157+ Things to Never Say to Someone with Anxiety and Depression

Helping people with anxiety and depression is important, but it’s essential to be careful with our words.

Some things we say can either help or hurt them. In this guide, we’ll talk about what not to say to someone with anxiety and depression.

These are common mental health problems that many people face, and saying the wrong things can make them feel worse.

By learning what not to say, we can be more kind and helpful to people dealing with anxiety and depression. Let’s explore these important topics so we can support them better.

Things To Never Say To Someone With Anxiety And Depression

-You are the only one facing problems!

-You make a fuss about nothing!

-You have to come out of your shell!

-Life is not just hard enough on you!

-Don’t mind me, but you don’t look depressed!

-I see you smiling and grilling; how come you are depressed?

-You are just hyping things!

-Don’t take things so seriously!

-You should be grateful for whatever you have!

-Interact with people!

-You have nothing to do, that is why you feel gloomy!

-You are not depressed, just worried!

-I have seen much bigger problems than you!

-Be strong like me!

-You are being a sissy!

-It happens to everyone, not just you!

-You are just victimizing yourself!

-Stop portraying like you have been wronged!

-Things can’t break strong people, just the weak ones!

-So what, you thought life was easy?

-You are overreacting!

-Get out of that self-pity!

-It’s not even a big deal!

-You are not facing anything out of the way!

-Stop your melodrama!

-Get someone in your life!

-You don’t act any different, do you?

-Be active!

-I am fed up seeing you this way!

-I have to be happy!

-Because of you, no one enjoys in this room!

-You don’t have patience!

-You have a very weak personality!

-She has a habit of melodramatizing everything!

-She/he just wants sympathy!

-She is a drama queen!

-His younger brother is better than him!

-He is arrogant and doesn’t meet with anyone!

-Everyone is fed up with him.

-He has just named his failures depression!

-He/she did not work hard. How could he pass the exam?

-To be honest, it’s all in your head!

-Everything is fine; stop pretending like it’s not!

-For how long do we have to put up with your behavior? 

-Get out of your melancholy!

-Accept it; it’s your fault!

-Move on!

-Why can’t you adjust?

-Everyone has to compromise; it’s not just you!

-Just a struggling phase!

-Poor you!

-I feel bad for you!

-It’s you who is responsible for your state!

-Why gets depressed at this tender age?

-Social media has affected your brain and nothing else!

-It’s like, depression is a new trend that has begun!

-Today’s generation of children doesn’t know how to cope up with things! 

-You are expecting too much!

-Stay content with whatever life has bestowed upon you!

-I am not with you on this!

-You are affecting my studies!

-I have to work hard so that I don’t end up like you!

-You just imagine things!

Things to Never Say to Someone with Depression

  • 1 Don’t tell them to just “cheer up” or “get over it” because it’s not that simple.
  • 2 Don’t say they’re lazy if they don’t have the energy to do things. Depression makes it hard to feel motivated.
  • 3 Don’t claim you know exactly how they feel, even if you’ve been sad before. Everyone’s experience is different.
  • 4 Don’t say, “It’s all in your head.” Depression is a real problem, not just imagination.
  • 5 Don’t compare their situation to others who might be worse off. It doesn’t make them feel better.
  • 6 Don’t suggest they can fix it by just thinking positively. Depression is more complex than that.
  • 7 Don’t say, “You don’t look depressed.” Depression doesn’t always show on the outside.
  • 8 Don’t recommend unproven treatments; it might not be safe or helpful.
  • 9 Don’t pressure them to go out and have fun. Depression can make socializing tough.
  • 10 Don’t think it’s just a phase they’ll grow out of. Depression can last a long time and needs proper help.

Things Not to Say to A Depressed Person

-How come your brother, who lives in the same house, is not depressed, but you claim to be depressed?

-As a parent, we are providing you with everything, but still, if you are not happy, then we can’t do anything about it! 

-Handle it!

-For how long you will continue with this?

-The main reason is that you just think about yourself!

-Don’t think so much!

-Don’t be sad! 

-You are ruining everyone’s day with this behavior!

-Fix it up if you are not happy!

-Why can’t you be happy?

-Depression is a made-up thing!

-You have everything; how can you be depressed?

-I can’t believe a person like you can be depressed!

-You are just tense about your future!

-No one in your family has so many complaints except you! 

-You have to accept and move on!

-You can’t keep crying for one thing again and again and again! 

-You are depressed because nothing is happening in your life! 

-Everything will be done one day!

-Learn to wait!

-Everyone can’t get everything!

-You are just overthinking!

-Why can’t you let go of things?

-Why are you always in a hurry? 

-You have responsibilities; you can’t ignore them!

-Many life depends on you; you can’t give up!

-This is silly!

-Be a man!

-Man cannot be weak!

-Stop crying!

-You can’t lock yourself up!

-In this grave time, we need you to stand for us!

-Can we expect something from you?

-At least take care of your expenses!

-Happens to everyone!

-Stop talking about it all the time!

-I am here to relax, not to listen to your miserable life!

-You have made a mess!

-You look decrepit!

-You can’t live if you don’t be strong!

-It’s not easy for anyone!

-You have to understand that it is not just about you!

-There are things as well that need attention!

-You are driving crazy!

-U will get depressed after listening to you!

-You have become a pessimist human!

-You can’t go to a psychiatrist! You are not mad!

-Take it easy, dude!

-Chill! It is not something to worry about!

-You have to make it on your own; I can’t be there for you!

-I can’t do anything to help you, man!

-I am done listening to your depression stories!

-You cannot rise like this!

-You are good for nothing!

-Better days are coming!

-Fight for it!

-You are exaggerating things!

-You seem fine!

-How can a healthy person like you call themselves depressed?

-He is laughing! And you were saying he is depressed!

-You are doing good!

-Person like you should not opt to be depressed! 

-You have to get yourself together! 

-Look at your family; they need you!

-Stop thinking too much!

-All these small things should not affect you!

-Look at you! 

-You have become hopeless!

-I believe a person gets depressed because he wants to be that way!

-Have hopes!

Things to Never Say to A Depressed Person

  1. Don’t say, “Just cheer up.” Depression isn’t something people can easily control.
  2. Don’t say, “It’s all in your head.” Depression is a real illness, not just a feeling.
  3. Don’t say, “Be thankful for what you have.” It can make them feel guilty for feeling sad.
  4. Don’t say, “Others have it worse.” Comparing their problems to others’ doesn’t help.
  5. Don’t say, “You’re just seeking attention.” Accusing them of this can make them feel ashamed.
  6. Don’t say, “I know how you feel.” Everyone’s experience is different.
  7. Don’t say, “It’s all your fault.” Blaming them makes things worse.
  8. Don’t say, “Just be positive.” Depression is more complicated than that.
  9. Don’t say, “You’re too sensitive.” It can make them feel like their feelings don’t matter.
  10. Don’t say, “You don’t need help.” Encourage them to seek professional help if necessary.


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