25+ Smart Responses For People Who Try To Make You Unhappy

You might have noticed that every time you are at your most joyful, someone tries to deflate your happiness as if it is a balloon.

Why is it so? Maybe that person who tries to bring your happiness to the floor envies you or is jealous of you. There can be quite a few reasons, but there are comparatively a greater number of ways to respond to them, which will make you appear smarter.

List of smart responses for the people who try to make you Unhappy.

Be more sympathetic towards them.

This thing will get them out of their minds. Every time a person tries to destroy your happiness, they are aware that they are doing so, but they will never let you understand they know. 

When you are sympathetic towards them, they will get awestruck as to what this person is up to! Even when that person envies you, or you know, is jealous of you, try to be sympathetic towards them.

It will enable you to prevent them from distracting you from your streak of happiness. 

Make them realize that it’s none of their business.

Your happiness is solely up to you, unless that is, in reality, hurting someone physically or mentally due to valid reasons. When you are striving towards making yourself happy, why let someone diminish your joy and glee?

Just tell them that their way of interfering in your business does not bother you. Moreover, it is none of their business to know why you are happy and what made you happy. Let them get jealous; you will enjoy it!

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Make them feel pity

This works great in destroying others, who try to pull you down, every time. All you have to do is make them feel that you feel pity for them every time they try to interfere in your life and try to curb your happiness down.

Once they feel that them trying to make you unhappy is not working, and in addition to that, you feel pity because of their behavior instead, they will think twice before trying to bring your morale and confidence down again.

Make them realize that you are not bothered.

Once again, a very powerful and efficient way of responding to the ones trying to make you unhappy.

When they feel you are not bothered even after they have been trying so hard to pull you down and destroy your happiness and well-being, they will give up at some time or the other.

If they try again, your way of answering them should also be the same, and this will get them fed up; they will give up trying and will not be another headache to you.

ways of dealing with negative people

Show them kindness and compassion.

Many a time, there can be genuine reasons as to why someone does not want you to be happy, and if you are involved or a part of their grudge, you must respect that and try to sort it.

This is not being a coward or something like that; this is also a smart move. When you settle issues amongst yourselves politely, you will observe that the other person is not being an obstacle in your path towards happiness.

Don’t add on to their rude behavior.

It is a very foolish thing to do to keep going on against someone who is trying to hurt you, and both of you quarrel and fight against each other, shout at the top of your voices, that can never be a proper way of solving something.

Instead, just ask that person what his/her problem is with you and what you should do so that they do not bother you again. Try to be polite in the first place so that it can get sorted easily, without much hassle. 

Do the things which will shut your haters.

Responding does not always mean being verbal; remember your actions speak louder than your words.

Instead of replying to their nonsensical things, which will make them feel they are indeed bothering and annoying you, do something which will show them that you are way above their league.

Show them that they must not mess with you. Be the best one in your field, which will be enough to shut all your haters, plus you will be the most attractive to everyone, whether you are in school or college.

Be an optimistic personality.

When people notice that no matter how hard life gets on you, you never give up and keep striving for more until you achieve your goal, people will not even try pulling you down because they know it is a waste of their time as well efforts.

When you have a pessimistic approach, people will realize that you can be easily knocked down and hurt, don’t allow others to see that side of you. Cultivate optimism and positivity.

benefits of being more compassionate

Fake it till you make it

You don’t have to forcefully become a personality you are not, yes; you should keep on trying until you become someone will respect and not try to bring down, till then fake it. Faking it means if you are pessimistic, don’t let that side of you be visible to others around you.

Let them perceive and even believe that you are optimistic because that is what you will show them. They will never know the true you unless you show them, and that will keep them away from hurting you and your feelings.

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Understand the other person

Not every time the other person is willingly hurting you. Maybe he/she is going through something, and its repercussions are being faced by you. It is normal for people to behave this way, so you must try to understand why they are behaving like this with you.

Many times, they will purposely bring you unhappiness, and you will be able to differentiate that from someone who is not doing it on purpose. Just be calm and let that person freak out. Give it some time.

Don’t be polite always.

Yes, at first, you must try to analyze and understand the situation and the other person behaving that way, but when it gets out of your hand, you must no longer remain polite with them.

Everyone has their limits, and so do you; you should never allow anyone to cross that. Most of the time, this is the smart thing to do, in fact. You have been polite and undemanding for long, but now you must make them realize you have had enough.

Behave the way they are behaving with you

This is not the smartest thing to do, but once again, it is one of the many ways to get rid of the person or people wanting to make you unhappy.

You are advised not to go down to their levels as a person and do the same thing they do to you, but you can imitate their actions to some extent till they realize what it feels like to be going through such hurt and wrongdoings. Whatever you do, never take the law into your own hands.

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Take the help of higher authorities or even law.

When things go out of hand, it is better to raise a complaint against the people or person trying to offend you and make you unhappy with the higher authorities.

Suppose you are in college, and someone is trying to bully you or rag you day in day out, it is best to complain against them to the highest authority existing, rather than taking matters into your hand.

Not every time you need to deal with things by yourself, sometimes it is smarter to involve people who are feared by the bullies.

Ignore them as nicely as possible

When you ignore others who try to demean you, you will notice that after some days, that person will stop trying.

It is quite common even for you as well; when you try to do something, and it does not pay off, you move on to something else. This is the same for the bullies as well; they get fed up and exhausted after trying to keep on pulling you down.

You must master this art of ignoring people who are not good for you, and you will observe how nicely you get rid of these people from your life.

Let them see that you are not afraid of failures.

There can be people in your workplace, suppose in your higher levels, who hate you for some reason or maybe envy you, and they want to halt your progress in the company. They will try to put extra pressure on you or give your mental setbacks.

You must show them that you are not afraid of failures and making mistakes and that you see every failure as another learning opportunity. That will, once again, make them tired of pressurizing you, and they can move on to annoy someone else.

Keep in mind that keeping yourself happy is also mandatory

Wanting to keep yourself happy is not being selfish; rather, it is mandatory and extremely important to keep yourself happy and embrace your well-being.

When you keep yourself happy, it is natural that some people will get jealous and try to bring you down.

You must make them realize that they don’t bother you at all and that keeping yourself happy is not something wrong at all. Even if they feel that you are selfish, let them feel your happiness is on you.

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Focus on what is ahead of you

When your focus is absolutely on your career ahead of you, no one can become a burden on you or even try to get into your mind. When that happens, there is nobody who can bring you down.

There will still be someone or the other who will try and make you unhappy and make you lose your focus; you should not let such people manipulate your concentration and come out your very best. That is the best and smartest reply you can give them.

ways to not be manipulative

Listen and don’t respond.

Sometimes, no reply is also a reply, probably a better reply than many other things in general.

When you listen to others trying to hurt you, just smile and don’t reply; just carry on in your merry way. It will make them think that you are something else who isn’t bothered by anything as such and is focused and dedicated towards work.

It is almost like ignoring, only that you listen and smile at them, which burns their ego even more, that one smile can mean a lot. 

Don’t let them manipulate you or regulate your actions

When someone tries to pull you down and make you unhappy, many a time, you get manipulated by their actions, especially when they do not disclose their true intentions. 

It is quite common to happen and what follows is they get inside your head and start controlling your words, actions, and emotions.

Try to stay away from this happening to you. It is your life, and you must live it your way, not how someone regulates you. Mastering this ability will be the smartest move possible.

Appreciate yourself more often

This includes acknowledging yourself and your actions more and also treating yourself with the things you love or have always wanted. What it will do is make you happier, and in turn, make the person trying to pull you down envy you more and get more jealous.

He/she will be even more anxious about doing silly things against you and will once again realize that none of those actions are going to be fruitful. It is quite a funny thing to do, like sprinkling salt over a wound, and you will enjoy it!

Take some time off for yourself.

This will ensure your peace of mind stay intact, and you can get back to your original self even after someone tries to be an obstacle between you and your happiness.

Taking some time off for yourself solely is also important, not only because you can get rid of these people who try to break you down, but also helps you to enjoy a bit more time with yourself and your loved ones, doing and enjoying the things you love.


From the above points, it can be concluded that there can be different types of people trying to either bring you down, or break your confidence, or simply try to hurt you, just because they envy you or are jealous of you.

No matter what the reason or what the type of person is, there are smart responses and many of them to get rid of such people from being a nuisance in your life.

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