are never depressed, making you more productive in what you do.

Whatever you do becomes perfect, and you provide the best results. An unhappy person always remains distracted, making it difficult for them to focus.

The Internet

Sounds weird, no? But the Internet has already made life easier for us and can be a reason for happiness if used wisely.

Since the main task of social networking is to connect you with other people around you, this allows you to do a lot of stuff. 

You can look for jobs and apply if you like the offer, connect with your old school friends, watch your favorite movie or get a PDF of your favorite book.

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Look beautiful, Appear beautiful

They say, ‘When you are happy, you glow differently.’ Indeed. When you are truly happy in your life, it impacts your productivity and is also reflected in your appearance. 

The secret to always being beautiful and radiant is never being too stressed about anything and focusing on what makes you happy. Therefore, always smile. Find happiness in the little things. You will find this radiance is reflected in your eyes.

Improving relationships

Nobody likes a grumpy friend/life partner. People will avoid you and show less interest if you are constantly gloomy. Learn how to control your temper- never be too excited about anything happy or sad. 

A person with a bad temper is unpopular in his friend circle or bad at maintaining relationships.

A happy and smiling person attracts people and they behave friendly with you. To have better connections with other people, you need to be happy, naturally. 

Being content in life

To be completely satisfied, there is no other choice than happiness. If you love someone, love music, or love watching the rain- understand what makes you happy and learn to be completely fulfilled by it. 

When you are happy, everything around you feels perfect, just the way it was meant to be. This is an optimistic way of looking at life and finding beauty, even in imperfections. Focus on the bigger picture so that life appears more meaningful to you.

Staying healthy

Physical health and mental health are two codependent concepts. When you are unhappy, this affects your health.

Therefore, the key to proper health lies in being happy. Health is not merely ‘not being sick’- it encompasses all of your physical, mental, and psychological well-being. 

Being unhappy reduces your immunity and your power to fight against diseases. Research suggests people with good mental health are more immune to diseases than people who always have a negative approach to life.

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Spreading happiness

Charlie Chaplin said, “When you are unhappy, life laughs at you.” Therefore, when you are happy, it makes you smile.

This happiness will be further developed when you know how to spread it and share it with others. 

But before you make other people happy, it is important that you are happy and positive. This gives you a better perspective in life, helps you understand your purpose, and will help you eliminate social prejudices and help others too.

Look young, feel young

Do you know how we always admire the liveliness and spirit of little kids? This is because they are always happy and do not have much stuff to worry about. Once in a while, explore the kid in you. 

Find happiness in a balloon, some ice cream or the smell of a book. The more you try to be happy and encouraged, the less you feel depressed and worried about stuff. This makes you look younger than your age. 

Better interests

If you constantly feel low or you are depressed, always remember this is going to be of no help to you. It will constantly try to demotivate you and bring you down.

This will drive you away from your interests and what you are passionate about doing. 

Therefore, if you don’t want to lose interest, you have to be happy. This way, your interests will be boosted, and you will eventually come up with innovations that will develop your craft.

Living the moment

Do not rely on tomorrow to fix things for you. As already discussed, life is full of uncertainties.

Also, maybe attaining something you’ve always wanted may not make you happy and satisfied. 

Therefore, appreciate the present- be grateful for who you are now and what you have now. Being happy is about recognizing the good things in life you already have.

Enjoy the moment and stop the urge to always rush for more. Find satisfaction in the tiniest of things.

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Hoping for a better future

Many research studies have revealed that a person’s future can be understood from the fact of how strong his/her smile is.

People who display optimistic emotions and express themselves in that way are mentally organized, keenly focused, and have healthier relationships. 

Being happy and having positive feelings expands your thoughts and perspective, whereas negative ones tend to constrict it.

Therefore, your success as a human being- both personally and socially, is reflected in the way you express your emotions.

Looking for companionship

This also can be a part of your ‘what makes me happy list. Having people in your life who love and care about you is enough to stay happy.

Not all of us can access love easily. So, embrace all the love you receive daily, which may not necessarily come from a romantic relationship. 

Think about that friend that always cracks jokes that make you laugh your heart out or that person you love to spend time with.

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Being nice

You may be facing a lot of stuff in your life, but you are brave enough to face everyone and go to work with a huge smile on your face. Never let your mental burden be the reason why you misbehave with others. 

This is very important because the way you treat the people around you comes back to you. Be considerate and understand what and when you speak. Try to be a good person with good intentions for others.

Being rich, in your way

Do you feel sad and depressed when you see your friends have luxury cars and big houses, and you don’t? Does this bring you down?

Well, it’s time to consider that a large population worldwide is in a much worse condition than you- they don’t get to eat or sleep on the pavement. 

Be happy for the privileges you have in life and thank God for everything. Money doesn’t make you happy, having inner peace does.

Still breathing!

The challenges of life are weighing you down right now. Fine. But still, you ought to be grateful that you are breathing and you are a part of life.

Just think about a relative’s recent death and realize that you are still blessed with life- be thankful. 

You get to wake up daily and do stuff- it’s a miracle. Death comes as a surprise and you can never know when your last moment will be.

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You are pretty or you are handsome.

To look beautiful, you need to feel beautiful. No worries, even if people around you do not consider this fact and give you the appreciation you deserve. You have to believe in yourself. 

You are unique; you have an innate quality and originality- nobody else in the entire universe is similar to you.

Appreciate this uniqueness and find beauty in how you can be yourself. When you consider the things that make you happy, think of this one too. 

Saving money 

It is very difficult to save money and requires much effort. If you can do so, you should be extremely proud and happy about yourself. You’ll always be at ease if you know how to use your finances smartly. 

You do not struggle to pay for food at the end of the month and you pay your bills on time. Also, you can use that savings to buy books or go on a long vacation.

You are gifted

Everyone is talented in their way. You need to find yours. Do not compare yourself with others- there is no need always to be competitive. Take pride in what you do.

Even if you are a housewife or mother, understand that managing and taking care of your kids also requires special capabilities. 

Whatever you are good at doing, use your talent and when you achieve the things in life that you wanted to, it will surely make you happy.

Making progress in your career

Something that is bound to make you happy is your career, especially if you are progressing gradually. Also, don’t confuse a career with a job.

A career will help you earn money to buy stuff and pay bills, and you may not be stuck from 9 to 5 in a cubicle for it. 

You can do any work that helps you settle down financially. This keeps you motivated; when you wake up every day, you have some responsibilities to fulfill.


Who doesn’t get excited every time they start packing for a vacation? Yes, the fun of going to see new places and visiting your dream destinations is something that will always make you happy. 

Take some time out of your regular schedule and plan a trip. It could be a short weekend trip or a long vacation at the end of a year. If you can travel to places you’ve never seen before, consider yourself happy already.

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Your freedom

It is one of those important things in life that we take for granted. To understand that, think of those people who live in prison.

They can’t go out for a drink whenever they want to, they cannot see their family members and friends even if they wanted to. 

A superior power controls their entire life. Therefore, appreciate the freedom you have to do what you want. This is enough reason for a person to be happy.

Improving critical thinking ability

Your attitude towards life is what determines your perspective. When you are skilled at problem-solving, you are already at a better place than others, and you look ahead to the solution during a crisis, rather than focusing on the problem. 

Learn to accept a challenge bravely and face it. This is a key element in choosing happiness because this lets you see the positive side of a problem. You can eventually fix it and make things work in your favor.

Having a place to live

Always be grateful and happy for the fact that you have a roof over your head. This itself is a huge privilege.

A large population in this world cannot afford the basic requirements in life- food, clothes, a house. 

So, if you already have these things, consider yourself lucky. When you’ve had a long day and you come home and lie in bed with a cup of coffee, enjoy that moment, knowing you are happier than many people around you.

Overcoming difficulties

When we are going through a tough time in our lives, we are demotivated easily and we start thinking there are no more reasons left that can make us happy.

Poor grades, losing jobs, a bitter breakup can make us depressed for a long time. But what you need to understand is that any setback is temporary and you will get over it, someday. So, don’t let the impact of any negative incident shake you very deeply.  


Understand the fact that happiness is a choice- it depends totally on you and how you think.

When you are depressed and angry, you lose valuable time and mental energy. Therefore, focus on all the good things in life and try always to stay positive.

Choose your own reasons to be happy and do what it takes to fulfill them.

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