15+ Things that Bring Good Luck in The House

House is a place where you find your peace and solace, and this is one place in the entire universe that provides you the comfort which you have been seeking forever.

Sometimes it happens that when you have lived in a house, it consists of both positive and negative vibes; these negative vibes sometimes affect you a lot and also in the energy you possess.

So you need to cleanse the energy and get away with all the negative vibes and energy that you may have; it cleanses your soul and the energy inside your house. This enables you to focus on yourself and also attracts positive vibes and energy toward you.

In such cases, you may use some things to bring good luck to your house which will also help you in your work life and your personal life. 

How to bring positive energy into your house?

  • 1 Focus on letting the natural sunlight enter your house to let the positivity flow. 
  • 2 De-clutter your space as it makes you feel in a good place in your life, making you feel more organized. 
  • 3 Try having some plants or flowers in your life which puts some greenery into your life. 
  • 4 Open the windows in your life which let the energies flow through your house, making you feel good about it.
  • 5 Hang in some artwork that lets some creativity peep into your life and makes you feel creative about your life. 

How to Bring Good Fortune Into Your Life?: Best Things

  • 1 Soft linens 
  • 2 Fresh flowers
  • 3 Bowl of fresh fruits  
  • 4 Circular layouts 
  • 5 Clean entryway 
  • 6 Mirror 
  • 7 Koi Pond 
  • 8 Keeping elephants 
  • 9 Incense Sticks
  • 10 Crystals (Quartz, Bloodstone, Turquoise)
  • 11 Picking an Auspicious Color Door at the Front
  • 12 Saint Joseph Statue

Soft linens 

Soft linens are something that is associated with calm and comfort. This calm and comfort bring good luck to your house. When you get back to your house after a tiring day, all you want to feel is a sense of relaxation because the house is considered to be your safest place.

When you come back to your house, you just want to be engulfed in the peace and comfort that takes every ounce of anxiety and stress from you, making you feel refreshed and giving you the energy for the next day.

It acts as a method of refilling back your energy so that you can work hard. Soft linens might not be directly related to good luck, but when you receive a good sense of peace and comfort from your house, you become aware of all the opportunities that are surrounding you, making you feel blessed.

When you have a good sleep after a tiring day, you are all ears to working hard and paving your way despite all hardships you may face.

The comfort and calmness make you yearn for more opportunities, so it opens the door for good luck as you are so filled with positivity. 

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Fresh flowers 

Flowers are often a sign of bringing happiness into your home. When you keep flowers, you tend to look at things differently. You have a feeling inside you that tells you that everything around you is beautiful, and you should be grateful.

It reminds you that you are indeed lucky to have such blessings surrounding you.

Flowers show you that even if there were bad weather or unavoidable situations to fail, it still bloomed, and now it has ended up with a beautiful result. This gives you the urge to fight any circumstances that might come up in your path of achieving your dream life. 

You should always make sure that you do not bring such flowers which are full of thorns as it metaphorically refers to the hurdles that might come up in your path and it just adds to them, so the next time you bring fresh flowers to your house, bring such flowers which influences your mood and also the way you think.

This sense of happiness automatically attracts all positive vibes towards you, attracting good luck and ultimately bringing to your house.

Bowl of fresh fruits 

Fresh fruits are something that attracts wealth. You have already heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

It shows that when you start eating healthily and include all the necessary nutrients in your diet, you will be able to focus on the work you need to do, increasing your attention span.

This increase of attention span will help you focus on your goals and not let you budge from the dreams you have envisioned already.

This process will automatically bring good luck to you and attract wealth, which will help resolve problems. Fruits also refer to good health and bringing colors to your life. When you lead a monotonous life, you tend to get tired, so it is very important to have variety in your life.

This variety will help you seek some new opportunities, which will help in giving you a different perspective and help you move forward toward the dreams you have already seen in your life.

Fruits also refer to being healthy and taking care of yourself while you are achieving your goals and ambitions.

Circular layouts 

According to the Feng shui arrangement tip, when you keep the furniture in your house in a circular layout, it lets the energy flow in the house.

It is very important to let the energy flow; otherwise, monotony or frustration sets in, which paves the way for the negative energies to flow in. So when you keep your furniture in a circular layout, the energy inside your house should not be stuck at anything; rather, it should go on.

It is essential to maintain a healthy household and to let all types of vibes come in and influence the environment around you. The circular layouts of furniture in your house also make you learn that you too should not be stuck at anything, rather, you should go on with your life and explore different things to get a taste of everything in life.

It lets you come across different places and opportunities, making you learn to live with the flow.

When you start living with the flow, you do not hold regrets for anything in your life; rather, you just feel a sense of goodness that you were able to experience different things at different points of your life.

This experience gives you the idea that no matter what happens in your life, irrespective of how good or how bad it is, you should never lose faith in yourself or your hard work.

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Clean entryway 

If you’re not someone who wants to spend money on good luck charms, here’s a simple idea for you. Keeping your entryway clean can set a positive tone for your day. How you begin your day often influences how the rest of it unfolds, so starting on the right foot is crucial.

When you kickstart your day feeling frustrated and stressed, you might find it harder to keep your cool and stay focused on your tasks. This can eat up a lot of your time and reduce your productivity, leaving you feeling tired as the day goes on.

However, when you take the time to clean your entryway, you’ll notice a shift in your perspective. You’ll approach things more calmly and be better equipped to find solutions instead of dwelling on problems.

Starting your day positively sets a good vibe, and this positivity shines through in everything you do, making it easier to handle whatever comes your way.


A mirror holds significant importance within your home, influencing the energy it harbors. Placing a mirror where it reflects the sky or the outdoor surroundings can invite positive vibes.

When you gaze into the mirror, you see reflections of the beauty around you, fostering gratitude and a reminder of the blessings in your life. These reflections can cultivate optimism, empowering you to confront challenges that may arise on your journey.

The mirror serves as a reflection of your true self, shedding light on both your strengths and weaknesses. It allows you to observe your actions, make corrections when necessary, and steer back onto the right path.

By providing insights into your flaws and behavioral patterns, the mirror becomes a catalyst for personal growth and transformation, ultimately shaping the course of your life. It acts as a powerful agent of change.

Koi Pond 

Koi pond is something that brings wealth, happiness, and luck according to Feng shui principles.

This koi pond helps in showing you that you can dwell happily in whatever little place you have; the one thing that matters is how you visualize it if you envision your life as something where you are trapped, and you always need to find a reason to break away from it then remember that you are not enjoying your life.

it needs to be revamped and modified in such a way that will help you in making yourself feel better and help you in taking the anchor of your life. 

When you look at the koi pond, you understand that a pool of opportunities are still waiting to be discovered. You realize that you are the one who is dealing with life, so even if something goes wrong, you do not need to worry about it.

Rather you should just carry on the lesson and make sure that it does not happen. It makes you discover such sides of yourself that you have not seen before, realizing the courage and potential you have in yourself.

Keeping elephants 

Elephants, despite their imposing size, are considered symbols of luck in Feng Shui. They embody qualities of loyalty, wisdom, and steadiness. These qualities are valuable because they help you discern the true intentions of people around you and make wise decisions.

Having such symbolic items in your home fosters a positive energy that can attract good luck. This positive energy not only influences how you feel about yourself but also enhances your overall life. It encourages you to think wisely and approach tasks with stability, taking calculated risks when necessary.

Maintaining a sense of steadiness in your life allows you to find balance and peace, making your daily experiences more harmonious. This trait can bring long-term benefits and ultimately invite good luck into your life.

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Incense Sticks

Incense sticks enable you to attract harmony and luck. Whenever you feel that you are being surrounded by negative energy in your home, try burning some incense sticks; it will not help you get away with the negative vibes around you and also fill your environment with a smell that will make you feel all good and happy.

This incense stick also helps cleanse your soul and get all the stress and anxiety away from you.

When you are filled with negativity, you will see that it will become difficult for you to even do the simplest of things, and it will prove to be a burden. Similarly, if your house is filled with negative energy, then you will not be able to feel relaxed and the comfort of your home.

When you let all the stress factors and anxiety be away from you, you eventually realize that it becomes easier for you.

When you are all light-headed, you will be able to focus more on the things to do in a day, increasing your efficiency and making you think deeply about everything and every situation, enabling you to make decisions in every complicated scenario.

This helps you keep your faith and trust in everything you do and helps you believe in yourself no matter how tough situations get.

Crystals (Quartz, Bloodstone, Turquoise)

Crystals such as rose quartz, bloodstone, and turquoise bring love, happiness, and peace to your house. It helps in improving your creativity but also provides peace and harmony for your soul. It is very important to maintain peace and harmony in your life.

When you are in a state of mess, your mind and soul eventually become confused, making you take decisions or steps that you tend to regret.

To avoid such a scenario, you should always make sure that your peace of mind and harmony is protected at all cost; this will help you in your daily life and help you balance your life.

When your creativity gets enhanced, you try to do everything differently, which makes you feel that you can break out from the monotony when you want to and spice things up on your own; you will be able to understand the true way of living your life.

This will help you stay focused and also not be worried at the same time. It will make you understand the variety of life, and how to find your happiness in doing things differently; it will enhance the happiness within you which will make you feel the urge to reach your goals not in the straight way but in the way which will suit you. 

Dream catchers 

Dream catchers bring in positive vibes and provide peace of mind. It is essentially kept in a place where you are sleeping to protect you from negative vibes and energy. When you are protected from negative vibes, you will be able to attract optimism and positivity into your life which will help you deal with different situations in life.

If you have optimism in your life, then no matter how tough situations get, you will be able to sail through it and also come out with flying colors. It will help you trust the process and believe in yourself, which will enable you to face any hurdles that might come up in your path. 

When you have positive vibes around you, you will notice that you become more energetic in your daily tasks scheduled for the day, and you can find solutions for every problem that might come up in your path throughout the day.

It will help you move forward towards the dreams which you have envisioned in your life. This positivity helps you in dealing with every challenge that might come up in your path.

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White String Light:

White string lights, also known as fairy lights, can be a lovely addition to your home. They don’t just brighten up your space; they can also bring some good luck. People believe these gentle lights carry positive energy and create a cozy ambiance.

In various cultures, they’re thought to keep away bad vibes and invite good fortune. Whether you put them around a mirror, hang them on a wall, or use them outdoors, white string lights can add a magical touch to your home and hopefully bring you some luck too.

Saint Joseph Statue

The Saint Joseph Statue, also known as the “House Selling Saint,” is thought to bring good luck to homes, especially for those trying to sell their houses. People believe that burying a statue of Saint Joseph upside down in their yard can speed up the sale of their home.

They see Saint Joseph as a protector of houses that brings blessings and good fortune. When burying the statue, some folks say a special prayer asking Saint Joseph for help in selling their property.

It’s important to understand that these beliefs are based on tradition and faith rather than guaranteed results, but the Saint Joseph Statue has become a symbol of hope and positivity for many in the housing market.

Barn Star

The Barn Star, also known as a Pennsylvania Dutch hex sign, is a special symbol that people believe can bring good luck to their homes. It’s a colorful star with pretty designs that’s often put on the outside of houses and barns.

People think it can keep bad luck away and bring in good vibes. Besides being a lucky charm, the Barn Star looks really nice and makes homes feel cozy and welcoming with its bright colors and patterns. It’s a lovely addition to home decorations.

Picking an Auspicious Color Door at the Front

Picking the right color for your front door can bring good luck to your home. Different colors have different meanings. For example, in Chinese culture, a red front door is thought to bring prosperity, while blue can bring protection and peace. In Indian Vastu Shastra, green is considered lucky, representing growth and harmony.

So, by choosing a color that means something special to you, you can make your home feel more welcoming and maybe even attract some good luck through your front door!


“Home is your safe haven. Ensure it’s a comforting place free of negativity. A peaceful home is vital for your well-being and achieving your goals. You can invite good luck by adding positive elements. Give them a try!”

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Frequently asked questions things that bring good luck to the house:

How to attract good luck into your life?

Start your day on a positive note which helps you keep a positive vibe throughout the day. Try having an attitude of faking it till you make it, which helps you manage things in your life. 

How to attract luck in your office?

Always light up the workspace you are working in, which helps you in finding ways, be mindful of the entrance which attracts your eyes at first. Avoid having mirrors in your office as it has a negative impact.

What to keep on the front door to attract good luck?

People believe that charms on the front door help attract good luck into your house and thereby improve the whole atmosphere of the house. The horseshoe is proved to symbolize good luck when it is kept in the front door.

How to get started with Feng shui?

The best way to start with Feng shui is to move some random elements in your house, including water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. It is proven to improve the positive energy when you move such elements. 

What not to do when practicing Feng shui?

There are indeed some practices that are not advised to be done while you are practicing Feng shui, namely keeping the bed on the same wall as the door, a raised toilet lid, or keeping any improperly placed mirrors.

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