15+ Things to Not Say when Manifesting

Manifestation is a process, and you should not expect results within a day. It is a process that works magically in numerous ways to make all your dreams come true, and it indeed makes the universe strive to make you achieve your dreams.

What are things you should avoid saying while manifesting? :

  • Using words that show that you aren’t sure about your capabilities.
  • Using words like maybe, someday, hopefully, and so on.
  • Use words that show that you are pessimistic and unsure about your success like can’t, won’t, I am unable, etc.
  • Allowing negativity to seep into your daily affirmations.
  • Using words like impossible, never, too hard, will never, I can’t do this, etc.

Manifestations work correctly only when you have the energy to support them and the correct mindset to be disciplined towards the goals you want to achieve. It would help if you did not use some words in your manifestation journey as it dampens the whole idea and your energy.

things which you should not say while you are manifesting:

Using the phrase, “I wish.”

When you use the word “wish,” you push yourself into some uncertainty. It shows that you are unsure of your capabilities or ambitions, which is not a good sign for your manifestation journey.

When you wish for something, you know that you want to have it, but not at the cost of effort. You just want someone to achieve it and put it on your lap as a gift parcel. 

When you wish for something, it seems as if you are not sure whether you want it in your life, and there is no place for such confusion when you manifest. You only need to include the things in your manifestation process which are of utmost importance to you. 

Using “I never.”

The usage of the word never leads you to believe that you aren’t capable of doing it, and also, you are not ready to put in the efforts to achieve it.

Never gives you the idea that even if you give in your best efforts, you will not be able to achieve it sooner or later, and this attitude eventually hampers on your whole manifestation process. 

When you include something in your manifestation journey over which you have no confidence, then it just brings down the whole idea of manifestation; it works accurately when you have the right motive and the actions to achieve the aims and the goals which you had assigned for yourself.

Using the word never also does not let the universe strive, which ultimately makes you let go of all your aims and ambitions. 

Using the word “hope.”

Hope is something we lean onto when we know that nothing is in our hands, and we can only look forward without making any effort.

Similarly, hope is like the light at the end of the tunnel. When you embrace manifestation, you should remember that you should only assign those things into your manifestation journey which mean the most to you and for which you are ready to put in your efforts. 

Hope makes you think that you deserve to achieve everything in this world, even if you do not put effort into it. It makes your expectations high even when you know deep inside that you are not being able to put effort into achieving it.

It pushes you into some uncertain promises and affirmations, which makes you question the decisions you take, thereby breaking your confidence. 

Using the word” cannot”

Cannot is a word that you use when you know that you are incapable of it and still want to achieve it. It shows that you have already left giving any effort into it, and you have made up your mind that you will not be able to do it no matter how much you try.

It shows that you are not aware of your truest potential and capabilities, which makes you question whether you can put in effort into the rest of things, thereby questioning your whole decision.

It makes you feel that you are not capable of bigger things in life which makes you settle for lesser things; it makes you include those into manifestation regarding which you had no clue, thereby decreasing your vibrations and energy, which makes the manifestation fail. 

common limiting beliefs about yourself

Using the word “maybe.”

It may be used in situations where you are not sure about the efforts you put in or the whole scenario, and it just shows that you are in a mess and you are not sure about the things you are doing.

You are in a state where you can neither leave it nor hold it, and it makes you question the decisions you have made in your life, which breaks your confidence and makes you lose your trust in yourself. 

It leads you down to a path where you reconsider the goals and aims you would like to achieve.

Maybe make you think that even if you try, it is possible, but to make your manifestations work, you need to change it into an affirmation that will finally channel your manifestations in the right direction.

Using the word “impossible.”

When you use the word impossible, you have already led yourself into a belief that you are not capable of achieving bigger things in life which ultimately makes you settle for things that are not even wanted by you.

It destroys the whole idea of manifestations because unless you have confidence in yourself, your energy will not rise enough to make the whole universe strive for the things you have wished for. 

When you use the word impossible, you stop trying and putting in efforts that are not applicable when you are on your manifestation journey.

Impossible creates a cloud of doubts regarding potential and makes you question the things you deserve. It breaks down your trust in yourself and creates the thought that you are not meant to achieve bigger things in life.

Using the words “Not Now. “

When you are constantly stuck in the loop of not now, you delay the tasks that are of utmost importance to you; you forget its importance in your life.

When you start this laid-back attitude, you do not understand that you are making yourself feel okay with the things you are not doing, which ultimately leads you to a situation where you are okay even if you do not achieve the things you are manifesting. 

When you behave like this, the energy surrounding you does not get the idea that you are willing to give all your efforts for what you want in your life, thereby dropping down the whole idea of manifestation.

Using the words “I can’t do this.”

As soon as you develop this mindset that you can’t do this and can’t do that, immediately, it sends signals to the universe, and you can barely make it near your aspirations.

One of the very important things you must keep in mind while trying to manifest is remembering that the confidence you hold about yourself is the same confidence the universe feels while giving it back to you.

It realizes that you are confident enough to properly use the goals granted to you.

The first step of the manifestation process asks you to be sure and specific about what you want to manifest, and if you are not confident with yourself trying to manifest what you are sure about, there is no point in even trying.

Your vibrations will never match those of your goals, and hence, you can never reach them.

ways address put halt your limiting self beliefs

Using the word “shouldn’t”

Whenever you use “shouldn’t” in your manifestation process, it depicts that you are afraid of what you are doing at that very moment or are going to do in the future.

It would help if you never were afraid of wanting to achieve your goals unless those are illegal or can hurt others.

It shows everyone and sends a message to the universe that you are afraid of failing and that you cannot go the hard yards to achieve your goals.

It also shows the limiting beliefs stored in your subconscious mind.

Instead of addressing those thoughts, you are letting them dominate you, which is never a good sign when you are about to manifest something. 

Using the words “if only”

When you start using the words, if only you are making yourself dependent on your previous actions, it leads to a stage where you will not be able to perform a task at the present moment because of some previous tasks.

It puts a question on your accountability, thereby making you doubt your intentions and the goals that you have set in.

When you use the phrase if only, it creates the idea that you are full of confusion and uncertainty in your life; when you are full of confusion, you may not be able to find a clear path for yourself because you are getting yourself dependent on the previous actions.

It makes you a person who values your past accomplishments more than the present moment.

Using the words “Too hard.”

When you are living your life, it is very natural to face some situations where you will feel that it is difficult and you will not be able to do it, but the main point is that unless you try doing it, you will not understand what your true potential is.

You need to keep trying by putting in all your efforts before you conclude that you will not be able to do it. 

When you set something as ‘too hard,’ you have already made up your mind that even if you try, you will not be able to do it.

When you are trying out something new or starting a new journey, you should always have an open mind to try out everything; wherever you will fail, try taking valuable lessons from it and try again. 

beliefs inculcate while manifesting


From the above points, it can be concluded that your manifestation process needs to revolve around optimistic energy.

You cannot let your limiting beliefs grasp you and dominate you. Your fears would be nothing when you let positive energy vibration out into the universe.

Have faith in the process, and trust the universe to give you back what you deserve when you manifest successfully, without using any of the above or any other limiting words.

FAQs on things to not say when manifesting.

What are some of the words you should avoid using when you are amidst your manifestation process?

Words never like, impossible, and I can’t, I won’t, shouldn’t, maybe, someday, hopefully, if only, not now, in other words, the words which depict you not being sure about what you can achieve and about your capabilities.

How to alter your manifestation for the better?

Manifesting means to alter your reality with your intentions, so you need to have that intent to be able to reach greater heights and be where you want to be.

What are you doing wrong in your manifestation?

There may be quite a few things blocking you from experiencing a successful manifestation process, and those include you being unsure about what you want, not using affirmations properly, allowing negativity to peep into your life, having no faith in the universe and so on.

What are the things you can use instead to make your manifestations successful?

Using symbols that bring you good fortunes, using crystals to manifest everything you want to have, using proper affirmations, reading books on manifestation, and so on.

Which words must you use to manifest successfully?

Some of the words you should use for a successful manifestation include “I can,” “I will,” “it’s possible,” “I know,” “I have,” “effortlessly,” “I believe,” and so on.

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