25 Things You Change When You Are Unhappy

Happiness is very subjective. It differs from person to person, so the things which are joyful to you might not be the same for your colleague or partner.

There are some things or rather habits or approaches which you can change in your life, whether or not it will bring happiness to you, but it will surely change your life.

list of things you should change when you are feeling down or unhappy:

Share the good news instead of keeping it inside

You might often find yourself hiding things from others as you tend to have a notion that people might not be happy for you, but this is not always the case. There are instances where sharing the good news makes you feel confident about yourself.

Sharing the good news makes you feel happier all the more. It gives you immense joy in sharing the good news; it not only boosts your mood but also makes you feel well connected with the environment and the people around you.

Try donating voluntarily rather than being compelled to do

 Taking part in a donation camp for various reasons makes you feel that you are working towards a noble cause, and it makes you feel good. The decision for the donation should be made by you instead of being compelled to do.

If you are compelled to do something, then you are not doing it for yourself but the benefit you receive from them. Being a part of donation camps makes you realize that you are helping out someone in need.

Try walking amidst nature instead of secluding yourself

Nature is indeed a great healer. It not only makes you breathe in fresh air but also helps in relieving you of all the worries and stress. Nature makes you realize that the environment around you is so beautiful and always accessible for you.

You will be bound to realize that how grateful you are to witness everything around you, and this may include the smallest of things like being able to walk, how the ray of sunshine touches your face and glistens from your eyes. 

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Swapping your closet with some new clothes instead of wearing the old clothes

New clothes make you feel that you are in the right position to change your appearance or dress up for good. It might be too much generalization, but people who end to wear baggy clothes are often feeling down or unhappy.

Putting a little effort into dressing up shows that you are in your correct position and you are filled with glee. It proves that the efforts that you require in changing your closet show that you are in your correct mood and not feeling unhappy or depressed.

Click a picture or a selfie without any doubt

It might sound stupid, but it is therapeutic because research has shown that clicking silly or stupid selfies helps in uplifting your mood a lot at times. It is a bit skeptical to believe, but it is right that seeing your face often makes you feel good about yourself at times.

It gets even better if you send that picture t someone and you gain a positive response; this will perk you right up. This changes your mood right at the moment magically.

Picture yourself in a different instead of overthinking 

If you are having a bad day, remember if you keep thinking about it will just make your day worse, and it will be of no help. It will be better if you shift your mind from the current situation to a different situation where you have achieved whatever you desire, and you are just proud of yourself.

You may realize that at that moment, you are thanking yourself for holding onto every difficulty and how these bad days shaped you every day.

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Stop by and watch beautiful things instead of hurrying by 

It is very good for us when you observe everything around you as seeing the beautiful flowers blossoming around automatically takes you to a good mood. It is also true that every single person in this era is busy or in a state of haste.

But is essential as helps in making you have a good day automatically. Seeing those beautiful colors will make you feel jubilant. Observing beautiful roses might not harm you, so why not give this a try?!

Take some time off from social media instead of gluing yourself into it.

Social media has its negative aspects too, so it is very important to monitor its weightage in your life. You may often find yourself comparing your skills or achievements with your online friends whenever they are celebrating their success. This not only lowers your confidence but also hampers your productivity skills.

After the comparison, you may often feel dejected and not skilled enough; it will eventually hamper your mood, making you dampen your joyful spirit. So it is important to take social media detox at times.

Make decisions, the choice for yourself without being dependent on anyone

Making a choice or decision for yourself gives you free will to decide for your good without letting others modify your decision. It not makes you feel free but also lets you have control over your life. It makes you feel entitled to yourself for every decision.

Choosing for yourself makes you feel happier for yourself and instills within you a feeling of confidence. It lets you believe that you are capable of making your own decisions, and you just need your right state of mind.

Hang out with people who make you feel rather than toxic friends 

People surrounding you also play an essential role in shaping your life and your mind frame. It is very important to choose friends who are supportive and always make you feel happy regarding yourself.

It not only keeps you happy but also helps in making you believe that you chose the correct people for your life.

Hanging out with them and laughing at the silly jokes together will not only make you happy but also helps you give a rise in your dopamine levels, making you feel all jubilant and energetic.

Make changes in your life instead of leading a boring life 

Change is the only constant. It makes you realize the changes that you bring in your life alters your mood and your mental health. It can be a change for the good or the bad, but it is worth it as it will make you discover all the unknown skills and your capabilities.

These changes will make you feel confident about yourself and also will help you in making better decisions in your life. The changes can be as small as changing your regular tie to a more colorful one.

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Try smiling to yourself in the mirror instead of being gloomy faced always

Smiling while you are looking at yourself while getting ready or combing your hair or for any other reason automatically tricks your brain that you are in a good state of mind. This works in uplifting your mood at times.

This practice can take just your bad day to a comparatively better day, so the next time you show up in front of a mirror, don’t forget to just give a silly smile to yourself; it will also reduce your stress.

 ways to not lead a boring life

Learn more about your family roots instead of being ignorant 

Knowing more about your roots will make you feel all the more confident regarding your identity. It will help you in knowing your family more and come to terms with the old culture and heritage of it.

It will help you feel grounded as well as feel connected with your family members and realize their emotions and feelings regarding your family as a whole. This also solves conflicts with the family members and helps you in maintaining good relationships with your family.

Take breaks at times instead of overworking 

You can never have the energy to be happy if you are feeling emotionally exhausted. Emotional exhaustion puts everything in a messy condition which includes your mental state too.

When your mental state is in a dire situation, it becomes very difficult to focus on the positive things in your life. So to cut down on the exhaustion and tiredness, it is very important to take breaks as it not only takes away the tiredness but also refreshes your mind, which will eventually put your mood in a correct situation.

Try leaving work early at times instead of pressurizing yourself for money

It is very important to strike a balance between happiness and money at times. In this rat race of life, you may often tend to forget that even a happy mind is needed to lead a life. So it is very important to leave your work early at times as it boosts your relaxation levels.

Money provides the necessities, but you too need to take some time out for yourself to enjoy the amenities, so leave early and take some care of yourself.

Socialize or call an old friend instead of pulling yourself back 

The first and the foremost thing which makes a person happy is a person. It is the relationships that you share in day-to-day life with your friends, family, partner, or your colleagues. These are the things that are cherished in life, unlike things.

Calling an old friend will help you relive all the memories of the past and make you realize that you have indeed come a long way, making you feel proud of yourself. It will take you on a nostalgic ride and makes you cherish those beautiful relationships.

Treat yourself at times instead of being harsh on yourself 

It is very important to acknowledge yourself at times because of the constant pressure. It is essential to understand that seeking validation from the outside is no good, so it’s better to celebrate the small achievements yourself.

Treating is just a way of showing that you are proud of yourself. Treating yourself with a rest day or your favorite food or your favorite movie just shows that you are capable of balancing everything in your life along with celebrating your success.

Clear your loans instead of keeping the pressure of the debt

Clearing all the debts that are pending will make you feel relieved and let go of all the stress. Paying all the debts and payments, even if it is a bit, will make you have a sense of happiness inside you.

The pressure of all the debts is a real thing, and it constantly hovers around your mind unless and until you repay them. So it is very important to get off the loans and debts to make your mind feel fresh.

ways to embrace your flaws

Compliment yourself instead of being unhappy with yourself

In this photoshopped and virtual reality of this world, it is very difficult t look at yourself and be happy as everyone around you is striving to be perfect.

Flaws and imperfections are what make you a human being, and a person grows when they accept their flaws and move on with their life.

Complimenting yourself at times makes you realize that you are grateful for whatever you achieve or whatever you are at the present moment. It lets you be happy for yourself and by yourself, which is foremost needed in today’s life.

Indulge in religious services instead of wasting your time 

Indulging in religious services will make you feel connected with God and realize that everything that happens has a reason behind it. It helps in guiding you to a path of spirituality and religiousness where you see the good in people and always surround yourself with a positive aura.

Wasting your time will do nothing good to you, so it is better to take part in religious services which will hap you handle all the stressful situations is very confident and also help you through in greater difficulties of your life.

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Try doing some funny dance instead of being lazy 

Dancing can boost your dopamine levels and nowadays it is essential to do something which you love to do. Research has shown that people have improved their level of happiness in their lives by just doing a dancing session.

Dancing away from all the worries and the stressful situations will help you in relieving your mind from the constant brainstorming and also will help you find a way for everything. So just plug in your favorite music and start to dance!

Look on the brighter side instead of focussing on the negative things around you 

You may often find yourself thinking about the worst possible situations, and this is a very important factor that drives your mood and makes you feel dull and negative. So the next time you are in stressful situations, try to look at the good things in that.

Even if the results are not in your favor, focus on the lessons which you learned. It will eventually help you in the long run. It is very important to look at the brighter aspects of life as it changes your outlook as to how you approach.


Happiness is something that everyone craves, but it always comes from you. From the above-mentioned points, you got a clear idea regarding the things you should change to lead a happy life.

Things that you should change are a very subjective topic, so the things that work for you to be happy may not work for your friends. So please embrace yourself and lead your life as you want it to be.

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