How to Train Your Brain for Success: 27+ Ways

The world you are living in always needs a mind which is full of endurance and strength. It not only makes a person stronger but also helps in shaping their personality in a unique way.

It makes them feel confident regarding any decision they take in their whole lifetime. The mind gives you the innate capability to rationalize your needs and necessities, giving you a clearer approach.

How to Train Your Brain to Stop the Fear Response

Set some new goals in your life

Setting some new goals in your life will take you to a completely different phase of your life where you have things untried and untouched. It may also include things about which you are scared.

 It not only trains your mind to be stronger but also gives you a clear idea of all the capabilities that you have. These capabilities make you realize that if you conquer your fear, you can be able to do anything in your life, and you are bound to get stronger mentally.

Eat healthy foods that will stimulate your brain

There are certain foods that are linked to a healthier brain and a stronger memory and willpower. Some of these foods which you may already know are nuts, green leafy vegetables, fish, and red wine, as suggested by nutritionists all over the globe.

Apart from these, include some more foods in your diet to give your brain an extra boost. Have Salmon fish which is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, green tea, which increases alertness, eggs that contain choline and folate, and blueberries.

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Get plenty of sleep every single day

Irregular sleep patterns and, to a greater extent, insomnia can have grave impacts on your brain and overall health. It can lead to troubles regarding memory, concentration, and many other cognitive functions.

The new things you learn and memorize move to the permanent regions of the brain only when you sleep properly, which helps you to recall them easily. Little or no sleep patterns can be dealt with by limiting the intake of caffeine and alcohol and sticking to a permanent bedtime routine.

tips to go with the flow

Try to portray your creative skills

Painting, coloring in an adult coloring book, or even just sketching on a white piece of paper with a pencil, everything is an art and allows you to portray your creativity. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a masterpiece, or a mandala, or a mere doodle; anything that has an artistic feel to it is an intellectual workout.

There are certain games as well which are a great way to stimulate your mind. Some of these games include Sudoku, scrabble, and chess.

Learn a foreign language that will enhance your cognitive functioning

It doesn’t matter whether traveling to a foreign country is in your plans or not; you can always learn a new language to be unique from others and to add to your skills. 

Also, according to a review of various studies, learning a new language can boost cognitive functioning, especially in older adults.

It has been observed that people who can speak other languages exhibit a global mindset and more empathy. Also, it improves attributes like mental alertness and makes you more attentive.

Find a hobby and add it to your everyday routine

Learning a new skill or taking up something as a hobby can really help in stimulating your mind, liven up you’re everyday routine and curb boredom.

Your hobby or hobbies can be anything like learning how to cook, or beefing up your coding skills by learning a new language or reading storybooks, and so on.

There are no rules or norms when it comes to taking up a hobby. Just make sure that it interests you and doesn’t harm others around you.

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ways by which hobbies can be beneficial for you

Start writing frequently

Writing is proven to sharpen your communicative skills and working memory. It doesn’t matter what you write, and whether it is grammatically correct or not, as long as you are expressing yourself to the fullest, it will boost the activity of your brain.

Writing is also seen to reduce age-related mental decline and once again add to your abilities because you never know when you become good at writing and pursue it as a profession. Poetry, blogs, songs, letters are all equally effective.

Playing an instrument or listening to music

Apart from being a source of enjoyment, listening to music is also beneficial in another way is that it improves memory functioning in adults and old-aged people. 

It is a great way to calm yourself down and relax. It acts as a great stress reliever as it breaks down your mental deadlocks due to excessive work pressure.

Finding your favorite music or learning how to play an instrument is easier than ever before thanks to various versatile platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Pandora.

Work on your posture and strive for a good one

Remember when your parents and teachers asked you to sit straight with your spines upright? They were right. A straight posture has quite a few benefits, and one of them is improving blood circulation and enhancing blood flow to your brain.

There are a few ways by which you can correct your wrong posture. These include sleeping with your spine aligned. Scientists say that sleeping on your sides or back is less stressful. Try yoga to maintain your balance and maintain your overall weight.

Reading, as it enhances intellectual stimulation

A recent study in the journal Neurology stated that reading regularly in the later stages of life decreased the rate at which memory declines by about 32%. Reading is not just a mere time pass; it makes you more intellectual along with boosting your patience.

You can make reading a habit by joining a book club or starting one by yourself through your college or your local library. You can also subscribe to your favorite magazine and set aside a specific time for reading.

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How to Train Your Mind to Be Stronger?

Try out a quick card game

Do you remember the last time you played cards? Researchers conducted a study back in 2015 in which they concluded that a quick game of cards could boost the volume of the brain in several brain regions. 

A quick game of cards will not only be fun and make you use your grey matter but will also sharpen your memory and thinking skills.

You can get your hands on one of these tried and tested card games played worldwide – solitaire, bridge, thief, rummy, and poker.

Invest your time in building your vocabulary

A rich vocabulary can always make you sound and appear smart to others, but a quick vocabulary session can also act as a stimulating brain game. Did you know that? 

Researchers have shown that quite a few numbers of areas of the brain are involved in solving vocabulary tasks. The areas responsible for auditory and visual processing are the most involved compared to the other areas of your brain. You can always try out the cognitive-boosting activity to understand this theory.

reasons why vocabulary is beneficial for you

Learn to use all your senses at once

A study conducted in the year 2015 suggested that using all your senses at the same time can be really handy in stimulating your mind and working it out to the fullest. 

In order to work out all your senses and your brain at once, try to do activities that will activate all 5 of your senses simultaneously. One of the best activities to do is to visit a new restaurant and focus on seeing, smelling, hearing, touching, and testing all at the same time.

Try meditating regularly

Meditating regularly has several benefits, the most important being calming your body and mind, slowing down your breathing, and reducing anxiety and stress. 

Apart from these, meditation can also help to fine-tune your memory and enhance the ability of your brain to process various information.

When you meditate, your memory and willpower also increase, which allows you to store more information in your brain and recall them without forgetting them easily. This way, your brain gets stimulated.

Try reading outside your comfort zone

Reading is obviously one of the best ways to train your brain and make yourself a smarter and more intellectual version of yourself. Perhaps sometimes you can also try branching out from the usual genre of books; rather, you should add variety.

The main point is to read a book that’s not your cup of tea, and this will enhance and broaden your reading horizons. You will get smarter when you go out of your reading rut.

Raise your eyebrows

This is more of a tip that you would like to practice privately rather than in a busy place in front of many people. You might feel silly for the first few times, but you will definitely understand the meaning of this point and also how raising your eyebrows can benefit you.

When you raise your eyebrows, you open your eyes a bit wider, which results in a slight adrenaline boost and instantly makes you feel more alert and brighter.

Play various memory games

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a low-key matching game, or a puzzle-solving game, or a high-tech process like Lumosity, which actively works to improve your memory and produce measurable results. 

You cannot recall everything you have learned to this day, that’s impossible for anyone, but if you can at least train your brain in such a way that you are able to recall even a small portion of what you are forgetting, you will become smarter and more intellectual.

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Benefits of playing memory games

How to Train Subconscious Mind?

Try out new hobbies and activities

Experiment with new hobbies and stuff that will direct your attention and focus in a way that is quite new to you. You can master anything ranging from knitting to lawn tennis. Whatever new you try out will create a new territory in your brain.

Anything new that you start to learn, or any new challenge that you take up, will force your brain to accommodate new routines and new information. Moreover, it will also add to your abilities, and you can surely stand out from the crowd!

Learn to exploit your weaknesses

It might seem a bit counterintuitive at first, but it has proper science to support it. There are various ways to try it, and the best way to begin is by taking up tasks in the night if you’re a morning person and vice versa.

If you are indeed a morning person who is most productive and alert in the morning, try to tackle a creative task at night like the night owls. When you stress your brain at an unusual time, you’ll observe fruitful results.

Learn to use mnemonics

Mnemonics are really useful, and they work in such a way that they help to elongate your brain to create new associations and use them.

You can work on remembering the names of the people you have just met and on taking it further; you can associate their names to their profession or interests. This is how mnemonics work. 

When you do so, you force your brain to memorize more information than usual work harder, and this is how it gets stimulated.

Try taking up Tai Chi exercise

Tai Chi can benefit your health in several ways, including mental health, and can also help you to stabilize your life when it seems to be out of balance. When you practice Tai Chi on a regular basis, your symptoms of stress and anxiety reduce significantly, the quality of your sleep improves, and your memory power enhances.

A study on Tai Chi exercise found that it can help to increase the volume of the brain in certain regions associated with memory and positive emotions.

Try teaching a newly learned skill to someone else

Probably the best way to expand the skill you have just learned is by teaching it to someone else.

This way, you can recap everything you have learned once more, and if the other person understands it the way you did, then your learning is a success.

When you explain it to someone else, you need to rectify the mistakes that you have made while explaining and start over again until you are pitch-perfect, and this is how your mind gets stimulated.

Benefits of Tai Chi exercise


From the above points, it can be concluded that there are several ways to train your mind to be strong and be able to stimulate your brain.

You can exercise, meditate, take up a new skill, do tasks outside your comfort zones but always remember to never give up on yourself, as you are your golden resource.

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