How to Show Gratitude to A Friend?: 15+ Ways

From childhood, everyone is taught to respect and thank their teachers for their contribution to every student’s life. They impart education and foster a child’s growth or a grown-up and teach them the basic etiquette and manners essential to becoming an important person.

Showcasing gratitude towards your teachers also helps to strengthen your relationship with them, and many times it becomes like a relationship between a parent and a child, rather than a student-teacher relationship.

Ways to Be More Respectful Towards Your Teachers:

  • Give your teachers your complete attention and abide by their norms.
  • Follow the rules and regulations developed by your teachers inside the classroom.
  • Behave and always be well-mannered in Infront of your teachers.
  • Be punctual, and don’t forget to finish your teachers’ tasks assigned to you.
  • Let your teachers know when you have a problem in understanding something, and always take their permission before doing something inside the classroom.

Ways to show gratitude to your teachers.

  • 1 Thank a teacher by offering to help
  • 2 Thank one of your favorite teachers with a hand-drawn picture
  • 3 A handwritten note of appreciation can go a long way
  • 4 Arranging something special for your teacher
  • 5 Keep the energy of your teacher intact with a free coffee offer.
  • 6 Tell the teachers what your child loves about school
  • 7 Gift your teachers something cool
  • 8 Support your teacher in every way you can
  • 9 Bring flowers to your teacher.
  • 10 Treat your teachers
  • 11 Pay tribute to your teachers
  • 12 Hit them up when you have lost touch

Thank a teacher by offering to help

As a student, one of the best ways to give back to your teachers for their contributions to your life is by offering your help to them. You can take it a notch by offering help by yourself rather than waiting for your teachers to ask you for a favor. 

You can offer to volunteer for a noble cause conducted by your teachers or show how willingly you want to help them out with something else.

Maybe there is a concert in your school, so you can volunteer to help with the decorations. Even a little help can go a long way, and the tiniest of help from students is like music to the teachers’ ears.

Thank one of your favorite teachers with a hand-drawn picture

This point caters solely to the small kids and their parents. Doesn’t your heart melt when your son/daughter draws something, by themselves, for you? You should probably teach them to do the same for their teachers.

As a kid, your child probably will not understand the meaning of expressing their gratitude towards the teachers but will surely find enjoyment in drawing something for them, which will melt the teachers’ hearts.

You don’t need to sit and teach them drawing for hours; even a little abstract sketch of something can mean the world to their teachers, and they will notice how your kid, at such an early age, already knows how to portray their appreciation towards the teachers. 

A handwritten note of appreciation can go a long way

Yes, a mere “thank you” or something else works just fine, but verbal appreciation can be done by anyone; you can stand out from the rest by writing a curated letter for your teachers.

It sets you apart from the rest, but it also shows that you have taken some out and written this for your teacher.

It doesn’t have to be a formal letter kind of thing, but don’t be too informal, like you’re with your friends.

A simple handwritten note makes your teacher/teachers realize the extra efforts you have put in to show your appreciation towards them, and this once again is sure to melt their hearts.

Arranging something special for your teacher

When you grow up, you get to know various things about your favorite teachers, and one of those things is their birthdays. If you are in high school, or university, or wherever you are studying, you can arrange a surprise party for your teacher or a group of teachers.

This is something that requires quite a lot of effort so you can even ask your friends to join you and plan for a gala party for your teacher or teachers.

Maybe it’s the birthday of a teacher you all love; you can arrange a birthday cake, decorate the classroom, play some music, and make it a day to remember for your teacher.

You can even arrange a bigger party on teacher’s day to surprise even a bigger group of teachers. This gets them elated and shows the efforts you have given to make a day worth their while.

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ways bring smile on teachers face

Keep the energy of your teacher intact with a free coffee offer.

You can talk with the local coffee shops and cafes and arrange for a free coffee coupon for your teacher every once in a while. It does take a lot of energy to become a teacher and handle such a large number of students every day.

Teachers may seem tireless and, like warriors at times, never willing to give up, but they too need some energy to keep carrying on at the end of the day.

You can arrange such free coffee coupons or even set up a coffee-making machine in the staff room so that the energies of your teachers are kept bolstered. Such a unique idea will increase their affection for you.

Tell the teachers what your child loves about school

This point caters to the parents. If your child is still very small and cannot show their gratitude towards the teachers, you can take the pain of visiting their school and telling the teachers what your child loves the most about school.

Every time you visit a teacher to share what your child loves about the school and the teaching staff, you can observe how happy it makes the teachers because it is the knowledge the students are gathering and implementing which makes the teachers who they are.

If in that process, they can make the students fall in love with their school or with the education as a whole, it’s a bonus. Share what makes your child excited about learning and school.

Gift your teachers something cool

With the new-age technology at the tip of your hands, you can gift something over the top to your teachers. It doesn’t have to be super expensive and extravagant but something which will benefit the teacher, you, and the overall teaching process. 

You can even just gift them something standard but personalize it in your way so that it stands out. It will show them that you have put in some decent efforts to bring a smile on their faces, and your way of appreciating them will once again melt their heart.

If you can arrange a significant amount of money by gathering more of your friends in, you can maybe gift a smartboard with a projector which will not only make the teaching process easier and less complicated but also fun.

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Support your teacher in every way you can

Supporting doesn’t always mean financially because you may not be able to help them out in that way at this moment, but you can support them in some other ways.

Maybe your teacher is a writer or has a business of their own; you can help your teacher out by letting others know about his/her business or the books he/she has written over the years. This is a great way to support them and their endeavors. 

If your teacher is unwell or is down morally, you can visit them and offer some mental stability at least. Such things don’t require tremendous efforts, just a pure heart and the will to support the people who have contributed to your life.

When it’s time for you to contribute to them, don’t back off, and this is another great way of appreciating them and showcasing thankfulness towards them.

benefits supporting someone

Bring flowers to your teacher.

Flowers are something no one can turn down unless that person is allergic to them. You too can save some money or get it from your parents and buy some flowers for your teacher.

It will uplift their mood first thing in the morning and make them feel appreciated and honored throughout the rest of the day.

Like any other human being, teachers too, go through a lot which they cannot share with you all since you are merely students, but many times when you observe something wrong with a teacher or notice that he/she is feeling down, you can boost their morale with some good words, but a bouquet can be the best thing to gift them at that moment.

It will show that you appreciate him/her and have tried to observe that something is not okay with that person.

Treat your teachers

After having studied under your teachers for so many years, you might be sure of what food or foods they love, and if you can arrange for a small party in the school itself wherein you and your friends give a treat to your teachers, that can surely make them lose their minds with joy and elation.

Once you figure out what your teachers like to eat, either you can order those food items or ask your parents to make it on the day you plan to surprise your teachers.

It will portray the love and affection your students have towards your teachers and how much you appreciate them for the knowledge they have imparted in your life.

No matter how small it is, planning for such a party will surely make your teachers scold you all a bit lesser and love a lot harder.

Pay tribute to your teachers

You and your friends can arrange a concert on the school premises wherein you all perform and pay tribute to the teachers. This can be a one-of-a-kind way to express your gratitude towards your teachers.

You can even make it a bigger event by bringing in the entire school’s students, and all of you can work together to make that event something grand.

You can hire some people to build a stage for you, get good lighting and effects, practice for the event without letting your teachers know, and surprise them on the big day.

When you take your way of appreciating your teachers to such an extent, you get back to love, affection, kindness, and, most importantly, blessings from your teachers.

Hit them up when you have lost touch

When you grow up and move to another school or a university, keep the numbers of your teachers who contributed so much to your life. Arrange their present numbers or hit them on Facebook or other social media sites. 

Your teachers will be filled with joy and emotions when they identify you and remember those good old days.

This is another way to appreciate them and show that even after moving away from school and getting established, you don’t forget the efforts and contributions of the teachers that got you here. This is what gratitude means.

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ways give back to teacher


From the above points, it can be concluded that you should always be grateful to your teachers for their immense contribution to your life. You owe a lot to them after having reached the greatest heights of success.

Sadly, not everyone remembers all their efforts and contributions and forgets them with time. While you are still close to your teachers and getting to see and learn from them every day, make the most of your time, and don’t forget to appreciate them in the various ways, as stated above, to make their day as well.

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FAQs on ways to show gratitude to your teachers

Why should you be grateful to your teachers?

There are numerous reasons to be grateful for your teachers, including their support, their kindness and compassion towards you, their way of handling so many students and ensuring that everyone gets the best education possible, and their dedication towards everything they do for you.

Why should you appreciate your teachers?

Like every other human being, a teacher also needs to manage so many things, yet they dedicatedly bring the best to/her students. Allows their growth to take place and helps them out in every circumstance. The role played by teachers in making such great and established human beings should always be appreciated.

How to appreciate your teachers?

By applauding them Infront of other people, saying how much they and their contributions mean to you, getting them some sweets or gifts, doing a special ceremony in honor of them, helping them out when they need your help, and being polite and respectful are some of the ways to appreciate your teachers.

Why is it important to respect your teachers?

Your teachers are the ones you spend the most time with after your parents, especially when you are a child. Maybe you spend more time with your teachers than with your parents at times.

You need to understand the sacrifices they are making for you the efforts they are giving so that you become a better human and gain knowledge. For their hard work and dedication, you must respect them.

What are some of the words to describe a teacher you like?

You can say that your teacher is dedicated, creative, kind, caring, passionate, motivated, hardworking, inspirational, and so on, to describe them.

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