20+ Things Happy People Say Every Time ( Must Follow)

Happy people always try to express their views no, matter be it good or bad. They try to express their emotions and feelings in whatever situation they are in.

Happy people are very adamant regarding their views, morals and they protect their happiness and their mental peace at any cost.

They apologize whenever they are wrong, but they do not budge in protecting their sanity. Things uttered by them also inculcate happiness for everyone around them.

things which happy people say every time:

They say “happy to see” to anyone.

Happy people do not hold onto any grudges against anyone, and they genuinely see the positive side of anyone around them.

They capture the positive thoughts and energies of everyone around them. This influences them to have great positivity, which ultimately helps them maintain their happiness.

They do not indulge themselves in any negative atmosphere. Rather they move away from the negativity, which helps them protect their routine and mindset.

They get jubilant whenever they get to see as they remember only the happy memories they have spent with them. They take the positive approach of everyone around them.

They use words like “Remember when…”

Happy people always hold onto the happiest and cheerful memories of everyone. They reminisce all the thoughts and the events that occurred when you were around them.

They try to recollect the thoughts where you both were happy and try to remember them so that you both can share something which was way happier than this.

This quality of them shows that they keep onto only the happy memories, which helps them move forward and enables them to be fond of your bond with them.

They remember how much they have grown and evolved in this due course of time which makes them take pride in themselves. They look back only to give a wide smile, not to crib on it.

You “really impress me.”

Happy people always lookout for the best traits in everyone and try to motivate them. They know that everyone has to suffer, so just boost your confidence and morale. They readily share some motivating words with everyone who is around them.

They use the phrase “you impress me” a lot which means that they get impressed by the slightest of the best traits of yours.

They show that you do not need to be someone who believes in doing extravagant things, and you can be happy by the slightest of the things.

You will be able to build yourself more when you are around such people because happy people never degrade anyone. Rather, they try to bring them up.

Using “I have faith in you.”

Happy people often use this phrase of having faith in anyone around them. They choose their friends only after they have known them inside out and who supports them in every situation.

They know well that these people around them too have some negative side of theirs, but their positive attitude overpowers it.

You will notice that when such a happy person says that they believe in you automatically feel that you have some capabilities which make them believe in you, and you start believing in your dreams in your decisions.

It paves you a path for all the aims you have set for yourself.

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They know “you are capable of many more.”

Happy people try to bring up those who are close to them. They use the phrase “you are capable of many more” because they see your potential.

They believe that all you need is a little push, and you may go on to succeed and crack the treasure of being happy. They have seen that you have got what it takes to win in life, so they try to bring your confidence up.

When you see people are telling you that you are capable of more, you start putting more effort into the things you do and also in being happy.

You come to a point where you realize that you too can be happy like them, just that you need to anchor your life in a correct direction putting aside all directions.

They ask you to “tell me more” 

Happy people want to know you more so that they can get a complete idea of what type of person you are.

They ask you to tell more about yourself, which helps them in understanding you and also look for your best characteristics which they can put forward. They are very inquisitive about everyone’s character who is around them.

When someone asks you to tell more about yourself, you get to think about yourself like what are the things your love, what are your hobbies are, how do you manage to do everything within time.

It lets you have a deeper insight into yourself, which makes you question yourself and come to some conclusions which might change your life.

Using “sorry” quite a lot 

Happy people never go back on apologizing. They readily agree whenever they make any mistake and say “sorry” for it.

They even say sorry for the minute things which you may not consider as wrong, but they do not want to worsen any relationship with anyone around them, and so they feel that telling “sorry” is better than losing any relationship with anyone.

They value love and the bond more than any ego. They believe that life is the best lead when you are around the ones whom you love.

You will see some people use sorry because they are afraid to be left alone, but this is not the case for the ones who are happy.

They value bonding the memories that they have shared with people and believe that you are quite an important person in their life who should not be gone.

This makes you fall in love with their personality and their characters. You realize that they are not selfish. Rather, they treat people whom they love as a gem.

Using “Thank You”

As you already know that happy people like to be grateful for even the smallest of the things like, for example, the air they breathe or the blue skies or for their friends.

They say “thank you” for everything literally, which may be annoying to some people, but all they want to do is show that they are grateful for getting your company or for helping them out in difficult situations.

You feel good when someone says “ Thank you” to you; you feel that you have done some good in your life. You feel that that you have a purpose in your life, and you need to push yourself to fulfill all the dreams that you have seen.

You need to just put your mind and focus on it. You will see you too will feel the need to thank everyone and everything around you.

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Saying “No”

Happy people have a clear idea regarding their boundaries. They set a limit to everything they are doing and try to remove the notion from everyone’s mind that they are easily accessible.

They say “no” to things which they think they aren’t fit for or something which violates their principles and morals. They do not feel awkward regarding saying this as their mind doesn’t permit it. 

This character shows that you can be friendly without losing out on your original identity. It does not matter to them if they become an outcast for saying “No” to things as what matters to them is people who understand them and their happiness.

When you say “No” to things, you will feel that you are standing correct in your place and not letting anyone budge you from your ideals and ethics.

Using “you will not be able to realize this but…”

Happy people notice the slightest details of you. They look at the characteristics of a person and observe them keenly to conclude whether that person is good for themselves or not.

They have a set of principles and ethics that they follow, and if their personality does not abide by those rules, then happy people might move away from them.

They bring out some past instances where there was a positive outcome because of your decision or the way you did a thing.

This shows that they like to bring these up so that you gather your faith in yourself. This faith will make you live and crack the secrets of life even if no one is there by your side.

Using the phrase “Look, you have come so far!”

Happy people try to bring out the best in themselves as well as others. They believe that mistakes are a part of life, and this is what makes you move forward.

Whenever they see that the atmosphere around them is down, they bring out an instance that instantly makes everyone happy and jubilant. They make you look back only to show you that you have a long way indeed.

This shows that if you could come such a long way, then you will also be able to lead the life of your choice.

This motivates you so that you put in your best efforts and never take a step back due to self-doubt. It lets you have a moment of self-realization where you truly look back and see that you have indeed made a long way despite all the odds and the difficulties.

Saying they “would like to hear your thoughts.”

Happy people paint a picture of everyone whom they meet according to the way they behave, the things they follow, and listen to the thoughts they have.

They assume thoughts to be very important to someone‘s character, be it you or someone else. The thoughts are something that shows how your inner conscience deals with things and what are is the base of your thoughts.

When they say that they would like to hear your thoughts, do not take it as a normal conversation.

This is something that becomes a deciding factor from them; when you express your thoughts regarding something, you pour out your truest self, and this shows whether you have any negative approach in your mind as such.

Hearing others’ thoughts lets you know how they think, and the way they talk determines the type of person they are and how they deal with people around them.

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They say, “I took your suggestion.”

Happy people do not consider themselves as the greatest in the world, and they know that they have to learn a lot and knowledge has no boundaries. Learning is something which they would like to continue throughout their life.

When they are in groups, they take suggestions from everybody even if they are the leader of the team as suggestion gives you views to different angles into the problem. This might help them in finding the solution.

When you take suggestions from every one of your team, it shows that you are someone who can work in a team and value each of your team members.

The suggestion might also be a suggestion to try a new restaurant or read a new book. These suggestions will show that you do not budge from giving a chance to different alternatives.

They even express their urge to be “like you.”

Happy people do not consider themselves to be the best of all. They know that many of the people around them have some of the qualities which they yearn to have, and they do not feel ashamed of that.

They readily say out loud when they think that someone has some qualities which they do not have.

They admire the qualities which they do not have and even express them. This shows that they have an admiring and never getting tired of learning nature.

When you say that you want to be someone, you show that you too have flaws and imperfections which are completely okay to have and no human being on this planet is perfect; It is flawed that makes everyone unique.

“You are welcome.”

Happy people always show their kindness to those who need it. They do not do it to become great in someone’s eyes; they do these deeds just to help someone out, which provides them contentment and satisfaction.

When they help someone out, people thank them, and they never back off from saying that they are welcomed for it.

This shows that they have a very humble nature which helps them in dealing with people. This nature of theirs keeps them connected to the ground even if they had achieved everything which they have ever aspired.

When you say “welcome” o everyone irrespective of their status, class, or creed, it shows that you are not the type of person who judges anyone because of their appearance or caste.

They mention instances “when I got impressed by you.”

Happy people like to mention a specific event of yours that impressed them. This shows that they remember the times when you showed your truest potentials.

This shows that they paid attention to your every action and even remember the ones which impressed them. You were indeed able to leave an imprint on their mind.

Your actions brought a positive outcome which made them think about you. They were able to see a spark within you, which made them think that you were capable of the greatest things in life.

You have the capability of doing good in your eyes so that you can achieve all the dreams which you have ever seen. It boosts your morale and confidence to a great extent.


Happy people like to express themselves, and you may find them constantly talking about anything. They do not hold themselves back from expressing themselves, and they constantly say something which is noticed by everyone who is around them.

From the above point, you will get a clear picture regarding the things which happy people say and try to notice if anyone around you behaves in that way, try to know that person so that your life can change in a better way, but these aren’t set things which they have to say, but these are just common things about which they like to talk about.

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