15+ Ways to Connect to The Universe

The universe is something where you reside, and when you love your life, then it is very important to be in connection with it as this is the thing that provides you the energy and needed motivation to go on with your life.

Life is yours, and when you can connect with the universe, you will get stronger with time as it gives you the strength to face any challenges that might arise. The universe is something that helps you give the courage for your life. 

Tips to trust the universe:

-Embrace helplessness and understand that the universe is making it happen for your good. 

-Tune yourself into loving others, which will make you understand the importance of trust.

-Release all the worries and thoughts that are not in your hand’s control. 

-Observe nature and see how beautifully it portrays in front of you. 

-Show some gratitude, which will make you feel thankful for the minute things in life.

What Is Universe?

The structure and development of the cosmos are still largely unknown, but astronomers’ and physicists’ research have shed light on many of these issues.

It is thought that a sizable fraction of the cosmos is made up of the two enigmatic, unseen elements known as dark matter and dark energy.

Understanding the origins of the universe and our place in it is another benefit of studying the cosmos. People of all ages and backgrounds continue to be captivated and inspired by the universe thanks to technological advancements and our ever-expanding knowledge.

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Why It Is Need To Connect With the Universe?

By making a connection with the universe, we can align our will and purpose with a higher power. We can learn more about who we are and our place in the universe’s greater scheme of things by connecting with its energy.

This connection offers us a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves and helps us find meaning and direction in our lives. Additionally, it creates fresh options and possibilities as we begin to draw prosperity and uplifting energy into our lives.

At the end of the day, establishing a connection with the universe enables us to live a more contented and peaceful existence and realize the full range of our skills.

Ways you can connect with the universe:

Sit quietly 

Yes, it may sound absurd to you, but when you sit quietly, you will be able to feel the things around you which will help you connect with the universe and also help you understand what the universe is trying to communicate with you.

When you sit quietly, the calmness and the patience in your life enable you to feel the vibe around you, enabling you to see through. Calmness and peace prevail in your mind, which helps you understand what your inner conscience is trying to say. 

When you sit quietly, you need to understand that no other thought should come to your mind, and you should be free from any restraining stress or anxiety you may have.

Sitting quietly lets the aura around you get to you and helps you understand what you are trying to say to the universe. This will help you communicate with the universe. 

Listen to your inner voice.

The inner voice is something you need to listen to during times of need as it provides clarity in your life and helps in understanding what you truly want in life and what you do not want in your life.

The inner voice is something that contains your deepest desires which are buried deep inside you. When you start listening to your inner voice, you need to acknowledge every message it gives you, representing your truest self.

This voice is ultimately the thing that helps you do things when faced with difficulty. 

The inner voice is something that helps you understand the wrong you do in your life and gives you advice that helps you in facing your mistakes and fakes the learning so that you do not make any mistakes.

Inner voice gives you a deeper insight into your life, letting you have a different perception of yourself and envision the variety of your life. 

Express your intentions 

Intentions are something that you are scared to be shown in the real world. Intentions let you understand your point of view in your life and what your desires might be in your life.

You are so scared by society that you forget to acknowledge your dreams and intentions; you keep it hidden within yourself, which does not let you fulfill it or make it your own.

This leads you to regret at a later point in your life, making you feel bad that you never tried your intentions.

Intentions remain inside you, and you never try them out. When you express your intentions, you need not be scared about it as it portrays your truest self and enables you to acknowledge your desires and dreams.

Intentions give you the liberty to explore your life and understand what is good for you.

Synchronize with the universe. 

Synchronization keeps you going in your life, but sometimes you may get it wrong to be on the same page as the universe.

You get this thing wrong, and you find yourself fighting with everything the universe tries to do. When you cannot synchronize with the universe, it poses a difficulty for you, and you do not understand how you will be able to solve such difficulties in your life.

Synchronization with the universe is essential since it connects with the universe. 

Synchronization is very necessary when you want to be on the same page with your universe, and if you are not being able to synchronize, then it will eventually turn out to be difficult for you since you are not being to connect with the universe.

Synchronization enables you to understand yourself and also helps in moving forward in life. 

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Synchronize with the heart 

You need to listen to your heart at times because this is what understands what you want to tell or do in your life.

Sometimes you get so preoccupied with the fact that you need to be practical and successful in your life then you forget to listen to your heart as you are scared that you will be left behind and will not be able to meet your heart’s intentions.

The heart is something that does not want what is necessary for you or what is practical in your life; rather, you tend to want things that you just love to do. 

When you can synchronize with your heart, you will understand that it is very necessary to want things you love because this gives you mental peace and happiness, which lets you connect with the universe.

Synchronization with the heart lets you follow your liking, which helps you understand what gives you happiness in your life.

Set yourself to the frequency of the surroundings.

Your surroundings speak a lot about you. The environment surrounding you greatly impacts the way you think and the things you do in your life.

When you are not able to get aligned with the universe around you, you will understand that you will not be able to be at peace with yourself, which will not let you pursue anything you love in your life.

The frequency surrounding you has a lot to do with things that influence how you do things and impact living the way you want to live your life. 

When you can match your frequency with the surroundings, it will help you get things done and have an insight into your life, which helps you understand yourself and realize the importance of things in your life.

Frequency matching is very important when you want to connect with the universe. 

Feel your intentions 

Your intentions are your truest desire. You need to be connected with your intentions and understand what you are feeling at the right moment.

When you start feeling what you want, you will notice that you act accordingly to fulfill your intentions. When you start feeling your intentions, you will notice that you have a clear vision regarding the things you want to do in your life.

Intentions give you an idea about what you want to do in your life. When you feel your intentions, you will be sure about what you want in your life. 

Intentions bring out what you truly want in your life; it is not based on any necessity of your life, but it purely comes from things that are based on your liking, and you feel happy when you are doing this.

Feeling your intentions helps you understand a deeper insight into your life and helps you understand what your priorities are in your life. When you feel your intentions, you can focus more on the actions you will be getting accordingly. 

Start journaling 

When you write down your feelings, aspirations, and affirmations on paper, you automatically start believing it. Journaling is a process where you write down what you will plan for the present day and how things have been going with your life.

When you write down such things during journaling, then you will understand that you are letting the universe know about your life.

This lets the universe have a deeper insight into your life which will let you communicate with the universe, and when you let the universe know about the things you will do during the day, then eventually, the universe pushes you to make all your things to be done. 

Journaling helps you in visualizing the current position you are in, and it makes you put all your efforts into it. It helps you understand how much effort you should put into it so that you can tick off your to-do list.

This allows you to connect with the universe and understand what you need to do in your life. 

benefits of journaling

Maintain a positive outlook 

You need positivity in your life to move forward, but this does not mean clinging to fake positivity. Optimism and positivity in your life help you show the path to progress and be closer to your dreams.

When you are pessimistic, you may notice that everything will not be easy for you, and you will not find the motivation to give all your best efforts into it.

Rather you may have serious problems where your life becomes too dull.

When you are positive in your life, you will see that you can connect with the universe. This will let you understand that positivity also affects the universe towards you to make your efficiency increase and help you in times of need.

Positivity gives you the urge and the motivation to carry out the most difficult task and gives you the boost to move forward in life.

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Trust and believe the universe. 

You should believe that the universe is always trying to make its way for you. You should understand that this will not be something that you will be able to see by yourself, but you need to understand that you will be able to connect with your universe.

When you trust and believe in the universe, you will understand that the universe also sends back energies that help you face different challenges in your life. It enables you to understand what the universe is trying to connect to you.

When you believe in the universe, it also helps you in your daily life.

The universe helps you in trusting yourself and gives you the confidence to go on with your life.

Your life is nothing but what is around you, so when you can communicate with the universe and trust and believe in the universe, you will notice that you will be able to find the solutions to everything you want in your life.

Gratitude is everything 

When you are living your life then, you come across such scenarios when you are not able to feel the blessings around you, so to be able to connect with the universe then, you need to make sure that you are grateful for whatever you have in front of you, it can be because of your meals or having a roof above your head or the air that you are being able to breathe in.

The practice of gratitude is just showing the universe that you are indeed thankful for everything you have in your life and are willing to receive more.

When you can be grateful for what you have, the universe also thinks that you are indeed happy with what you have and if you are putting consistent efforts into what you want in your life.

Gratitude will help you take care of every minute thing you receive in your life. This makes the universe give more gifts in your way. 

Listen to your subconscious before sleeping. 

Your subconscious keeps in many of your thoughts and you are afraid to speak up throughout the day. It carries a lot of your stress and anxiety.

When you look into your subconscious thoughts then, you will notice that you have many unanswered questions which have been hovering around your mind, these questions are sometimes stopping you from taking any action or doing anything, so if you hear your subconscious thoughts, then you need to make sure that you solve them before you go off to sleep. 

Listening to your subconscious thoughts will help you understand what you have been finding for in your life.

These subconscious thoughts will eventually become a problem if you do not find answers to them, and you may be holding onto some past trauma and abuse for a long time because of this. 

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Get outside and close to nature. 

Nature provides you with calmness and joy, and it helps you realize that everything beautiful is around you, but you need to look intently to find such scenarios.

Nature helps you find the peace you have been searching for in your life. When you get outside and get closer to nature, then you will understand that nature sometimes works as a stress reliever for you and helps you in giving you some relaxation.

This relaxation makes you understand what you are doing in your life and helps in doing it. 

Nature is something that gives you a boost of energy whenever required; it helps you understand the real blessings around you and know that you will be able to fulfill everything that you ever dreamt about.

Nature shows you that apart from any burden, you should focus on the beauty surrounding you, which will give you the fuel the universe is trying to communicate to you.


Affirmations are something that keeps you going through your life. It lets you understand that life will have its course, which has its ups and downs, but you need to understand that affirmations are needed when you are suffering.

Affirmations give you the boost to go on with your life and embrace any changes that might occur, as this is how you grow and evolve.

Affirmations help you understand that the universe indeed senses some signs which you need to understand. 

The universe enables you to see through every opportunity and look at it as a way of connecting with it.

When you connect with the universe, you will be able to put your affirmations into the universe, giving you the needed energy to follow all your affirmations and thereby making it easier for you to connect with the universe.

Affirmations let you understand that the universe has ways of connecting, and you need to look for those signs.

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Make it a part of your routine.

When you start finding ways to connect with the universe, then you forget about the fact that if you do not include this in your daily routine, then you may not be able to connect with the universe, which in turn will make you have a large gap between you and the universe.

When you cannot match the frequency with the universe, it will become difficult for you to understand what the universe is trying to communicate to you. It will take a toll on your concentration and focus on the things that you are doing, thereby hampering your life. 

When you connect with the universe a daily part of your routine, you will see that things come to you easily with consistent efforts.

Making a routine will help you in performing all your important tasks within a fixed schedule, which will let you have your own relaxation time.


Life is like an adventure, and when you don’t know what is ahead of you, it is very natural to have anxiety or procrastinate about every step you make in your life. The universe shows you ways, but if you want to comprehend it, it is necessary to connect with the universe and try communicating with it.

When you feel down or pessimistic about your life, you will notice that the universe sends signs in its way to make you understand that this is not the end and you should go on with your life.

Therefore, it becomes very important to connect with the universe and give the same energy that it gives you. Given above are some of the things which you can try out to be connected with the universe, this will help you in going on in your life.

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Frequently asked questions on how you can connect to the universe:

How do you open up to the universe?

Universe has its ways of acting, but before you see such signs, you need to let yourself and your emotions flow into the atmosphere and understand the universe to make things work for you.

How do you believe in the universe?

The universe starts helping you when you believe that, indeed there is a frequency that, if you match with the universe, will bring good results to you. You need to increase your self-awareness, embrace every emotion of helplessness, and let it flow with you.

What are the ways to have faith?

Faith is essential when you want the universe to work for you, so praying helps you keep the faith; being generous to others also helps you have faith in the universe.

How can you give to the universe?

Universe has a unique give-and-receive policy that occurs not only when you devote your time to the universe but also in many ways, such as donating to the ones in need, practicing some honesty in your life, and even by taking care of yourself.

How to let the universe guide you?

Universe speaks and constantly communicates with you if you are willing to listen to the signs that are present around you. The universe will guide you as soon as you let it guide you, ask for your sign to the universe, and welcome some creative possibilities in your way.

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