15+ Powerful Crystals that Attract Money

Wealth in today’s world is practically something with which you can buy anything, and the respect and the love you feel are all based on the amount of wealth you possess.

In this world, if you want to have the tiniest amount of luxury, you should possess an adequate amount of wealth, and in such cases, perseverance and hard work does not always play a major role in it.

Indeed, some powerful stones attract wealth to your life and make it a bit easier for you to earn all the wealth. It brings abundance to your life, which helps you a lot. Along with your hard work and these stones, you will be able to cross any hurdle regarding abundance and wealth. 

Ways to attract wealth into your life:

  • Face all the fears that you have in your life, letting you know an idea about the fears that hinder you from achieving anything. 
  • Create reminders that you need to attract wealth at any cost and find ways to do it. 
  • Always try executing big ideas into your life which leads you towards big development. 
  • Do not try to mimic others when you are in your path of attracting wealth into your life. 
  • The exercise lets the blood supply throughout your body, making you think deeply about everything. 

Most Powerful Stone to Attract Money


Pyrite is also known as fool’s gold. It can be of major help for the ambitious and the ones who are careerists. It makes you feel more confident in every decision and everything you do to bring wealth into your life.

It acts as a support to all the confusion you might have in your life. There might be a stage where you start questioning even your smallest decision.

There might be some instances where you will not be confident enough to make the right choices, but in such cases, pyrite will provide you the courage to make the decisions, and it will not be bad.

Rather it would be one that will bring you more wealth. The pyrite stone’s energy greatly enhances your creativity, making you feel creative and giving you the boost to work hard to achieve your goals. It makes you well aware of all the consequences from beforehand so that you can take a step courageously without having any second thoughts.

The presence of this stone help in making you feel that you are indeed capable of achieving everything in this world, and it does not let you have a laid-back attitude in your life. It makes you feel all the more capable and courageous.

Pyrite stone works best when kept on a desk or in your room. It attracts all the abundance that you can bring to your life.

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Clear Quartz 

This is one of the most powerful stones that every beginner should have. Clear Quartz eliminates negativity and enables you to bring out your truest self by concentrating on your positive self.

When you start using this stone, you will understand that all the negative vibes and negative thoughts from your life make you embrace the optimism in your life.

The positivity will surround you and help you lead your life easier.

This stone helps you bring out your inner positivity, which helps you experiment with your life, and also helps you to win in life. Clear Quartz helps deal with every problem of your life with the positivity you possess.

When you have positivity, you will see that your outlook towards life and how you deal with things will change.

You will have a clear perspective regarding what you do and understand the real effect of positivity in your life. You will notice that you can do things easily when you have clarity in your life, which will also help you bring abundance to your life.

Holding clear Quartz in the left hand will help you a lot with your intentions.


Malachite is a powerful stone to bring financial happiness and good luck. You have seen in your life already that hard work always does not bring the due prize; luck also plays its part, it is very important to have luck by your side, especially when you are trying to bring abundance to your life.

There might be some instances where you have given all your efforts but still did not get the due result as expected; in such cases, you need to make sure that you have luck by your side because sometimes, even if you give in, you’re all without luck it comes down to nothing.

You even need luck by 1 percent when you have given 99 percent of your efforts.

Malachite brings that stability into your life which helps you deal with ease. You will notice that when you have luck by your side, you will be able to achieve anything at ease, and with financial stability, you will be able to afford the luxury you have always dreamt of.

It will help you in making your life a bit more wholesome and also make it easier for you. It will ultimately solve all the problems that you have in your life. Malachite crystal works best when kept over your heart.


Amazonite is such a stone that is named after the river Amazon. It brings balance to your life and resolves conflicts. You will see that when you have conflicts going on in and around, you will not be able to focus completely on the things you do, which will have a hamper on the work you do, distracting you from the abundance in your life.

When you have conflicts in the subconscious part of your head, you seem confused regarding the smallest of your decisions and lose your belief in yourself.

When you fail to believe in yourself, you cannot go ahead with any decision you make or anything you try to make. Conflicts harm your peacemaking it is a confusing place to be in, eventually hampers your focus.

Amazonite also brings balance to your life, which is essential when you are trying to be successful, you need to remember that balancing life shows one of the most important aspects of a person, which is how they will behave when they are in pressurized situations, and these situations are the ones which make you or break you.

You either conclude that you will be able to face any challenges in your life or you are not good enough to do anything. So to protect you from such drastic conclusions, the Amazonite crystal has always got your back.

This can be used as jewelry or placed on your throat while breathing.

Yellow Sapphire 

Yellow Sapphire is a stone that drives you towards success; you know that your aims and ambitions are fixed on the target. You should always try to focus on it and achieve those goals and ambitions.

This stone helps you keep your attention on your aims and does not let you get distracted. , it makes you overcome all your fears and apprehensions that you may have to go onto a smooth path while achieving your aim.

You know that something always pulls you back from reaching your goal, and this stone helps you overcome all such phobia or confusion that you may have in your life. You need to believe in your potential and keep faith in your capabilities.

You need to understand that reaching your goals and ambitions are the only thing in your life, so you need to start putting in efforts that will help you achieve it. This stone helps you build up your personality, making you achieve the dreams you have always envisioned.

This stone brings you closer to success by clearing out all clouds of doubts and confusion which were hindering you previously and bringing you to such a state where you will be able to get through it.

It helps you achieve all the dreams that you have seen with your eyes. It can work even when you wear your jewelry or carry it around your wallet. 

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Citrine is such a stone that will help you with your ambitions, luck, and success. It drives you to your ultimate willpower, which helps you reach the goals you have assigned for yourself.

You know that just setting your ambitions won’t be right, you need to work accordingly to reach the state you wish for, and for that, you need your willpower to help you take little steps towards the goals you would like to achieve.

Willpower is one thing that drives you towards the things you want in life. This stone also helps you in accompanying you with luck. You will notice that when you have the willpower to do anything required for you to reach your goals, it will eventually become an easier path for you.

You will notice that even in your subconscious mind, you want to put in effort to reach your goals.

This willpower, when accompanied by luck, will provide you with the combination that you have always wanted for a long time. This will help you focus and keeping your attention only on your goals and also motivate you with positive vibes so that you are not distracted from your path.

It offers you the best benefits when you are holding in your hand while doing some breathing exercises.

Green Jade 

Green jade is one such stone that helps you with your abundance and wealth. It is mainly associated with harmony and peace in your life.

You will notice that when you do not have a sense of peace in your mind, then you will not be able to do anything at ease; there will be something that will bother you and also make you feel that you are not prepared to take the challenges that might come up in your path while leading your life.

Harmony is one thing that everyone strives to achieve. When you have so many things going around you, it won’t be easy to balance them and let them flow with your life. This stone helps you in bringing that kind of balance to your life.

You will notice that when you are at peace with yourself, you will be able to focus more on your life and all the aims you have set for. When you are free in your mind, then a range of thoughts will cross over your mind, which will help you come across new and innovative ideas that might open up a new path for your life and enable you to clear out all the negative vibes around you.

Harmony is needed in life as, without it, you might feel that you are in a mess, which might make you doubt your decisions and even lose your trust in yourself.

This stone brings you harmony and peace, attracting abundance and wealth. It makes you feel confident in the moves you make to attract wealth to your life. 

Green Jade works best when it is placed in your bedroom.

Green Aventurine 

Green Aventurine helps you with some exciting opportunities and helps you rectify any bad habits or any behavioral patterns you might have. This stone helps you with some new opportunities which enable you to open some new doors which helps you in reaching the life which you have always seen in your dreams.

Your bad habits are very difficult to correct since every human is a creature of habit, so it becomes very difficult for them when they try to break from it.

So this stone aids in stopping those bad habits so that they do not affect the opportunities you will embrace in life. It makes you feel more confident as a human being. 

You will notice that there are certain toxic behaviors that everyone possesses, but it becomes too difficult to break away from them. These behaviors were perhaps the ones that were putting you back whenever you were trying to reach your goal.

This stone helps you provide some new opportunities you may not have noticed until now.

These aspects make you feel that you can achieve anything in your life, which ultimately leads you to bring abundance and wealth.

You will see a positive change in your life when you break away from your bad habits and negative behavioral patterns. It will bring you closer to your dreams.

Green aventurine works best when it is kept where you keep the money, like your wallet or the drawer. It helps you in keeping you motivated and also building abundance in your life.

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Peridot is a stone associated with abundance, positive vibes, and the idea of de-stressing yourselves. It releases negative vibes from your body.

When you are on your path of attracting abundance or bringing wealth to your life, it is bound to get difficult at times and affect your mental health. You start looking at things negatively, sometimes even doubting yourself and your capabilities.

You lose your trust in yourself, which becomes one of the main reasons you get distracted from achieving success. The stress and anxiety jitter the subconscious part of your mind, which takes you to this situation.

When you are all stressed, it becomes difficult for you to focus on things, so this stone helps you in de-stressing your life, making you feel accomplished and focused at every step. This stone helps to remove every such negative energy from your body and also helps in attracting all the positive vibes around you.

You will notice that when there are no negative energies inside you, you will be able to have the courage to face any challenges that might come up on your path of succeeding.

You will be able to focus on your improvement as well as development. It will help you find new ways and opportunities to attract abundance to your life and bring financial stability. When you have new opportunities, then you will be able to decide the right path which might be suitable for you to attract abundance.

It will help you feel good about yourself and deem yourself a strong human being. Peridot stone is of much effective when held in the hand while visualizing or when wearing as a pendant. 

Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire is to ward off all negative energies from your life. When you are on your path of achieving success and wealth, naturally, you may sometimes lose out on your attention or focus.

You will lose out on your confidence and even doubt your decisions at times. It will make you question your potential and even your capabilities making you question whether you have set the right goals for your life.

These negative thoughts make you feel down about yourself and also question how you will be able to live the dreams that you have envisioned in life. These negative energies drain your energy and make you distracted from your path. 

This stone releases negative energy from your life, making you look at the optimistic side of life. It makes you face any challenges with courage, and you regain your confidence which helps you focus on the things that will help you reach the aims you have set in your life.

It helps in regaining the belief and trust in yourself, which will help you take all the steps that will make you reach the dream life that you have seen.n This stone helps in providing you with multiple sources of income which gives you numerous opportunities to attract abundance to your life.

These opportunities make you realize that you are capable of bigger things in your life which helps you explore your truest potentials and capabilities. It brings you new ways to attract abundance to your life.

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Abundance is essential in life, achieved through hard work and clarity. Sometimes, you might need the help of stones to attract wealth and positivity. These stones can rid you of negativity, boost your confidence, and help you trust your instincts. Try these powerful stones to attract abundance; they may work differently for each person, but it’s worth a try.

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Frequently asked questions on powerful stones to attract wealth:

How do stones work?

When you start holding stones or crystals on your body, it builds a spiritual relationship with the stone and your body, promoting your physical and emotional well-being. 

How do you get started with stones in life?

Program every stone you use with an intention that will give you a purpose for it, wear your crystals whenever you can, and meditate with them whenever possible. 

Where should you place the stones in your house?

Stones or crystals are something that makes the whole energy around you something positive. It should be placed in the center of your house or bedroom, according to Feng shui.

What to do when you break a crystal?

Crystals or stones are a part of your life, and they get entangled with everything you do in your life. When you break a crystal, you can either keep them as a showpiece if it is displayable, or you can bury them in the ground.

Can you wear multiple stones together?

Some stones cancel the effects of each other or negate each other, but there is no reason not to combine multiple stones as they may not negatively impact your life. 

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