15+ Things You Need to Know About Meditation

Meditation can be elucidated as the spiritual practice of quieting our mind and body and getting in actual touch with our soul, our deeper self. Meditation is a way of listening more intently so that we can hear everything from a more heartfelt place.

It magnifies our intuition, discloses our true nature, and provides us peace from within.

everything you need to know about meditation:

There are certain things about meditation that you should know, especially if you are a beginner.

Meditation helps in making you more proactive and efficient

Meditation will definitely help you in every field and sphere of life since it enhances productivity and concentration to a great extent. 

Suppose you are in a very boring official meeting and you cannot control your thoughts from drifting away when you should be focusing entirely on the meeting. 

Or you are attending a class late in the afternoon and the lecture is so monotonous that you’re feeling sleepy. 

It happens right? Yes, it happens with almost all of us. Things that don’t excite you but are really important from your perspective, must be concentrated upon. 

This is where meditation comes in handy to prevent your thoughts from going haywire.

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Meditation helps with your thinking pattern

As meditation helps you to gather your thoughts and become more apprehensive of your thinking pattern, you are able to focus better on almost all the necessary components of your day-to-day life. 

You are able to concentrate with minimum effort and stay on the right track rather than drifting away continuously. 

Studies have shown that meditating can add density to the brain’s cerebral cortex which in turn helps in better control of the stimulus.

Meditation calms you down and helps to sleep peacefully

Meditation has some really effective calming qualities. Researchers have shown that the EEG activity literally decreases at the time you meditate. 

It is absolutely meaningless to stare at the ceiling, throughout the night, having trouble falling asleep or staring at the clock and watching it ticking at the pace of a sloth. The reason behind this is Insomnia. 

Meditation has been proven to cure Insomnia by helping you loosen up and relax yourself. It even helps you to revitalize and rejuvenate yourself so that you have more energy throughout the day. 

And to add to that, it is also seen that people who meditate on a regular basis need less sleep.

Meditation enhances self-awareness

Meditation directly contributes to healthy functions of the self on the level of neural activity according to scientists. 

What does this actually mean? 

Meditation results in healthier behavior of oneself. You can be more focused on what’s beneficial for you and be mindful of your own purpose, beliefs, and values. 

You can be more aware of who you are on a much deeper level rather than what your ego provides you. 

Your self-consciousness will increase drastically after you meditate.

If you’re someone who is willing to meditate daily, you will definitely understand the importance of this practice after a week or so. 

In addition to it, meditation also helps in developing certain creative-problem solving skills.

Meditation helps you to concentrate better

When you are depressed, stressed, anxious, etc. concentrating can be a very difficult job to do. 

Meditating regularly prevents you from concentrating poorly or having difficulty focusing on something particular. 

Even just deep breaths while meditating can make you calmer, bring clarity in your thoughts, and concentrate completely on the task assigned to you. 

This’ll allow you to be, again, more efficient and stay relaxed while working on something important.

Meditation Statistics

Meditation improves your mood

Did you ever experience moments where even the slightest of noise irritates you and you are frustrated by almost everything going on around you? 

Well, it does happen with all of us, at some point in time, in their lives. You begin to feel drained out and broken. You feel your core has been shattered to pieces and you’re exhausted. 

After meditating regularly, you can see an improved outcome for yourself. 

You will feel that those irritations are no longer existing which you felt prior to meditation. You’ll be much calmer and relaxed and petty reasons won’t offend you anymore.

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Meditation decreases stress and anxiety levels

Research has shown that meditation can be very useful in prohibiting stress and anxiety, in both men and women. 

Everyone still experiences some form of stress in their life and that is completely normal, but the intensity won’t be as strong as it used to be. 

A stress-free life ensures better hormonal balance and in turn, better skin. 

You’ll be surprised to see the magic that meditation does to your skin. It can work wonders!

Meditation promotes a better sex-life

Yes, you’re right, a calmer and less stressed you will be up for engaging into activities more than the one you were before meditation. 

You will be more pleased with the sexual drive and in turn, can better please your partner and rule out any form of mood killers. 

This again results in a better and much less complicated married life as well.

Meditation helps to promote emotional health

Certain forms of meditation can help to alter your outlook on life and make sure you have a much positive view on life. 

These also ensure an improved image of oneself. 

Several studies show that individuals who were successful in completing a particular meditational exercise had very little negative approach towards life.

Inflammatory chemicals, Cytokines, released because of depression, anxiety, and stress, and can lead to mood swings, are curbed down by regular meditation. Hence, depression levels are significantly reduced.

Meditation helps to increase attention span

A form of meditation known as focused-attention meditation is like fitness training for your attention span. It promotes the strength and tolerance of your attention. 

One review summarized that certain forms of meditation may even reverse the brain patterns which lead to worrying, being tensed, and poor attention.

Even meditating for a short amount of time every day will benefit you. For an improved memory and attention span, one can just meditate for 13 minutes daily, regularly for 8 weeks. Interesting, isn’t it?

Meditation might help to battle addictions

Regular practice of meditation ensures you break the dependency on many forms of addiction by an increase in control over yourself and signaling triggers towards these addictions. 

Researchers have shown that meditation helps in redirecting attention towards the positive entities and manage several stimuli and emotions.

One study in 60 alcohol addicts found that those who practiced transcendental meditation for 3 months had much lower levels of depression, stress, and lower addiction towards alcohol. 

Meditation is also seen to control food cravings including binge and emotional eating.

How meditation helps in addiction

Meditation helps to control pain

Some research suggests that including meditation in your regular routine can be really favorable for controlling pain. 

A large meta-analysis of studies constituting about 35000 people, showed that meditation was indeed instrumental in decreasing their pain.

People who meditate and people who don’t show the same signs of pain but the regular meditators could easily cope with the pain as opposed to the non-meditators who didn’t experience any reduction in the sensation of pain. 

It is even proven worldwide to decrease depression in people suffering from various chronic diseases.

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Meditation helps to enhance creativity

Did you ever experience a day wherein you couldn’t even think of how to pitch the idea for your new project so that it is appealing to your boss? 

It happens because you’re massively stressed and exhausted. A chemical known as cortisol is triggered due to the response to stress and according to scientists, cortisol blocks permanent learning.

Meditation is immensely effective in reducing the secretion of cortisol and as a result, you can efficiently tackle hurdles like writer’s block, add valuable opinion in the official meetings, pitch the new idea creatively to your boss or even cook a delicious new meal for Sunday brunch!

Meditation generates kindness 

Certain forms of meditation are quite effective in generating positive actions and feelings towards yourself and others around you. 

A type of meditation known as Metta begins with the process of developing kindness and positive feelings towards yourself. 

The more time you spend doing Metta meditation weekly, the more positive feelings you will experience.

With regular practice of this meditation, individuals have learned to spread forgiveness and kindness, first to family members and close friends and gradually, to their enemies as well.

Meditation decreases blood pressure

Meditation helps to refine your physical health by minimizing the strain on your heart. 

A meta-analysis constituting about 1000 participants, found that meditation did help to reduce blood pressure and this was more effective among the older people who participated in the analysis.

Meditation seems to relax the nerve signals that synchronize tension among the arteries, veins, and capillaries. 

Harmonizes heart functions and makes an individual alert in stressful situations. 

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Meditation decreases the symptoms of illnesses

Meditation is scientifically proven to reduce the levels of stress in cancer patients. 

Not only cancer but meditation is proven to curb the symptoms of other life-threatening diseases also by reducing stress levels. Increased levels of stress can make us both physically and mentally weak and prone to many such diseases.

According to various studies, meditation is proven to bring inflammation levels under control by curbing the secretion of cortisol and as a result, bring the anxiety levels down significantly.

How meditation can help boost heart

Meditation can be practiced anywhere

There are many different forms of meditation that people can practice anywhere and everywhere. You don’t need any special equipment to carry out your favorite form o meditation. 

You can just lay a mat or sit on a couch and you’re good to go. Just meditate for a few minutes each day to ensure all the above-mentioned qualities of meditation are met by you.

There are two major forms of meditation that you can practice according to your needs. These are 

  • Focused attention meditation 
  • Open-monitoring meditation.

One can easily understand that the role meditation plays in one’s life is immense. It can provide natural remedies for many health-related complications. 

It is also effective in treating and curing post-traumatic stress disorders, curbing anxiety and stress levels, and ensure a healthy and sound life. Most importantly, it can be practiced anywhere.

Benefits of Meditation

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