15+ Valuable Things In Life That Money Cannot Buy

For a better life experience and achieving our targets in life, earning money is very important. But the problem begins when we start believing that money is our utmost priority and anything can be achieved in return for it.

valuable things in life that money cannot buy.

There are many important things in life for which money is worth sacrificing. Let us have a look at them:


You can never buy happiness using money. Even with a huge bank balance, you can never be satisfied in life if you are not grateful and know how to make yourself and the people around you happy.

The wealthier a person is, the more chances he has of becoming miserable at some point in time. In the rat race of earning more money, these people forget about their relationships, family, and friends. 

It is not that if you have money, you are bound to be miserable. But, what must be always kept in mind is that money has no direct relation with happiness, and you can be happy in life through several other things which are more important.

Happiness largely depends on a mindset, which is not controlled by money. If you are a pessimistic person, you will be the same when you have money or don’t have it.

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Who doesn’t know that ‘Health is Wealth’? Indeed, no matter how wealthy you are, you can never achieve good health through money. Several instances have shown how people are ready to compromise their health to make more money and ultimately end up suffering from diseases and deficiencies, due to the lack of a regular and disciplined lifestyle.

No amount of money can reverse the damage caused by unhealthy practices like excessive smoking or drinking, drug abuse, etc., which are bound to decrease one’s quality of healthy life.

A quote by the great Dalai Lama is very relevant in this case:

”What surprises me most is ‘Man’ sacrifices his/her health to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.”

Therefore, earning more money at the expense of health is never an option. We need to understand the importance of maintaining our health in our daily lives.


When a person is rich, he has many friends. But this never signifies the number of ‘real’ friends he has. Even if you can make friends by buying them expensive gifts or paying for their every need, you will not find most of them in case you need them for an emergency.

Basing your worth on your economic well-being often pressurizes a person to maintain his status and this can have negative effects on his social life and make him feel disconnected.

Therefore, it is very important to find people with whom you can connect effortlessly. They are not the least concerned about your bank balance, and you as a person are what matters to them.

Those people deserve a special appreciation who have been with you in your happiness and misery and are always there for you. Kindness and love can help you to make real friends, money cannot.

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Life’s purpose can never be earning more money. The majority of people spend their lives with a false conception that earning more and more money and becoming wealthy and financially strong is the ultimate purpose in life.

As a result, they waste valuable time and energy running after wealth. A person considers himself successful in life when he has all the material possession he could ask for. Many people go to seminars or special classes to understand their life’s purpose.

Free or paid, these places can never buy them the thing they are searching for, the purpose. 

Money is simply a way to pursue the road to achieving your objective but it is not your ultimate target to reach in life. If making money is your life’s sole purpose, once you achieve it even partially, you will lose your objective and life will have no meaning to you at all.


One of the biggest truths in life is that money cannot buy love. Money often ruins your chances of understanding and having true love. Since everyone wants to be with a rich person, you will never understand who loves you for your wealth and who loves you because they care for you and you matter the most.

A rich person lives in the constant fear of a dilemma- ‘Will I still have this person by me if I lost my wealth one day?’ 

Again, all rich people don’t need to have miserable relationships but to maintain a proper love life, he/she has to know how to keep a balance in the relationship. To love and be loved- it is probably the best feeling in this world and unconditional love will never differentiate the rich and the poor- it’s the same for everybody.

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Your bank balance can never build up your confidence in real life. It is very risky to depend on external factors for confidence, and money is the most important one. When your confidence depends on materialistic elements like how you look, what dress you wear, or what car you drive, you lose it when you don’t have access to these things.

This gives rise to insecurity and self-loathing and will eventually make you depressed. Developing or boosting your confidence is completely independent of your wealth. It is an intrinsic quality and will build up through knowledge and wisdom that you gain in life. It is not something that you can buy from a shop.

If you want a long and successful career, your confidence is very important since people always want to work or communicate with people who have a confident personality and can impress others merely by their presence.


Probably the most valuable thing in life that you have for free, time is something that can never be reversed, no matter how rich you are. You can use time, but you can’t own it, so a lost moment is lost forever.

Earning more money is very easy, but getting more time is impossible. No matter how scientifically and medically advanced we become, we can never extend our specific lifespan. 

So, even if you are a billionaire, you will also die at around the same age as a beggar. Therefore, what matters in life is to appreciate the time and opportunities we have to do things, be grateful to our life for giving us what we have, be wisely productive and enjoy life to its fullest.

If you are a father and you miss your daughter’s birthday because you are stuck at work, you will never get that time back. 

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Being intangible, trust cannot be precisely pointed. It is completely a matter of faith in someone or something. Our actions and feelings build trust, money doesn’t. You cannot buy a person’s trust with any wealth in the world.

Once somebody loses trust in you, it takes forever to get that back. Circumstances change in your favor sometimes, but it is never like old times. We trust a person because of the way he behaves with us or his character appears to us, not because he has loads of money. Their character makes them trustworthy.

For trust to last forever, no matter what kind of a relationship it is, personal or official, people have to provide equal efforts and cooperation in the relationship. Instead of losing trust and suffering pain as a consequence, it is better to build a strong and trustworthy relationship and maintain it throughout one’s lifetime.

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Inner peace

Peace of mind never comes out of money. Being rich makes life peaceful since one can afford everything- there is no bigger misconception than this. Money may be a solution to your everyday household and personal activities, but not to the problems you face in your mind and heart.

The need to remedy your inner problems is more important than your need for money, comfort, and luxury. Also, money can be the reason that ruins your inner peace. When a rich man becomes broke or has debts in the market, he is bound to become restless and anxious, hence zero mental peace.

Personal development through a healthy and balanced lifestyle, giving ample time to yourself, calming yourself through regular yoga or meditation- these practices develop your personality and mindset and consequently strengthen you as a person and helps you to listen to your inner voice and cater to its needs.


Being rich and being classy is not the same thing. Your money cannot buy you a good attitude and proper behavior towards the people around you. People often hire life coaches to teach them the proper way to behave with others but it is something that must come naturally from the inside.

You have to constantly give effort to it, otherwise, you will just have the same attitude. On the contrary, many people even tend to forget manners when they become rich as their pride and ego make them think of themselves as superior and not liable to anyone.

You develop your morals and integrity yourself, and they must remain the same irrespective of what you earn and how settled you are. Good manners are often a refuge in critical situations, and you may deal with a difficult problem wisely, only if you know how to tackle others with your behavior.

The love of a mother

The unconditional love and affection of a mother for her child is unparalleled and no amount of money can buy it. It is completely unasked for. A mother fills her kid with care and protection, all her heart is capable of.

You can never return the appreciation by buying her expensive gifts and luxurious facilities- any quantity of these things would be enough. But, what you can do to respect her selfless sacrifice for you is to treat her with the same love and care on your behalf. 

In that way, you can probably repay a part of her hard work and affection. Speaking from the parent’s perspective, a mother needs to spend time with her children. A kid needs its mother more than all the costly gifts and toys you can buy. A working mother especially needs to spare time so that she can be with her child.


People will flatter you when you have money or power, and if you are in a higher position than them. But forced devotion is not even remotely close to respect. It takes a lot of effort and hard work to earn respect. No matter how influential a figure you are in your field, you may not be respected by fellow workers and employees.

Modesty and humility are the ways to achieve that respect and you must understand that your authority and position make you no different from other people you work with. 

If you want respect from your employees, you have to treat them with respect at first. Being understanding and considerate is very important. When people see these qualities in you, they are genuinely attracted to you and respect you for who you are. Respect is free- there is no price label on it.

The ideal concept is that everyone deserves to be respected, regardless of their position or actions.

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You can spend a lot to buy a costly camera but it will never be able to buy you the memories. The photographs do exist but the moment you miss once or the memories you didn’t care to keep aside are never going to come back to you.

In a rush to sign that venture that would bring you a large fortune, you missed attending your father’s 70th birthday or your child’s first music performance at school. No amount of money can give these moments back to you. This is why it is so important to cherish the present, what we call ‘living in the moment.

German director and fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld once said,

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

Life is too short. It is very important to live every moment and focus on the important things in life that are more important and earning money.


Therefore, it is quite understandable that there are plenty of things in our lives that are bigger priorities than stuffing our pockets with money. In the modern competitive age, what we often fail to comprehend is that the most precious things in life cannot be bought. They are simply to be experienced and appreciated.

things matter more than money

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