25 Types Of People Who Destroy Your Happiness!

In your day-to-day life, you come across various kinds of people. Over time, some may go on to become very good friends with you, and some will remain strangers throughout your life, but you will also come across people who tend to become headaches.

They will suck the happiness out of you, and your relationship with them will become toxic.

Beware of These Types of People Who Can Ruin Your Happiness

People who are drama queens/kings

These are the types of people who love to create a scene everywhere they go. Their days are just incomplete without creating drama out of something. These types of people act excessively sensitive, which they are not in reality, and possess the power to suck all of the happiness out of you.

They will exaggerate a very small situation and broadcast it to everyone they know. This is how they feel relieved and are also able to gain everyone’s attention.

The needy one

These types of people lack confidence in every field of their life. They don’t possess the power to make decisions on their own; even the smallest of decisions need to be taken by someone on their behalf.

These people tend to ask you to do things for them like paying their taxes, getting groceries for them, and whatnot. They will rely on you completely, and you might have to spoon-feed them every time. Get rid of such people as soon as you can.

The ones who never return your money

There are certain people with the knack of borrowing money from others and never returning them. These people can be your closest friends or relatives, but it doesn’t matter who they are; getting rid of them is the best thing you can do to ensure mental peace.

These people will borrow money from you and then either ghost you completely or go on delaying returning the money to you. When you ask them for the money, they will have excuses ready.

The ones who use you for your money

These kinds of people are even more toxic than the previous ones. They tend to talk with you only when they need a favor, which, most of the time, is nothing but money.

You will never hear from them when they don’t need anything from you. No matter how hard you try, they will never talk with you the same way as they do when they need money. Moreover, they will ghost you when their needs are fulfilled. Stay away from such kinds of people. 

The people who do not respect your boundaries

Everyone is unique in their way. All have a separate set of values and beliefs, and not everyone can interact or behave in the same way as others. You all have your boundaries.

Certain people will force you to go beyond the odds, break those boundaries and do something which you never wanted to do. That can be toxic and unhealthy for you, as you are not used to such exposure. Be aware of such people.

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The people who do not take your work seriously

You know the importance of your work or the job that you are pursuing. Apart from that, there are several other things that you have to manage throughout the day.

There are certain people according to whom the work you have to do is pointless and can be ignored. It’s not that important, and you can hang out with them or do something which will benefit them at that time. These people are annoying in every sense.


The people who have a very casual approach in everything they do

Interacting with these kinds of people can have a very negative impact on your mind. Neither are these people hardworking nor do they allow others around them to work properly. For them, everything can be taken lightly, and they do not worry about their future.

They are not at all career-oriented, and they never allow others around them to be serious about their work. These people try to make others like themselves have some company in their lazy life.

The ones who use you 

Apart from money, as discussed earlier, there are many other factors people use you for. Your favors become priceless for them, and at the very next instant, they act as if they don’t recognize you. These kinds of people have zero courtesy and can be very annoying.

They take your favors and then just vanish. They never care about your happiness and well-being. These people are pseudo-friends, and you are better off without them in your life.

People who disrespect you

Give respect to get respect. Many people aren’t aware of this saying, or even if they are, they won’t respect you because that’s how they are. They get happiness only after they embarrass someone and belittle someone in front of others.

Your opinions and values don’t matter to these people. If you are in such a relationship where your suggestions and opinions are not cared about, it’s better just to let it go, as it’s going to wither anyhow.

A one-sided relationship

Who doesn’t want to have someone in their lives with whom they can share everything without the fear of being judged? With whom they can be intimate and, most importantly in love.

But often, you all cross someone who doesn’t give the same efforts as you do. You get attached, and expectations rise, but you don’t get anything in return from them. This carries on, and the relationship begins to feel futile. Cut these kinds of people off.

People who underestimate you in everything

These are the kinds of people who will underestimate you in every phase of life. Rather it’s better to say that their day is incomplete without looking down upon you.

They will underestimate you and tell you that you are good for nothing in front of others, and thanks to them, your morale goes down, and you don’t feel like carrying on with your work which you started with so much enthusiasm. So, you can understand the toxicity these people possess.

People who are jealous of your well being

These people can’t tolerate the good in your life. If you are living a life on your terms and are happy with everything, or even if you are not, these people are there to get jealous.

These people tend to say things which are enough to irritate you, and it’s quite understandable that they are jealous of your lifestyle, as they can never achieve it, and so, instead of appreciating you, they try to bring you down by saying such nonsensical things.


People who poke their nose in your business

These are hands down the most annoying people you can have in your life. No matter what you do, no matter whom you meet, these people are always there to poke their nose into your life.

They feel that in this way, they can get involved in your life and have a say in everything you do. They tend to keep a close eye on everything you are doing. These people are experts in sucking your happiness, so it’s better to get rid of them.

The people who spread negativity everywhere they go

These people are also known as Nelson or negative Nellies. They are experts in finding the negative aspects of everything. Nothing is ever good enough for them.

Keeping such a person in your life means that they will somehow find the negatives in your accomplishments and achievements and decrease your morale. Even before you get indulged in something, they will point out all the negative aspects of that thing, so you never think of pursuing it. Never engage in conversations with such people.

The over-confident peeps

Confidence is attractive, but too much of anything can be harmful. This is the case with these people. They think they can do everything better than the rest, and most of the time, this is what leads to their downfall.

Coming in contact with such kinds of people carries high chances of making you an over-confident individual, which will lead to your downfall as well, and to be very honest, these people are not at all attractive in any way.

The extremely nervous people

Always tensed and worried with sweaty hands and feet, these people are one of a kind. They somehow manage to get tensed regarding everything that happens in their life. 

They ask the same question several times as they are never sure about anything, and they possess the supreme power of annoying everyone around them. They can even make you tensed regarding something which you are confident about, so it’s better to part ways with them as early as possible.

People who have a very cheap mentality

You all have come across someone who abuses a lot and takes everything in a dirty way. Doesn’t matter what you or others say to them; they will portray it in a dirty way and completely ruin it.

These people are really weird and have an absurd mindset. Everything they say consists of abusive words and slang, and not everyone around them is used to such cheap acts. It’s better to maintain your distance from such dirty people.

The bullies

You will encounter these kinds of people in every sector of your life. These people are nothing but failures, and so they get immense fun when they can look down upon somebody, rag them, and suck their enthusiasm.

They don’t have good company, and this makes them a loner, but this doesn’t stop them from doing such hideous acts on everyone.

These people are in your colleges, workplaces, everywhere and, they make situations uncomfortable for you. 

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The bosses who can never be impressed

These are the unreasonable bosses with unreasonable expectations. They will call you right after your shift, ask you to do this and do it, and suck all the energy out of you. Moreover, no matter how hard you try and how much you work, these bosses can never be impressed.

These bosses bully their subordinates and staff and belittle them in public even after working tirelessly. Try to get a transfer if you work under such a bully boss.

The people who can never shut their mouth

At times you all want to be social, outgoing, and want to engage in conversations, and maybe laugh your heart out. While at other times you prefer silence and peace and want to spend some time alone, which is what a normal person does.

Then there are these people who can never keep their mouths shut. They will constantly text you on WhatsApp, call and gossip for hours, constantly mail you, and so on. These people don’t allow mental peace, so stay away from them.

People who are nothing but space-holders

These are the people whose contribution is zero in your lives. They are of no use whatsoever to you, and all they do is occupy space in your life. Would you spend that time with yourself and be productive, or would you give that time to someone useless and waste it?

These people are not dangerous or destructive, but they can ruin all your quality time and energy, which you can devote to someone or something else. So, it’s better to let go of space-holders.

The backstabbers

You surely know who these backstabbers are, don’t you? They are the know who backstab other people when they talk with you. Don’t you think that you, too, are a victim of their backstabbing?

These kinds of people destroy your reputations and personality, ruin your relationships, disclose your personal information and get some sort of sick pleasure out of it. Sometimes you are deeply attached to these people, and it’s difficult to live without them, but it’s much better this way.

The people who don’t want you to move on

Remember that old college friend who used to drink, smoke, at the party almost every day and was irresponsible? Well, what if he is still like that? Would you want to meet him frequently?

No, you wouldn’t want to entertain such people who are still stuck inside their boxes. Now some people want the same for you. They won’t let you move on and become a better version of yourself. They will try to pull you back to how you were in the past.

The people who hurt you intentionally

Someone hurting you unknowingly is forgivable, but someone who goes on hurting you intentionally is intolerable. These people hurt you not only mentally but also physically.

These people look down on you, cancel plans, break promises and trust, and go on to cheat you at times. Talking about hurting you physically, well, that needs no explanation.

If you have a hard time cutting off such people from your life, do get some help. You will be utterly relieved when you get rid of them.



From the above points it can be concluded that there are not one, but several types of people, that you should be aware of, as they have the immense ability to suck your happiness, and ruin your health and relationships. In case you are finding it difficult to cut them off, do get some help. You will thank yourself.


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