30+Reasons Why Your Friends Make You Happy

It is very difficult to get good friends who are always there for you, no matter what. Our friends are an integral part of our lives and they make us happy in ways we do not even realize all the time. 

Reasons why your friends can make you happy

Let us look at some of the reasons why they make us happy and feel blessed that they exist.

They check up on us regularly

Our busy schedule gives us no time for our family and friends. But your friends always manage to find time to check on you. They don’t just say they will be there for you when you need them, but they also do what they say. 

They always keep communication open with you and ask you how you’re doing. This means you are of importance to them and they consider you as a priority among other important things in their lives.

They forgive you

Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes. Realizing your mistake and apologizing for it is important but what is also important is that the other person accepts your apology and forgives you. This is more important in the case of friendships. 

If you have a friend who understands you very well and always forgives you for your mistake when you apologize genuinely, you are blessed. Forgiveness is the bond that will improve your relationships and develop you into kinder humans

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They apologize to you if needed

As much as they are forgiving, they ask for forgiveness if they are wrong too. They are not ashamed to own up to their mistakes and apologize to you. If they care about you, they are truly concerned if they have hurt you in any way or have upset you. 

Accepting their mistakes and promising to work on them is an excellent way to solve problems between friends and in this way, your relationship is open as well as healthy.

They are ready to go the extra mile for you

Your friends are not just there for you when you need them but they are also there when you don’t need them. They do favors for you, even if you don’t ask them. Whatever small thing it may be, they always try to help you out and are ready to face any difficult situation for you. 

For example, if you’ve been a parent very recently, they come to babysit for you, even if you don’t ask them to do it.

They stand up ‘for’ you

And not only when you are present, but in your absence as well. They never talk about you behind your back and also don’t tolerate anybody else doing it. If they see anyone treating you badly or impolitely, they stand up for you and defend you. 

And most importantly, they never do it to impress you or make you believe that he/she is a good friend. They do it even when you are not present when someone abuses you.

They stand up ‘to you

Yes. This is very important. Maybe you are the one who’s treatings someone else badly or abusing them for no reason. If your friend is genuine, he/she will also protest about that. They will look out for your interest and will be concerned about you, but this never means that they will support any bad behavior on your part. 

They do not tend to please you by supporting you blindly, and they question your integrity if you are doing something wrong.

They respect your boundaries

They are very close to you, no doubt. But this never means they try to invade your personal space and time. Having some boundaries is very crucial in any relationship. You need to know the borderline. 

They are there to support you but this doesn’t mean they try to know everything happening in your life. They understand when you are truly busy, or you need some time to be with yourself- and this way, they respect you and your privacy.

Boundaries in friendship

They support you more vocally

Your friends are your biggest pillars of strength and they are your biggest fans. Whatever you do- participating in a music competition or entering an online contest, they will always be here to support you with all their love and enthusiasm. 

When they show such support, it makes you happy but also helps you feel great about yourself and boosts your confidence. You are encouraged to give your best in what you are doing and you do it very well.

They always make you feel wanted

The concept of friendship is to make sure people interact with each other and provide each other with a sense of support and companionship. Your friend makes sure that you never feel left out- they say they miss you, they are excited to see you, and they always invite you over now and then. 

All this makes you feel close to them as if they belong to you and are close to you and this makes everyone feel blessed and happy.

They help you in achieving goals

Genuine friends will not only be there to support you but will also help you reach the finish line effortlessly in whatever way they can. If you are working on the same thing, or you share the same target, they never try to get into fights with you but rather, work along with you and cooperate with you. 

Even if they know nothing about your goal, they will always ask you if there is anything they could do to help.

They learn from you

An advantage of a good friendship is a mutual exchange. You learn from friends, they learn from you. And most importantly, they are not ashamed to learn it from you. They try looking at a matter from your point of view and ask for your opinion. 

They appreciate your skills and expertise and use them if needed. They accept everything from you- be it a life lesson or a subject. They consider you as a resource they can benefit from.

They are supportive of your relationships

Your friend is always supportive of your romantic relationship or any other familiar relationship. Maybe they do not approve of the person themselves, but when they see you happy and satisfied with the bond you create, they repress their negative feelings and help you in developing the relationship and give you both a chance to build a strong connection. 

But at the same time, they protest and try to protect you if you are being abused or ill-treated by them. 

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They listen to you

If your friends are less self-involved and have the habit of talking less and listening more, you are blessed. And they don’t just listen- they do it actively. They ask you questions and make sure that you are doing okay. 

This is an excellent way to strengthen your bond with them. This way, you not only get a person who has a patient ear to all you have to share, but this also helps them to know about you better.

How to be a good listener

They trust you and you trust them

Trust is the building block of any healthy relationship. It is two-way and needs to be equally reciprocated by the other person. They can share their secrets comfortably with you and so can you. 

Honestly, trusting someone is a difficult thing and if you can’t trust a person, you will never be able to strengthen your bond with them. A relationship is healthy when you can confide in them everything about yourself, and they can tell you everything too. 

They find interest in your interests

Maybe there is a book or a movie you love. Or, there’s a place you are obsessed with. Your friends are equally interested and intrigued about the things that interest you. They try to know everything about it and try to be passionate about it. 

Maybe, eventually, they become more interested in it and it can become their next favorite thing. In this way, you find something that you can both share interests in and this will strengthen your bond.

They keep your secrets

You can always trust your deepest secrets with them. You can always be sure that they will never spill the beans on any other person. This comes from their strong sense of moral values and principles. They know the importance of your secrets and they respect your privacy. 

This is a great way to strengthen your friendship as you know that they are trustworthy. Letting out one’s secrets and betraying their trust can be of serious damage to any relationship.

They keep their promises

Your friends are the people in your life that you can rely on completely and they make sure that you can easily depend on them for anything and take them at their word. They never make a promise to you that they cannot fulfill. 

When they keep their promises and do what they say, this strengthens your relationship, creates a better understanding between you and them. Therefore, this says that they’ve always got your back and are there for you.

They spare time to come to visit you

For developing a healthy and close relationship, phone calls and texting are not enough sometimes. The personal touch is very important in maintaining any relationship. No matter how busy they are or wherever they stay, your friends always manage to take out time to come and visit you and spend quality time with you. 

They try to meet you as frequently as they can, and if they can’t, they at least spend special occasions with you and give you company.

How to spend more time with your friends

They try to interact with your other friends

This is very important to strengthen your relationship. When your social circles are connected and extended further, it improves the bond. When your friends connect with your other pals, this gives you the scope to spend more time with each other and also increases your chances of having better connections with your friends potentially. 

This is because you have more common interests and this helps you interact with each other better. You must reciprocate this by knowing their friends too.

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They never invalidate you

Your friends understand the importance of validation and they consider all your feelings to be valid and important. If you are having a miscommunication with them or encouraging one another when required,  they never neglect or dismiss your opinions and emotions. 

They consider your thoughts to be equally important as theirs. Even if they don’t agree with you, they will at least think about what you say and then discuss with you why they are reluctant to use your advice.

How to validate someone

They are very understanding

You can always open up to your friend and you are never scared to tell them if you are worried or upset about anything because you think they might judge you. They respect your right to express your feelings and make you understand you are not alone in this. 

When you start communicating with them about your experiences or needs, they are never irritated or upset, and they always support you and are kind to you when you need them.

They are completely honest with you

You have probably heard that honesty is always the best policy. Well, it is all the more applicable in a friendship. Your friends are completely genuine when they are always honest with you and do not fear speaking the truth to avoid troubles or unfavorable situations. 

Even if it is something that may be hard for you to hear, they will say it anyway if it’s for your benefit and well-being. Also, being honest doesn’t mean being brutal while talking.

Importance of being honest

They tell you when they are upset

Friendship is surely a two-way thing. So, as much as they support you when you are sad or feeling low, they also express themselves when they feel the same or go through the same thing. Communication is key. 

If they are sad or hurt, or upset about something, you are the first person they come to. This is all the more relevant if you are the cause of their trouble. Speaking openly about your feelings will only bring you closer.

They express their appreciation for you

Your friends don’t just make random gestures to show you that they care about you because sometimes, it may not be enough. They express directly to you that they love you, care about you, and appreciate what you do. 

In an attempt to impress you, they never overdo it and tell you something they don’t mean. But hearing once in a while from them that they feel strongly for you will make you happy and eventually make your relationship stronger.

They are thoughtful about your gifts

Well, this is an important thing for sure. When your friend knows you well, he/she will never give you a lousy gift. They understand your taste, your preferences and their gift makes you feel precious and validated. 

The gift would be an expression of their care and attention to you and show you that they have put in a lot of thought and effort into it, and they are not just giving you a gift because they have to.

Things to gift your friend


We are social animals. We need to cultivate and give importance to our relationships with our friends and do stuff for them. And it also gives us joy when we see our friends doing things for us that make us happy and helps us to be grateful for the gift of friendship and the friends we have in our lives.

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