15+ Things to Say While Manifesting

No matter how much anyone wants to convince you that there is an all-powerful way of manifesting, there is no such way to manifest, which is always successful from the first attempt.

Manifestation is a subjective process, and it varies from person to person. When you manifest, various factors determine whether or not your manifestation will become successful.

Things to Say for A Better and More Effective Manifestation:

  • You can start by saying that you have complete faith in yourself and the universe.
  • You can then say that everything is and will work out perfectly for you.
  • You should feel worthy enough of what you want to achieve and say that to yourself. 
  • You should reassure yourself that you are getting better day by day.
  • You can, and you will reach your desires as you are worthy enough of all that and much more. 

One of the most important factors is using a positive, optimistic tone of words to enable your manifestation to come true.

things you say during your manifestation process.

I will 

The word I will show the determination you have in life. You may get messed up in some situations and question your truest potential.

This stage might make you believe that you will not be able to achieve your dreams at any cost, but your faith and belief will make you think otherwise. .

Once you get the idea that you will do something, you will not require any motivation from others. Rather you will be able to receive motivation from within yourself whenever you need it. 

You may notice that you will be able to reach great heights and also regain back trust in yourself. Even if you fall at times, you will have the confidence to start up again and try. This whole process will only prepare you for any worst scenarios that might come up on your path.

I can  

The word “can” hold a lot of weight in itself. It shows the process of yourself from where you never believed in yourself to when you had started regaining your confidence.

When you start on your path of achieving your dreams, then it is very natural to get lost at times and feel completely confused, but if you start believing that no matter how many failures come to you, it will never affect the way you are proceeding, the best that can happen is to carry forward all the learnings that you got with the failure. 

This whole attitude changes your outlook on how you look at yourself. You will also start respecting and loving yourself when you start believing that you can, which goes a long way.

It will make you urge to hustle more in your life to reach the goals you have assigned yourself.

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I am

The word “am” shows acknowledging yourself, which is very important when you are on your way to achieving your goals. Manifestation is all about how you and the universe’s energies, come to a single place and arrive to make all your dreams come true.

To make this happen, you need to make sure that you have faith in yourself; you need to understand that if you have faith in yourself, you will be able to overcome any difficulties that might come up on your path of manifesting. 

When you start trusting yourself, you will notice that you will be able to focus on your goals and aims, and even if you fail, you will not lose your faith which will just make you stronger with every passing day.

When you affirm with the phrase, “I am,” it shows that you believe in yourself no matter what happens, and you are quite sure that no matter what happens, you will be able to reach your destined goals.

I have

This phrase shows your gratefulness towards your life and your possessions in life. This idea of showing gratefulness makes you realize the blessings in your life, whether small or big.

These blessings are the ones that make you feel that even at your worst, you have some necessities which keep you going, and if this can make you go on for everything, then you should never lose hope or stop giving your efforts in doing the things you do. 

The word ‘has’ shows you to have the courage to fight back against any challenges that might come up on your path, and it will just make sure that even if you fall at times or fail in something, you will never lose hope in it.

It makes sure that you manifest the affirmations in your life, which makes you prepare yourself and enables you to regain your confidence. This confidence eventually will help you manifest the dreams you want to achieve in your life.

benefits being determined

I know 

This shows that you know about what you are doing, and you have full faith in yourself. You know that your dreams and aims show a hint of your truest capabilities, and you will be able to achieve it no matter how many times you fall.

You are sure about the things that you want to achieve in your life and are also ready to put in all the efforts for it.

These efforts will make you closer to the dreams you want to achieve in your life, giving a clear idea that this path will not be easy, but this rocky way will help you face any hurdles that might come up in your path. It makes you ready for any challenges this life has to offer you.

The phrase “I know” shows your belief in yourself and how you are aware of your potential. It shows that nothing can bog you down, and you have learned to carry on with a smile.

It shows that even if someone manipulates you, you will not give away to it. Rather, you will be able to maintain your approach and go on manifesting your dreams. 

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This usage of words helps you in managing things. When you are on your path to achieving your goals, you must remember that nothing is easy. First, it is by sheer practice, and the urge to achieve this helps you increase your motivation to strive for excellence.

When you get used to hard work, you realize that it is only consistency that keeps on pushing you forward and this discipline in your life helps you move forward towards your destined goals.

When you use the word “easy,” it shows that you have indeed worked hard to see all your dreams in reality, and this whole process has been done by you with such efforts that this has become easy for you.

The word easy does not show that you are belittling your dreams. Rather, it shows that you can conquer every difficulty in this world with confidence, belief, and effort.

The things which become easy in your life are because you have been used to doing such things and the same things happen when you want to achieve something in your life. It shows that you have put in all the required efforts to achieve all your ambitions and make your dreams a reality. 


When you want to achieve your dreams in life, you need to put in the effort. You have indeed come a long way. It takes time for a human to come to terms with the dreams they want to achieve in their life.

Dreams and ambitions can be achieved only when you are sure about them and ready to put in any required effort. So, when you do something effortlessly, it is possible only because you have put in all the required efforts.

So, when you constantly put in the required number of effort, then after a point of time, you are so versed with your part of a task that you do it effortlessly.

This manner helps you carry on with your work systematically, making you feel accomplished and getting closer to your dreams with each passing day. 

When you carry on with consistent efforts, then even the manifestations start working for you because you reach the point where the environment around you strives to match your energy, which helps you achieve the goals and ambitions in your life. This helps you in your path of easing out so that you can smoothly achieve your dreams.

affirmations aid into your manifestation


When you grow up, you go through numerous changes; you evolve and grow as a person. Your mind wanders around for its quest of searching for the answers that it requires in life. You need to have an open mind with an accepting nature.

At that point, you need to listen to your inner child who dreams of bigger things in life, and you realize that it’s the perfect moment to make those dreams a reality. This shows that you need to put in all your efforts to visualize your dreams and live them just like your child has seen you.

This indicates the maturity to pave your path towards success. It shows your concern for building your life and leading a life that you have always envisioned. 

Planning about the future makes you realize your responsibilities and duties as an adult. It helps you sort your plants and manage them to get closer to your dreams with every passing day.

It makes you feel proud about yourself, and you start having the confidence of fulfilling the dreams of your child self. 

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I believe

The word “believe” shows that you believe in yourself, and no matter what happens, you will never lose faith in yourself.

When you set out on your process of achieving your dreams and goals in your life, there will be tough times when you will start questioning your decision and your capabilities.

This puts you in doubt, where you even question your capabilities and your truest potential. At that point, the best thing that you can do is believe in yourself, so when you use the phrase “I believe,” it shows that you believe in everything that you do, and even if things go wrong, you will not be upset by it rather you try to carry on with the lesson that you have learned in the due process.

This helps you bring up your confidence and realize that these tough times are only there to check you.

The word “I believe” shows that you believe in matching the energy with yourself and the energy of the surrounding, which ultimately strives in making you achieve the destined goals and ambitions.

benefits believing in yourself


From the above points, it can be concluded that to make your manifestations successful and achieve what you have dreamt of for a long time, you need to have a positive, progressive mindset.

You should, besides effective planning and visualization, emphasize the above-mentioned words to ensure your manifestations are successful in the long run.

When used in the right context while manifesting, these words can boost your energy vibrations to match with that of your dreams and take you ever so close to achieving them.

FAQs on things to say while manifesting

What are the best words to use while manifesting?

The best words to use while manifesting are those which depict surety and faith in yourself like, “I will,” “I can,” “I am,” “I know,” “I have,” “I believe,” and so on. 

Which words should you omit while manifesting?

The words which you should omit while manifesting include “maybe,” “hopefully,” “someday,” “I might,” “not now,” “never,” “can’t have,” “too hard,” and so on. 

How to become better at manifesting?

Some of the ways to enhance your manifestation process include being sure about what you want to have; you must have faith in yourself and the universe, be open to newer ideas and opportunities, and learn to visualize your goals in front of you and using positive affirmations. 

Why do people manifest?

The main reason behind manifestation is to bring anything tangible into your life solely by the power of attraction and faith, both in yourself and the universe. 

What are some of the good things to manifest?

Some things that people love manifesting include a new car or a house, a dream vacation, a promotion, a better job, better health, good results in exams, more confidence, a loving partner, financial stability, etc. 

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