105+ Travel Goals that you must accomplish in this lifetime

Travel goals are like our travel dreams. They’re the places we want to see, the things we want to do, and the adventures we hope to have. These goals can be about exploring beautiful landscapes, experiencing new cultures, or just relaxing on a peaceful beach.

They give our trips a purpose, encouraging us to step out of our comfort zones and discover new things.

Setting travel goals helps us plan our journeys and reminds us of all the amazing places in the world waiting to be explored.

Whether it’s witnessing natural wonders, enjoying delicious food, or making new friends, travel goals inspire our love for adventure and make our trips truly special.

Travel goals that you must set for yourself

Travel the wonders of the world

-Visit Paris

-Go for a tour around the London Bridge

-Click a selfie in front of the leaning tower of Pisa

-Travel on a camel to the pyramids of Egypt

-Have a memorable tour of the Taj Mahal 

-Try to climb the Great Wall of china in a single day. 

-Visit Macchu Picchu in Peru at least once in an entire lifetime 

-Visit the Colosseum in Italy. 

-Pose like Christ Redeemer and get a picture of the same in Brazil 

-Travel and learn more about the statue of Zeus

-Never miss a chance to visit Chichen Itza

-Visit the coral reefs in Australia 

-Visit Burj Khalifa in Abu Dhabi 

-Travel to the Palace on a wheel train 

-Go for a tour in Europe

Travel to the poles 

-See the aurora Australis 

-See Aurora Borealis 

-Live in an igloo 

-Visit Iceland and live there for at least a week 

-Visit South Korea 

-Visit the Buddhist Monasteries 

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Try Exquisite cuisine 

-Taste Indian food in an Indian restaurant while the visit to India 

-Have Italian pasta in one of the oldest French cafes 

-Taste seafood in the Maldives

-Get a taste of Chinese cuisine while a visit to China 

-Try authentic Japanese sushi in Japan 

-While a visit to the colosseum tastes extraordinary Greek cuisine 

-Try the special seafood of Spanish people 

-Try the Red wine of La Rioja in Spain 

-Try the thyme soup of Catalan cuisine 

-Dig into the lamb dishes of special Spanish cuisine

-Never miss a chance to have Turkish lamb kababs while in Turkey 

-Try the traditional rice noodles of Thailand 

-Try the simple and healthy diet of Buddhist monks

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Head out for longer weekends 

-Go for long drives to the nearby exotic places 

-Go for drives on scooters and other vehicles when visiting other cities 

-Try street food from various countries 

-Go for vacations in the countryside

-Plan a getaway with the family during the weekends 

-Go for site seeing while a trip to Europe

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Do something meaningful while traveling 

-Visit different NGOs of particular nations 

-Volunteer in charity while traveling to a different country 

-Bring about the culture and traditions of the hidden tribes in various regions 

-Spread awareness about the degrading health and monetary condition while traveling to developing nations 

-Get into contact with local charities 

-Go for beach clean-up when visiting some other nation 

Look for a view that leaves me breathless

-Try to watch the sunrise and sunset in every country 

-Go around the beachside in Abu Dhabi 

-Go deep while scuba diving in coral reefs 

-Go hiking when traveling to Europe 

-Watch the aurora from the small igloo in Iceland 

-Learn about the lifestyle of nomads of Iceland and Egypt in person 

-Look for the quiet mountain ranges 

-Swim in an ocean 

-Jump into a waterfall 

-See whales 

-See the dancing dolphins

-Have breakfast with Giraffe in Kenya 

-Travel in a boat in the city of Venice 

-Visit the Australian wildlife sanctuaries 

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The hotels You must visit while traveling 

-Sleep in a sleep pod in Japan 

-Visit Ladera Resort during my excursion to the Caribbean lands 

-Visit Ascher Cliff in Switzerland 

-Visit the Giraffe Manor in Kenya 

-Live in the Igloo hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland 

-Spend at least three days in the Ubud hanging gardens of Bali 

-Stay in the hotel of Jukkasjarvi in Sweden 

-Enjoy an exotic stay at the tree hotel of Sweden 

-Spend a weekend in the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi 

-Enjoy the amazing view of Conrad Maldives Hotel

Visit some truly epic libraries 

-Visit the famous Macquarie University Library in Australia 

-Travel to the National Library of Brazil in Rio de Janerio 

-Visit the library of Trinity College Dublin that holds the books of Keels. 

-Travel to the Peckham Library in London 

-Get a great book to read at the Royal Portuguese Reading Room 

-Visit the famous Kanazawa Umimirai Library in Japan 

-Visit the Library of Parliament, one of the oldest libraries in the world =situated in Canada

-Visit the seven-story Vancouver Public Library 

-Visit the famous reading rooms of Bodleian Library 

-Visit State Library of New South Wales in Sydney, one of the oldest institutions of its kind in Australia 

-Explore the geometric architecture and design of Seattle Central Library

-Visit the famous Melk Sabbey Library talked about in the novel

-Visit the innovative library of Sejong City in South Korea 

-Visit the monastery of San Francisco

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Religious travel goals 

-Travel Mecca Medina

-Travel to Varanasi in India 

-Sit by the ghat of the river Ganges 

-Get a chance to visit Hagia Sophia in Turkey 

-Travel to Jerusalem 

-Travel to Notre Dame de Paris in France  

-Never miss a chance to go to Vatican City in Italy

Other travel Goals 

-Eat at a Michelin Starred restaurant 

-Visit the hawker market in Singapore 

-Spend New Year’s Eve in New York, Amsterdam, and Paris 

-Go for a big hike in Macchu Picchu 

-Eat the street food of India 

-Take a trek to the Everest Base camp 

-Visit Petra in Jordan

-Have an amazing party at tomorrow’s land 

-Try the Gorilla Trekking in the Democratic Republic of Congo 

-Visit Bhutan 

-Visit the Easter Island 

-Travel to Myanmar 

-Explore more cities in Cuba 

-Spend a great weekend in Havana 

-Get a chance to watch the World Cup in person 

-Take a drive to the north coast of Brazil 

-Get an overland trek across the entire Africa 

-Travel in the Simplon-Orient Express and the Trans-Siberian Express 

-Collect currencies of 100 countries  

-Visit Athens 

-Get to travel around the Roman cities 

-Drink Red wine in Paris 

-Try a couple of travel vlogs with the love of my life.

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In conclusion, travel goals are more than just going to new places. They’re about discovering yourself, experiencing different cultures, and growing as a person. Achieving these goals means making lasting memories and appreciating the world’s diversity. Travel goals add excitement and meaning to life.

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