How to Stay Away from Toxic People: 51+ Proven Ways

A toxic person is one of the most harmful human beings capable of destroying the mental peace of fellow people.

A toxic person has all the negative qualities that can be thought of. He is selfish and self-centered, with a strong tendency to tell lies and having no qualities of trustworthiness. He is extremely manipulative, jealous, and is a hypocrite.

How to Stay Away from Toxic People

Do not believe the toxic person at all. Stop believing in everything that the toxic individual tells you. Decide for yourself.

Do not get confused by their tall promises. Do not give in to their big words or fake promises. Judge carefully what is right for you and appropriate for the situation.

Try to gauge very carefully what they are saying. Try to have a deeper understanding of where they are coming from when they talk. It will help you look right through them.

Intimate them of their obnoxious attitude. They should be aware of how odd their behavior and attitude is towards people and feel guilty for it.

Walk away from them. The best way to get rid of the toxicity in your life is to distance yourself from the toxic people as they are far from realizing their mistake and are a lost cause.

Please try to identify the toxicity and what the problem is with the person. Observe the reason or reasons for their toxic behavior very carefully.

While dealing, please be strict with the person concerned. Toxic people turn a deaf ear to people who are soft with them as they feel a sense of superiority. Be as strict and stern as possible with them but don’t overdo it.

Don’t be a person that you are accepted for being granted. No matter who the person is, no matter how important he/she is, don’t ever accept being granted by anybody. Create your value and make sure you get it.

Have an exit place if you chance to meet and want to avoid. Have a backup plan ready at all times if you have to avoid the situation. 

Calm yourself under any circumstances. Always be very level headed and calm when dealing with a toxic person. Don’t give in to their argument but hold your ground.

Try to read their statements between the lines. Have a very lucid approach to the conversation, try not to overlook any details which might affect the conversation. Be very precise; don’t give them a chance.

Be very firm in dealing with them. Be as outright and straightforward as possible; don’t go running around in circles.

Do not be sentimental in dealing with road pranks. Be as emotionally stable and controlled as possible.

Never be sentimental in dealing. Have a very practical and realistic approach to the whole situation and refrain from indulging in sentiments.

Be sincere and honest. Be very sensible and don’t hide anything when in a conversation. Being transparent may bring in a positive change.

Try to make newer friends who have a PR Background. People with experience in Public Relations have a smart way of dealing with toxic people and might be able to help you a great deal.

You are your boss. Lead your life the way you want to, don’t allow someone else to take over your life and dictate the rules.

Try wholeheartedly to make new friends. Try to be a wholesome friend and make genuine efforts to create bonds.

Do not fall into their trap even under stress. Beware of the traps and the plans that they conspire. Be one step ahead at all times.

Tell them you do not like their ideas at all. Be brutally honest if something about them or something that they do does not go down well with you.

Try to find out the toxic person before he comes in closer to be more harmful. Have the radar for toxic people around you switched on at all times. Have a few questions ready to identify them.

Do not react to his negative sentiments and attitudes. Never pay any attention or give any attention to their negativity. If you react, you are acknowledging them.

If someone is trying to demotivate you, make him leave that space. You must surround yourself with people who motivate you to become better and not even think about bringing you down. Leave the space if anybody does so. Maintain your mental peace.

The tone and way of speaking are very important. Notice the tone in which they talk, whether it is sweet or bitter, positive or negative, and make your decision accordingly.

Cynics are the first ones to be avoided. Get rid of people who are cynical, pessimistic, and cribbing at all times and surround yourself with positivity.

Do not go anywhere near the so-called attention seekers. Attention seekers emit the worst kind of toxicity. They drain you immensely and are just really hollow from the inside. They add no value to your life whatsoever.

Directly avoid rumor mills and gossip girls. Just grow up. You have better things to attend to in your life than gossips and rumors. What are you? An eight-year-old?

Keep away from toxic friends. Friends should be a strong support system, your second family. You wouldn’t want your family to be toxic, will you? If you had the option to choose. 

Try To show reason to the toxic people but don’t force them that they have to change. Don’t expect people to change this late in life, but it is surely worth a try.

Do not mix up with people who hate other fellow beings. We aren’t supposed to spread hatred. We might have our reasons for doing certain things, but we should keep it strictly to ourselves and not go on to preach it.

If you feel that a relationship is toxic, immediately come out of that relationship. The moment you sense toxicity, you should leave. Respect your mental space and make the tough call.

Between your friends, have a group of like-minded people. Have a circle that understands you and shares similar ideologies. It helps you make the best possible decisions with their feedback.

Stay positive always. Maintain positivity around you at all times. Do everything that will cheer you up. 

Avoid meeting highly emotional people. People who are guided by emotions alone often lose sight of reality and end up doing unruly things. Ensure that you remain practical even when you are emotional.

Do not have any relation whatsoever with people having an extreme behavioral problem. People who are impulsive and have rash behavior may turn violent very easily, and that sort of people should be avoided at all times.

Avoid meeting people who tend to always blame others. People who don’t take responsibilities seriously and are always playing the blame game tend to be escapists. Avoid people who cannot face situations head-on.

Have a clear cut boundary from these people. Mix with people, but always maintain your own space and create boundaries for your good.

Do not be involved in any matters of the toxic people. Do not bother getting into matters in which you are not directly involved and especially if it is associated with toxic people.

Please note that toxic people cannot change: It is a reflection of their inner state. Something is so deep-rooted that it is impossible to get it out of their system.

Never let the toxic people dominate over you. Have a grip over your life, and don’t be intimidated by the toxic people around you. You have got nothing to be scared about. They are hollow and empty from the inside.

Do not allow them to throw tantrums. Do not tolerate their tantrums or unnecessary drama. It will only make them bold and worse.

Do not help them to overcome every crisis they have to face. Let them handle their problems by themselves and learn to deal with them like grownups instead of blaming everyone around them.

Warn your friends circle and peers too about these people. Make people around you aware of this. Educate them to stay away from any form of toxicity and not to encourage it by tolerating it.

Do not expect change from these people. Don’t expect what’s never going to happen.

Never be a victim to these people. Be better. Rise above it.

Have a solution ready for this toxicity. Be ever ready with a way to deal with such toxicity.

Do not take any approvals on anything from this person. They might misguide you.

Be careful; they can pick up a quarrel any moment. Toxic people don’t need a reason for an argument. All they need is an occasion.

Avoid always taking any treat or gift from them.

Never have anything to do with a pessimist. Always be optimistic in your approach to life.

Jealousy is a shameless attribute. Please remember that. People who are insecure about themselves are always jealous. It is a defense mechanism and a sign of being immature.

Avoid people who are self-centered or self-obsessed. Choose people who are more giving and kind. People who care about others are always willing to help.

Avoid people who are close to eyed and judgemental. A person with a closed mind can reach nowhere in life and is bound to stagnate. Be more open-minded and accepting.

Never react to their speeches or emotions. Do not reward them by giving a reaction. They’ll feed on it.

Once in a while, refuse to do whatever they ask you to do. Be very straight forward. Do what your heart says, and don’t be subtle about it.

Sometimes make yourself unavailable as the need be. It is okay not to show up for people who aren’t worth the effort and time. If you don’t feel like it, don’t do it.

Maintain a journal. Writing down your thoughts is an effective way to keep your emotions in check. A journal is like your secret best friend who keeps all your secrets safe.

Never consider toxic people like your close friends or acquaintances. You can never be close to a toxic person. They are selfish and unable to love.

Be extra cautious if the toxic people come over to your house. Ensure that you are avoiding this situation at all costs, but if it happens, be extra careful.

Keep verbal communications to the bare minimum with these people. Choose your word wisely when in conversation with a toxic person.

Do not discuss your private matters with these people. It is better to keep your private things to yourself than to share them with toxic people.

If they start an argument or quarreling, quietly avoid them immediately. Being silent is an ideal manner to deal with a toxic argument. It helps in cutting off the oxygen from the fire supply.

When meeting toxic people, please, in your mind, believe that they are all unrealistic.

If any relative you feel is toxic, try to maintain a cordial but formal relation. Try to be respectful but maintain distance at the same time.   

Low contact with toxic people is of the utmost importance. Keep it to a bare minimum.

Do not maintain any relationship whatsoever if you are mentally, physically, and psychologically abused.

Have a mental support system developed for your mental stress. Have a defense mechanism in your head for such situations.

Be firm and be formal in dealing with these people. Be very smart in your dealings with toxic people and be careful not to indulge them.

Do not act too nice with toxic people. Do not do anything that might give them a signal or a sign.

Mentally be prepared to realize you cannot save them always. A failure at some point is bound to happen when dealing with toxicity.

Do not be too emotional after the toxic break-up. You should be really happy if it happens. It is the best-case scenario for you to start over and be happy again.

You must use positivity triggers to ward off any negativity around you. The moment you sense negativity, try to counter it with things that bring in positivity.

Don’t mingle yourself into conflicts. Rather steer away from them. Try to stay away from conflicts or any sort of arguments as much as possible.

Be honest in all your approaches to toxic people. Be very outright and bold in your approach, and do not back down from doing the necessary things.

You know your reality. Act according to that. You know yourself better than anybody on this planet. Do what you think is best for you.

Negative persons can indirectly teach you how to cope up with all odds. They teach you to handle negativity better and find your inner peace constantly. 

Even if a toxic person annoys you, take it in your stride. Face everything thrown in your way with a smile and face it bravely. Do not back down or give in.

Even constructive criticism helps one to grow. Constructive criticism is the best kind of reality check. Just be smart enough to differentiate hatred from criticism.

Do not be too touchy if you are criticized. Don’t take anything to your heart. The best way to avoid being offended is not to take oneself very seriously.

Do not be super sensitive always. Be very open-minded and learn to take a joke or two on yourself. Let people say whatever they want. Believe in yourself first.

Do not spend time with people who genuinely fritter away your time. Be careful about where and with whom do you spend your time. Try to be very effective with time management.

Do not spend time with people who criticize you too often. Constructive criticism should be encouraged and learned from. However, just being criticized at every point chips away at your mental health.

Never spend time with persons who do not acknowledge their mistakes. People should accept their mistakes and make efforts to rectify them. Toxic people tend to just ignore them and refuse to believe that it ever happened.

Temperamental people are the worst for you.

Never get along with heartless people. People who don’t value emotions are not humans at all. Be sensitive and more understanding.

Maintain social distance with genuinely dishonest people. You should be able to make out the true intentions of people you are in touch with.

Please remember manipulative people are your worst enemies. People who play mind games are the worst kind. You can never make out their true colors.

A toxic person who is deliberately harmful should be summarily discarded. If a person just continues to be toxic despite being aware of it, you have no other option left but to leave.

Try to avoid people who have stressed out themselves. Everyone is dealing with their problems. You should try to focus more on yours than others’.

Avoid people who leave you emotionally exhausted. You can’t fill from an empty jar.

Avoid those people who try to bully you into following their mind-set. Never indulge in bullying.  

Never get blackmailed by toxic persons. Never give toxic people a chance to have the edge over you.

Avoid persons who give you compliments but with a touch of negativity. If a person wants to complete you, he’ll do it in a better manner.

Avoid overly defensive people.

Do not be sentimental in losing toxic friends. It is just dead weight that you had been carrying till now. Feel free now.

Delete unwanted persons from your friends’ list. Keep the important ones close and toxic ones miles away.

Think of your priorities first. Measure your priorities before you take any action.

Ending the relationship is also needed. There is only so much that you can do for a relationship, and if still, things don’t become better, you have got to bite the bullet.

Be as clear as cut as possible.

Inform the toxic person in no uncertain terms that you shall never meet again.

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