150+ September Journal Prompts 

September is a transitional month, a transitional period between the heady excess of Summer and the beautiful beginning of Autumn (or vice versa, depending on where you are in the world!).

It’s time to reflect on your year thus far, be thankful for everything you have experienced and accomplished, and look forward to the year’s remaining chapters.

September Journal Prompts 

These insightful notebook prompts are for everyone, regardless of your level of experience with journaling or how well you are able to write on a regular basis.

What is the greatest need in the world?

Consider writing about a stressful event in your life. What steps may be taken to alter it?

What are some commendable instances of generous conduct?

Is it challenging to comprehend different cultures? If not, why not?

Why is it crucial to examine problems from several angles?

Describe an excellent example in your life in your essay. What about this individual motivates you?

What one political problem would you like to see resolved if you could? Why did you decide on this problem in particular?

What does giving back to the community entail? Why is it crucial?

How can you persuade others to act more positively?

What can you do to try to connect with others who have different viewpoints?

Write about three noteworthy changes that have occurred around the globe in the last 100 years.

How will our environment change over the next 100 years?

Would you accept the opportunity to reside in another country? If not, why not?

Why do humans get into battle?

Can war resolve issues? If not, why not?

What is the main issue that the world is now dealing with?

What is the most effective approach to bringing about change in the world?

Describe a generous and unselfish person you know in your essay. What can you do to resemble this person more?

What can you do to support the effort to end poverty? How can you inspire other people to follow suit?

Describe a technology advancement you would want to see. How may it benefit people everywhere?

Compose a piece about a person making a difference in the world.

What do you most want the world to have?

How do you experience the energy of September?

How do you personally define September?

What changes in your life will the arrival of fall bring?

Do you have any feelings that you need to process before September?

What about fall do you love more?

What novels will you or are you currently reading this month?

What can you let go of? When it comes back, how can you remind yourself that you have already let this go?

Contrast this September with September last year. You can contrast any part of the months that feel the same or different, such as what you did and what you are doing, how you felt, and how you are feeling.

What dish do you prefer to eat right now?

How would unplugging from social media make you feel?

How are you going to present right now?

How has this month tested your spiritual self?

How have you developed spiritually this month?

What took occurred today?

Inhale and exhale three times deeply. Once you’ve calmed down, start speaking.

How have you been taking care of your body lately? How have you performed well? What is required by your body to feel better?

This month, have you shown your home some love? How have you enhanced the feeling of specialness?

What encouraging news have you recently noticed in the media?

How can you concentrate on what unites people rather than what drives them apart?

What does an affirmation mean to you personally? Do you ever use it?

Describe instances in which you have felt loved.

Describe instances in which you have loved others.

What transpired in August that had an impact now that some time had passed?

Who has been a help to you lately?

How can you be happy with who you are right now?

What three items do you have right now for which you are grateful?

In September, did you take care of your spiritual needs?

How have you been interacting with your neighborhood this month?

How are you willing to accept extra money?

How was September for you?

What five words would you use, to sum up, who you are?

Do you tend to give up easily? Why is that so?

Why is your life more challenging?

What inspires you to feel peaceful?

Do you think weeping is a helpful way to release bad feelings? Why are you crying?

What surprised you most recently?

Do you have unresolved emotions? How are you going to handle this?

Are your feelings out of balance? How should this be handled?

Do you get annoyed quickly? What exactly irritates you?

Are your feelings what drive you? Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Do you experience mood swings? What do you believe is the root cause?

Who do you call to make you feel better?

Do you find it simple to express your emotions, or do you hold them in?

What are some of the tiny things that bring you joy?

If you could go back in time, what one thing would you change?

When was your favorite birthday ever?

What period of your life do you always want to recall?

Which song evokes particularly fond memories for you?

Which day would you like to live over again if you could?

What did you enjoy doing the most when you were young?

What goals do you have for the upcoming year?

What objectives do you have for this month?

How do you envision the future? How are you going to get there?

What one action might you take right now to further your objectives?

What novel endeavor would you like to pursue in the upcoming year?

What talents do you wish to offer the world?

Is it simple for you to carry out a strategy that you have made?

What has someone ever done for you that you thought was really kind?

Say three encouraging things to yourself right now.

After completing all the questions, rate your level of motivation on a scale of 1 to 10.

Which aspect of September is your favorite?

What about Autumn do you find most appealing?

Compile a list of 30 encouraging phrases that you may use during the month of September.

What might you do during September to be a good neighbor?

Which three attributes would your best friends pick as your top three?

What is your favorite autumn-related quotation? What draws you to it?

Did you have a new endeavor you wished to attempt this year? Why haven’t you done it yet?

Create a little commitment for the upcoming month (health, business, parenting, fun). How may this affect your month or year?

Which character from Winnie the Pooh are you?

Take into account that you have $100 or £100 in your pocket. This month, what would you want to buy with it?

Could you sum up September’s vibe? How detailed can you make a description?

Which novels are you hoping to read this month?

Sketch and explain your preferred autumnal ensemble. Have you recently changed your hairstyle? (This season, I’m considering a new hairdo; it’s time for a change.)

Whenever are you at your happiest?

When can you be wholly authentic? With whom are you? How are you doing? How pleasant is it to feel?

Create the ideal hot beverage for September. Do you prefer hot chocolate or pumpkin spice lattes?

What do you find to be the most incredible way to enjoy Autumn? (Visiting orchards of apples? Traverse the transforming woods? Fire pit outside, perhaps?

In September, what can you let go of? What does not serve you anymore?

What is your life do you need more of this month?

In what ways can you embrace yourself this September?

What was your favorite moment from the previous month? How can you maintain that feeling?

How can you make a difference in your neighborhood this month? 

September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Tell us, what would you do if you were a pirate to celebrate the day?

September 21st is recognized as the International Day of Peace. Why is today significant? What does a peaceful world to you look like?

Autumn Equinox is on September 23rd, a Friday. What can you do to mark this moment of transition between light and dark?

Write down some affirmations of appreciation to mark this bountiful season.

Recall September of the previous year. In what ways have you changed since last year? (Longer entry in journal).

What is your preferred autumnal dish?

Arrange a memorable dinner gathering for your pals in September. Outline each specific in writing and drawing. Despite the fact that I have no time for it, I enjoy doing this. one day

What about the stage of life you are now in do you love?

What aspects of this stage of life are you finding challenging?

This month, how can you make your house cozier?

How can you live with more presence and stillness?

Take three full breaths. Five minutes later, just write for fun. Did you learn?

Create a question for which you are looking for an answer. Before you go to sleep every night, consider this query.

How can you better care for your body this fall?

How can you better care for your mind this fall?

How can you better take care of your finances? Do you need to make a budget, increase your savings, raise your rates, or improve your attitude about money?

Describe a time when you experienced love and contentment.

What have you faced this year that has been your greatest struggle, and why are you proud of yourself for conquering it?

Take a look at some summertime pictures, and then write a few sentences about how they make you feel.

What is it that you need to hear right now?

Exactly when did you last laugh? So much that it made your deep belly chuckle?

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