167+ Self-Worth Journal Prompts: Find Your Value

Self-Worth Journal Prompts are like special questions that help you feel better about yourself. You write down your thoughts in a journal and answer these questions. It helps you learn more about what you’re good at and what you can improve.

By doing this regularly, you become more confident and have a better opinion of yourself. These prompts are a great way to become a happier and more self-assured person.

Self-Worth Journal Prompts

Our confidence soars when we feel wonderful about ourselves, but it plummets when we start to feel less than ideal. We could even start to question our knowledge and talents. Taking charge of your emotions is an easy method to increase your confidence at all times. You will feel a change in your mood right away if you do this.

What changes would your life undergo if your confidence rose by 20%?

What would you be doing at now second if you were fearless?

Name three strong female role models. (They might be famous individuals or people you know.) What would you be doing right now if you didn’t give a damn what people thought?

What can you do in order to stop caring about what others think of you?

Are there any traits you possess that you find admirable in others?

What are the top three abilities or skills you are most proud of?

What are the top three things you are most proud of?

Name three persons whose lives will be significantly impacted if you are absent.

How might you act or dress now if you imagined yourself to be the woman you wish to be?

What is one thing you want to conquer but are afraid of?

Give an example of a quality of another lady that you admire. (I’m speaking of healthy envy rather than jealousy!) How can you get there?

Tell us about three of your “weaknesses.” How might your perceived flaws serve you or help you succeed?

Describe your accomplishments to date. As far back as you can remember, begin. What are your proudest accomplishments?

Describe a situation in which you were certain you couldn’t do anything but manage to succeed. Just how did it feel?

What is the boldest action you have ever taken? What was a hardship you overcame? What is a crucial life lesson you have discovered?

What is your life are you thankful for? What do you value most about yourself?

What hobbies or activities do you enjoy? How can you make more of the things you want in your life? What can I do to help you?

What is it that you need to forgive yourself for? If there is something you regret, write a letter of apology to yourself.

How can you present a more authentic version of yourself? Who would you be if you were free to be YOU without apology?

What do you criticize yourself the most for? How would you feel if you resolved to embrace your flaws and let go of any self-criticism?

Could you possibly have a more optimistic outlook on the aspects of yourself that you now judge?

What inspires and drives you?

How can you access that sensation more frequently?

List three things you did this week that you are proud of. Share them with a special someone.

How did you treat others this week with compassion? Did doing so bring you any benefits?

What objectives do you give yourself each day? Are you certain that these objectives can be met? If the goals are not feasible, is it possible to change them?

Who in your life motivates you to strive for excellence? To say “thank you,” give them a present.

Consider all the things you might achieve in a single week. Would you have imagined achieving such objectives? 

What has been the most challenging obstacle you have recently faced? Has someone assisted you in overcoming this challenge? If yes, what sort of assistance did you get?

What does being in the now entail for you? Do you think it’s important? If not, why not?

How can you improve the lives of others around you? Create a list of concepts. You may converse with them about music, art, literature, or gastronomy.

What would you wish for if you possessed a confidence-boosting magic wand? If necessary, would you use it on yourself before using it on others?

Describe the sort of person you think you are for a second. You may add, “I am sincere, kind, giving, etc.”

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How can you motivate someone else to perform at their peak? Avoid placing pressure on them; instead, attempt to inspire them by expressing how much you appreciate them. Tell them they bring out the best in you.

What areas of your personality do you need to develop? List each one. Then, consider: To whom may I turn for guidance and inspiration?

What behaviors help us succeed? Do you have any rituals or daily schedules? How many? Could you create one to increase your self-assurance?

What personal qualities do you need to achieve that you lack? Identify the area of your personality that needs work.

Identify a role model for you. List all of the qualities that you respect about him or her.

Pick three things that motivate you. About them, write. Have you observed anything unique about these things?

What kind of connection do you have? A relationship or “single”? How does that make you feel about yourself? What adjustments to your life should you make if you decide to enter a more committed relationship?

Do you have a vision of who you want to be when you succeed? Does pleasure always follow success? Consider this carefully.

Do you frequently assess yourself against others? Why does comparison matter at all? 

Do you think you’re capable of achieving perfection? Are you prepared to make errors in order to gain knowledge from them?

Do you have trouble overcoming your need for perfection? What is keeping you from obtaining excellent outcomes?

Spend some time considering your long-term objectives. Describe them. Who can help with these objectives?

When was the last time you experienced genuine joy and contentment? Was it feasible to alter the environment you were in?

Why do we seek a sense of home and a comfortable setting? Do we require confirmation of our existence? Whether or not we are at peace with ourselves is what matters.

Imagine not considering your inner thoughts as you travel through life. Would you take advantage of the opportunity to return if given a chance? Would you feel bad about not doing it?

What does success mean to you? What must you achieve in order to define success for yourself?

How often have you been injured by someone and then felt bad about it? At some time in our life, everyone is rejected. Gaining the ability to forgive readily might help avoid additional failures.

Do you ever wish you could go back in time and alter certain things? How is it useful to know that? If you didn’t learn from your errors, what would happen?

Forgive? Or neglect? Which option has a better sound? Will ever making amends or forgetting brings you happiness?

Do you have any acquaintances who have excelled? How did she or he manage it? What traits are necessary for success in every field?

How would you advise a younger version of yourself? How much of your life would you wish to improve?

Are you still angry over a previous disagreement? How does it impact your existing relationships? Be truthful. The truth would be unpleasant to hear.

In five years, where do you see yourself? A decade? What do you anticipate?

What recent circumstances have brought on the sobs in you? Exist any mysteries underlying these occurrences?

List the top three values in your life in three items. Ensure that each item is equally crucial to the other two. Do your values align with yours?

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Journal Prompts to Build Self-Esteem

  • 1 Think about three things you like about yourself and why.
  • 2 Remember something you did well recently and write about how it made you feel.
  • 3 Tell about a tough thing you faced and how you managed to do it.
  • 4 Write down five nice things people said about you and believe them.
  • 5 Write a letter to yourself in the future, talking about your dreams.
  • 6 Think about a time when you were kind to someone and how it felt.
  • 7 List what makes a good friend and see if you have those qualities too.
  • 8 Share a saying or words that make you feel good.
  • 9 Remember a time when you felt really proud and say why.
  • 10 Write about something you want to learn or do, and why it’s important to you.

Journal Prompts to Improve Self Esteem

Do you feel at ease telling people how you feel? Does this truly make you happy?

How do you respond to setbacks? Can you maintain your optimism in the face of failure? How can you get beyond dejection?

Do you constantly remain composed under duress? Do you have the self-assurance to have fun when the situation demands it?

What would life mean to you if you were to cease to exist? Can you think of anything better than eternal life? Do you give a damn about what others are saying about your absence?

Is there anything you just can’t seem to move past? How recently did the incident happen?

Are you prepared to alter your way of life to pursue your own objectives? Are you willing to make the required changes? Do what has to be done right now to advance.

How frequently do you evaluate yourself against others? What impact does that have on your relationships?

What do you think the point of life is? Do you feel obligated to change your town, country, or the world?

Would you describe yourself as intelligent? If not, why not? Who do you think is clever in today’s society?

Do you envision yourself contributing to humanity’s future? What will you do to advance society?

What is your life’s purpose? How quickly might it be accomplished? Have you already established a plan for the future? Tell us how.

What drives you? Why do you enjoy performing particular activities? What distinguishes you from others?

Do you think that working hard can help individuals alter their lives? How would you define success?

What thoughts are now running through your head? Do you ever have ideas that are out of the ordinary?

What inspires you to be confident? How can you increase your bravery when confronting adversity?

What helps you feel calm? Why is it important to you so much?

Do you think everyone has a purpose in completing this life? Do you believe that process involves God in any way?

Do you feel content with your life? If so, please describe. If not, what might you do to become better?

Do you enjoy interacting with people? What characteristics must someone possess for you to like being around them?

Do you accept yourself as you are? Based on your response, why or why not? Tomorrow, will you still be happy with your life?

Has someone ever told you that you have outstanding talent from birth? Possibly praise or an insult. Explain.

Have you ever experienced a lack of appreciation from those closest to you? What causes that, in your opinion?

When was the last time you decided anything without giving it much thought? Did you feel bad about what you did? If so, what did you take away from it?

What are some of the causes of your sporadic feelings of overwhelm? Do your responses allow your feelings to influence your choices and actions?

Do your actions align with your morals? Give two instances where you failed to achieve this.

How much actual control do you have over your life? Why does your sense of identity depend so much on self-awareness?

Would you concur that performing the same action again while anticipating different outcomes each time is one definition of insanity?

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Can you recall instances when you considered giving up? How did you succeed?

Why is maintaining a healthy lifestyle important? What can you do to maintain your fitness? How else is your sense of well-being tied to your health?

Do you know somebody whose actions you can relate to? What impact has that individual had on you?

Is self-worth completely dependent on outside factors? Or is it more significant than anything else? What do you mean by “self”?

How do you respond to reproach? How frequently do you respond positively to criticism?

Mention the top three aspects of your work or profession. Then, make a list of the top three items you find objectionable and try to determine why.

Can you feel confident in yourself before you feel superior to others? Whom do you hold in the highest of regards?

What are the top five things you need to work on? Are these modifiable? Why or why not, in your opinion?

What brought you pain? What type of pain must exist for it to get to this point?

Do you frequently think back on regrettable former experiences? Or do you see the good side of everything in your life right now?

What actions do you want to take to improve your general level of fitness? Do you regularly exercise? Where can you find more useful information for your workouts?

Is there anything stopping you? Then what? What can you do right now to assist remove that barrier?

List 10 things about yourself that you don’t typically speak out loud. 

What has been your biggest setback? What will you change for the following time?

How would you like to develop your personality? What are some doable strategies to accomplish that objective?

How much control do you think you have over your success in the future? How do your emotional reactions affect the way you think and feel about the decisions you make in life?

Consider a person who serves as a role model for you. Do they and how you view yourself have any similarities? How do their accomplishments compare to yours?

Do you think perfection is a desirable trait? If not, why not?

Do you think striving for perfection is a virtue? Explain.

What kind of person are you? Give examples and explain how you could behave in certain situations.

Do you believe it is possible to alter your self-perception? What steps would you take to alter these beliefs?

When was the last time you gave yourself a dispassionate glance as though you were looking at someone else? What have you observed?

Do you believe that successful and unsuccessful people may be distinguished from one another? Describe the differences between the two and what makes one effective.

What about yourself do you enjoy best? What about yourself do you find annoying? How could you change the way you feel about yourself?

What are you prepared to give up to improve your level of happiness in life? Does that entail renunciation of life’s pleasures?

Journal Prompts to Improve Self Esteem

  1. Think about a time when you felt really good about yourself and write about why.
  2. Write down three things you like about yourself and explain why they’re important.
  3. Describe a tough situation you faced and how you managed to do well in it.
  4. Write a letter to yourself, talking about your good qualities and things you’ve achieved.
  5. Remember nice things people have said about you and how they made you feel.
  6. What are you good at? How can you use those skills more?
  7. Share a time when you did something nice for someone and how it felt.
  8. What do you want to achieve? Write down your goals and how to reach them.
  9. Write about something you did recently that you’re proud of.
  10. List positive sayings that make you feel better when you say them to yourself every day.


Self-Worth Journal Prompts are like questions that help you think about how much you value yourself. They make you look inside yourself and understand your strengths and weaknesses better. By writing in a journal regularly with these prompts, you can feel better about yourself and become more confident.

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