20+ Ways to Start Our Monday with Motivation

Monday motivation is the key to kick start our week with motivation, focus, and determination that we can achieve anything we want in life. This is a slogan often used on social media platforms where people post positive Monday motivational quotes for uplifting and cheering people up.

How can we stay positive on Mondays?

  • Preparing a list of things to do on Monday beforehand.
  • We should believe that Monday is the beginning of a new week and a chance for new opportunities.
  • We should believe in ourselves that we can start afresh.
  • Getting plenty of sleep the day before and waking up early on Mondays.
  • Having a kick start Monday with a nice hot cup of coffee.

Ways to start our Monday with motivation

Make a to-do list beforehand

Making a to-do list the day before can help us to be motivated on Mondays.

It will help us to work with ease. To-do lists containing all the work that we have to do on Monday, composing and sending emails, editing an article, writing a report. It will help us to work systematically without feeling overwhelmed about work.

Going for a walk of working out first thing in the morning

Going for a morning walk or working out first thing in the morning is essential to start our Mondays with motivation.

Morning walks and working out early in the morning help us feel energized and fresh. We realize that we are off to a good start because we get rid of the tiredness and sluggishness from the last day.

how to motivate ourselves by working out

Allowing some time for self-care

Allowing some time aside for self-care can motivate our Monday mood.

Self-care first thing in the morning and before going back to bed can be very therapeutic. Taking care of our body by using organic face masks and body massage with herbal oil seems to calm down our nerves, and we feel satisfied. We feel happy and motivated to start our Monday.

Reading some Monday motivating quotes

Reading some motivational quotes can help us to kick start our Mondays.

Some quotes that remind us of our self-worth remind us of our lifetime opportunities, provide us mental support, tell us to face our fears, and makes us believe that karma is essential for every individual to go through, especially on Mondays, to feel great about their progress in life.

some monday motivation quotes

Getting enough sleep and waking up early in the morning

Getting enough sleep for 8 hours straight and waking up early in the morning boosts our Monday motivation.

Sleeping releases the melatonin hormone, which makes us feel sleepy and gives our body and brain rest. It makes us sleep appropriate amounts of time and get up early in the morning feeling motivated like we can own the world. It makes us feel refreshed.

Making someone else’s day better

We can make someone else’s day better by doing small acts of gratitude.

We can offer flowers to a person who might be having a bad day, join someone at lunch and give them company so that they don’t feel lonely, help a person who is having a hard time crossing the road. These will make us feel happy and motivate us to work more.

Start learning a new skill every day

Learning a new skill every Monday will motivate us to get up from our bed and be full of enthusiasm to learn something new.

We can learn to cook a new dish every Monday, learn how to knit, learn some computer skills like Java Python, and learn gardening. These will give us a purpose or something to look forward to every week.

Making healthy and right food choices

Making the right food choices is the best way to motivate our Mondays.

If we start eating healthy from the first day of the week, we will feel healthy and feel much more motivated to do our jobs. We will feel fit. It will make us realize that we are making the right choices for ourselves in our life.

Limiting our screentime

Limiting our screentime can start our Mondays with motivation.

We should make a habit of not using our cellphone as soon as we wake up in the morning, and we should start it from the very first day of the week. It will ease our minds and will help in retaining our memory. It will make us feel motivated.

Making a vision board 

Making a vision board of the things that we want to achieve that week ahead of time can boost our Monday with motivation.

Making a to-do list every Monday will make us more focused on our work as we will have this constant urge to achieve those tasks by the end of the week. It will make us more motivated in our work.

advantages of vision board

Listening to motivational podcasts and watching videos

Listening to motivational podcasts and watching motivational videos at the start of the week can be very motivational.

It will make us realize that patience is the key to success. It will make us realize that every day is a new beginning. It will make us realize that we can achieve anything in life, how hard may it seem.

advantages of monday motivation

Speaking to ourselves with positive affirmations

Waking up early in the morning, especially on Mondays, and speaking with positive affirmations to ourselves first thing in the morning is very essential.

It makes us feel confident about ourselves and makes us realize that we can achieve anything in life. Affirmations like “we are gonna make it,” “we are great at whatever we do,” and ” we are worthy” make our Mondays less miserable because we perceive it in a positive sense.

Reading a book while on a break

Reading a book while on a break eases our minds. Reading books helps us to improve our communicative skills.

It helps us to retain our memory power and increase our creativity knowledge. Reading a book while taking a break amid a busy day such as Monday calms us down. It helps us to think about a matter more deeply and rationally.

Dressing up properly for work

Dressing up properly before going to work, especially at the start of the working week, boosts our motivation.

Dressing up with formal attire of our choice and color increases our self-esteem. It also builds up self-confidence in ourselves. It makes us realize that confidence is everything it takes to make it to the top in the workspace. This motivates us to work more hours. 

Visualizing our long term and short term goals

Visualizing our long-term and short-term goals is the key to motivation.

Visualizing our life goals at the beginning of the workweek makes us more ambitious. It makes us realize that we have to work hard to achieve our goals. We will not be able to achieve them if we procrastinate on Mondays. It helps us to stay focused at work.

Finding a hobby

Finding a hobby of our interest and working on it boosts our Mondays.

If we start our work week by keeping aside something that we like to do every day at break, it gives us something to look forward to. Doing something completely out of our daily life chores helps us to stay focused on work and makes us feel less burdened.

some of interesting hobbies

Listening to songs

Listening to songs first thing in the morning and especially on Monday mornings can boost our morning mood.

We should listen to happy songs, songs with positive affirmations, and songs that encourage us to take action in our situations. Listening to these types of songs can boost our Monday mood, can motivate us to work more, and encourage us to fight against our fears.

Challenging and teamwork

Challenging ourselves and teamwork is a vital Monday motivation booster.

If we allot our tasks to several employees in our team, we will be able to work efficiently and with more motivation. We will be able to give more concentration on our tasks. It will help us to take less work burden on ourselves on the very first day of our workday.

Burning incense sticks and candles

Burning incense sticks and candles ease our mind and body.

Scented candles and incense sticks calm our nerves and make us feel lighter. It makes us feel happy and satisfied. If we do this first thing in the morning of our working day, we will feel a different vibe all around us. We will feel good about ourselves and focus more on work.


To begin Monday well, it’s important to plan your week, focus on what’s most important, and stay positive. Having a good breakfast and keeping your workspace neat can also help you start the week right. These simple steps set a positive tone for a successful week ahead.

Frequently asked questions on Monday motivation.

Why is Monday motivation important?

Monday motivation is important to start our day in a good mood to work hard for the entire day and not feel demotivated.

Is Monday blues real?

Yes, Monday blues are real for most people. It means that we find Monday very sad and depressing because we need to return to our normal work schedule after a nice weekend.

How can we cope with Monday blues?

We can cope with our Monday blues by having something to look forward to, by not stressing too much about work, and by finding happiness and satisfaction in our job.

Does Monday’s motivation affect our entire week’s progress?

Yes, our motivation for Monday partly affects our entire week’s progress because if we are in a good motivated mood on Monday, we seem to plan out our entire week’s work and progress accordingly.

What are the disadvantages of Monday blues?

Monday blues can hamper our progress in work life. It can make us feel demotivated and frustrated with our work all the time, as a result of which we tend to do less work than usual.

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