How To Stop Toxic People From Ruining Your Mood

In your day-to-day life, you come across various people; some are strangers, whereas some may be your loved ones. Two things that are very common in them are that they both possess the ability to either make you smile or completely ruin your day. Don’t hand them over the power to be able to do the latter.

Ways to stop Toxic people from ruining your mood:

Detach yourself from such people

Sounds easy, but it isn’t in reality. Especially if you are empathetic, you will pick up a sour mood easily and allow someone else to ruin your day.

One of the best things you can do to get rid of these people, causing unhappiness permanently, is to detach yourself from them.

Don’t showcase any form of affection towards them, and slowly cut yourself off from such people. They are nothing but sheer negativity in your life. 

Ignore them the best way you can

This is the initial stage of detachment. If you can master this process of ignoring the people causing sadness in your life and ruining your day, you can also master the process of detaching yourself from them and protecting yourself from any more mental trauma.

Don’t give enough attention to them. Let them do whatever they want, but don’t let you be impacted because of what they’re doing. So, start ignoring them and see how peaceful your life becomes.

Identify the backstabbers

These are the people who accuse others in front of you and do the same to you when you are not present in front of them. Identifying such people is very important as they can ruin your entire image and personality within minutes, let alone your day.

These people are usually very close to you and do know a lot about you and your life. When you start feeling comfortable with them, that’s when they take advantage and ruin your social image.

Stop sharing everything with everyone

There may be some individuals in your life, apart from your parents or your lover, with whom you might share every detail of your life, but you should always be careful, rather you shouldn’t be this open to everyone as you never know their intentions.

Hence, it is always best to let others know only a part of you, instead of everything which you have also disclosed to your loved ones. These people can always take advantage of you, so beware.

Let kindness be your reply

Instead of being fire to fire, try being the sand that extinguishes it. When you see that someone is trying to be rude to you, and he/she will eventually ruin your happiness, try to be a positive energy that counteracts the foul mood.

When you try to infuse positivity and kindness into a conversation, it will keep you calm and positive and uplift the mood of others around you, and there will be no scope of ruining your mood.

Don’t wait till it becomes toxic

When you are in a relationship, or maybe you’re just friends with someone, there might be phases when things don’t work out, and you feel like giving up, but if this happens frequently and the other person doesn’t offer mutual efforts, things start getting hard on you, and eventually toxic.

You know for real that when things get toxic, you can’t expect happiness out of it, rather, you are sure to get your mood ruined and your happiness hampered. Cut off such relationships.

Ways to avoid people

Be grateful even to the negatives

Gratitude is a very effective instrument against negativity and can be very efficient in keeping you happy and preventing you from ruining your mood. 

When you are grateful even to the negative people and the problems you face in your day-to-day life, you inculcate a positive thinking approach that helps to grasp all the good things out of the negativity and that they can act as learning curves for you. So, be grateful to the people who are rude or hurt you.

Get rid of the bullies

It’s easier said than done, but having someone bully you can go a long way and deeply impact your mind. These people will mock you, rag you, and make you physically and mentally sick.

These bullies can be anywhere, starting from your school to your workplace. The best you can do is take legal action against them and get them off your path. Once you get rid of these specimens, the fear clubbed inside you will vanish as well.

Pay attention to the other things

Whenever you encounter a person you know will annoy you and hamper your wellbeing, just ignore them and try to stay busy with something else. Tell them you have other things to do, and just let them go and annoy someone else.

Although these people are very stubborn and won’t leave you alone, focusing your attention on something else will help you not to indulge in meaningless conversations with them and maintain your sanity. Avoid these people in every possible way.

Avoid people who indulge you in addictions

The mental toll that any form of addiction can have on you is pathetic. It is not only harmful but will also drain all of your happiness and peace of mind.

Some friends and colleagues will try to indulge you in addictions like smoking, drinking, and gambling.

Once you fall into such a trap, it’s really difficult to come out of it. So, avoid such people from the very beginning to keep your health and happiness intact.

Maintain a healthy boundary

It is very important to identify and understand the people who are good for your overall health and happiness.

Not everyone deserves to be a part of your life. Not everyone deserves to know the real you.

Don’t hand over the opportunity to someone else to destroy your life. It is very essential to maintain a boundary and allow only certain people to know you, those who will never judge you and never take advantage of you in any circumstance.

Don’t allow judgmental people to be a part of life

These are the ones who will judge you at every point of your life. They have opinions regarding everything and will always try to pull you down with their useless and vague advice. 

Even if you are doing good, these people will have something to say which will bring down your morale. You can’t engage in a healthy conversation with them, and they are always looking for an opportunity to spoil your image.

Try to ignore these kinds of people from the very offset.


Avoid people who poke their nose in everything

You have all come across such people at least once in your life; everyone does. These people have no life of their own and enjoy being part of someone else’s day-to-day life, too forcefully.

These individuals are so jobless that they will notice every single thing about you and let others know what you have been up to. They will know everything that’s going on in your life and amplify it to others. These people can be annoying with their useless opinions.

Don’t get influenced by others advice

One of the very important things that you must learn is to be yourself. No matter what others say or think about you, in the end, it’s your life, and you get to decide on what terms you want to live it.

Keeping aside your parents and mentors, don’t let someone random influence your decision-making. These people only want to show how much they know, but in reality, their advice will only shift you from the path of who you want to be.

Take a break

Just like when you are stressed from work, you need a break; similarly, when you are going through a tough phase, and your mood and health are both ruined due to certain people being rude to you or trying to bring you down, it’s essential to take a break.

Taking a break will not only allow you to recharge and rejuvenate yourself but will also enable you to decide what you should do from that point onwards.

Keep looking for better opportunities

Yes, it’s very important to earn money, especially when you need it, but you must also take care of your mental and physical health. If you work somewhere where you get paid handsomely, but you don’t have job satisfaction, and it’s ruining your health, just quit it.

Keep looking for better opportunities. Keep working hard, and you are bound to get a job that will provide your with job satisfaction besides paying you a good salary.

Take some time out for your hobbies

Suppose you are good at playing guitar but are unable to play it because of the huge work pressure; take some time out for yourself.

Your hobbies are quite important, as they help you to forget everything that happened in the office or college that day, and allow you to enjoy some time with yourself.

Just imagine you come home from the office in a spoiled mood; just a few minutes of enjoying your favorite hobby will calm you down and make you feel happier. 

Take better care of yourself

When you are weary and exhausted, you tend to freak out more easily as everything affects your mood more drastically.

A bad mood affects everything and everyone around you, and you make more mistakes.

Practice self-care more. This way, you will be less irritated and annoyed. If needed, visit a counselor to discuss your mental issues, and don’t forget to take breaks in between. The more care you take of yourself, the better your health and in turn, your mood will be.


Practice mindfulness meditation

Meditation is one of the best ways to stay healthy, active, and attentive throughout the day. When you practice mindfulness meditation, you allow yourself to experience every moment to the fullest. You accept every situation in its form.

Yes, a situation that’s hard on you should be dealt with, but mindfulness meditation allows you to adapt yourself to situations you are struggling to change. It enables you to pay precise attention to how every moment passes by and what you experience.

Stop taking someone’s anger and rudeness personally

You all have bad days; everyone does. Maybe it’s a day you come across someone having a bad day, and that person is being unnecessarily rude to you, but when you put things into perspective, you understand that the person might be having a tough day, and that’s why he/she is behaving like this.

When you make yourself understand this, you don’t take accuses, anger, and rudeness personally, and that helps you not get your mood ruined.

Use humor to break the anxiety deadlock

Maybe it’s a tough day for someone, and that person is being unusually rude or angry with everyone around him/her.

This makes everyone, including that person, create anxiety and tension in themselves.

To break this deadlock of anxiety and tension, you can use humor. Humor can be very effective in creating a diversion and bringing down the tension, which allows everyone to laugh it off. You can use light humor, like a funny situation that everyone can relate to, in the room.

Don’t escalate the situation

When someone is rude to or annoys you, your first instinct will be to lash back at that person, which is what many of you do wrong. Remember, you don’t have to stoop down at their level to prove your point.

Don’t choose drama over maturity. Handle the situation calmly. Cool yourself down, and if needed, just go outside and get some fresh air. They will have their behavior, but you don’t need to go down at their level to make matters worse.

Call them out on their behavior

One of the most effective ways to stop the spiral of rudeness is to call the people who are unnecessarily rude to you on their behavior and ask them to stop being rude.

If some people are constantly being rude to you, you must address the issue directly. Enough of tolerating.

You should not be taking abuse from anyone and allow them to treat you disrespectfully. When you call them out on their behavior, you help them in rectifying their mistakes.

Showcase sympathy and empathy

When you showcase these two qualities, you try to understand why the other person is being rude to you and ruining your mood.

You understand that there may be lots and lots piling up inside their minds and that they may be going through a tough phase at that moment, making them behave this way.

When you act this way, you show them that they are not alone in their struggles, but you also forgive them easily.



From the above points, it can be concluded that your mental peace and sanity are in your hands. You have to follow the given ways to ensure your mood is not ruined and that you can get rid of such people who harm your overall peace and health. Prohibit them from being a headache to you.


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