How To Get Rid Of Stress: 30+ Tips for a Calmer Life

In our busy lives, stress is something we all deal with. It can come from work, personal problems, or just daily life. But don’t worry, there are ways to beat stress and feel better.

This guide will show you some easy techniques to help you get rid of stress quickly. By following these tips, you can find more calm and balance in your life in no time.

Let’s get started on your journey to less stress and more happiness!

How to Get Rid of Stress and Live a More Peaceful Life

Let us look at the ways that can de-stress us and make us happy.

Avoiding negative thoughts

Every one of us has had bitter experiences in our lives and the negative thoughts of those incidents keep coming back to us. We are haunted by what has happened and what may happen. 

This may cause us unwanted stress and stand in our way to achieving mental peace and happiness. Instead of constantly thinking about things that can ruin our positivity, we can try shifting our perspective to an optimistic one, so that we can think clearly and positively.

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Being a cleanliness freak

Yes. People who have a knack for being organized and clean have lesser chances of being disturbed by stress and depression factors. Many research studies have found out a direct connection between keeping the space around oneself arranged and decluttered and the mental state of that person. 

When the environment around you- be it your home or office or any other place- is clean and hygienic and beautiful to look at, it surely improves your mood and makes you happy.

Using deep breathing

Stress is something that you cannot totally avoid, especially in the modern advanced world. Therefore, you need to learn how to control extreme stress. Whenever you feel yourself sinking down under pressure, try to pause and reflect. 

Slow down, take a short break, and focus more on your breathing pattern. Spend some time practicing taking deep breaths, know more about the techniques, and you will see how it helps you to get rid of anxiety and avoid being highly stressed.

Having your de-stressing mantra

Many studies have revealed that having a personal mantra- positive and encouraging, can make a change in your thought process by affecting the neural pathways.

Therefore, all you need to do is find yourself a mantra that can help you calm down during stress conditions, and repeat it whenever you feel the need.

Gradually, the mantra acts as a motivation to you and will replace your depressed and pessimistic thoughts with positive and happy ones so that you feel better.


Relocating to a different place

Maybe the reason you are always under stress is that you do not live in a healthy environment. It may be the ambiance in your house or your town that is disturbing your mental peace and taking away your happiness. 

In that case, you can try shifting to a different place, a new house or a new town, temporarily or permanently. When you do so, you feel better about your environment and it gives you an opportunity to start afresh.

Becoming spiritually aware

Spiritual awareness is a very important concept in the process of attaining mental peace. When you learn deeply about spirituality, you develop the ability to look at life from a completely different perspective and be happy through satisfaction and contentment. 

Practicing the various elements of spirituality will make you a better person, who is emotionally developed and knows how to handle stress skillfully. Consequently, you lead a much happier life than others and this also improves your communication and relationships.

Physical fitness

Our bodies and minds are highly interconnected. When one of them is not the way they must be, the other one is equally affected. Therefore, you cannot expect to be happy and de-stressed if you are not physically fit and your body is inactive. 

One of the convenient and easiest ways to be fit is to exercise regularly. Through the process, the brain releases endorphins which are responsible for boosting your mood and giving you a happy and content sensation.


Keeping a diary

Creating a load of all your worries and fears inside your mind can elevate your stress. It is very important to express what you feel and communicate your thoughts. If you are not ready to share your innermost feelings with a person, use a diary or journal. 

Pen down whatever you feel like, and keep it to yourself.  This is a way to express yourself, and you can also trace the root of your stress and do something about it.

Restricting social media usage

The virtual world is no doubt very engaging. It can keep you hooked up throughout the day and night. But, it just ruins your mental peace and you are not even aware of it. Being too much involved in other people’s lives and letting them be involved in yours will eventually tire you out. 

Social media gives you a false idea of reality and you start believing what you see. Not having things that others have can cause you stress.

Eating healthy food

Your food intake has a direct impact on your mental health too. What you eat and drink often decides how you feel throughout the day. This is why doctors and nutritionists suggest having a diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals. 

Fruits and green vegetables must be an integral part of your regular diet. These nutrients increase the levels of hormone production in your body and are stiff, like serotonin, which can help you to get rid of stress.

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Being kind

Empathy never goes wrong in making you a better person, and there is no bigger virtue other than kindness. It is a two-way interaction. When you behave kindly, it makes you happy in turn and helps you to find happiness in others. 

When you are kind to others, it makes them feel wanted and validated, and they do the same to you. This creates a positive environment around you that does not allow any form of stress to disturb you.

Going on a vacation

Everyone deserves a break. Whenever you feel you are extremely stressed or under pressure, take a few days off work and plan a short trip. The more you visit new places, the more your mind is developed and your knowledge increases. 

Seeing a new destination and interacting with the people there will broaden your views and help you gain a fresh perspective. Also, spending time in natural places will take your mind off the things that are causing you stress.

Rising above unfavorable situations

You are bound to face situations in your life that may not go according to your plans. You may experience some discomfort at that moment, but the best way to get rid of it is to not keep dwelling on what happened. 

The more you think about it, the more it absorbs you into stress. Rather, be more attentive to the happier and positive things in your life and be happy for what you have instead of what you don’t. 


Following your dream

The hunger to follow your dream and accomplish it is beyond everything. When you live for a mission to achieve, stress and depression have no meaning for you. Whenever you feel depressed, think about all the bigger things you want in life and that matter to you. 

Work on yourself and try to improve your ways to accomplish your goals. Also, never be offended by failure and learn to accept it wholeheartedly. We can never learn if we don’t lose.

Being around positive people

The people you interact with have a huge influence on your mental well-being. Always try to be around people who have an optimistic approach to life and who can teach you to be confident and positive. 

These people can help you fix your mood and understand the root of your problems and find out a solution. They will always be with you in your tough times and share their experiences so that you can learn and grow along with them.

Learning a new skill

If you want to bring a change in your regular mundane life which is probably boring you out, you can always try learning and perfecting a new skill. Pick up anything you want and invest all your physical and mental energies in mastering the craft. 

This will keep your mind engaged and distract you from the negative elements that bother you. And when you become a perfectionist in what you do, it will surely make you more happy and confident.


Treating yourself better

The most important person in this world that matters to you the most is you. You cannot spread happiness and positivity to others if you are not happy yourself. Therefore, it is very important to pamper yourself now and then and make yourself feel very special. 

Do the same thighs that you do to make someone feel validated, but just do it for yourself. Go on a self date, buy yourself a nice gift, and compliment yourself on an achievement. 

Control your life yourself

To get rid of stress and be happy, learn to take control of your life. Never let others dictate to you what makes you happy or what cures your depression. Decide everything for yourself, but be open to criticism. 

Controlling your life will make you more mature as a person and will help you to grow and develop and make better decisions. This way, you become an optimistic person with a better perspective towards life, and stress cannot affect you.

Practicing long-term gratification

It is very unwise to look out for instant gratification. This will eventually take away your self-control and restrict your capabilities. Instead, try to achieve long-term targets in life so that your attention is rebuilt continuously and you learn to practice expanded gratification. 

This way, your chances of getting more positive results are enhanced and you learn to be more disciplined and organized as a person. You need to remember that achieving targets in life demands complete dedication and patience.

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Letting go of anger

Probably the most harmful thing that comes out of stress and destroys you is anger. We generally tend to hold on to a particular grudge for a long time. What we do not realize is that it consequently harms us and disturbs our mental health. 

When you learn to control anger and let go of certain things that do not really matter to you, you will learn to live as a happier person with a better and stable mental state. 

Having a shift of perspective

What you need to always keep in mind is that life is not always a happy and merry roller coaster ride. There are ups and downs, and you have to accept everything with a warm embrace. 

Also, to be truly happy and not affected by stress, you need to constantly change your perspective towards a particular matter. Try not to be negative about it and have an optimistic attitude so that you can find a better solution to the issue.

Helping the needy

There are many people who are in a worse position than you. Realize that and try to do something for people who are less privileged than you if you can. Helping others will affect your mindset positively and help you develop into a better person. 

Feel-good elements in your body, like serotonin and dopamine, are released in such cases and your internal mental processes are stimulated to make you feel better. As a result, you feel more confident and happy.


Being grateful

Being happy comes from a developed sense of gratitude towards life and everything you have. If you are a person who is grateful for every little thing they have in life, you are more likely to be an optimistic person who knows how to feel satisfied and validated. 

You will always focus on the positive things in your life and avoid the factors that bring you down. This brings a change in your mental perspective and helps you attain happiness.

Spending time with nature

Nature is our safest refuge at all times. It is very healthy and comforting for a person to take a break and spend some time with nature and its wonderful elements. It is not only the ultimate stressbuster, but it also helps you to practice humility and gratitude. 

Spending some time in the greenery and under fresh air brings rejuvenation and revitalization in you, and you start feeling better. A bunch of fresh flowers can make your heart happy instantly.

Avoiding bad habits

Certain practices in your regular life can act as detrimental factors for your physical and mental health. Having too much junk food, sleeping at late hours, excessive smoking and drinking-these bad habits can affect your life badly. 

Try to identify if you have any of these and work immediately to replace them with good habits that would be highly beneficial to you. Taking proper care of your health is something you can do best by yourself if you want to.


Spending time with family

Being too busy with your work and engaging yourself in a hectic schedule will consequently leave you with no time to spend with your close ones. Gradually, you will grow apart from them and this will create a distance. 

This may result in stress conditions between you and your family members. Therefore, try spending time with your close ones more often. This will never make you feel lonely or unwanted, understand them better, and will strengthen your connection with them.

Speaking out loud

It is always important to make your stand. Never be afraid to stand firmly by what you believe in. This is a key secret to being happy. When you express yourself clearly, out in the open, people become aware that your opinion matters and they start taking you more seriously. 

Keeping your stress within yourself because of the fear of other people judging you is a bad idea. You should not depend on others to create an opinion for you.


The most popular and recommended way of achieving happiness validated by many great people is meditation. When you meditate, you focus on one thought and it improves your mental processes.

Meditation has useful benefits for increased memory, improved attention as well as reduced stress and anxiety. 

Take out some time from your everyday schedule to sit and meditate for some time and notice how it brings you mental clarity. It also has proven advantages for better health and consciousness development.

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Have a proper sleep at night

The night is for you to rejuvenate and relax and free yourself of the day’s stress. And when you don’t get ample sleep at night, it leaves you stressed and groggy the next day. Therefore, it is always better to go to sleep early and have a nice and long sleep. 

Your body needs time to refresh and repair itself, and long sleep is the way to do it. When your body lacks rest, you are affected by negative elements.

Finding your life’s purpose

Last but not least, always remember that the goal in your life is not to find happiness. It is to find things that justify you being alive and happiness comes as a consequence. 

You have to learn and identify things that make you happy and encourage yourself to stay positive and focused, no matter what the situation is. It is useless to give effort if you are not aware of the true meaning of your life and what you want.


Therefore, when you have access to so many ways that you can apply in your everyday life to be happy and relieved of stress, there’s no point in spending a depressed and gloomy life. Only you can decide if you want to be happy and what needs to be done for that. This will give you a better quality of life.

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