15+ Powerful Symbols that Attract Money (Images)

Most people believe in placing symbols that attract money in their homes to usher wealth and prosperity. ?

I believe that several symbols are associated with good fortune and financial prosperity. ⚖️

For example, if I show you the horseshoe ? in my house, you might not consider it a symbol of wealth at first glance itself, but wait! 

It brings positive energy and leads to financial freedom when the points are placed in an upward direction. I have also heard that the Maneki-Neko, the lucky cat with a raised paw, brings immense wealth. 

That is not all, of course! There are so many others that you might not be aware of! 

I know everyone desires to be wealthy, so I am here to decode the most powerful symbols that attract money! ?? Let’s quickly dive in with our further ado! ⤵️

Ways to attract money to your house:

  • Have a positive attitude that helps you keep going despite the adverse situations. It should keep ongoing.
  • Have a mindset to create money to plan some steps which help you bring money to your house.
  • Stop worrying as this makes you move backward in the steps you take, thereby reducing your speed of attraction of wealth into your life. 
  • Have an honest assessment regarding the financial status in your life as it helps you realize the state you are in the present moment. 
  • Focus only on abundance and be grateful for what you have in life as it helps attract wealth. 

Most Powerful Money Attraction Symbols

The Kubera Yantra – Hinduism

The Kubera Yantra

The Kubera Yantra is indeed one of the symbols of one of the oldest religions in the world, Hinduism. It attracts good, positive energy, which helps you focus on what you are doing.

Sometimes you might feel that you are getting distracted or not able to focus on a single thing. Your mind seems to wander at that moment, and you stop paying attention to your actions.

At that point, this symbol will attract the positive energy around you, making you feel more confident about yourself and reminding you about your goals and ambitions in life. It will make you return to the right path and focus on your goals. 

When you are on your path of attracting wealth into your life, then at that point, you will have several distractions that will make you feel less confident or move you aside from your path. This will only push you back from your goals and make you question your decisions.

The Kubera Yantra symbol is often used in meditation as it helps you provide peace and calmness within you, which helps you reason out every situation and lets you get back to your path of hustling.

The Kubera Yantra  attracts wealth by attracting all the positive energies from the surrounding environment and making it a better place. It increases your consciousness and also brings abundance back to your life. 

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The Fehu Rune – Norse

The Fehu Rune

Runes are a part of the Celtic alphabet. It is considered one of the most divine symbols. It helps you in achieving your goals.

Sometimes, when you are on your path of achieving goals, you start questioning yourselves and have doubts about your decisions, so it is very important to regain your confidence and have faith in yourself.

In this process, these symbols help you regain your confidence and get back to your path of achieving your goals in life.

It helps you believe in yourself and your dreams, which makes you courageous enough to take steps accordingly. It increases your bravery which helps you in facing every hurdle that might come up in your path. 

The Fehu rune is said to be the rune of possessions. It is mainly used in cases where goals need to be achieved, promotion of a job or finding a job, or in cases of gaining wealth.

In such cases, the Fehu rune proves to be a boon for all achievements, and it attracts the energy of good vibes, making you win at every step in your life.

Efforts and some good positive energies can achieve wealth if you continue to put in the same efforts.

These energies guide you and your mindset towards something which drives you more madly toward your goals and ambitions.

These goals and ambitions eventually help you to attract wealth in your life. It can be engraved onto jewelry to harness the money attraction power.

Maneki Neko – Japan

Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko is mainly a symbol of good luck, a Japanese talisman. It is used for money luck, usually in the form of a cat with a raised paw. The raised paw mainly represents good fortune in your life.

You may have noticed that when you hustle in your life, you sometimes feel disheartened by the failure and start questioning your capabilities.

At that point, you need some faith in yourself and to believe all your intuitions; this helps you learn from every step you make and makes you wise enough to take your decisions.

Good luck is sometimes necessary when trying to achieve something in life as it provides you the required push needed.

Money is needed to let you go on with your life, and you can achieve it when you focus on your goals.

These goals are the ones that help you in regaining back your confidence and helping you understand your truest potential.

At such scenes, you need to keep your good luck by your side, and in such a case, Maneki Neko can prove to be a blessing for you as it will help you out on your path of attracting more wealth into your life. 

Vasudha – Reiki


Vasudha is mainly a reiki symbol to attract wealth. It is mainly used to maintain harmony in your life. When you struggle, things get tough at times, and you might be confused about everything you do.

Reiki is a mighty healing power that is used to maintain your body’s energies and bring them in balance so that you can attract wealth into your life.

This healing power helps to tune your mind so that negativity moves away from your life which ultimately helps you in going on with your dreams and ambitions.

Thus healing power balances out the energy centers and helps you maintain optimism in your life. It is very important to attract positive energy into your life when you want to achieve all your goals in life.

This balance and harmony in life help you get through all your struggles. The Vasudha symbol is mainly depicted with red and yellow symbols and is mainly an extension of the swastika symbol.

The swastika is mainly the central part of the symbol in which the four parts contain curved spirals.

It is mainly used in meditation so that it is always ready to heal you and get you back on track so that you can confirm your affirmations and claim. It heals your entire energy sector, making you balance everything in your life.

When you set on doing something courageous in life, it is very important to have peace of mind and work to organize everything in life.

It automatically helps you get things done in life and lets you restore faith and confidence in your life. 

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Shefa – Kabbalah


Shefa is a word in Hebrew which that means abundance. This symbol is mainly used to attract money. Money can uplift your mood no matter what happens in your life.

When you want to attract money, you need to make sure that you put in an equal amount of effort with it, and with this balance, you will be able to achieve all your dreams and ambitions.

This whole thing will also make the symbols around you to help you attract money. When you give in you all, the universe around matches your energy and makes it possible for you to reach your dreams and goals in life. It helps you in your whole process of manifestation. 

The Shefa symbol is often used in jewelry as a circle with a spiral structure in the middle. It attracts abundance to your life and helps you remain optimistic about your actions and life.

This Shefa symbol increases your motivation to bring more money into your life and gives you the urge to struggle more to fulfill all your desires.

These symbols boost your career and help you attract positive vibes and energy around you. When you start enjoying this process, you can face anything.

Its symbol will aid in attracting abundance to your life and help you out with your problems in life. 

Salmon Totem – Native American

The Salmon Totem

The salmon totem, according to Native American Culture, symbolizes generosity and abundance.

You will sometimes feel that you are losing in the battles of life; at that point, you need to remind yourself that it is just a tough phase, and you will be able to get over it when you start believing in yourself.

You will notice at times that when you start focusing on yourself and how your thought patterns work, you will also be able to correct how you react to things which will eventually help you out in fetching your goals.

This whole process of understanding where you are going wrong is a self-learning process that helps you understand the real depth of your urge and makes you come to the same page with the goals you want to achieve in life. 

The native people would naturally hold some ceremonies to welcome the salmon, representing abundance in the form of sustenance.

This idea of abundance makes you realize that only symbols will not attract wealth into your life; you, too, need to match your energy in the form of efforts to make it work.

This whole process makes all the energies around you reach a point where they help you strive for the things you had always wished to achieve.

It gives you a deep realization of what you truly want in life, making you put all your energy into it. 

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Lakshmi is mainly a Hindu goddess who is a religious representation of money and good luck. Lakshmi is pretty common in Indian households, and they worshipped with great love.

You need to understand that these symbols alone will not attract wealth into your life unless you have the motivation and the urge to do anything to attract wealth into your life.

You need to be sure about your goals and have the attitude of reaching your goals no matter what comes your way.

This gives you the strength to recover from any losses that might come up in your path and helps you face every problem wisely, which helps you attract abundance into your life. 

Goddess Lakshmi’s energy has many benefits and attracts prosperity into your life. It will help you maintain financial stability and help you attract wealth into your life.

This whole symbol helps you easily manage abundance in your life and gives the urge to attract more into your life.

The goddess is mainly depicted by being seated on a lotus flower with gold coins flowing from her hand.

It shows she is there to bring wealth and prosperity into your life. She is worshipped mainly by reciting Specific mantras, which helps manifest wealth into your life.

The goddess can be visited through meditation for her assistance in your life. She can be revered, and her energy is mainly invited into your life through various idols or artistic depictions of Goddess Lakshmi. This will help in your path of attracting wealth into your life. 

Oshun – Nigeria


Oshun is mainly an Orisha deity of the Yoruba people of Nigeria. She is mainly linked with the attraction of money.

Money is something that everyone in their life practically requires, and you need to be able to understand the importance of wealth in one’s life.

This wealth is something that, apart from helping you live your life, also helps you bring back your confidence.

This confidence helps you face every hurdle that might come your way, and it helps you continue with your efforts.

It makes you realize that nothing can ever be impossible for you, and if you try enough for something, you can achieve it.

Oshun is mainly a religious and cultural symbol of a river goddess strongly linked with the attraction of money.

It helps you in going on with your efforts and aids you in matching your energies with it. When the energies around you match your energy, magical things happen for you, and your desires are achieved.

You will have less difficulty attracting wealth to your life, making you trust yourself and giving yourself all the due credit when needed. Sunflowers, seashells, and amber mainly denote this goddess’ symbols.

She is honored by flowers, fruits, meditation, and beautiful artwork, which helps infuse her energy into your life.

Worshiping this goddess helps you attract wealth to your life, thereby making you feel complete. 

Chan Chu – China

Chan Chu

According to Chinese tradition, Chan chu is a frog that is considered auspicious and a symbol of wealth attraction in your life according to the Feng shui principles.

It is mainly used to harmonize energy into your life, which will help you attract wealth into your life.

This helps on your path of achieving your dreams, and these dreams help you to believe in yourself and understand your truest potential.

This understanding will help you achieve your goals and manifest the dreams you want in life. This process aids you in getting closer to the dream life you have always envisioned.

It eventually goes on with the attraction of wealth, which becomes lucky for your life. Cha Chu is mainly a three-legged frog or a toad with a coin in its mouth and is seated on a coin pile.

You need to remember that once you bring these symbols into your life, you need to make sure that your energy matches its energy, which helps in the easy achievement of the things you want in your life.

Cha Chu is mainly gold in color, which helps bring auspicious energy into your life to attract wealth. It is used perfectly by installing a statue in front of your living space or workspace, which will help you correctly utilize its energy.

This will help bring abundance into your life and help you discover your truest potential and capabilities. These potentials eventually help you achieve your aims, which is a great opportunity. 

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Midas Star

Midas Star

The Midas Star is a symbol associated with attracting wealth and prosperity. Its origins can be traced back to King Midas, who could turn everything he touched into gold.

This star is usually depicted with seven points representing the principles of abundance: focus, intention, gratitude, visualization, action, belief, and receiving.

The Midas Star serves as a reminder to align thoughts, emotions, and actions with the energy of wealth.

By embracing these principles daily, individuals can tap into the universal flow of abundance and invite financial prosperity.

Midas Star symbol acts as a visual tool, helping to manifest desires and cultivate a mindset of abundance. Embracing the Midas Star has the potential to attract money and create a life of prosperity.

Trees and plants

Trees and plants

Trees and plants have long been associated with abundance and financial prosperity. Certain trees and plants are considered symbols in various cultures and belief systems that attract money.

For example, the bamboo plant is often seen as a powerful attractor of wealth and good fortune. Its rapid growth and resilience symbolize financial growth and stability.

Similarly, the money tree (Pachira aquatica) is believed to bring luck and prosperity, with its distinctive braided trunk and shiny leaves resembling coins.

Using specific trees and plants in feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of harmonizing energy, also aims to enhance financial well-being.

From ancient traditions to modern practices, trees and plants continue to be regarded as potent symbols to attract financial abundance.

Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha, also known as Budai or Hotei, symbolizes joy, contentment, and abundance in Chinese culture.

This jolly figure with a big belly and a wide smile is believed to bring good luck and fortune. But beyond being a mere symbol, the Laughing Buddha teaches us an important lesson about the power of positivity and laughter.

Just like the Buddha, who laughed his way through life despite its ups and downs, we too can find happiness in the simplest things.

For example, imagine a person facing a challenging day at work. Instead of getting frustrated, they laugh at the situation’s absurdity and find humor in their mistakes.

This shift in perspective lightens their mood and helps them approach difficulties with a renewed sense of optimism.

The Laughing Buddha reminds us that laughter can be a practical tool to navigate life’s challenges with grace and joy.



Pixiu is a Chinese folklore creature known for attracting wealth and success. It features a lion’s body and a dragon’s head, giving it a terrifying appearance.

Pixiu is a powerful protector and a symbol of prosperity in Chinese culture. According to legend, Pixiu has an insatiable desire for money, silver, and treasures, guaranteeing that riches never leave its owner’s home.

Many people believe that wearing Pixiu as a charm or placing statues of it in their homes and businesses will bring them luck and financial wealth.

Pixiu is also said to fend off evil spirits and offer blessings of money and success.



The Hamsa, commonly known as the Hand of Fatima or the Hand of Miriam, is a religious and cultural emblem.

It is thought to bring protection and good fortune and to repel negative energy. People wear it as jewelry or a charm in their homes and vehicles.

For example, someone is dealing with a difficult issue at work. They could wear a Hamsa pendant to attract good energy and protection.

This can assist them in navigating hurdles and overcoming challenges. The Hamsa reminds them of their inner power and resilience, increasing their focus, confidence, and resolve to succeed.

In conclusion, the Hamsa mixes spirituality and pragmatism, physically representing faith and support through difficult times.



Amethyst is a beautiful gemstone known for its lovely purple color. It belongs to the quartz family and is highly valued for its appearance and metaphysical properties.

People often use amethyst in jewelry and decorations because of its vibrant purple shade, which adds elegance to any outfit or room.

In addition to its beauty, amethyst is believed to have healing qualities that bring calmness and clarity to the mind.

For example, individuals dealing with stress or trouble sleeping may find comfort by placing an amethyst crystal near their bed.

This practical use of amethyst shows how it can improve well-being and create a peaceful atmosphere.

The Golden Ingot

The Golden Ingot

The Golden Ingot symbol is a powerful representation of wealth and prosperity in various cultures.

It is a rectangular bar of solid gold that shines with a lovely golden color. This emblem serves as a reminder of the importance and allure of money and achievement.

It is recognized globally, bringing together people from many origins who share the same objective of reaching abundance.

Whether viewed as a prestige symbol or a personal charm, the Golden Ingot expresses the common desire for a better future and financial security. It reminds us to strive for greatness and to live a prosperous life.


In conclusion, “Symbols That Attract Money” explores various symbols believed to have a positive influence on attracting wealth. Discusses symbols such as the dollar sign, the lucky cat, and the number eight, attributing their association with financial abundance to cultural beliefs and superstitions.

While these symbols may hold personal or cultural significance, it is important to recognize that true financial success requires a combination of practical strategies, hard work, and mindful financial management.

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