How To Enjoy Life More: 30+ Tips For Daily

You have often heard the saying that “You live only once, so make the most of it” well, yes, it is true, but can you always enjoy every moment to the fullest? Not everyone is privileged to experience joyful moments, but everyone can make the most of what they are getting and be happy. 

Simple ways by which you can enjoy life more

You should assume that others have proper intentions

One of the major points you must keep in mind to enjoy life and be happy is to assume that the others around you have positive intentions and proper mindsets. Noone thinks negatively about you, and that you must not be stressed out thinking about this.

You must assume that others mean no harm to you whatsoever and that they are operating in the best way they can. When you stop assuming negative things, you make the most of every present moment.

Devote more time to prayers

What many of you firmly believe has now been proven by research. Prayers are indeed helpful in providing you happiness and making you calmer significantly. People who focus their attention on their faith experience more sustained happiness compared to others.

It not only builds their faith but also increases their focus. So, start devoting a little more time to prayers and allow yourself to relax and make the most of every moment.

Be you, solely you

One of the most important factors to be happy, and enjoying your life to the fullest, is to be yourself.

Everyone in this world is unique, and they should embrace their uniqueness rather than trying to be someone else or even copying them to some extent.

Being yourself allows you to live life on your terms rather than what others want you to be. You don’t need to walk in someone else’s shoes to please others around you.

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Spend more time with constructive people

You all tend to spend more time with the people who are supportive of you and have always got your back. People like these are not very frequent, so if you have someone like this, or more than one, make sure to keep them and give our best to them.

People like these are away from negativity and fill your mind with fruitful, positive thoughts. You acquire knowledge and confidence while you are with them, which in turn brings you joy.

Don’t be harsh on yourself.

Having a certain goal or a dream in front of your eyes is very important to be someone in life. Someone important and respected by all. But this does not mean that you go overboard and exhaust yourself out.

Make a schedule, a proper plan, and move ahead following that. Too much of anything is never good, and this will only make you harsh on yourself, which in turn affects your physical as well as mental health.

How to be polite

Be polite with yourself.

Quite similar to the previous point, being too rude to yourself harms you rather than being beneficial for you or your health.

Many times, you use phrases, or even words, to address yourselves, which you would be ashamed to tell your dearest ones.

You say such things about yourself only when you are unsure about your capabilities and don’t count on yourself. One of the essential things to obtain joy and happiness is to start telling and thinking positive things about yourself.

Never stop chasing your dreams

Just like talent, God sends you with certain dreams and goals which you look forward to. Dreams are those which don’t let you sleep, and you strive tirelessly to achieve them. If you have a dream or dreams, never let them fade away or vanish all of a sudden.

Even if circumstances don’t allow you to chase your dreams, never give up on them. Start planning again and make different way-outs to achieve your dreams. The satisfaction of reaching your goal is immense.

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Sleep well each and every day

When you are working so hard to reach your destination, you must also keep in mind to take ample rest. Your body and mind need time to recharge themselves so that you can start your hustle again.

A good night of sleep ensures a better mood in the morning, and you don’t feel sleepy or tired at work or school. Your brain functions much better when it has received a good amount of rest, which in turn makes you happier. 

Say goodbye to toxic relationships

Certain relationships have a charm about themselves in the beginning. It seems like the best time of your lives, but with time you realize that instead of being beneficial, the relationship is harming your mental health.

Things start falling apart, and the other person doesn’t feel as strongly as they did before. Rather than being in such a toxic relationship, get out of that and start afresh, meet new people, enjoy life. Don’t dwell on something toxic.

Go ahead and make new friends

Yes, this point is right after toxic relationships, and it has a reason behind that. After you come out of a toxic relationship, which you had great expectations upon, you seem to close yourself off as you don’t want to relive the same pain again.

It is correct to some extent, but if you never explore what’s in store for you, how can you enjoy life to the fullest? Maybe this time, things will be just the way you wanted them to be.

Focus on your accomplishments

It is very important to keep in mind how far and how big your goals or dreams are, but it is equally important to keep in mind how far you have come crossing all the hurdles in your path.

Even if you are taking things slow, or maybe things aren’t working as they should be, you should still celebrate your accomplishments and give credit to yourself for believing in yourself.

Celebrating small successes will make you feel more accomplished and less overwhelmed.

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Showcase gratitude every day

Being grateful to the people and the things around you, even nature, is a great way to remain happy and feel joyous. A regular showcase of gratitude is seen to reduce anxiety, stress and help you live a happier and confident lifestyle.

When you are grateful to the people around you, you thank them for the positive impact they have had in your life and even for the negative lessons which have enabled you to see things positively.

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Enjoy some fresh air

What many of you do is get so attached to your work that you forget there is a world outside the closed doors of your room. Instead of overworking yourself, and getting a headache looking at your laptop for long hours, go for a walk outside and inhale some fresh air.

Researchers have shown that a few minutes spent outside in nature can be very beneficial in uplifting your overall mood and reducing stress. Once again, nature is the cure.

Don’t play the victim card

Holding others responsible for the wrong things that happen in your life can become a habit over time, and this is known as having a victim mentality.

You always consider people around you to have negative intentions and that they can harm you sooner or later.

Such a habit can have negative and isolating effects on your life. Seek help from a professional counselor if you need to. Curbing this habit enables you to make the most out of your life.

Forgive people

Forgiving people doesn’t mean that betrayal is okay. It doesn’t mean that what they have done to you is acceptable, and you forgiving them will only lessen their guilt and nothing else. Forgiving people will reduce the burden that you have to carry every day.

When you carry anger in your heart, it grows into a spirit of offense and bitterness, and every interaction seems like a burden on you because you see them through the lens of the previous betrayal.

Decide to be happier

Many people have a mindset that maybe is positive but not constructive enough. They may think positively and try being happier, but it doesn’t work this way. You have to act in such a way that you become happier.

Thinking solely cannot change things around for you; you have to act and behave in such a way that you are happy from the inside out. Make sure you give your best and can-do things rather than just thinking.

Never stop learning

Try to gain knowledge from everyone around you in every way you can. Instead of thinking and assuming that you know everything, try to grasp skills and new things from the people around you no matter who they are and what they do.

When you learn new things without underestimating others, you feel accomplished and satisfied with yourself.

You should never be ashamed of learning from someone younger than you, rather focus on what new skills you can incorporate into your tally.

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Don’t be afraid to ask for help

When you decide to take up a new hobby or start a new business, you might need some guidance from somebody experienced, or a small piece of advice too can work wonders on you.

You should never be ashamed of asking for help, even if it is from someone much younger than you, either by age or by profession. Advice, suggestions, and guidance from anyone knowledgeable can be of great importance to you. And when you can carry it out, you’ll feel happier.

Stop the comparison game

Do you think that this comparison game is fruitful to you, or anyone else, in any way? The answer to this question is a clear no.

What comparison does to you is it makes you feel either superior or inferior.

A small comparison with somebody isn’t the measuring scale for your present success or how successful you are going to be in the future. Focus on yourself and give your best to become the happier version of yourself.

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Get ample rest

As mentioned above that, you need to get a proper night’s sleep; it is also very important to take frequent breaks in between your busy schedule and let you and your eyes rest for a bit. 

Too much workload leads to stress, which in turn can have serious consequences on your mind and health. Your health can deteriorate badly if don’t get enough rest throughout the day apart from sleeping. So, take ample rest to make the most of your day without being exhausted.

Always allow your values to drive your choices

Leading a life of value is what everyone wants. One must also remember that whatever choices they make in their lives must comply with their life’s values.

Making a choice just by listening to someone or not even asking yourself before making a choice can be one of the worst decisions of your life.

Until and unless the choices you make, does agree with your core values, you will never be happier or have a joyful life.

Have zero tolerance towards drama

It is very important to build an attitude of hatred towards drama or anything nonsensical. You will often hear people telling you how much they the drama and stuff, yet they are always in the middle of it, being the cause.

When you stay away from such nonsensical things, you prohibit yourself from having a negative mindset or even a burden on your shoulders, which wasn’t supposed to be. You won’t be sucked into other’s crazy stuff when you have zero tolerance towards these.

How to accept who you really are

Learn to accept your looks and your appearance

Everyone in this world hates at least one thing about their looks or their appearance.

This is a very common trait in humans, but to be very honest, no one in this world is preoccupied with the thoughts of how you look or how you dress.

So, stop looking down on yourself just because you don’t have a great figure or a dashing hairstyle. Try to give up hating your appearance for a week or two and see how life-changing it can be.

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Get disappointed or let others be disappointed with you

Permit yourself to disappoint others. Others are going to be disappointed due to something or the other. Just don’t dwell on the fact that you have disappointed someone as it is only going to make you sad.

Always remember to be yourself and give your best, and in that process, if someone does get disappointed, let them be. Also, expect disappointments just like the others. The more you expect, the less sad you will be.

Identify the people that go well with you

There are going to be a lot of people that you come across in your life. Always remember that not everyone wants to see you succeed, even if they pretend to. 

Then there are the people who have faith in you and with whom you can be the most comfortable. It is not easy to identify them but once you’re sure about who you have in your life, make sure you do the right thing by never letting go of them.


From the above points, it can be summarized that living a happier life and making the most out of each and every moment is not that difficult; one just has to take care of the above-mentioned points and live life according to those.

Work hard towards your dreams and goals, but never stress yourself out and remember to take frequent breaks.

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