Top 28 Ways For Easing Out Anxiety

Anxiety is something that breaks you from within. It makes you lose all your confidence and puts down your self-esteem. It makes you question yourself without making you trust yourself.

It is very important to treat this when it is first discovered because you never know when this acts like a creeper and starts controlling your life. So it is very important to start controlling it from the beginning.

Here are few ways to ease out your anxiety:-

Light relaxation candles 

Candles that are infused with essential oil relax you a lot. It soothes those parts of the brain which trigger anxiety. This creates a sense of relaxation and calmness around you, which automatically lets goes of all the anxiety and worries.

Anxiety isn’t something that can be treated by medicine, and it goes away with time as you control yourself. The essential oils help in calming you and making you feel in a state of relaxation, which results in the decreasing of the anxiety factor.

Exercising daily 

Anxiety makes you feel bad for yourself. It makes you feel that you are not enough, thereby decreasing your self-worth. In this cruel world, it is very important to understand you’re worth trust yourself when no one else believes in you. 

Exercising daily increases your heartbeat, which makes your heart healthy and also the blood flows correctly. It makes you work out your muscles and all other parts of the body, making you feel good about yourself and regaining some love for yourself.

Write down your emotions 

A known cause for anxiety is building up your emotions on the inside. Emotions play an important role in controlling your anxiety. You tend to build up your emotions which makes you in such a state of anxiety.

It is very important to let out your emotions as they need to be felt and heard too. Writing down emotions makes you feel light and also removes all the burdens and the overthinking, which are the causes of anxiety.

Try spending time with your friends and family 

Spending time with your friends and family creates a sense of happiness inside you which removes all your anxiety. It makes you think that you have someone beside you to support you always, whether you are in bad situations or good.

This makes you feel your worth which brings back your urge to do everything perfectly instead of being crawled up in anxiety. You realize that you have the strength to face anything that might come up in front of you. You have a sense of security acting from within.

Laugh your way out 

Laughing is a very good exercise when you are too occupied with your brain. It not only uplifts your mood but also relaxes tension from all the body muscles. It makes you feel relieved as your happy hormones increase in your body.

Anxiety makes you think too much regarding something, and the worst part is it looks on the negative side, making you think that you are not capable of doing it, which also causes anxiety to build up inside you.

Avoid procrastination 

Procrastination is something that stops you from realizing your strengths. It not only hampers on your performance but looks at the downside of everything.

It makes you question your actions which makes you afraid enough to not take a single step.

It is very important to be away from procrastination as it not only decreases your efficiency but also kills your mood and interest in doing anything, which ultimately leads to anxiety. It takes you a step backward even when you’re trying enough to beak from anxiety.

ways to stop procrastinating

Try listening to some calm, soothing music 

Music relaxes you a lot. It lets you soothe your mind, which is constantly working and induces the right emotions within you.

It lets you out to a different world where you relax, and none of the worries hovers around your mind.

Listening to soothing music helps you a lot to break away from the shackles of your anxiety as it drives your mood and your confidence to other levels where you are from this world and all its issues.

It relaxes you making you temporarily forget the reasons for your anxiety and thereby distracting you.

Practice deep breathing 

Deep breathing takes you to a state where the maximum amount of oxygen flows through your blood, and you feel safe and secure. It stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system, which eventually controls the response of relaxation.

Deep breathing enables you to look for the present moment and makes you forget the stress and worries so that you can focus and give your best at the present moment. It focuses on the awareness of breath making you realize that you need to slow and down and the most important thing at the moment is breathing.

Eat healthily 

Stress levels and anxiety often compel us to go back to junk and fatty foods, which also closely are related to stress levels in our blood. It is very important to maintain a healthy diet no matter in which state you are.

The junk and sugary foods add to your stress levels, making you indulge in an unhealthy lifestyle. It magically drives your mood, so it is better to switch to healthy foods even when you are feeling overwhelmed by emotions.

Decrease your intake of caffeine

High doses of caffeine can cause anxiety, so it is very important to monitor your caffeine levels. There is a different limit each person can withstand the caffeine levels. Anything more than the threshold levels can make you feel anxious or stressed.

It is very important to cut down your caffeine intake whenever you feel it is making you anxious or stressed. Caffeine intake should be limited for each day, and you should look into it closely as they affect the anxiety levels within your body.

Try chewing gum

Research has shown that people who practice chewing gums have a comparatively lower level of stress and anxiety. Chewing gum produces brain waves similar to those of relaxation waves. It promotes decreasing your anxiety levels.

Anxiety causes many problems, such as hampering your performance and aiding in the confusion of everything. Chewing gum promotes jaw movement, which results in some movement of the muscles helping you in decreasing the anxiety. It helps you in concentrating in the present moment.

Try doing yoga 

Yoga helps you a lot in removing your sluggishness and making you active. It not makes you a step closer to a healthy lifestyle but also makes you feel good about yourself and helps you regain your self-worth.

It helps in making you busy regarding your betterment despite making you waste your time procrastinating regarding everything.

It helps in capturing all the positive energies around you, making you feel better, making you realize your worth making you confident about yourself.

effects of increased caffeine intake

Take some time-out

It is very important to take some out for yourself as it is very natural to be busy and forget your emotions or your health. You, too, need to be heard by yourself to pacify yourself when you are in a state of anxiety.

Taking some time out for your own makes you realize your worth in your eyes which helps a lot.

Self-care and pampering sessions make your mind go into a state of trance where you do not bother about the notions of others.

Limit your alcohol intake 

Alcohol is one of your worst enemies as it not only makes you make regretful decisions but also aggravates your anxiety levels. So it is very important to take note of the alcohol intake levels. The food and drinks you eat play a major role in balancing your anxiety.

Going beyond the alcoholic limit per person is harmful to your body as it makes some changes in your body which are unhealthy. It makes you think as if the world is falling apart and makes more fall in the claws of anxiety.

Get adequate sleep 

Sleep works as a medicine when nothing else works as it is the only time when your brain is not working, and it releases relaxation waves into your body, making you forget about all the worries and anxiety. It makes you feel like you have hope every morning.

It is also said when you are stressed your body needs additional rest and sleep as is required as the brain is constantly working throughout the day. Even if doesn’t make you disappear your anxiety but it helps in rel8ieving you, even if it’s for a bit.

Give your best 

Anything that is within your hands is trying to stop getting anxious. Remember, you can only give your best and wait for its result without thinking about your efforts. You gave in your all, and you are satisfied. The same thing goes for anxiety.

Getting anxious is not in your hands, and you can only try stopping it and decreasing the levels by distracting yourself. You will have a feeling of contentment within yourself as you have tried your best.

Try looking at the positive things 

Yes, it is very difficult to look at the brighter things when you are feeling anxious, but it does help a lot. When you are anxious, you tend to hear yourself if something bad happens, so in reality, if you change those thoughts to the ones where the good things happen, it will be beneficial for you.

Life is full of good things, so focus only on the happier aspects around you; this will not only reduce your anxiety but also makes you feel blessed.

Try getting involved in something 

Getting involved makes you focus on the work that you are doing despite letting “the” thoughts hover around your mind. Its main policy is that it distracts you from getting anxious and also makes you feel that you are capable of doing many things.

It makes you realize that getting distracted helps you a lot in controlling your anxiety levels. It helps in making you feel productive too, which completely dismantles your negative thoughts and lets you regain back your self-worth.

ways to give your best

Set some everyday goals

Everyday goals help you in having a vision for the day, and this mainly occupies your mind, which ultimately makes you feel less anxious. It starts your day with the idea that you need to complete all the work within the assigned day.

It makes you focus on the goals making you productive, and thereby, have a positive approach regarding your day as this makes you regain back your confidence.

It makes you feel alive again and also increases the urge to make you accomplish your daily goals.

Be patient with yourself

It is very important to be patient with yourself when you are at such a stage. This is because when you are anxious, you need yourself first regardless of your support. It makes or breaks you. If you console yourself and try making yourself feel calm, you need to be patient with yourself.

Being patient makes you realize that it is a virtue that is very essential in life. It enables you to focus on every aspect of your life and also on maintaining your calm and peaceful nature.

Learn what specifically triggers you 

Yes, it is very hard to swallow, but everyone has something which triggers them. The trigger point can be a person, place, or anything which just triggers you and destroys your peace of mind. It is very important to understand the things which trigger you, or else you will feel ambiguous and will not be able to find any answers to your questions.

Knowing the specific points where something triggers you will make you understand the reasons for your anxiety and also helps you in working on those points.

Try distracting yourself 

Distractions help you a lot in temporarily forgetting all your tension and your worries. It helps you focus on the present work that you are doing instead of letting anxiety overcome you and take you back into the dark space.

It helps in letting all the negative thoughts go away from a small period and let you be yourself where you can discover your true capabilities and your strengths and weaknesses without any fear. It lets you out your true self without any anxiety.

ways to distract yourself

Practice aromatherapy 

Aromatherapy is pretty helpful in calming your mind and instills a sense of peace within it, lets your anxious thoughts become stagnant. Research has shown that aromatherapy helps in reducing blood pressure and also heart rate, which often happens if you are anxious.

It helps in relaxing your body and releasing all the tension from your muscles, making you feel light-headed and free. It helps in allowing you to be creative and get new thoughts to develop yourself. Aromatherapy also helps in boosting your mood.


From the above points, you can get a clear idea of how you can control your anxiety. Although, it is not possible to completely reduce your anxiety by the above points because that requires medicinal attention.

To maintain your peace of mind, everyone has their approach, which might not be the same for others, so remember you should always take a step forward towards a better life.

ways to be patient with yourself

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