105+ Travel Goals that you must accomplish in this lifetime

Who does not love traveling? Travelling makes a person know a lot more about the beautiful heritage and culture of different places and helps him to become a different person altogether. These goals will help the fire of traveling keep burning inside you.

Travel goals that you must set for yourself

Travel the wonders of the world

-Visit Paris

-Go for a tour around the London Bridge

-Click a selfie in front of the leaning tower of Pisa

-Travel on a camel to the pyramids of Egypt

-Have a memorable tour of the Taj Mahal 

-Try to climb the great wall of china in a single day. 

-Visit Macchu Picchu in Peru at least once in an entire lifetime 

-Visit the Colosseum in Italy. 

-Pose like Christ Redeemer and get a picture of the same in Brazil 

-Travel and learn more about the statue of Zeus

-Never miss a chance to visit Chichen Itza

-Visit the coral reefs in Australia 

-Visit Burj Khalifa in Abu Dhabi 

-Travel on the Palace on wheel train 

-Go for a tour in Europe

Travel to the poles 

-See the aurora Australis 

-See Aurora Borealis 

-Live in an igloo 

-Visit Iceland and live there for at least a week 

-Visit South Korea 

-Visit the Buddhist Monasteries 

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Try Exquisite cuisine 

-Taste Indian food in an Indian restaurant while the visit to India 

-Have Italian pasta in one of the oldest French cafes 

-Taste seafood in the Maldives

-Get a taste of Chinese cuisine while a visit to China 

-Try authentic Japanese sushi in Japan 

-While a visit to the colosseum tastes extraordinary Greek cuisine 

-Try the special seafood of Spanish people 

-Try the Red wine of La Rioja in Spain 

-Try the thyme soup of Catalan cuisine 

-Dig into the lamb dishes of special Spanish cuisine

-Never miss a chance to have Turkish lamb kababs while in Turkey 

-Try the traditional rice noodles of Thailand 

-Try the simple and healthy diet of Buddhist monks

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Head out for longer weekends 

-Go for long drives to the nearby exotic places 

-Go for drives on scooters and other vehicles when visiting other cities 

-Try street food from various countries 

-Go for vacations in the countryside

-Plan a getaway with the family during the weekends 

-Go for site seeing while a trip to Europe

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Do something meaningful while traveling 

-Visit different NGOs of particular nations 

-Volunteer in charity while traveling to a different country 

-Bring about the culture and traditions of the hidden tribes in various regions 

-Spread awareness about the degrading health and monetary condition while traveling to developing nations 

-Get into contact with local charities 

-Go for beach clean-up when visiting some other nation 

Look for a view that leaves me breathless

-Try to watch the sunrise and sunset in every country 

-Go around the beachside in Abu Dhabi 

-Go deep while scuba diving in coral reefs 

-Go hiking when traveling to Europe 

-Watch the aurora from the small igloo in Iceland 

-Learn about the lifestyle of nomads of Iceland and Egypt in person 

-Look for the quiet mountain ranges 

-Swim in an ocean 

-Jump into a waterfall 

-See whales 

-See the dancing dolphins

-Have breakfast with Giraffe in Kenya 

-Travel in a boat in the city of Venice 

-Visit the Australian wildlife sanctuaries 

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The hotels You must visit while traveling 

-Sleep in a sleep pod in Japan 

-Visit Ladera Resort during my excursion to the Caribbean lands 

-Visit Ascher Cliff in Switzerland 

-Visit the Giraffe Manor in Kenya 

-Live in the Igloo hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland 

-Spend at least three days in the Ubud hanging gardens of Bali 

-Stay in the hotel of Jukkasjarvi in Sweden 

-Enjoy an exotic stay at the tree hotel of Sweden 

-Spend a weekend in the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi 

-Enjoy the amazing view of Conrad Maldives Hotel

Visit some truly epic libraries 

-Visit the famous Macquarie University Library in Australia 

-Travel to the National Library of Brazil in Rio de Janerio 

-Visit the library of Trinity College Dublin that holds the books of Keels. 

-Travel to the Peckham Library in London 

-Get a great book to read at the Royal Portuguese Reading Room 

-Visit the famous Kanazawa Umimirai Library in Japan 

-Visit the Library of Parliament, one of the oldest libraries in the world =situated in Canada

-Visit the seven-story Vancouver Public Library 

-Visit the famous reading rooms of Bodleian Library 

-Visit State Library of New South Wales in Sydney, one of the oldest institutions of its kind in Australia 

-Explore the geometric architecture and design of Seattle Central Library

-Visit the famous Melk Sabbey Library talked about in the novel

-Visit the innovative library of Sejong City in South Korea 

-Visit the monastery of San Francisco

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Religious travel goals 

-Travel Mecca Medina

-Travel to Varanasi in India 

-Sit by the ghat of the river Ganges 

-Get a chance to visit Hagia Sophia in Turkey 

-Travel to Jerusalem 

-Travel to Notre Dame de Paris in France  

-Never miss a chance to go to Vatican City in Italy

Other travel Goals 

-Eat at a Michelin Starred restaurant 

-Visit the hawker market in Singapore 

-Spend New Year’s Eve in New York, Amsterdam, and Paris 

-Go for a big hike in Macchu Picchu 

-Eat the street food of India 

-Take a trek to the Everest Base camp 

-Visit Petra in Jordan

-Have an amazing party at tomorrow’s land 

-Try the Gorilla Trekking in the Democratic Republic of Congo 

-Visit Bhutan 

-Visit the Easter Island 

-Travel to Myanmar 

-Explore more cities in Cuba 

-Spend a great weekend in Havana 

-Get a chance to watch the World Cup in person 

-Take a drive to the north coast of Brazil 

-Get an overland trek across the entire Africa 

-Travel in the Simplon-Orient Express and the Trans-Siberian Express 

-Collect currencies of 100 countries  

-Visit Athens 

-Get to travel around the Roman cities 

-Drink Red wine in Paris 

-Try a couple of travel vlogs with the love of my life.

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