How to Show Gratitude to Family? : 15+ Ways

Your family is the one you return to whenever you encounter a problem. Your family is your go-to for solving issues that need help.

Your family is way more than just your family, so you need to give it back to them in some way or the other, and the best way to do so is by showcasing gratitude to them.

Live a life wherein you can improve the lives of others around you, and this is how life should be led. While expressing gratitude, especially to your family members, it should be more than just a “thank you.” 

Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Family Members:

  • 1 Share the same apartment, and don’t make them isolated from you.
  • 2 Cook together on weekends and probably go on picnics or fishing together.
  • 3 Plan family gatherings or trips wherein everyone gets united once again.
  • 4 Give your family members handwritten notes to show how much you appreciate them in reality.
  • 5 Sit and dine with them together instead of having your personal space and ignoring your family. 

Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Family: Expressions of Appreciation

Saying good things about each other at the dinner table

Every day when you and the rest of your family sit down to have dinner together, ask everyone to say a good thing about each other, or maybe you can do it in a different way wherein you ask each person to say something good about the person to their right or left.

It is a very good practice that allows you and everyone else to inculcate gratitude and have a positive image of each other.

Also, make sure to have dinner together every day because maybe after a long, busy day, this is the only time the entire family gets united.

Don’t miss this opportunity to share your day with everyone in your family and have a lovely time together, enjoying dinner.

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Write handwritten notes for your family members.

This is an effective method to showcase your gratitude to anyone and everyone in general. When you write something by yourself for a person to appreciate, it shows that person the time you have taken out of your busy day and wrote something as beautiful as this, making their hearts melt.

You don’t need to be formal with your loved ones and your family members, so you can write it in any way possible, in any way you please; they will not even look for your grammatical errors.

Just be polite and genuinely write a note or a letter to make their day brighter and show how much they mean to you. 

Leave aside encouraging notes for them.

Suppose your little brother is going through a rough phase in his life and is completely messed up.

Besides helping him out in every way possible, you can also hide some encouraging notes for him in random places, which will surely catch his eye.

When he reads those notes, he should be filled with motivation and find some clarity as to what he wants and how to achieve that.

You can do the same trick with almost everyone in your family. Try to understand the issues they are facing now and leave a note for them wherein you try to give them the zeal and motivation to overcome their problems, maybe hide a solution in your notes.

They will be elated and filled with tears of joy when they find those notes.

Hug them a lot, like a lot

No, this doesn’t mean you have to hug them every 5 minutes, but the more you hug them, the better. The hug is not a gender or age-specific thing and can be done with anyone.

This is one of the best ways to show your love and appreciation for someone besides portraying the physical showcase of gratitude.

You can hug them when they feel low or when you all are extremely happy. You can hug them when they have a surprise for you when you get a surprise for them, or hug them without any reason.

The physical sensation of a hug can be very therapeutic and can, calm you down, and enable you to make better decisions.

You can hug your parents anytime you want to, and a sudden hug can surprise them and make them joyous. The same goes for the other members of your family. 


Be patient with your family members.

Patience is a virtue that is inculcated over time and is not granted. Over time you should learn the importance of being patient with your loved ones if you are not patient with them already.

Patience allows you to develop kindness, compassion, empathy, and sympathy for your family members, which has various benefits.

When you are patient with your family members, you devote time to listening to their problems and coming up with effective solutions.

You don’t let them deal with their issues because you all are family, and you must have the back of each other.

When you are patient, you understand the gravity of various issues and pay more attention, making them feel your appreciation towards them.

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Send flowers to your family members.

Gifting flowers can often be the best way to make anyone’s day. Rhymed, right? Various people don’t stay with their families owing to their jobs or education.

If it is the same case with you, you can send flowers to your family members to make them happy and show them that you love them the same way even if you stay far away.

When you have stayed away from your family for a long time, you sending flowers to them back at home shows them that you still remember them and their contribution to your life.

People are still united even though not physically, and you still appreciate whatever they did for you. Even after all these years, your love for them didn’t fade away. 

Organizing family functions 

Your family doesn’t always mean the people you stay with within your house; sometimes, it is more than that. Maybe your grandmother’s sisters and their children with their children, and maybe your grandfather’s brothers and their children.

Wow! It is quite confusing. But such big families still exist, who once used to stay together. Family functions can often be the best way to bring the entire family together.

When everyone gets to meet with each other and refresh old memories. When you get to meet many people you had last seen several years ago and have quite evidently forgotten.

Planning such a family get-together can show your appreciation towards to entire family and that you care about its unity and the affection everyone has for each other.

Planning for family trips

Planning for family trips and vacations can be a great way to bring the family together and appreciate each other’s importance in life.

Even the planning process gets everyone together, strengthening the already existing bond. 

On family trips, all are free from the pressures of studying, going to the office, family pressures, and so on, and can enjoy every moment with each other to the fullest.

During such trips, many old misunderstandings and grudges get sorted, and everyone comes together as a “family” literally.

Also, when you grow up, you may sponsor a trip to your family wherein you cover all the expenses, showing them how much you appreciate and think about your family.


Cook together

Another very effective way to get your family together is to cook together on the weekends because that is the time when everyone is usually home.

Cooking together allows you to input your methods and simultaneously see what your mother, grandmother, and other experienced ladies of the family are good at.

When you cook together, you are all excited for the final result and a succulent and mouth-watering Sunday brunch, but often it is more about the fun of visiting your family and enjoying a fun time cooking together.

So much gossip, laughter, old memories refreshed; this is what everyone loves. It also shows that everyone, despite their busy schedule, is making time for each other, for the family as a whole.

Put on music and dance together.

What good place to bring the family together than on the dance floor? You don’t need a dancefloor inside your house, but when you turn on the speakers, every floor is a dance floor, especially if you and your family are fun-loving.

Dancing and singing with the people you are closest to, and without fear of being judged or laughed at, they may still laugh at your hideous steps but won’t hurt your sentiments. This is what family is.

When you dance together, you all forget life’s biggest problems and come together to enjoy a moment of happiness where everything seems beautiful.

This is another way of showing that you care for your family and appreciate them when you join them in the dance. 

Watch your favorite shows together.

Ask your family members to join you instead of being self-centered and watching your favorite shows alone.

If they don’t like what you are watching, tune in to another channel with some content for everyone to watch and love.

It can be any show that brings the entire family together, and you all get to spend quality time after a busy day. The excitement of watching something together with your favorite snacks next to you is an unparalleled feeling that only the fortunate ones having a family can experience.

If you are one of them, make the most of your time with your family, because you never know for how long you will have everyone. 

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Sort out issues amongst yourselves.

In every family, there will be some quarrels and misunderstandings. It is part and parcel of life.

You will face problems, break them down, and get the opportunity to overcome them. The same happens with your family as well.

There can be moments when a particular member of your family has had a misunderstanding with someone else, which has escalated quite a bit. Instead of letting them continue, or cutting yourself off from them, try to sort out that problem. Ask them to stop, to relax, and sort it out amongst themselves.

A grudge within a family can be disheartening, especially when you love your family to the fullest. Take your time out and help them sort it out among themselves so that you have a happy, united family again.

common issues within family


From the above points, it can be concluded that, just like your friends and your teachers, the people who have seen you the closest, who have always been there in your ups and downs, need a showcase of gratitude. Your little actions can mean a lot to them because they never really want loads of things in return from you. Maybe when you spend a bit of time with them, plan gatherings, and be there with them when it matters, is all they want. They don’t have a lot of expectations, but they sure understand when you appreciate them for your actions, so make sure it’s worth it.

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FAQs on ways to show gratitude to your family

Why is gratitude important?

Gratitude is essential, and you tend to acknowledge the goodness in your lives. Gratitude helps you feel more positive and gives you a deeper insight into your life. 

What are the benefits of gratitude?

Gratitude is something that everyone in their lives should practice. It boosts your immune system, which lets you fight any diseases that might come to you, and improves your mental health.

Why does being grateful make you happier in your life?

Gratefulness is an emotion that is a way of thanking the universe for whatever you have got in your life. It can be for your meals or the roof above your head. Strong positive impact on your psychological well-being.

Can gratitude change your life?

Gratitude can change your life, and it helps you out in numerous ways. When you are thanking the universe, the universe connects with you and lets all the other blessings come your way.

What happens when you lack gratitude in your life?

Gratitude takes you in having a look at your life differently and makes you feel beautiful about it. When you lack appreciation, there is a sense of incompleteness or brokenness in your life.

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