117+ Things to Be Grateful for Everyday

There are many big things to be grateful for good health, healthy food, a good night’s sleep, The seasons, clean water, and freshwater in your everyday life.

You encounter various hurdles in your daily life and deal with different circumstances. You tend to face obstacles and problems.

The biggest virtue that we possess is gratitude, and showcasing it can help curb all problems to a great extent.

Why Should Make a Thankful List?

Making a thankful list is a great idea because it helps us feel happier and more positive. When we list the things we’re thankful for, it makes us realize all the good stuff in our lives, even the small things we might not notice. This makes us less stressed and worried.

Thankful lists also make our relationships better. When we say thanks to the people who help us, it makes them happy and makes our friendships stronger. Plus, it reminds us of the good things we’ve done, which can boost our confidence and make us feel good about ourselves.

So, a thankful list is like a secret weapon for feeling better and having a more joyful life. It helps us focus on the good stuff, even when times are tough.

Unique things to be grateful for in life

The sense of sight

Many people in this world are blind and do not possess the ability to see things. Be grateful that you are blessed with a sense of vision.

Even if you wear glasses, you can still see the world around you clearly, which blind people cannot.

The sense of smell

If you look around yourself, you can find people who have lost the ability to smell things. They are completely unaware of the sweet smell of flowers or the delicious aroma of food.

Be grateful that you can smell everything around you and are fortunate enough.

The ability to hear

Is everyone blessed with a sense of hearing? No, not everyone. You can still find kids and people of other age groups wearing hearing aids. Some are born deaf and can’t even hear their parents calling them by their names.

Be grateful that you can hear everything and everyone around you.

Your olfactory senses

The sweet taste of jalebis or the spicy taste of pan-fried momos. Yes, you all crave foods like these, but not everyone you see can taste them and enjoy their deliciousness.

Simple Things to be grateful for are that your taste buds are fine, and you can enjoy these delicacies.

Why be grateful for the sense of taste?

Walking around freely

Walking around freely without any restrictions is a boon, and not everyone realizes that. Many people take the help of crutches, canes, or even wheelchairs to move around from place to place.

To be able to move your hands

Be grateful that you can still use both hands to hold something, write or draw something, eat your food, and do everything else you can do with them without suffering from arthritis or any other disease.

Many people have lost this ability.


You are blessed if you can breathe normally and don’t have any lung issues. Many people have to use certain machines for breathing oxygen into their lungs.

So, be grateful for having proper lungs and being able to breathe.

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Free neck movements

For someone who can’t move their neck freely and might have to wear certain gear to be able to curb their neck pain, you should feel blessed to have no such issues.

So, Things to be thankful for are moving your neck freely and seeing everything around you.

Why be grateful for free neck movements


There are many people whose heart doesn’t work properly and might be waiting for a heart transplant in the hospital, spending a huge amount on getting cured.

"Be grateful if you still have a properly functioning heart that beats properly."


Be grateful to life if you still haven’t lost any of your teeth and still possess a beautiful smile. Many people don’t have teeth and have problems speaking or chewing food.

So, be grateful for your teeth, even if you wear braces. 

A properly functioning stomach

Many people constantly experience stomach problems and face issues while digesting food. These people cannot enjoy their favorite meals and sleep at night. Their stomach bothers them constantly.

Things to be grateful for During this Time are that you don’t have much stomach pain. Burning inside the stomach is definitely not fun.


Some kids are born with brittle bones. Some even suffer from osteoporosis. These people might break their bones many times as a result of them being brittle.

Be grateful that your bones are still strong and you are living a normal and happy life.

Why should you be grateful for bones


Be thankful to live if you can remember almost everything properly and have no issues while recalling a past incident. You are blessed with a proper memory that has not yet faded.

Older people usually face such problems and have problems memorizing various things.


Leaky bladders are an inconvenience that you are fortunate enough not to face. Only the people suffering from this know how painful and cumbersome it can be.

Just be grateful that you are blessed to be away from such an ailment.

Overall healthy life

Yes, you can face some health issues lately and might not be in the best of your health. Everyone goes through such phases, especially with age.

Nonetheless, you are still alive even after facing such issues. So, Things to be thankful for as your overall health still keeps you here.

Existence of medicines

The medicinal industry has improved significantly due to the various technological advancements in the past and recent years. We should be thankful to live in this era, where there is a cure for almost all diseases.

Such advancements in medicine were not there a few decades ago.

Why should you be grateful for medicines


They are the people next to God for many. Especially in these times of crisis and pandemics, they are at the forefront of everything and the most instrumental in curing people.

You must be grateful to these doctors who dedicate their lives to cure everyone, anytime.

Presence of hospitals and nursing homes

Many people died in the past due to the lack of hospitals and doctors, resulting in the lack of treatment. 

Nowadays, you live in an era of plenty of hospitals to cure diseases and ailments and ensure you get healthy soon. Health is your most prized possession.

Medicinal stores

If you are staying close to a medicinal shop, be grateful that at times of emergency like deteriorating health, you can go and buy medicines.

Many people, even if they can afford medicines, stay far away from such drug stores and face difficulties when they are sick. 

Health insurance

Not everyone has health insurance or can make one for themselves. If you have health insurance, Things to be grateful for that your hospital bills are much lower.

Not everyone has insurance to support their hospital bills, affecting their future.

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You should be grateful for medicinal stores close to your home

Therapists and therapy

Your physical and mental and psychological health are equally important for a healthy lifestyle. 

You should be grateful that you live in an age where mental health professionals are called therapists, providing necessary therapy to help you cope with stress, anxiety, and even traumas.


Meditation Is probably the easiest and the simplest activity you can do to help cope with stress and mental health issues and even boost your physical health.

Things to be thankful for meditation as it is the easiest thing you can do to feel better and joyful. Some do their daily meditation sessions in groups, but far more are now meditating at home.


It might not be the most enjoyable thing for many, but be grateful to live that you can exercise whenever you want and keep yourself fit and healthy.

Many have suffered accidents or have certain disabilities which prevent them from exercising.


Yes, it would be best if you even were grateful to sickness. Going through various diseases and illnesses makes you more appreciative of your health when you are in a good state.

You should even be thankful that you have been cured and you are living a normal life again.

Why should you be grateful to therapists

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables provide us with the minerals and vitamins for a healthy lifestyle. Many people cannot afford these and miss out on being healthy.

Things to be grateful for in life if you can afford to buy these foods which keep you healthy and sound.

Water supply

You should express your gratitude if you have a 24*7 water supply. Not many people are this fortunate to have water supply the whole day or even have water supply in many cases.

It is one of the most important resources for your survival; having this continuously is a boon.


Once again, electricity is a very important resource for survival. Not everyone, in every part of the world, is blessed with 24*7 electricity so, if you are, do make the most of it, but don’t forget to save it as well.

"Be grateful for the supply of electricity." 

A proper shelter

Homelessness is a crisis faced by many people around the world. Unfortunately, they can’t protect themselves from the harsh elements of nature, but you can.

So, here are Things to be thankful for in your home. Not everyone is blessed with a house and a proper place to live in.

Benefits of having your own house


You are already aware of the thousands of people starving to death worldwide every day. It is not something unknown to anyone.

Being able to have food on your table every single day and that, too, all the meals is no less than a boon to be grateful for.


Once again, not everyone is blessed to have clothes; even if they do, not everyone has the luxury of washing machines or irons. 

If you can still afford clothes, and that too clean ones, and wash them using washing machines, you should be grateful to live.

Your own personality

You are who you are, and that’s what makes you. No one is perfect, but your imperfections might make you stand out from the rest.

Even if you don’t like yourself, try to discover the positive attributes you possess like kindness or intelligence, and be grateful to yourself.


You can now have more knowledge than ever before. The world is now more developed than ever, and acquiring knowledge is easier than ever before.

So, Things to be thankful for are that you are born at this age where you can always stay updated.

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Why is knowledge important


Not everyone is blessed with a great childhood. Children tend to go through many emotions and don’t know how to deal with them.

Be grateful for your childhood, no matter how hard it was. It helped you shape your present and handle all your emotions better.

Your family

You should be grateful for the people who are there for you and help you in every way they can. Doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be related to you, but the ones really close are family.

Things to be grateful for their presence. Not everyone has people like these.

Having that someone special

Having someone with whom you can share everything and be intimate is an incredibly rare experience. If you are blessed with someone special, keep him/her.

Be grateful that you have someone who listens to you without judging you. Not everyone is so fortunate.

Your future

Your future might seem bleak at times. It feels as if it is not worth being grateful for, but there is always a chance it can improve.

So, be grateful that you are alive, and have a chance to shape your future the way you want.

You Should be grateful for that someone special

A soft bed to lie on

After going through a rough and long day, and making it past all the hurdles, when you get to lie on your bed, that feeling is heavenly indeed.

Not everyone has the luxury of a soft bed to sleep on, so if you do, don’t forget to be grateful.

Waking up

Not everyone is fortunate enough to see the light of the next morning.

If you enjoy a comfortable sleep and wake up healthy and fit the following day, do remember to be grateful for life.

Having made it to the end of the day

Just like waking up the next day, going through the entire day, and making it till the end, is something to be thankful for.

You go through a lot; overcoming those and making it home safely is another day conquered and closer to achieving your goals.


No matter how old you are, there is no age for learning new stuff and growing. Not only physical growth but also mental growth; you should be thankful to live for both.

You learn something new almost daily; that is how you grow and mature mentally.

Benefits of exercise


A trip to the mountains or your favorite beach can help ease a lot of stress that you’ve been going through. Not everyone can afford it.

It acts as a relaxation for the mind besides letting us bring many memories that we can look back to.


Whether you are good at dancing, singing, drawing, or any other creative activity, be thankful for it as it provides an escape.

People are passionate about many things, but not everyone has a chance to experience or practice them in reality, so be grateful if you can.


There are a lot of mean people in this world, but if you observe closely, there are still many who are actually kind. Not everyone has bad intentions.

So, show gratitude to these people for the acts of kindness you receive from them. It helps you to grow as an individual.

Being productive

Not every day can be productive for you. You might give your best, but the results are not always as you want them to be.

If you come across a day when you accomplish everything you had planned for and have been really productive, add that day to your grateful list.

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Reasons to be grateful for travelling


Faith can be a really inspirational force in your life. 

If you are faith-minded, you should be thankful for its influence on your life and how it motivates you in every cause.


No one is sure whether the Almighty answers the prayers, but to be able to pray for good things, knowing that they may happen at some point is very comforting.

Indeed, you must be grateful for prayers and grateful to God.

Having a spiritual community

Having a group of people who believe in the same notions and ideologies as you do is no less than a blessing. This strengthens your connection when you have people who share common attributes.

Things to be grateful for if you are a part of one such group.

Inspirational speeches and quotes

Looking up on Pinterest or YouTube can help you find many inspiring quotes and videos. These are very uplifting and motivational and at times of uncertainty and despair, helpful as well.

So, be grateful for the presence of these posts, and the people behind such quotes and videos.

Why are inspirational speeches important


One must be grateful for the existence of open-minded people. Not everyone understands your viewpoint; even if they do, they may not support it.

Having people who understand and respect your decisions, and are not backward-minded, is a boon indeed.

The moment work is finished

That moment when you are finally done with your assignments or the project you have been working on for days is a moment to cherish and relax. You can now finally have a proper night’s sleep.

Things to be thankful for are such moments when they happen.

An exciting evening with friends

If you have friends who live close by, or if you can afford to travel and spend a nice and enjoyable evening with them all, you should be thankful.

Not everyone has friends or has a chance to meet and spend time with them, even if they do.

Your favorite food

You all crave that particular dish of chicken, a variety of pizza, or your favorite food.

Being able to afford that, or even making time from your busy schedule to enjoy the food, demands to be grateful for.

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Benefits of gratitude

A bowl of ice cream

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a bowl of ice cream. Having your favorite dessert when you crave it is actually magical.

Not everyone can afford to buy ice cream or brownies and enjoy them. So, if you can, don’t forget to be grateful.

A live sports event

Being able to afford a stadium ticket for a particular game of cricket, or football, or basketball should be on the top of your gratitude list.

Going to the stadium and enjoying the game live with friends or family, is still a dream for many.

Being able to make someone laugh

It is attractive to have a good sense of humor and makes others around you feel comfortable and stress-free.

When you can make others feel happy, you also feel happy. Be grateful if you are able to do that.

Being able to console someone

Everyone goes through hard times. Sometimes they feel like giving up, and eventually, they break down.

If you can bring that zeal back in them, to try again, and console them, bring a smile on their face, you are gifted. Be thankful to life for it.

How to make someone laugh helps them and you

The quietness of the night

Not all neighborhoods are chaotic and loud at night. Some are actually quiet, which enables others to sleep peacefully.

If you live in one such neighborhood, be definitely grateful as it allows you to have proper sleep at night and wake up all fresh the next morning.

Educational institutions

Schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions provide you with academic and co-curricular knowledge, which is essential to cope with the present times.

So, one must be very grateful for the existence of these and if they can afford such institutions.

Electronic gadgets

Nowadays, in this modern era, one can surely not do without a mobile phone, or a television set, or a laptop, and so on. These may feel like luxuries to some, but these have become necessities for everyone. 

So, if are fortunate enough to afford these, be grateful to live.

Shopping malls

After a tiresome week, you all love to hang out with your loved ones. A shopping mall seems to be the perfect spot to spend the evening, maybe watch a movie or sit and have some snacks.

You should be thankful for the existence of these shopping malls not only for shopping purposes.

Be grateful for shopping malls

The moment of relaxation

You all go through stressful moments in life, moments that make you anxious and depressed.

A time comes when all the pain and stress vanish, and you can now relax. Such a moment is worthy of gratitude.


Connecting with people and getting all the required information is easier than ever.

You have internet and a device that can access it for you. You must be thankful for technology and because you can afford it.

Your own room

Having a separate room is what you all wish for, but not everyone is so fortunate to have one.

Having a separate room where you can decorate how you want and have complete privacy is surely something to be thankful for.

Heaters and coolers

There is harsh weather in many parts of the world. Having a heater or a cooler definitely helps in coping with the extremes of temperature.

If you can afford these devices to control the temperature in your homes, there are Things to be grateful for once again.

How technology helps you


The comfort of a hot shower on a cold day and a cool shower on a warm day is probably the most soothing thing one can experience.

If you are fortunate enough to have a separate shower in your home, be grateful for its comfort.

Music systems

Having a music system or a home theatre is definitely a luxury not everyone can afford.

If you, have it and enjoy the luxury of listening to music on it, be grateful.

Happy moments

You all come across difficult moments which tend to make you unhappy and feel negative about yourselves, but the little happy moments which are there in your lives, This things to be grateful for them.

Not everyone gets to enjoy those moments, even once.


A study on crying shows that tears can help reduce pain and suffering. 

Hopefully, you will not be sad for long, and remember that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, so cheer up and be thankful for the tears to improve your well-being.

Benefits of showering

Your accomplishments

You have definitely done or achieved certain things in your life, and are proud of.  

Be thankful for the accomplishments which will surely help you in the future. They will help to make you a better individual and stand out from the rest.

Your mistakes

Mistakes and imperfections are what make you. Making mistakes is not wrong and this helps to shape your future.

So be grateful for your mistakes and learn from them to improve.

Your hobbies

Most of you have something that you enjoy doing in your spare time. It gives you relief from the stress at work and helps you to explore and pursue something different.

Things to be thankful for are that you have a hobby and you can enjoy it whenever you want.

Social media

Although social media is said to cause mental harm and is criticized a lot, there are quite a few benefits.

It allows you to connect with those far away and even helps you stay updated with everything happening in the world.

You should be grateful for social media


Many people wish to play their favorite instrument, but not everyone can afford them or even afford to learn them.

If you have a favorite instrument and are able to play it whenever you want to, be grateful for it.


There are many people around who are bookworms. They go absolutely crazy for reading new books and various different genres.

If you are one of them and you can afford books to read and enjoy, you ought to be grateful.

Own car

Who doesn’t love having their own car to travel from place to place? 

It is an amazing feeling to be able to get on the road and go anywhere without having to think much. If you enjoy this luxury of owning a car, don’t forget to be grateful.

Having shoes

You should be grateful for your shoes, which protect your feet from dirt, germs, and rocks when you go outside. They also contribute to your overall appearance.

So be grateful for this creation of man, which protects your feet and adds to your style.


A peaceful neighborhood

Besides having your own room, and a peaceful family, if you have a peaceful neighborhood, it is no less than a blessing.

It allows you to sleep peacefully at night and doesn’t interfere in your family matters. Be grateful to such a neighborhood.

A home that is pest-free

Having a house free from pests, and other dangerous insects is a huge blessing.

Many people stay in houses infested with rats, lizards, and large spiders. They are definitely not living peacefully. So be grateful if your house is devoid of pests.

Things that are still the same

You usually don’t make time to appreciate the things which have still remained the same.

For example, your mobiles and laptops still work, and the cab still takes you to your office. These are the things you can be grateful for as these make your life easier.

Things that have changed

Besides the things that have remained the same, you should also be grateful for the things that have changed. A change doesn’t necessarily mean something bad; it can also allow you to experience something new and open up new opportunities.

So, be grateful for changes as well.

Things that will not change ever

Thunderstorms at night

No, they are not pleasant when you are outside, or even indoors if you get scared, but thunderstorms accompanied with rain and breeze can really help you to relax and sleep peacefully.

Be grateful for this gift of nature.


Yes, heartbreaks do not make you happy, but they can help you know your worth, and love yourself harder on the days you thought you couldn’t.

You understand your true potential and grow as an individual. It makes you stronger. So things to be grateful for the lesson heartbreak teaches you.

Having 3 meals in a day

Some people can hardly afford one meal a day or not even that.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to afford all three meals in a day and never sleep hungry, add this to your gratitude list.


Even though something goes unnoticed when you talk about things to be grateful for, you must also be thankful for the chairs in your home that allow you to sit on them, rather than on the floor.

Benefits of having 3 meals a day


Just like chairs, tables also go unnoticed. You should be grateful to tables that allow you to keep certain utensils on them or other goods, and even enjoy dinner together with your family.


Looking around, you can see various things that help you in your daily lives. Cupboards are certainly one of them.

Cupboards allow you to store your clothes in a proper and neat way which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Be grateful to it as well.


Having a refrigerator to store cooked and uncooked foods and fruits and vegetables is not for everyone. Not everyone can afford a refrigerator to keep their food healthy.

Don’t forget to be thankful if you have one in your house.


Having plates and bowls in your home, to eat your food from is surely something to be grateful for. You don’t have to eat the food from somewhere else other than the plates.

You should be grateful for refrigerators

Balcony and terrace

Not everyone has a balcony or even a terrace in their house. If you do, you can go there to chill at times, and have a lovely time with your friends or family, and enjoy the breeze.

Things to be thankful for if you have them in your house.


Once again, not everyone is blessed with a bathroom in their house or some can’t afford one. They have to use public toilets which are really cumbersome and not hygienic.

If you are enjoying the luxury of your bathroom, be grateful. 

Having money 

Even if you don’t have much in your wallet or bank account, you can be grateful to have money to purchase a few things. Many individuals don’t have money at all. 

Earning money 

You’ve likely observed the number of people lost their jobs recently. Considering the present situation, if you are still working in an office and getting paid, this is something really big to be grateful for.

Why should you be grateful for earning money nowadays

Little or no debt at all

It is surely very pleasant to have no amount that you still owe someone. It relieves what might be one of the biggest headaches for someone.

Some people still have 100 to 1000$ in debt, maybe more at times. If you won’t be very grateful.

Taken care of bills

Sometimes, people can’t cover their bills for the entire month, and their whole world is about to self-destruct. 

It is a blessing to pay your bills on time still.

Clean air

Many parts of the world suffer from air-related problems, which lead to several respiratory issues.

If you live somewhere where the air is clean and breathable, there are things to be thankful for.

Clean water

Just like air, the water in many parts of the world is contaminated by industrial or domestic pollutants. Such water is not fit for human use or consumption and can lead to health problems.

Be grateful if you obtain healthy and clean water.

Why should you be grateful for clean water


As you all know, trees are really beneficial for a healthy environment. The greater the number of trees, the greater the amount of oxygen.

So, be grateful to nature if you stay somewhere with many trees.


The rays from the sun are a rich source of vitamin D, which is very essential to keep you healthy.

Even if you stay somewhere that receives plenty of rainfall and rarely gets the sun, still be grateful to experience it at least once.


Who doesn’t love flowers! They smell and look absolutely beautiful. Having a garden in your house is something really great. Flowers are perfect for almost every occasion.

So, things to be grateful for this gift of nature.


Pets don’t appear to be pets to you; they are like family or even like your own children. They can really make you forget the entire day’s stress when you play with them. They are adorable.

Be thankful to your cute friends because their existence definitely means a lot.

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Reasons to be grateful for trees


Be grateful for the weekends, the Friday nights, which help you freshen up, take a rest, party hard, and enjoy a wonderful time with your loved ones after a week of hard work.


Just like the weekends, be grateful even to the weekdays, which enable you to work hard, be productive, and accomplish your goals easily.

The past

No matter how bad or disturbing your past was, be grateful to it as it was instrumental in making you what you are today. Much wiser than back then!

Making progress

Even if the progress that you are making is little, never give up and be grateful for this thing. It enables you to get closer to what you want to become in life.

Past be beneficial for you

Being able to read this 

Last but not least, you can also be grateful for this content. It will help you understand the various traits that you should be grateful for, and that you might have been missing out on until now.


From the above points, it can be concluded that there are not a few but many such things and attributes that one must be grateful for. The list is never-ending, and showcasing gratitude to even the smallest of things won’t harm you in any way.

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