How Can I Show Gratitude to My Mother?: 15+ Ways

Gratitude is a nine-letter word powerful enough to leave a long-lasting impression on someone’s soul.

This word can make someone smile, make their hearts melt, and moisten their cheeks with tears of happiness and joy.

Out of the various relationships one is blessed with their life, the relationship between a mother and a child can be easily considered above all.

This relationship is way beyond everything, and the showcase of gratitude occasionally only makes it better than it already is.

How to Be Grateful to Your Mother? :

  • You can write a poem for your mother or gift a handwritten note.
  • You can treat her to her favorite meal or even cook one yourself. 
  • Hug her tightly to remove all sorrow from her life.
  • Help her out every time she needs a helping hand.
  • Spend quality time with her, and don’t refrain from sharing every little detail about your day.

Ways to Show Gratitude to Mother

  • 1 Greeting her with flowers
  • 2 Write a poem for your mother.
  • 3 Gifting her a handwritten note, or a letter
  • 4 Give her one tight hug.
  • 5 Cook her favorite meal
  • 6 Take her out shopping.
  • 7 Play her favorite songs and dance with her
  • 8 Extend her a helping hand
  • 9 Take her to somewhere she has always wanted to visit
  • 10 Spend some quality time with her
  • 11 Bestow her with gifts
  • 12 Be her chauffeur for a day.

Greeting her with flowers

A flower can easily be one of the most beautiful presents you can gift someone, and your mom is already the most beautiful person in your life, so a flower, as a present to your mother, can make everything pretty and soulful. 

Flowers symbolize kindness, love, gratitude, and affection. You can make your mother’s soul blossom with joy and extravagance by gifting her a bouquet of her favorite flowers.

You can easily extend your appreciation towards your mother by gifting her a bunch of flowers to showcase your gratitude and ensure a good meal from her kitchen.

To portray your love and care for your mother today, go and get some of her favorite flowers without giving them a second thought.

Write a poem for your mother.

Words can be magical when written correctly. No matter how simple or how basic your poem is, it is bound to touch your mother’s soul in unimaginable ways and make her smile and blush.

You need to be impeccable with your usage of words and don’t write anything in a hurry, even though it doesn’t turn out to be great.  

You can write a poem that will be able to reflect your feelings towards her, how you appreciate her for all that she has done for you, and portray thankfulness towards her. Even her mere existence is priceless, and your poem should be able to depict that.

Writing a poem can show her your efforts to make her smile and will be enough to extend your heartfelt appreciation towards your mother. 

Gifting her a handwritten note, or a letter

Just like writing a poem to express your feelings, you can also write a letter for her, bringing a smile and pleasing her.

Every time you take some time out and write something for someone bound to get recognized, and when it’s your mother, no wonder it will fill her soul with joy.

Once again, make sure that your words are correct and used correctly. Don’t make them too complicated for her to understand, but write something she can feel. Decorate the letter, or the note, very beautifully to portray that you have gone the extra mile to make it a special present for your mother. 

Give her one tight hug.

A warm and tight hug is usually enough to express what words merely cannot. A hug symbolizes love, care, appreciation, and everything beautiful. You can hug your mom anytime you want, and she will never ask you not to hug her.

You can make it even a surprise and come and hug her from behind and observe her heart melt like chocolate does. Besides, you can bring some gifts and add to this warm, long hug.

Sometimes it is all you need to remove all sorrow and stress. Lots of hugs with kisses can make any day special for your mother. 

ways show gratitude to your mother

Cook her favorite meal

You can even order her favorite meal, but that won’t make it that special. When you cook something for her, no matter how bland it tastes, your mother will love your efforts and give you a tight hug in return.

You can observe her melt in front of you like a kid does when he/she is given a bar of chocolate.

You can decide to make a particular day special for her, like her birthday or Mother’s Day, and occupy the kitchen from morning to night. Cook every meal she loves, and notice her act like a kid, elated with joy.

This can make any day special, even it is no particular occasion. You don’t need a specific day to make your mother smile with your cooking skills.

Take her out shopping.

Remember the days when your mother used to take you out shopping? Well, it’s time for you to return the favors and make it a day to remember for her. Take her out shopping and get her some of the things she needs or has wanted for a long time.

Even if it is just grocery shopping, accompany her, don’t let her feel that you have no time for her. She was the one for whom you are what you are today, and she deserves care and affection in every possible way from you.

Even if she resists while you gift her something, don’t let her restrict you this time, get her what she wants, and observe her cheeks getting moist with tears of joy.

Play her favorite songs and dance with her

It might be quite obvious that you and your mother’s favorite songs are not the same, and there is no harm in that. Take some time out, play her favorite songs, and notice her humming to those old classical tunes.

Observe her sing along like she used to back in the days, which can surely make your day brighter.

At times, if the song permits, invite her to the dancefloor and share some steps with her. Watch how lively she appears and how much she is enjoying herself.

This is a very small thing that doesn’t require much effort but still goes a long way to make her smile. 

Extend her a helping hand

Often, overall, all your mother needs is a helping hand for these gifts and beautiful moments. Either some help in the kitchen, or some help while moving furniture, or it can be anything, you name them. Don’t refrain from being that helping hand to her.

If your mother is someone who works outside and doesn’t get a lot of time to spend with you, make sure you do a lot of the work in the house so that the stress on her when she gets back home decreases.

You can extend your sincere gratitude towards her in many other ways like watering the plants or getting her some groceries; the list can go on and on, but whatever you do, do it with a genuine heart and wait for the smile on your mother’s face.

ways you can help your mother

Take her to somewhere she has always wanted to visit

It may be a fancy place or some regular place she used to visit back in the days; whatever that place is, take some time and take her there. You will see how much she enjoys the trip and how excited she gets just by the thought of being able to visit that place. 

It can be a restaurant she loves or another city where she grew up; make sure you have time to take her there safely and be the reason behind her smile.

All the mothers out there are hardworking and deserve every bit of their children’s efforts to bring a smile to their faces and make them blush like a child.

Spend some quality time with her

Sometimes all your mother needs are you to be with her. That’s it, nothing else. No fancy gifts, no succulent meals, just your presence is all that matters to her. Won’t you gift her that? You definitely will if you want her to smile and be happy.

Maybe you stay away from the family most of the year, so don’t forget to visit your mother whenever you get some time. She is the one who cares for you and gets tensed for you the most.

She is the one who is behind your success, so never forget her once you reach where you want to be, or even let your love for your mother drop down even the slightest bit. This is another great way to show how much you appreciate your mother. 

Bestow her with gifts

Bestow your mother with soulful and thoughtful gifts and tokens. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, but it should be something you can connect yourself with and relate to. Devote some time to thinking about the best gift for her, don’t rush the process.

Once you have planned what you want, you need to look for that, and in such times, you can look for personalized or customized gift shops or even make a gift by yourself.

Do whatever you please, but make sure it can touch your mother’s soul and make her joyful.

Gift hampers, kitchen utensils, dresses, jewelry, or even plants can be tokens of gratitude towards your mother.  

Be her chauffeur for a day.

Do you still remember those days when your mom drove you to school and brought you back? It’s time that you do the same for her.

Be her chauffeur for the day, and take her for a long drive, or take her to somewhere she needs to visit.

This is another thing that doesn’t require heavy effort or money; you can easily gift her a day wherein you drive the car, and she enjoys it.

Drive her safely to her destination and pick her up on the way back. Observe how she feels nostalgic remembering those good old days when she was in the driver’s seat. 

ways to become good son or daughter


From the above points, it can be concluded that every little thing you do for your mother is something she will never forget and be happy thinking about. Who doesn’t love to see a smile on their mother’s face?

The person who toiled so much, the person who did everything to make sure you are where you are today, so it becomes your responsibility to look after her when you grow up, and give her back, the same way she used today when you were a kid, maybe take it up a notch higher. 

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Frequency Asked Questions on ways to show gratitude to your mother

How can you be even more grateful to your mother?

You can showcase greater appreciation towards her by being her chauffeur for a day, helping her in the kitchen, spending quality time with her, cooking for her, listening to her with full attention, and hugging her every time she feels down or sad. 

What are some of the very sweet messages for your mother?

Some of the very adorable messages for your mother can be, “I’m so proud of being your son/daughter,” “Mother, I hope you get everything you deserve after all these years,” “No other person can be as good a mom as you are,” “You are the best mother in the whole world, and no one even comes close,” and so on.

What are some of the ways to extend your appreciation to your mom?

You can book her a spa day, take her out fishing, bring her some healthy desserts, cook her favorite meal, buy her flowers and other gifts, write a poem for her, share your day with her, and so on.

What is the gift of gratitude?

Gratitude does not work according to the give and take policy. Instead, if you show your appreciation to others or the universe, it comes back to you in some form of kindness, perhaps the gift of gratitude. 

How do you show gratitude to others?

You should show gratitude to others in different aspects of your life. You should try being an active listener and listen to what others are saying, giving out some compliments to each other.

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