85+ Positive Spiritual Words from Bhagwad Geeta

Lord has given much of the wording of life to follow in real life. But, bit due to lack of knowledge or cure deeds, people won’t follow it up.

There are many problems that people face every day. But can you find a solution to it?

Of course, yes. How? Read out the Bhagwat Geeta and understand it. You would indeed find structure out of it. Check out the details as follows: 

Positive Spiritual Words From Bhagwad Geeta

-Death is compulsory for one who gets the birth. Similarly, birth is compulsory for one who dies. If these things are compulsory, then why do you need to cry behind them? 

-The only mind can become the true friend or enemy of the person. 

-Eternally all person get with God, in God and gets immersed in nothing but God. 

-The mind of the person can act as an enemy for one who doesn’t control it. 

-Wrong thinking of the person only creates the problem in the life of the person. 

-A person should leave the things for making their own to get peace in life. 

-A person can get or become anything if you sit with confidence, constantly thinking about a goal. 

-You are never born. You never die. 

-The answers you expect never come when your mind gets busy. It only comes up when your mind is still. 

-God never treats a person with more priories or less. Everyone gets similar in his eyes. But one who prays to him comes in his heart. Therefore a person can find the presence of God in their life. 

-A person should give all desire for the sense of gratification. One needs to become free from all desires. For this, you need to give up all sense of proprietorship. Also, he gets devoid of false ego. Also, only this type of person can attain peace. 

-Humans get thoughts as per their belief. Also, he becomes similar to their beliefs 

-God is not at all worried about the mistakes you made. He only wants love from your side. Therefore give pet him more deeply. 

-God says whatever you do, make it as an offering to me. It should include food you eat, sacrifices you make, help you give to people, even under your sufferings. 

-There is nothing lost or things to waste in life.                           

-When you feel down suffering of every living creature in your life. After this, you become conscious. 

-Little after little, keeping the patient and start to repeat the effort. Do this for making the mind of a person would become still in itself. 

-One who knows the truth of life doesn’t desire to get anything in this world. Also, he is equal to all people. Always happy and united with God. 

-You have all rights to making efforts and hard work. But you don’t have the right to expect the fruit of it. 

-You should never engage down in actions for the sake of the reward. Also, it would help if you didn’t go long with inactions. 

-Meet down this transient world with neither grasping nor fear. Keep trust in all unfolding of life. After this, you will surely attain the true serenity of life. 

-One who doesn’t do good deeds of work will never end up with bad things. 

-You should not disrespect any person. Disrespecting anyone means disrespecting God. It’s because the entire world comes as a production of God. 

-Let us not find today the fruit of your action. You need to set the motive for your action. 

-Your business gets with action as alone and not with the fruit of actions. 

-A person can surely rise with the efforts of his mind. Similarly, one can also set down himself downwards. It’s because every person comes as a friend or enemy of themselves. 

Keep reading the quotes of the Bhagwat Geeta. It would help one to get down with following down the right path in life. 

Positive words from Bhagwat Geeta as saying of Lord Krishna 

-The body of the person gets perishable, but dwellers can come with eternal, indestructible, and impenetrable. 

-The wise man lets go of all types of results. No matter good or bad. It would help if you only made a focus on the actions alone.

-A person at last hours of the life remembers me for relinquished with the body. 

-To make the mind your best friend, you need to conquer it. but one who fails to do that gets his mind as his very greatest enemy. 

-He creates everything in the world. We offer him simple things to show our love and gratitude towards him. ‘

-The supreme lord gets eternal, perennially young. Therefore he lies immortal words which would get ever fresh. 

-Even the blade of the grass doesn’t move without the will of the supreme godhead. Thus everything in this world gets followed by God’s will. 

-One should make a friendship with Lord Krishna to never get cheated. Also, you can expect great help from him. 

-Absolute independence means having complete faith in the lord’s mercy without dependence on the situation of matter. 

-Whatever is happening has something good hidden inside it. Whatever will happen will indeed happen for good.

-One should not have any regrets for the past. Stop all worries for the future. The present situation will surely make happening for better future. 

-Accept Lord Krishna as your friend for always getting happiness. 

Positive words for the Bhagavad Gita to make your life auspicious 

-Neither in this world nor anywhere else does happiness get to sell in the store who always keep doubting 

-Curving back within myself can get created again and again.       

-We hold the responsibility for what we have today and will get in the future. 

-It is far better to live your life with your destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else life. 

-Lust, anger, and greed prove as three doors to stepping into hell. 

-The meaning of karma get as the intention for the people. the intention behind action comes as action. Those who make motivation only have the desire for the fruits of action get miserable. It would come as constantly anxious for getting the results out of it. 

-Whatever action gets performed by the great man gets followed by the familiar people. this person sets the standard for the set which exemplary acts as worlds pursue. 

-The primary key to happiness comes as a reduction for the desires in life. 

-Happiness comes as the state of the mind of the person. It doesn’t have any relation to the external world. 

-Do the wise work for the welfare of the world without making any thoughts for themselves. 

-A human being has a habit of putting on new garments for giving up on the soul. Similarly, the soul accepts the latest material of the body, quieting with old and useless ones. 

-Suppose you fail to achieve the goal. In this case, change your strategy and not the goal. 

-A person can alone see the truth who can visualize the God in every creature. 

-Why do you keep on with fears unnecessarily? Who can fear you down? Who can kill you out? The soul is neither born nor dies. 

-A person needs to get prepared for accepting all mercy is unlimited. After this, he is ready to give things unlimitedly. 

-Those who have made the realization of themselves always get the satisfaction. 

-You need to find the source of joy and fulfillment. After this, you don’t need to seek happiness from the external world. 

-You only have the right to follow the performance of the prescribed duty. But you are never get entitled to the fruits of action.

Never consider yourself as the cause of the result you get. Also, you should never be attached to doing the duty.

You don’t need to worry much about the structures of the world. Only following the saying of Lord Krishna can lead to the doorstep of heaven. Even reading these positive words can give you success. 

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