How to Use Affirmations to Manifest Your Dreams

You may probably wonder how the most successful people you see around you manifest their desires so easily. How do they work the law of attraction and use it to their benefit?

Well, they don’t achieve it easily, like you trying to work your way out to achieve your goals, they too put in the necessary efforts, but one of the secrets you might not know is using powerful affirmations.

Yes, words are indeed powerful, and now you will know how to use them properly and manifest your desires like the others.

What are the benefits of affirmations? :

  • They motivate you to act and inspire you to never give up on your goals.
  • They constantly remind you of your dreams and give you that zeal to achieve them at any cost.
  • Influences your subconscious mind so that you can access newer beliefs.
  • Allows you to concentrate on yourself, your growth process, and your goals as a whole.
  • Enhances your self-confidence and boosts your morale.

What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations are like friendly pep talks we give ourselves. They’re positive statements that help shape our thoughts and feelings.

Think of them as little notes of encouragement, reminding us of our value and boosting our confidence.

Affirmations are like a warm hug for our minds, giving us hope and courage. They help us believe in ourselves, even when things are tough. Just like a secret source of strength, affirmations help us feel better and stronger.

They’re like a toolkit for facing life’s challenges with a positive attitude, helping us heal and grow along the way.

Benefits of Affirmations:

  • 1 Clear Mind: Affirmations help clear thoughts and make thinking clearer.
  • 2 Less Stress: Using them regularly reduces stress and worry.
  • 3 Know Yourself: They make you think about yourself and understand better.
  • 4 Feel Good: Affirmations bring good thoughts and feelings.
  • 5 Happy Inside: They make your emotions better and balanced.
  • 6 Body Better: Affirmations even help your body stay healthy.

How To Use Affirmations to Manifest Your Dreams.

Your affirmations should connect with your emotions

Affirmations are positive, motivating words that you may repeat to yourself many times a day to ensure that your urge to chase your goals doesn’t deplete easily.

Affirmations can be both written and spoken, but in whichever you want to use them, make sure that what you speak and what you feel within you is properly expressed by the affirmations.

What you say, or write, is the outcome you want to have in your life, which may be certain achievements, your life goals, your dreams or ambitions, etc.

What you feel within yourself are your emotions, which you feel while thinking about your desires.

What you speak or write via your affirmations signals to the universe about what you want, and your feelings act as a magnet to attract them.

Be grateful

Every manifestation begins with you showcasing gratitude for the things and the people you have in your life and all that you still don’t have and are fit and able to chase after.

Being grateful keeps you in a healthy state of mind, making better and more specific affirmations.

It would help if you were grateful even to the problems and obstacles in your life, to the failures and the hardships you have endured over the years.

All of these have taught you lessons and made you what you are today, so never forget to be grateful.

Also, when you are grateful, your vibrations soar high up and match with the vibrations of your desires and, as you know, “like attracts like,” according to the law of attraction.

Affirmations should be written in the present tense

When it comes to your goals and desires, you need to write affirmations motivating you towards them so that they have already been achieved.

This is the sole reason why you should always write and say affirmations in the present. Make use of “I have,” “I am,” “I am becoming,” “I am achieving,” and so on.

When you use the present tense, you get the feeling of already accomplishing your desires, which motivates you even more toward your actual goals and aspirations.

When you say “I will” or “I will be becoming,” and things like these imply that you don’t already have your goals achieved, and your affirmations become weaker than when you write in the present tense. “I have” and “I am” have much more power.

Visualize before making your affirmations.

This is a very important process before you start to work towards manifesting all that you want. Visualizing allows you to get the feel of what it would mean to you if you achieved your goal.

How it would feel like when you have already received your desired outcome. Visualizing also gives you that added motivation and inspiration before making your affirmations.

When you have already infused so much positivity, the energy vibrations you let out into the universe, make sure you reach your goals and achieve your desires. Visualizing allows you to make better and goal-centered affirmations. 

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Write down even your negative thoughts.

Yes, it is always advised to write down your affirmations in a positive way so that the vibrations you let out attract what you desire the most, but to fully know the positive side of things, you must also look into the negatives.

Scientists say that about 80% of your daily thoughts are negative and repetitive. Before writing down your affirmations freshly, write down the negativities you feel around you.

The things you feel are negative obstacles screening you from your goals. After doing that, burn that piece of paper or tear it.

This will help you to release all those worrying thoughts and negativities before you can finally prepare yourself to write down your affirmations.

Convert those negativities into their exact opposite

The negativities will even help you make better affirmations. When you write down all the things trying to block you from your goal or depleting you of your energy and transmogrify them into their exact opposites, you get your goal and can make better affirmations.

For instance, maybe you are too skinny and hate your body for this reason. You cannot write that I don’t want to be skinny; instead, try writing, “I have a healthy figure, and I love my body.”

As discussed already, when you write your affirmations in this way, in the present tense, your vibrations get raised to match your desires, and you enable yourself to manifest them and get self-motivated.

It’s better to be specific.

When you are specific with your affirmations, you tell the universe what you want exactly. Whenever you are not specific with whatever you say or write, you bring that element of doubt that doesn’t let the universe understand your true desires and lowers your vibrations, so they don’t match your goals any longer.

The best way to be specific is to ask yourself, “What is it I want?”, “Do I need this? Am I sure of what I want?”.

Asking questions like these to yourself helps you figure out your true aspirations and enables you to form better aspirations catering to your goals.

Keep your affirmations real.

People have various goals and aspirations that they want to manifest. You must keep in mind to keep your aspirations real and something which can be achieved.

For instance, you have a dream to fly at the speed of light and become like a flash, that marvel character.

This is something that is not possible in reality. Even scientists have not been able to develop something that can travel at the speed of light.

For this sole reason, keep your goals realistic to make better and more specific affirmations which will also enable the universe to give them back to you when your vibrations match with each other.

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Use short and simple affirmations.

Another trick to achieving great and useful affirmations is to keep them short and simple. Don’t overcomplicate what you say or write.

You can write long and complex affirmations. That’s completely fine and up to you, but you want the best results, restore to keeping them short and simplistic.

Your subconscious mind is like a programming software program so that it understands things better when they are “to the point.” The same goes for your affirmations.

Keeping affirmations to the point doesn’t hinder them from being specific. Rather it caters to it and enables the universe to give you what you desire. 

Know the correct time for every affirmation you make

There is a correct time and place for everything in this world, and so do your affirmations. Make sure you understand the importance of using the right affirmation at the right time so that your affirmations just don’t travel and get lost in the space-time continuum. 

For instance, you might want to research chemistry, but you must complete your master’s well before that.

If you desire to be a research scientist and make your affirmations regarding that only without putting any emphasis whatsoever on your upcoming masters, you won’t be able to overcome that step, after which comes your opportunity to become a researcher.

When you follow this step, the universe will know when you are ready to manifest a particular desire.

Make yourself believe that you deserve enough

Learning to understand your worth and acknowledging the positives and the negatives that come your way is a massive plus point. This also acts as a boost to your manifestations and makes them stronger. 

You should always be open to receiving things. You must value yourself as someone worthy of achieving their goals and aspirations and acknowledge every little thing that comes your way.

When you realize your worth, all your blocked feelings vanish, and you discover yourself. Differently, all set to manifest your goals and be successful. 

Take deep breaths and meditate.

This is a powerful method to aid your affirmation process. When you take slow, deep breaths, you allow more oxygen to flow into your mind. This further allows you to expand your consciousness.

When you meditate, you get access to your subconscious mind, where all your affirmations are planted for manifestation.

When you meditate, your normal beta frequencies change to alpha and theta frequencies, which are deeper frequencies.

The more you meditate, the more you are relaxed, the lower the frequency you reach, and this allows you to plant your affirmations deeper into the subconscious mind.

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Recite the affirmations regularly, several times.

When you start reciting your affirmations daily, without failure, and with positive emotion, they feel true. You get a step closer to being able to manifest your goals each day.

Once you have followed all the above steps and written your affirmations in a simple and specific way, it’s time for you to read them out loud to yourself. Do this at least three times a day, regularly, for best results.

Set a reminder, ask someone to remind you, but never fail to recite and repeat your affirmations as they are the key to getting you closer to your desires. You can choose your timings to recite them every day. 


From the above points, it can be concluded that affirmations allow you to change yourself and your beliefs for the better. It is your time now to sit and start writing your affirmations, but before that, follow the above steps.

Initially, you may feel overwhelmed with the process and find it difficult, but with time, this will be the thing to motivate you the most to attain your aspirations and goals.

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FAQs on how to use affirmations to manifest your dreams

What are the three main benefits of affirmations?

Motivates you to act, allows you to focus better on your dreams and achieve them, and influences your subconscious mind to access newer beliefs, helpful during manifestation.

How are affirmations different from mantras?

Mantras can be defined as certain sounds having vibrations that align you with the harmonies of the universe, whereas affirmations are short positive statements that enable you to reprogram your mind and get the zeal to achieve everything you desire.

Do affirmations work?

For anything to work for you, you need to have patience and allow it to work in its natural way. The same goes for affirmations.

You can’t expect them to work for you on the first day, but gradually with time and practice, you can observe positive changes in your manifestation process and your life as a whole.

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