40+ Simple Pleasures That Fill Your Day With Happiness

We, human beings, constantly try to seek out happiness in our everyday life through a variety of activities, going on a vacation, or watching a good movie. But, even the simplest thing in life can give us immense pleasure in a day. 

Let us reflect on some of these activities that can make your day full of happiness and joy.

What Are Simple Pleasures?

The little, commonplace things in life that make us happy and pleased are known as simple pleasures. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and might differ from person to person.

While some people would like a lively conversation with friends, others might enjoy a peaceful morning spent reading a book. While some people might enjoy a warm cup of tea, others would prefer a cold drink of lemonade.

They may serve as a gentle reminder to savor the beauty of the world around us.

Why Are Simple Pleasures Important?

Simple pleasures like reading a book or taking a walk in the park are significant for a variety of reasons. They first offer a respite from the strain and confusion of daily life.

They enable us to take our time, unwind, and enjoy the little things in life. Second, they serve as a reminder to live in the present and express gratitude for what we have. They enable us to enjoy the mundane and recognize the elegance and simplicity of life.

Third, small joys can lift our spirits and enhance our general well-being. They can aid in making us feel more at ease, satisfied, and joyful.

40+ Simple pleasures Finding Joy in everyday

That first cup of steaming coffee

Never have your morning’s coffee in a hurry- it’s a crime. Wake up early, make yourself a hot cup, sit by the window while reading a book or listening to a song, and savor the warmth of the drink. Utilize the time to plan things you want to do for the day. 

Coffee will not only provide you with energy, but it will also help you to think clearly. Also, try different flavors and beans- experiment with your beverage.

Taking a long walk in the garden

Are you having a bad day? You are probably exhausted from all the work pressure in your office. Spare some time. Put on some comfy clothes and go for a walk in your garden or a nearby park. 

The lush greenery is soothing to the body, mind, and soul. Especially if you walk barefoot, the soft grass against your feet will make you feel more connected to nature and refresh your mind.

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Look while you drive

You are driving the car, driving to the office, or returning home. Switch off your phone and turn off the music. Look through your window outside. Concentrate on your surroundings- the roads, the people, the shops, the trees, etc. 

As you look, you will realize that the world around you is so beautiful. Amidst all the chaos on the roads, search for the things that make you happy- a man selling balloons or children playing in the rain.

Feel the wind

You are free today, there is a beautiful wind outside, and it is about to rain. Shout down your phone and laptop, and go outside and take a stroll while you feel the cool, soft wind hit your face and carry you away. 

This is a way to make yourself feel all the more connected and lively. The touch of Nature against you will always make you happy and grateful for the gift of life that you are blessed with. 

Read, read, and read some more

Your busy schedule probably leaves you with almost no time for yourself, and you don’t even remember the last time you spent some time reading your favorite book. Well, make time for that. Before you go to sleep, spare an hour and curl up in bed with a good book. 

Always remember, books are probably the best companions you can ever expect. A quote, an incident, or a book’s character can deeply impact your life.


Watch a sunrise

Do not just lay around in your bed for the whole day on a holiday or weekend. Wake up early and go watch the beautiful sunrise. Nature is always our best refuge. There is nothing more beautiful and mesmerizing than getting a view of a refreshing sunrise in the sky early in the morning. 

When you start your day with one of nature’s most beautiful aspects, it makes you feel happy and stay positive for the entire day.

Spend time connecting to water

Do you have a beach within a short distance from your house? You are lucky enough. Even if you don’t have it, look for a lake or river. Take some time from your schedule to go for a stroll near the water. 

The coolness of the river and the beautiful view are soothing to the mind and will calm you down. You can also go for a quick swim if you want to, or sit down while dipping your feet.

Meditate, gather your thoughts

In this modern regular rat race of life, we have no time to sit down for a while and gather our thoughts. This makes our life messy and unorganized. The only solution to this is meditation. 

Just focus on your ideas and meditate while sitting in one place for at least half an hour. This will help you discover yourself and establish a closer connection between you and the world around you.


Take a good, long shower

You are usually in a hurry before leaving for your office, and you do not give enough time to take a shower. Well, in that case, you are missing out on all the good stuff. On Sundays, take a long shower- and an extra-long one. 

Heat the water a bit more than you usually do. Relax as the hot water runs through your body and washes away all the extra stress and worries about work deadlines you have in mind.

Embrace your loved ones

Do you spend time with the people you live within the same house? Do you know if they are going through some problems? Talk to them, and hug them when you think they need it. This will not just be a relief to them, it will also lift your mood. 

Being with your close ones will always make you happy and keep you connected. Have dinner together, watch a movie at night, or maybe share a cup of coffee.

Dance your heart out

Your busy schedule probably leaves you no time to go out and party with your friends. No worries. Have your little dance party at home. Make room wherever you want to, decorate with colorful lights, turn on some party music and let everything loose for a while. 

Forget about office deadlines, client meetings, and business deals, and lose yourself in the magic of music. Have your family members join you too and party together. Let everything around you fade away!

Laugh like there’s no tomorrow

Do you remember the last time you almost rolled out on the floor laughing at a joke your friend cracked or watching a funny scene in a movie? On weekends, invite your friends over and spend some time with them. 

Have a gala time so that your mind is diverted from all the work pressure. Also, if you want to be alone, you can always put on your favorite cartoon or TV show or podcast that always makes you laugh.


Talk to your best friend over the phone

Your phone calls are probably limited to formal calls to your boss, colleagues, or sub-employees. One day, before bed, call up an old school/college buddy or best friend and talk your heart out. 

With the modern concept of texting, people usually try to avoid calling. This is a wrong concept. When you can’t meet someone, the least you can do is call them and hear their voice. This somewhat reduces the distance between two people.

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Get yourself a massage

You have not had the time to pamper yourself for a long time now. You don’t even remember the last time you got a massage, or perhaps you never did. Well, it’s time you get one. Look for the best massage parlors near you and choose one. 

Take a massage and relax all the sore muscles in your body. Let all the tension flow away and when you come back from that salon, you are much more de-stressed and happy.


Have your favorite dessert

Who doesn’t love dessert? All of us do. Give your dessert all the time and attention it deserves. Take your favorite flavor of ice cream, and notch things up a bit by adding some root beer to it. 

Sit down with a book or put on some music, look out your window, sit in the garden, and indulge yourself in this heavenly affair. Always trust ice cream if it is about what makes you happy when you feel low.

Spend some romantic time with your partner

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Or, are you married to someone? In that case, always remember to spend time with your significant other. The key to a healthy relationship is giving time to each other. 

Take them out for a date or trips on weekends, or go for a stroll, hand in hand, when it is raining outside. This will boost your relationship, making you happier and giving you time to understand each other better.

Sing in the shower

You may not always have the scope to take an extra-long shower. So, use the time you spend in the washroom wisely. While in the shower, relax your mind and sing aloud whatever you like. Who cares what other people think? 

What matters is that it makes you happy. Also, put on that favorite artist’s music that always calms you and gets rid of the early morning stress about how the entire day is going to be.

Set up a workout routine

Do not exercise because you have to; do it when you love doing it. Choose the type of exercises that suit you and chalk out a plan. If you don’t prefer going to a gym, go for a walk every morning and evening, run in the nearby park or your lawn- spend some time outside the walls and doors of your house. 

Exercises and yoga are not just beneficial to your body; they are very useful for your mental peace.

Clean up your room

For absolute cleanliness freaks, taking time to clean their rooms or arrange their bookshelves or wardrobes is like total therapy. You can try this out. It keeps you engaged and helps keep your stuff organized, and a tidy room will always make you happy. 

You will probably find a long-lost thing you’ve been searching for or make space for more stuff. This is going to be a complete stressbuster for you.

Have that chunk of chocolate

Once in a while, give up your strict diet plan and go for some delicious dark chocolate. As we all know, compared to other types of chocolate, this one tastes quite bitter- but who knows, maybe you would end up stocking your fridge with loads of chocolate bars. 

Savor the delicacy, and slowly note how it melts in your mouth and feels against your tongue. Many people consider dark chocolate to be a strong stress-buster. Consider trying it out.

Eat something junk

You can be a lover of pizzas and french fries but can’t have them usually because they will mess with your regular diet. Well, everyone’s allowed one cheat day. If you are feeling low, grab your favorite pizza or a bucket of french fries with the perfect seasonings and just enjoy it while watching the game. 

Look up in your kitchen to see what spices you have that you can add to the food to make it taste even better. 

Spend time with your kids

If you are a parent and don’t get to spend much time with your kids during the working days, spare your weekends for them. Talk to them, hear stories about their school and friends, make their favorite food, and make them laugh. 

Their smile is something that will make you happy and make you understand what matters in life. Take them to the park in the evening, play with them and buy them toys and chocolates- whatever makes them happy!

Make and bake

Were you the best cook back in your college hostel? But obviously, you do not get the scope of cooking that lasagna or baking that chocolate cake everybody loves to have. Bring back that charm of yours. 

Cook for yourself or your family members; make a beautiful cake for your little kid. Food is a great way to keep yourself and others happy. Trust it to bring a huge smile to your face when you taste what you have cooked.


Take a short trip

You do not always need to go to a foreign country or the mountains for a vacation. You can always take a short break in between work and sneak out for a short trip on the weekend. 

Pack your bags and take a hike in any natural space you have within a short distance from your home. Traveling calms down the mind and lets you relax for a while. A closer connection to Nature will make you happy and content.

Lying under the stars

Nature is filled with beautiful elements. Have you ever looked up at a clear night sky on a cool evening? If not, then do it. Take out a mattress, lay down on the ground, and stare up at the sky. 

Spot the familiar constellations and lose yourself in the magic of Nature. Spending some time in this way will make you understand what things matter most in life. You may reflect on a favorite memory that may make you smile.

Make a sandcastle

Do you have a beach house, or do you live very close to a beach? Take your kids out and make a sandcastle with them. Make them feel the texture of the sand against their skin. Provide them with stuff so that they can make the largest sandcastle with several layers. 

Once completed, the mere sight of the structure against the backdrop of the beach view will make your heart flutter with happiness, and you can share that joy with your kids.

Get a beer

If you are legally allowed to drink, it’s okay to catch up with your friends for a quick drink once in a while. Spot your favorite brewery, call some friends over and drink a few beers. In this way, you get to relax and spend some quality time with your friends at the same time. 

Talk to them, share a few jokes, and come home all giddy with joy. You will be able to work with more concentration later on.

Go to a movie theatre

Nowadays, we have access to movies and web series at home. But there’s no point in always sitting at home. If you feel like watching a movie, look at what movie theaters near you are open, pick a movie, and go watch it on the big screen. 

You can take your partner on a movie date, or you can catch up with friends and watch the movie. Whatever makes you happy- just step out of the house and do it!

Appreciate your workout efforts

Have you been constantly trying to lose a little weight or make yourself fitter? Well, in that case, when you finish your daily exercise or workout at the gym, pause and reflect for some time now. 

Feel that rush of endomorphin in your body at the end of it and appreciate your body for the gradual progress it is going through. This will help you to stay motivated and when you achieve your target, it will make you happy.


Cuddle and show some love

It’s a romantic weekend. It’s about to rain outside and the weather is simply outstanding. Well, show some romance. Curl up in bed with your loved one and watch a movie together or have coffee together. 

This way, you get to spend some quality time with your partner, which will make them understand your love for them, and therefore strengthen the bond between you two. Always remember intimacy is the most important thing in a relationship. Thus, show some love!


In summary, in our fast-paced and busy life, simple pleasures are sometimes forgotten. To be pleased and joyful, though, one must take the time to notice and savour these little moments.

As you can see, you don’t need to do a lot of complex arrangements to make yourself feel happy every day. Even the tiniest thing in your life, a slight change in your regular schedule can make a huge impact on your life and make you happy in a way you can never imagine. Just find what makes you happy!


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