35+ Things to Manifest in Life

Let us assume that you are intrigued by the Law of Attraction theory and want to try it now. You may have many ideas lurking in your mind about what you want to manifest. You can manifest anything and everything.

Zero limitations or restrictions can prevent you from manifesting what you desire. You must keep in mind before you are all set to manifest: do you need or want what you are willing to manifest?

Benefits of manifestation:

  • Curbs stress and empower you with greater self-confidence.
  • Enables you to inculcate optimism and positivity.
  • Gives you the zeal to never give up and never fear failures and misfortunes.
  • Increases gratitude and makes you more compassionate and kinder.
  • You become more focused on your goals and aspirations.

Things for the manifestation journey.

Unexpected gifts

Who doesn’t love surprises and getting pampered by others? Everyone does, right? You all love being flooded with positivity. When you make this your intention for manifestation, the universe might grant your wish unexpectedly.

Unexpected compliments

Praises and appreciation are always welcome. Especially on the days when you are feeling down or low, a sudden compliment even from a random stranger, helps you to get back on track. Try making it your intention and see how the universe gives it back to you.

A treat from someone

There could be days when you are not in the best of your mood, and you feel that a jar of hot chocolate would do wonders for your sadness and anger. All of a sudden you receive a parcel with hot chocolate inside it. Someone has taken the extra mile to make you happy. Won’t you like that?

A text message or a call

Maybe you argued with your partner or desperately want to get selected after that interview at your dream company. A call from any of these can surely uplift your mood. 

A free cup of coffee or your favorite meal

This will test your power of manifestation, and you can even have some fun with it. You don’t need to mention where you want this freebie from; just get ready to be surprised by the universe.

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Space in the parking lot

This is something most of you wish for on a busy day. An empty parking space can make your life easier at a particular moment. Just be optimistic, work towards it, and see how the universe helps you out.

Not having to stand in a queue.

May it be in the cash counter of your local grocery outlet or while getting a ticket to board a train to your office. Sometimes not having to stand in a queue can make your life easier at that very moment. Try making it your intention and see how the universe gives it back to you.

Getting unexpected discounts

Just imagine you saw a dress you wish you could buy at that moment, but you don’t have that much cash. Suddenly, you get to know you will be getting a hefty discount on that dress, which will save you from getting drowned in sadness. 


Finding something which you lost

Haven’t you ever wished for something you had lost, to turn up on its own? That might not happen, but if your intentions are strong and you continue the search, you will see how that lost item suddenly turns up like magic.

Getting passes for your favorite event

Suppose your favorite celebrity is in town, and you are still unable to get passes to visit their event. When you have strong intentions, you will observe how the universe helps you get a pass, maybe even free of cost. 

A sudden meet with your friends

Ever since you have left college, you are not more in touch with your friends. That way, you guys seldom meet. Suddenly, your best mates are in town, and you people plan a sudden meeting. Your heart rejoices with joy. Try making it your intention and see how the universe gives it back to you.

A table at a full packed restaurant

After a busy and packed week, when you finally enjoy your weekend with your loved ones, you find that the restaurant you all visit is completely crowded with people. Try getting a table to yourself when you visit a restaurant, your intention, and see how it works for you.

Hearing your favorite song on the radio

With the advancement of technology, you can listen to any song at any moment, but when you want to hear that song and all of a sudden it plays when you switch on the radio, that feeling is something else. Make your intentions clear and see how the universe surprises you.

Watching your favorite movie

Just like getting to hear your favorite song, you can watch your favorite movie anytime, anywhere, but getting to watch it on the television when you are not expecting it but still wanting to watch it, is a lovely feeling indeed. Try making it your intention and see how the universe gives it back to you.

Finding old memorabilia

It can be anything related to you, or even your close ones, to which you had a deep connection back in the days. When you have grown up and almost forgotten about that, seeing that thing unexpectedly can uplift your mood.

Signs from the universe

It is a natural human tendency to look for assurance in everything you are doing. The law of attraction tells that the universe always sends signs to you in unexpected ways to assure you. You are eligible to wish for any sign. 

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A solution to a problem

Many a time, you rack yourselves for not being able to find any solution to a particular problem. A sudden glimmer of an idea as to how you can come out of that problem helps in that situation. Try making it your intention and see how the universe gives it back to you.

An inspiration or an idea

A random idea helps in situations where you need inspiration or motivation. Stay optimistic, work towards your desires, and see how the universe helps you with unique ideas and inspirations that might help you stand out from the rest.

A required source of motivation

Many a time, you feel drained of energy. You don’t have any urge or power left in you to complete your tasks. A sudden boost to your motivation helps a lot at such a moment. Make this your intention and see how the universe grants a boost to your motivation.

A rainy day

After a few days of scorching heat, especially if you are near the equatorial zone, a few rain splashes do hit differently. Try making it your manifestation and see how that works out for you.

A sunny, pleasant day

After the long winter months, a pleasant sunny day is something everyone wants, irrespective of where they live. Everyone wants to feel the pleasant warmth of the sun again. Try making it your intention and see how the universe gives it back to you.

A small but much-needed amount of money

When it is the end of the month, you are having trouble clearing all your bills. A small but enough amount of money to get you covered is something you’d rejoice at that moment. Try making it your intention and see how the universe gives it back to you.

Perfect weather for a lovely day out

Whether you love rain or snow, everyone does love clear and pleasant weather during certain days when they feel like going out on a trip or for a picnic. When you make this your intention, you will notice how the universe surprises you with a clear sunny day.

Something special

Who doesn’t love receiving a little showcase of gratitude, or affection, or a warm smile, especially on the days they are feeling low? Make this your true intention and wait for the universe to give it back to you.


Something out of the box

It could be anything, ranging from something you already have and are not expecting any more of it to anything you have only dreamt of achieving. How would you feel when you accomplish something like this? Try making it your intention and see how the universe surprises you.

An understanding and affectionate partner

Everyone wishes for a caring, affectionate, and devoted partner in their life to share every little detail with and spend their life. A partner you dream of should be right there at the top of your wish list.

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A picture-perfect relationship

No relationship in this world is perfect, but there is no compulsion to never dream of a perfect relationship with your partner, like what you see in the movies. Try making it your intention and see how the universe gives it back to you.

Leaping in your dating process

Suppose you have dated for a long time now and feel it’s the right time to get hitched. You feel that this is the person for your lifetime. So, what’s stopping you? Trust the universe and see how the obstacles disappear.

Losing weight

It is the dream of almost everyone, fat or obese, to lose weight and get that perfect figure. They would be doing anything to lose their weight but still have no luck on their side. Why don’t you try manifestation, if this is the thing with you as well?

A healthy and sound sleep

Who doesn’t crave a healthy and sound sleep after a tiring day of work? Nowadays, getting good sleep is almost equivalent to something luxurious. Try making it your intention and see how the universe grants you better sleep.

First job

It is common for many job aspirants to get rejected and rejected, which makes them feel dejected. After months of toiling and getting rejected, finally getting a well-paying job is surreal. Set this as a goal, and try to manifest it well.


First promotion

After getting the job you had been looking for and slogging your way for a long time now, you can expect a raise in your post and the amount you earn every month. When you know you deserve this promotion after putting in all the hard yards, why not manifest in this to get what you deserve?

Saving and spending wisely

You don’t need a huge paying job or multiple jobs to save some handsome amount every month. You should know how to use your savings wisely and even make a profit out of that. You can invest in mutual funds, equities, real estate, and so on, and make your savings work for you. You can make use of manifestation to do so.

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Finding a bestie

Besties are siblings, which God forgot to give you. Everyone needs a best friend to love them and help them out when they forget to do that for themselves. Make this a goal of your manifestation process, and let the universe guide you.

Trusting the universe and aligning yourself with it

Your Goals and desires become a reality when you learn to trust the universe and have faith in the process. Even an iota of doubt can go against you. Go all in the process of manifesting all that you want and see how the universe helps you out.


From the above points, it can be concluded that manifesting your desires and ambitions is neither magic nor a miracle; it is something that you can make happen with the power of your mind and your true intentions.

Having absolute trust in the process and faith in the universe is the most important thing to accomplish your aspirations. All you need to do is follow the law of attraction step by step and make the most of the opportunities that come your way.

FAQs on Things to Manifest in Life

What are some of the things you can manifest?

Some of the most common things which people manifest include a new house or car, a better job, greater financial stability, a promotion, a better love life, and many other things.

Ways you are manifesting wrong?

If you are comparing yourself to you of the future, if you are tempted to achieve everything today and have no patience, if you have unrealistic wishes and expectations, and if your manifestation is stressing you out, then you may be manifesting wrongly.

How to know that your manifestation is close?

If you feel satisfied with your manifestation process when you have a gut feeling that you are close to your goals, and don’t fear failures even after you have failed several times.

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